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Amorous Breakfast by DeaVanity
Chapter 1 : A Revelation Of Sorts.
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I woke with a start - I had an interesting dream. It was hot – nothing new there, as it was August, my bed sheets were on the floor beside my bed and I was only in my boxers. I was unable to sleep naked as I had for the past two weeks as my parents had returned from their holiday. The doting looks they had exchanged with each other reminded me how long it had been since I’d seen Lily. My mind returned to the dream I had just awoke from. Pulse racing and sweaty, I decided a shower was in order.  

I got up from my bed and opened my closet to find something to wear. I couldn't imagine myself wearing a shirt when it was this hot so I skipped the shirt and grabbed white shorts and a towel on my way to the bathroom.

Unlike my dad, I didn't live in a fancy manor so not every room had its own bathroom – our house was luxurious but nothing too grand as he wanted to forget what had happened in his old family home so he made an orphanage out of it. That was after marrying my mother, when he finally forgave himself and began a long road to redemption.

It was apparent that my parents were off to work as the door to their bedroom was wide open and the bed was neatly made. As I entered the bathroom I threw a quick glance at myself in the mirror. My blond mop of hair was dishevelled and I noticed I should probably shave. I discarded those thoughts and concentrated on my current chore – showering. I entered the shower and turned the cold water on which I really needed after that dream. I hadn’t seen her for a long time, only heard from her in letters – she was apprenticing to become a Curse Breaker for Gringotts so she could work with me. I missed her long red hair, her fun, quirky temper, her cheeriness, her beautiful eyes, sweet scent and those legs of hers. I considered pulling one of our family’s connections to secure her a few days off. She wouldn't have liked that though. I knew her well; she was too good to want to be treated differently for who she was.

As my mind was flooded with thoughts of my lovely, sexy, amazing girlfriend who I hadn’t seen for a long time, I chuckled at the thought that a cold shower was precisely the thing to help me out.  

Being a wizard has its benefits but I was too lazy to go and fetch my wand so I shaved myself the muggle way. I didn’t care that it took me longer than going back to my room would have. 

My stomach grumbled, a sign that I was in desperate need of food. I descended the stairs and went to the kitchen. I was lucky we had a house elf – Goran, otherwise I'd probably starve to death or poison myself. I don't know how to cook; being an only child for 19 years has taken its toll on me. I know, I know – I’m 19 and still living with my parents, well don’t be surprised! If you were the one that spent most of their time going around the world and breaking curses and raiding tombs and whatnot, you would also come home for your vacation. Anyways, as I sat down on a chair, Goran walked in from his tiny room.

He was quite an eccentric little house elf, always wearing a tea pot on his head and two different socks on his legs, 'In the memory of Dobby' he always says. Although I knew even a weirder way of doing something 'in the memory of Dobby’ - my best mate was named after him, Dobby Creevey. Can you imagine that?! Being named after my family's former house elf – ha! He's the only one that has a weird name that could match my own – who in their right mind would name a poor little child – me – Scorpius Hyperion?! Has my dad drugged my mother to consent to name me like that? I mean really... But, I got used to the name. Now everyone calls me Score. Except Dobby. He likes to torture me, there was a reason he was in Slytherin!

'Does the young master want anything for breakfast?' Goran asked me happily – he loved working. I thought about what could I eat but couldn't remember anything that sounded fun. I'll let Goran decide what I'll eat; maybe he wouldn't go with normal breakfast like cereal or toast.

'Food,' I said to him. His eyes sparkled, his lips twitched in an odd smile, his ears fluttered and he did a little jump banging his feet together and all. As I mentioned before – eccentric little thing, err being, our Goran. Because of that little show I hoped he thought of something interesting to give me but I was wrong. All he brought to me was chocolate cereal and cold milk. Hmpf. I made a sad face and half-heartedly began to eat.

When I was on my fourth spoon of that boring breakfast I heard a loud 'pop', indicating that someone apparated in front of the house. I couldn't remember if I expected any visitors but I didn't bother with opening the front doors. That was Goran’s job anyway. I heard him open the doors but didn't pay much attention as he didn't call out to me so I supposed it was mum or dad that came.

I brought a cup of milk closer to my mouth in intention to drink it when someone jumped on my back, therefore causing me to spill the milk all over myself, my breakfast and the kitchen table. Way to go. The first thing I noticed was the scent, her sweet coconut scent and then I felt her body against me, her arms hugging me almost to the point of choking me. Unintentionally, of course. She fancies me too much to kill me. Heh. She let go of me and felt comfortable enough to sit in my lap even though I spilled some milk over myself. Ah well, she's a witch – she should be able to remove any stains with magic.

