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You Never Promised Tomorrow by snapeluvr
Chapter 1 : You Never Promised Tomorrow
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Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Harry Potter, that ALL belongs to that J.K Rowling...

               This is a story of a girl and the man who fell in love with her.

First we have desire...

He stared yearningly at her delicate skin, examining her facial features while she was absorbed in her book. He took in her scent, the way her lips pouted out in concentration, and noticing the sparkle of her skin as the sun hit her face. Her emerald green eyes made him only want her more, but what he loved most about her was the way she twirled her scarlet red hair around her finger. This was a major habit of hers. She usually did it when she was concentrating, but when she got nervous she would speed up the twirling turning her silken hair into a knotted mess. This is one of the many things he loved about her. She was all he wanted. Also all he needed. He was afraid. Not just afraid to tell her how he felt, but how he needed her in his life, and how madly in love he was. He was also afraid that if he told her all of this he might lose her.

Then Passion...

Severus leaned closer into her, the smell of lavender and honey taking over his senses. He reached up cupping her chin in his hand and then bringing his lips gently to hers. The feeling of her tender lips on his made his heart skip a beat. Slowly the kiss grew fiercer. He concentrated on the sound of her breathing, feeling the way her hand ran through his hair. He lifted his free hand up to place it upon the small of her back, when suddenly she pulled away. "Sev I am going to be late for class." she said the look on her face puzzled him. He thought she had wanted to kiss him, but her face showed differently. He watched as she hurried down the hall catching up to Potter and his pals. Oh how he loathed them.


He watched her from the dark corner in the library in which he sat. He saw how her face became flushed every time Potter accidentally bumped or even glanced at her . He saw how she looked at him. Her eyes were full of adoration and lust. Why can’t she look at me that way? Severus thought. A rush of anger ran through his body. He adverted his eyes back to his book as they walked past, their hands brushing one another.

When love is for the highest bidder there can be no trust, without trust there is no love.


What is it that makes her so attracted to him? Why can't she see me in that way? Can't she see how much I care about her? Severus thought to himself as he sat under their tree, the old Oak tree, where they always took refuge under from all the problems that faced them in life. He wanted more than just a friendship with Lily, he wanted her to be his and only his for eternity.

Jealousy, yes jealousy will drive you MAD!!!


His mind racing, his body filled with so much rage he didn't even hear Potter and his pals coming up behind him. "Hey Snivellus, what's the matter?" James jeered. Students started directing their attention towards the arising scene. "All your friends desert you? Oh wait you never had any friends to begin with did you?" James continued, a content smirk forming on his lips. Severus rose to his feet pulling out his wand from beneath his robes, but James was to fast for him. "Expelliarmus!" exclaimed James. Severus' wand was thrown out of his hand. James’ friends began cheering him on, watching in satisfaction as Severus struggled to reclaim his wand. "You better watch it Potter or I'll...." Severus sputtered. "You'll what Snivelly? You'll wipe your grease on me?" James derided. Severus hurled himself at James "Levicorpus!" James bellowed in defense, not that he couldn‘t take Severus down without a wand. The spell wrapped itself around Severus' ankle yanking him upside down in mid air to reveal his grey underwear. "Put him down James!" cried someone from the back of the crowd that had formed around James and Severus. Looking around to see where the voice had come from Severus spotted Lily shoving her way through the crowd. The sight of her sent a temporary wave of relief through his body. Then suddenly he saw the way James looked at her and it brought him back to the night at the library. Anger instantly ran through his body. Without thinking he shouted the words he would soon regret. "I don't need help from a filthy little mudblood like you!" realizing what he had just done he dropped his angry glare he had held on Lily. He saw the tears begin to fall from her eyes. She turned her back and pushed her way back through the crowd. All of a sudden Severus fell in a heap to the ground, his robes ensnaring him. When he finally managed to untangle himself from his robes he looked up to see everyone walking away their faces filled with shock and disappointment. His eyes searching for her among the groups of people finally he spotted Lily in the distance running toward the castle her hands wiping the tears from her face and James running to comfort her. Severus felt a pang of remorse and jealousy run through him.


Severus regretted everything he had said all he wanted was her back in his life. Understanding what he had to do now he stood up abruptly from the sofa he had been seated on and rushed towards the exit of the Slytherin common room. When he emerged into the halls he quickly made his way through the busy halls of Hogwarts towards the grounds, towards their tree. He saw her leaning against the old oak, book in hand, her hair gleaming in the sun. Severus journeyed closer to the tree with one thing on his mind, how much he needed her to know how very sorry he was and how much he cared and loved her. As he neared the tree Severus noticed another mans figure resting against the tree with her. The man's hand running through her hair. His lips embracing hers. Her book dropping suddenly from her hand. She raised her hand to the back of the man’s neck. Their bodies becoming more and more intertwined as their kiss deepened.

            His eyes upon your face, his hand upon your hand, his lips caress your skin. It's more than I can stand!!

Severus immediately froze with the feeling of loss, and jealousy taking over his body. Seeing her there with Potter embracing her sent his emotions flying not being able to be controlled and tears abruptly started streaming down his face. He had never cried for anyone before, he had taught himself to suppress his emotions at a young age , but for some reason he couldn’t hold back his emotions for her. Severus ran to the deserted shore of the Black Lake, refusing to be seen crying by anyone. He arrived at the shore line where he collapsed to his knees. He felt the pain as his heart split into two. He was entirely alone in the world now. No one to look to. No one to care for. No one to be cared by. His life was meaningless now.

                    Why does my heart cry, feelings I can't fight. Your free to leave me, but just don't deceive me and please believe me when I say I LOVE YOU!
                   I love you so much what am I going to do? You left me in a tango. My soul left me. My heart left me.

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