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Pitch by Equilibrium
Chapter 1 : Quidditch Pitch
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Torrential downpours are not uncommon in a Scotland spring. In fact, they are rather predictable. They always seemed to fall precisely on the days major Quidditch games were scheduled, much to the distaste of every student who wanted to attend the matches. The players especially disliked it, but they were the last to speak about it until the morning of. Luna always supposed it was because the Wrackspurts tended to enjoy the often-distracted brains of the Quidditch players, which were cooler and damper and were easier to be made fuzzy. Luna tugged on a cork strung to her necklace, smiling serenely as it bobbled. With a slight wistful sigh, she tugged her cloak farther over her moonlight-streaked hair and began walking through the mud and muck to the end of the pitch, where her trainers were dangling from the tallest goal post. 

Her bare feet sloshed through the icy patches of damp soil as she fingered her wandless pocket slowly. People liked to hide things from her, and this day was no different. That morning she had woken to find her dormitory completely empty of her classmates and her possessions. It hardly bothered her, however, since it occurred so often. She supposed they did it for a laugh, but though she was smiling, she wasn’t laughing. She had never thought people’s possessions mysteriously misplacing themselves was particularly funny. It was actually rather inconvenient. 

With a dreamy sigh, she reached the base of the goal post and looked up into the rain. Her cloak slipped from her head, leaving her to shiver slightly in the cold. How precisely she would reach her favorite and only trainers had yet to be worked out in her mind. She twisted her necklace thoughtfully. 

“Luna! What’re you doing out here?” Luna turned to the pounding and squelching of trainers with a content smile. The figure of a dark haired boy was running to her from the other side of the pitch. 

“Oh, hello Harry. I was just retrieving my trainers…” she looked up slowly to the soggy trainers. 

Harry skidded to a stop beside her, gawking at the shoes from beneath his droplet covered lenses. “Luna, who did this?” 

Luna shrugged, shaking her ivory hair, which was darker from the rain running through the strands. “It doesn’t really matter,” she replied in her typical airy way, “they are there – it doesn’t matter who did it. They’re still there.” 

Harry blinked at this bit of reasoning. Figuring it was best not to say anything, he raised his wand. 

“They have an antisummoning spell on them, you know,” she called as he stepped forward, closer to the goal post. “Either that or the Poliflemicos have inhabited them. They don’t like being summoned too much…” 

He nodded, listening with a sense of vague interest. He had no idea how she kept track of all these creatures, especially since she had never seen one of them - she couldn’t have since they didn’t exist. Or, that was his reasoning in any case. With a slightly frustrated sigh, Harry raised his wand and quickly muttered, “Accio broom!”
Luna gave a sweet smile, wandering rather gracefully up next to him. His broom came shooting forward, and with a serene bob of the head, she narrowly missed being wacked over the head with the rather feisty broom. Harry went to kick off, but she tapped him of the shoulder, tucking her own wand behind her ear as she did so. He turned to her with a slightly annoyed look, which she seemed to completely miss. 

“May I get it myself, Harry? I don’t want the Poliflemicos to bite you.” 

Harry raised his eyebrows at this odd show of kindness, but otherwise didn’t reject. He handed his broom over to Luna, who began to hover in the air, heading in the general direction of the shoes with ease. Harry was slightly surprised with the fact that she could ride a broom at all, and hoped to Merlin she knew how to return to earth without hurting herself or the broom. 

She eventually reached the shoes, and leaned precariously over the side of the broom to nimbly untie the well-knotted laces. She swayed, nearly falling. Harry’s stomach churned as he fought the urge to somehow help her. But soon, his worries were over as her bare feet reached the slushy mud of the pitch. He ran over to her (she had landed nearly twenty feet away), smiling down at her. He couldn’t quite think why, but he felt incongruously happy at that moment, seeing her safely back on not-so-dry ground. “Where’d you learn to fly, Luna?” 

She returned his smile. “My mother taught me when I was little. I used to practice with her all the time, but I haven’t since first year.” 

He continued to smile, but it softened as she sniffed softly. “Thank you Harry, for helping me.” She threw her arms around him, stunning him completely. He snapped from a small daze as he folded his arms around her. She looked up at him, watching him stare transfixed down at her. He loved the way her soft smile seemed to make her lips pinker. Her eyelashes were stuck together and weighed down with rain droplets. Her curls were knotted and wet on her shoulders, dripping endlessly to the ground. Without thinking he leaned down and kissed her pink, soft lips fleetingly. 

Her smile slipped from her face as she gave him a curious and oddly stunned look. Harry had never seen her surprised before, and it made him uneasy to see her looking at him like that. “Erm…” He heaved a sigh awkwardly. 

“Don’t worry Harry. I think maybe it was just the Wrackspurts,” she comforted, patting him as she justified his stupendous actions. He growled, completely frustrated that she missed the point. He dove down and pressed another kiss to her lips. This time she kissed him back. “Alright, maybe not the Wrackspurts…” It was the most normal thing for her to say, and he grinned down at her happily. He squeezed her tighter as she giggled in a way he had never heard her laugh before. 

For the first time that year, he felt completely content with himself. Now that he had Luna, the totally unexpected, he was happy. And all because of her shoes being tied to a goal on a soggy Quidditch Pitch. 

Author's Note: I always have adored Luna, and since I have never been a Ginny supporter, I figured Harry and Luna would be a sweet combination.Do you agree? If you do, drop a review! In fact, even if you didn't like the story, please comment. I'd like to know why. :D Thank you!

This One-shot was written for the Things to fall in love by Challenge by SayaEvange at the forums! (By the way, my username there is now Emilyn, because I lost my old password and I made a new email since I made the last... sorry!)

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Pitch: Quidditch Pitch


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