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Our own Prison by MoonBuzzLeto
Chapter 9 : We will be Gorgeous
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(The songs in this chapter are Gorgeous by Idina Menzel and Carry me home by Rie Sinclair. Draco also quotes the poem; she walks in beauty like the night by Lord Byron)



They sat in the bathtub, full of scalding water and Sandalwood scented bubbles. Her back rested against his chest as he massaged her shoulders.

            “Hypothetically speaking, if you were ever to have children, what would you name them?” he was asking.

            “I’d want to name my daughter Cara Jane after my sister and mother; I’m not sure about a son. My father made me swear I’d never name a child Hubert Rupert after him.”

            “What about Scorpius?”

She pulled a face “Scorpius? Who names their child Scorpius?”

            “I kinda like it... Scorpius Abraxas Malfoy”

            “You would…Draco”

She said his name in an added prissy voice.

“You got a problem with that... Ms. Selwyn?”

            “Not at all, Mr. Malfoy” She turned and nibbled on the hollow of his throat.

            “Oh no, don’t start that again... You’ve already broken me”

            “What? The seducer himself had broken by little old me?”

Anger flashed in his sterling eyes. “Don’t. Call. Me that” he snapped

            “I’m sorry sweetheart. She pulled his hand from her shoulder and kissed his knuckles. “I didn’t mean it like that”

            “I know... It’s just I’m finally putting my past behind me. I’m just Draco now, just an ordinary man”

At this she gave her best Mona Lisa smile “You my love are anything but ordinary”

            “Oh really?” he raised one near invisible eyebrow


She tugged him near her like a siren in her magnetic kiss.

He pulled away beaming “Do that again”

She laughed “I thought you were broken?”

He shrugged “maybe, just maybe you can repair me”

In a perfect world, in another time, in a far off place we wouldn’t need to justify. everything we are, all that we believe, we can finally be whoever we want to be, when we cant be heard, when we cant be seen, I will call you close and you will reach for me,

          A couple of hours later the two sat on the Divan rejuvenated and smiling. Celestia lay her head in Draco’s lap as he read aloud from a book of poetry

          She walks in beauty, like the night
of cloudless climes and starry skies;
and all that's best of dark and bright
meet in her aspect and her eyes:
Thus mellowed to that tender light
which heaven to gaudy day denies.”

Draco had learned early on, that poetry was an excellent way to get his way with girls, but now at last the words made perfect sense to him as he looked down into Celestia’s face, watching the lights in her Amber eyes and feeling her comforting weight on him. He never again wanted to be anywhere else. In that moment he knew the peace he thought would forever allude him. He truly wasn’t the vicious seducer, not a pawn in anyone’s quest for domination but just a man in love. And a man in love, he was fast learning, was the most beautiful thing in the world to be.

With a window Paine, With a bedroom door, the city wants to fight but, it can't touch us anymore, we have come so far, we have shed our skin, what is taken from us now and what we have to give, when we cant be heard, when we cant be seen, I will call you close and you will reach for me,


          Celestia was warm and comfortable and above all that, she was happy. She was fully aware that she and Draco made no sense but that was precisely why she trusted it. He was braiding her hair in his fingers and she was dozing off while resting on his lap. She didn’t want to move. Not ever.

I don’t want to show myself the doordon’t let me fall



          “What are you thinking right now?”

          “You don’t wanna know” he winked at her and she smacked his leg

          “Be serious”

          “I was wondering about you… your dreams and goals. What you’ve never told anyone else”

          “Well, it’s kinda silly…”

“If it makes you happy then it isn’t silly”


“I always wanted to buy a little out of the way cottage, maybe in Province with a flower garden and a little fish pond, my own private sanctuary.

          “And I shall breed peacocks and Scorpius can catch toads and track mud in the house, and little Cara shall quest for flight” he smiled recalling his dream.


          “My mother bred them. It’s something I know. I figured a few peacocks on the lawn completed the picture”

It was scary how idyllic it all sounded. How clear it was in her head. Mostly it was frightening how bad she wanted it all. She no longer cared about the ministry or her book. She would happily become a country housewife, peacocks and all.

Carry me home, I have come so far not to turnaround    Carry me home, I am tired and wornI don’t know if I can make it all the way aloneI need you to carry me home



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