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A Rose in the Stars by hpff_till_the_end
Chapter 1 : If I Hadn't Been Here
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A/N: This is my second fanfic, and since I am writing the other at the exact same time, it will be a while before I update again because I will be validating the other fic's next chapter.  But please, don't lose hope, I will never abandon this fic and hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.  Oh yeah, and REVIEW, please!!!!!

“Come on, just a little further now.” 

“Rosie, we’ve been walking around the castle for twenty minutes, where the hell are we going?” 

“Not much further, just through that door up ahead. Do you know where that is Blake?” teased Rosie as they were ascending one of the many marble staircases in the exquisite school for witchcraft and wizardry; Hogwarts. 

“Of course I know where that is Rosie, it’s the Astronomy Tower. There are two reasons for its importance: (1) Headmaster Dumbledore was willingly murdered there by Headmaster Snape, and (2) it’s where I first met you and asked you out,” stated Blake with a sense of high superiority in his voice. 

As they walked into the historical room, Blake stated, “There must be something really important on your mind if you brought me here just for a chat, isn’t there?” 

“Blake,” Rose sighed, “I know we’ve been dating for almost two years now but…” 

Blake rudely interrupted her and said, “But what Rosie baby, there’s nothing wrong with our relationship, together we can do anything. I love you and you love me back; that’s how it’s always been.” 

“Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong Blake. You still may love me, but I don’t love you, not anymore. Actually, I think I hate you,” Rose snapped. 

She suddenly realized that he had backed her up against the wall. She knew in her mind that this definitely wasn’t a safe place to be after telling Blake that. 

Anger seemed to be boiling through Blake’s whole body, Rose could physically see it. She knew that he would explode and it would get ugly. She had learned at least that much from the two years she had been dating him. 

“You filthy half-blood! How DARE you talk to one of the purest-blood that way? Hasn’t your blood traitor father and mudblood mother taught you anything about respect?” shouted Blake angrily. 

“Don’t EVER insult my parents again, Blake! If you do, I will kick your ass and feed you to the giant squid!” 

This obviously sent Blake way over his boiling point. 

He rushed forward and slapped Rose so hard across the face that it sent her flying onto the floor and she crashed into a chair a few feet away. 

“Don’t worry Weasley that was only the beginning. What I am going to do to you next will make all that pain slip right out of your puny little brain!” 

Rose expected the Cruciatus Curse, one of the three illegal Unforgiveable Curses; or maybe even “Avada Kerdavra,” the killing curse. 

She braced herself knowing that these might be her last seconds on this beautiful Earth. She stared thinking how dearly she would miss everyone. Her mother, father, brother, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, even her enemies. 

Blake turned from the Weasley girl’s body and started pulling his wand out of his pants pocket. 

When something prodded him in the neck, he glanced up. After a second he realized that he was staring into the stormy gray eyes of none other than Scorpius Malfoy himself. 

“Whoa, Scorpius, why are you here, how long have you been here, how much did you see?” breathed Blake. 

“Blake, I know you don’t really give a damn why I am actually here, you just want me gone. And I saw everything, which was WAY more than enough. All she is doing is breaking up with you, not threatening to wipe out your entire family! If I hadn’t been here, what were you going to do to her?” Scorpius pressured Blake, implying that if he wasn’t quick to leave after this conversation that he would be the one getting hurt. 

“I…I…I don’t really know, to tell you the truth. I guess if you hadn’t have stopped me, I probably would’ve accidentally ended up killing her. But now I…” Blake began. 

“But now my ass. Blake you better leave now or I will kick your ass and feed you to a hippogriph, much more painful than the giant squid,” Scorpius threatened. 

Blake put his wand back into his pocket, and started walking back towards the chair where Rose was sobbing uncontrollably on the floor. He was suddenly yanked back by the collar of his shirt. 

“If you just as much touch a hair on her head ever again, I WILL kill you,” Scorpius hissed dangerously into Blake’s right ear. 

Scorpius released Blake and watched him stalk off into the hallway and slam the door to the Astronomy Tower shut. 

Scorpius crept back into the shadows of the window ledge he had been sitting at earlier. He didn’t want Rose to know that he had been there the whole time watching her emotions play beautifully across her face; from anxiety to fear to anger to hurt and back to fear again. 

He didn’t want her to know that he had protected her. How bad would that ruin his reputation with the rest of the Slytherins? He could hear the jokes now. ‘Malfoy’s a blood traitor, he helped a Weasley,’ they would chant nastily. 

Scorpius had been sitting on the ledge staring out at the moon for a good ten minutes. He had been trying to figure out what really had just happened between him, Blake, and Rose. Why had he protected her, why not just let Blake go along with whatever he was going to do? Why wouldn’t he let Rose get hurt? 

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted when he noticed how quiet it had suddenly become. 

He glanced back over at Rose and saw that she had finally stopped crying and was now attempting to stand up from her painful position next to the chair on the floor. 

Scorpius sank even further back into the darkness as Rose approached the same window ledge he was hiding on. She came over, not even noticing his presence. As she leaned slightly over the ledge, eyes fixed on the moon, she sighed. 

It immediately caught his attention and he stared out at her face. Her cheeks were red from so much crying, as were her eyes. The moonlight shone on the drying tracks of her tears. Her wonderfully shaped lips parted slightly as she sucked in the cool autumn’s night air. 

Her appearance was astonishing, how come he had never noticed her beauty before? She was also smart, funny, and had certain elegance about her; and he had never even talked to her. 

Scorpius leaned forward a little bit so that a small amount of moonlight touched his face. 

“Rose,” he whispered, just barely audible for her ears, “are you alright?” 

She spun around and looked straight into his eyes. She was tense but then relaxed a little once she knew that it was just Scorpius, she knew that he wouldn’t hurt her. Or so she thought. 

Rose suddenly exploded into another violent fit of sobs. They weren’t very loud and she was trying to contain them, but having little success. 

Scorpius whispered softly to himself, “I’ll take that as no; wait, make that a Hell no!” 

A/N:  Exciting isn't it?  Please let me know how you feel about this fic.  Do you like it? Hate it? Love it? Is it well writen?  Any suggestions?  Anyways, I am rambling.  So please please please leave a review, I am begging you, they are encouraging and very much appreciated.  I respond to each and every one of them.  The next chapter should be up in about two weeks. :P

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