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Living Dead Girl by Lily123Evans
Chapter 3 : Memories
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AN: Just want to make something clear… this is sort of an AU story. Voldemort never was conquered and he was strong enough to "raise" and "nurture" and "care for" Aldora and stuff. Sooo… just thought you ought to know… Enjoy! OH! And the bee-a-yoo-tiful Chappy Image was created by the incredible Ande at TDA! YEAH! Well... read on!


Through the wind and the rain, she stands hard as a stone in a world that she can’t rise above. But her dreams give her wings and she flies to a place where she’s loved.  –Martina McBride, Concrete Angel


As she slept, Aldora’s mind swam in and out of various dreams… none of them very pleasant


“Bow to the Dark Lord, Aldora,” a pale, jeering face swam in front of her face. Lucious Malfoy. Struggling to get to her feet, she shook her head... the atmosphere in the room tangibly darkened.

A new voice, a high pitched voice, dripping with malice responded, “No, Aldora? Is that your final answer? I thought we taught you this lesson a long time ago. Do we have to start over? Well, you see, when you duel, you always bow to your opponent. Do you understand? Now let’s try again… BOW!” He had his wand pointed at her… he was using the Imperius Curse… she wouldn’t give in… not without a fight at least…

“NO!!” She screamed, and in an attempt to stop herself from bowing, she threw herself face first onto ground. The room tittered with malicious laughter; she didn’t have to look up, she could imagine the sneering faces above her: Lucious Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange, the Carrow twins, Severus Snape, and her father, if you could call him that. She heard them all, muttering insults and laughing at her pain.

Lord Voldmort raised his voice above the Death Eaters’, “You have one last chance. Be sensible Aldora. I don’t want you to end up like your mother.” Loud guffaws followed this remark. Her mother was dead. Dead at the hands of her own father… Aldora would be brave. She would fight like her mother had. Weakly, she lifted her head up, looked her father in the eye, and shook her head boldly a second time.

His face contorted with rage. He opened his mouth and…


Aldora was now a tiny five year old clutching a ragged teddy bear… the only thing she had left from her mother. “Daddy, no!” She sobbed, watching him as he reached a long fingered hand out for the bear.

“Stupid child! You’re way too old for such childish nonsense! Just give it to me.”

Tears streamed down her face and onto the worn dress covered in patches, “Daddy! Please… no!” She hugged the bear tight and turned her body into the corner, shielding her bear. Lord Voldemort’s face contorted with rage, his wand hand went up and…

Hours later, Aldora woke up on the cold stone floor. She put her hand out for her bear but… it was gone! Frantically, she scrambled around the small, dark room, overturning chairs, searching under the thin blanket. Even in the thick dust under the bed. Her bear was no where to be found. Finally admitting defeat, she crawled slowly back into the corner, where she curled up and began to sob.

“Mommy, come back! Please… come back…”


A teenaged Aldora was sitting in an armchair by the fire, enjoying the house without her father. Then, all of a sudden, he barged into the room in a fury. Banging tables, chairs, and anything else out of his way, he made his way over to her.

“HE GOT AWAY AGAIN! WHAT DOES HE HAVE THAT I DON’T!?!?! LUCK! BLOODY LUCK!!!!! ALDORA!!!!!” Lord Voldemort was now towering over her, his wand arm raised… 


“Aldora… Aldora… ALDORA!” Mrs. Weasley, and several other Weasley’s surrounded Aldora’s sleeping form, trying to awaken her as she thrashed and moaned in her sleep. George Weasley sat at her head, stroking her head, attempting (without much success) to calm her down.

“Aldora, honey, please wake up!” Mrs. Weasley begged, grabbing her shoulder and shaking her gently. “Where’s Remus… or Bill… or anyone?!?! Ron… get someone, anyone. Just HURRY!” A tall gangling Weasley whose arm was in a sling hurried out of the room to find help. Mrs. Weasley turned back to Aldora, who was now digging her nails into the couch and arching her back as if in pain.

As minutes ticked by, slower than ever, voices were beginning to run through Aldora’s head… some were whispers, and others were screams…


“Give it up… you’ll never win… Come back to me!”


“Be afraid, Aldora. Be very afraid. I won’t let you get away…”

“Aldora… ALDORA…Aldora… ALDORA… Aldora… ALDORA!!!” Her father’s face flashed in her mind, angrier and altogether more frightening than ever before. He sneered at her, and snarled two last words, “Crucio-Maximus!” A moment passed, and he disappeared with a smirk. And then… pain beyond any pain that Aldora had ever experienced in her entire life ripped through her body. She opened her mouth and screamed for as long and as hard as she possibly could, trying to rid herself of the pain, but no matter what she tried, it wouldn’t go away.  


George knew something was wrong as soon as Aldora froze. Her body suddenly stiffened, and then her eyes snapped open; last, and scariest of all, she began screaming as if she were in pain. Ron burst in through the door, followed closely by Remus, who immediately knelt down by her head and began to force feed her a purple potion.

“This should work… dreamless sleep draught…” Remus muttered under his breath. “Should work pretty quickly… made it quite strong…” However, after a few minutes, Aldora was still wailing. Remus paled visibly. “This should’ve worked by now… I don’t know what’s wrong!” George glanced down at Aldora, and then stared back at him incredulously.

“She’s in pain you dolt! Give her some… I don’t know, Numbing Potion or something… QUICKLY!”  Remus sprang up and sprinted into the kitchen, nearly knocking over Harry and Ginny in the process. George sat down next to Aldora and wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight as she continued to scream. “Shh… Allie. It’ll be okay. Shhh. Shhh.” Her screams began to subside, and she curled up in George’s lap. Remus came back into the living room, this time holding a bright green potion.

“I’ll give it to her,” George said quietly, reaching over Aldora for the potion. Remus handed it to him without a word, and stood back to watch as Aldora quietly drank it. A few moments after the cup had been drained, she breathed a contented sigh and fell into a deep, dreamless, and utterly painless sleep.

The atmosphere of the room lightened considerably… Mrs. Weasley gave a weak smile and went back into the kitchen to get dinner ready for everyone who was awake. Remus joined Tonks and Kingsley, who were both in the dining room discussing Order stuff. George lay Aldora back down onto the couch and joined Harry, Fred and Ron in the sitting room to play a relaxing (well, as relaxing as Wizarding Games can be) game of Exploding Snap. All was well at the Burrow… for now.

AN: Sooo! What do you think? Someone said I should do a flashback so I did! I thought it turned out very well! Hmmm… we also got some George/Allie action going on here (raises eyebrows suggestively)… oOoOo! This could be very fun! Please review and tell me what you think! Thank you soooo much! :O)

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