I looked into her amazing chocolate brown eyes and then turned my gaze over to her full, pink grinning lips that just begged to be kissed. So, I, naturally, leaned in to kiss her pretty lips only to be met with thin air instead of the warmth of those lips which escaped me. I longed for those lips. It wasn't fair! I grew annoyed and made a confused, pouty face at my girlfriend dearest who so obviously decided to torture little, old me. Hmpf.

'Liiiiiilyyyy!'I whined, 'Why did you move?!'

She just smirked at me with a crazy gleam in her eyes that told me she was up to something.

'Well hello to you too, Score. Fight with me,' she said in an encouraging voice. Was she mad? Bonkers? Ready for loony bin? Has she finally gone off the rocker? Why would I bloody fight with her?! I decided to repeat those questions to her – needless to say, she wasn't happy. In fact, she frowned full well knowing that I don't like it when she frowns. It doesn't suit her cheerful personality. Or her face.

'Just fight with me. It can be about something totally random.' That's my Lily – utterly confusing and at the same time completely adorable.

'But... But whyyyy?' I continued to whine like a little baby – I needed a kiss. Just a quick, little, innocent kiss. She doesn't even have to snog me. As she threw her hands in the air and got up from my lap she sighed.

'Do you know what date is it?' She asked me expectantly. I rummaged through my head but couldn't find anything that we celebrated on August 25th so I shrugged my shoulders in ignorance.

'It's the National Kiss and Make Up Day,' Lily exclaimed happily. I didn't even know there is such a thing as the National Kiss and Make Up Day. 'And I want to celebrate it,' she continued.

'Then celebrate it, I'm not stopping you. Why would you need to fight with me because of that day?' I asked her and she chuckled softly, going with her small hand through my hair making it even messier than it already was.

'Well, we need to fight so we could Kiss and Make Up, don't we?' She told me like it's the most obvious thing in the world. It was my turn to sigh.

'Lily, love, I don't want to fight with you. Can't you just pretend I made you very angry and come over here to kiss me and forgive me for something I didn't do?' I asked her hopefully. Her mouth twitched in a playful smile.

'Scoreeee...please, just do me this one little thingy.' Once again, she situated herself in my lap. Though by now I was able to examine her more closely and noticed that she had really, and I mean really, short shorts and a top that didn't leave much to the imagination so when she sat in my lap I started to feel warm all over again. And her hugging me again didn't help the situation at all.

'Lily, I have a confession to make,' I started and made a very serious face. She looked a little worried because of my tone.

'What is it? Did something happen?' I sighed; I hated doing this to her but it was the only right thing to do.

'Well...You know you've been gone and we haven't seen each other in a while and I have certain needs and your cousin Dom dropped by to say hello because she was in the neighbourhood and...,' it was horrible. I saw her eyes filling with tears and her small hands that suddenly were curled in fists were shaking – though from anger or sadness, I didn't know. Lily jumped up and started yelling.

'How could you?! And with DOM?! Of all the people... You said... You...,' she hiccupped and that was a clear sign she was on the brink of tears. I couldn't stand it anymore so I got up too, hugged her tightly even though she resisted, and gave her a swift kiss on her cheek before she started crying. I would hate to see her beautiful brown eyes all red and puffy.

'Kiss and Make Up?' I whispered and flashed her a huge smile. She started laughing and kissed me on the lips with such force that I nearly sat back on my chair – she jumped on me again, you see, and threw her legs around me while her hands were tangled in my hair. After such a long time without her, I couldn’t believe I was kissing her. I realised something then. With every moment we shared, I became more certain that in her, I've found something I've longed for a long time. I loved her. I was completely and utterly in love with my sweet Lily.

She let go of me and stood on her own again. I looked into her eyes - she has the most adorable eyes you could ever fall for - and said those four meaningful words that were so desperate to escape my mouth: 'I love you, Lily.'

'I love you too, Score,' she replied. I grabbed her by the waist and turned her around while she laughed at Goran who was brushing his eyes with a handkerchief – he clearly saw the whole scene.

Then I kissed her again, a soft and delicate kiss. You know, I’ve never felt that thing that makes your brain almost stop working when you kiss somebody even though I’ve kissed a fair share of girls.

Up until now.


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Amorous Breakfast: A Revelation Of Sorts.


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