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From Ancient Grudge by katti4493
Chapter 1 : I - For the Love of War Itself
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Amelia and Louis lazily walked through the milling crowds on the way back to the castle, collapsing into each other. Their hands were clasped tightly together; in a grasp so strong it seemed indestructible. Amelia felt extremely lucky to have Louis as a boyfriend and enjoyed the looks of utter hate and jealousy she got from girls from various echelons of the school hierarchy.  She could not help running her fingers through his shining red hair and kiss his elegantly placed freckles at totally inappropriate moments. She felt his face was carved to perfection and he kept her suitably entertained as he was witty and held a laid back attitude amongst his many good qualities. 

Their hands were intertwined as Louis led her away from the Quidditch pitch, his boyish smile etched across his angelic face. He kept Amelia very close to him, which Amelia enjoyed immensely and this enabled her to take in the smell of his aftershave and feel the heat of his body. As he turned round to face her under a large tree in the centre of a busy courtyard she accidentally walked into his hard masculine chest. He laughed as he pushed his weight to the back of his heels and leaned back against the willows aging bark and slowly pulled her towards him, making her gasp in fake surprise. He kissed her on the nose and she giggled like a five year old.

“You were amazing Louis! Twenty five! Twenty five times you put the Quaffle through those hoops! That Slytherin Keeper, Mulciber or whatever his name is, his was priceless!” Amelia whispered breathless. At moments like this she became totally mesmerised by the angelic qualities that her boyfriend possessed and wanted to be as close to him as she possibly could.

Tu as été forte fantastique aussi," he muttered hoarsely as he kissed her on her cheeks. The kisses fell onto her skin as if they were raindrops. Amelia looked up at him coquettishly and he squirmed under the warmth of her flirtatious eyes.

“English Louis!” Amelia teased, prolonging the moment by placing her freckled hand on his warm cheek. He sighed and leaned into her hand, she could feel the adolescent stubble that was just starting to form on his translucent skin rub against her smooth palm. Amelia shivered with delight as he moved his own hands, drawing swirling circles on her back with long, bony fingers.

“You were great too.” He said, translating his mother’s language for her. Amelia could see that he became more like his mother every time he spoke French. His eyes would burn with intense passion and she would be overcome with as sense of unconditional love and affection for him. It was as if his Veela blood became more dominant and he seemed to be walking along in a golden haze, looking more like a Greek God than a human. Amelia knew that Louis would always have hold of a large part of her heart, and if by some terrible mistake she ended up not being his wife, Amelia knew she could never love anyone else the way she loved Louis.

“What? Me and my hysterical cheering? It nearly got me those damned Nuevo Deatheaters.” She tittered at her own pathetic shallow joke, leaning into Louis’ neck and kissing his Adam’s Apple as tenderly as she could.

Louis stood up straight at this confession. His eyes were full of anger and fire as his whole body tensed as the wave of rage washed over his exhausted body. Holding her wrists gently Louis looked deep into Amelia’s eyes, “Which one? Which one of those petite grenouilles tried it?” Louis suddenly looked like a caveman protecting his territory and it made Amelia love him all the more.

Amelia smiled; she loved having such a caring boyfriend. She had no idea what petite grenouilles actually meant but it was sweet that Louis was speaking French for her. His ears had gone bright red in his anger.

“Oh it doesn’t matter,” muttered Amelia, stroking his cheek with the back of one hand, willing him to calm down, “it was one of the wannabe little ones. Not one of the wannabe older ones.” She giggled holding Louis tightly, not daring to let him go as she could just imagine him starting a war with a group of Slytherin’s. 

Louis shuddered thinking of the revolting gang that had built up within Hogwarts. Many of the self appointed losers were descendants of original Deatheaters and followed the one who had placed himself as the successor of Lord Voldemort, the one that nobody named. Louis was too busy fuming and being embraced by Amelia to notice his name being called across the grounds. He only turned around when he heard his mother’s dreaded pet name for him ringing around the milling students who had all turned to look at Louis. He tried to ignore the smirking Slytherin’s as he desperately tried to locate the source of the noise. Amelia had even looked up and was beginning to scan the crowd with her smoky eyes.

“Louis! Loo Loo! Loo Lee Loo Lee Loo!!!” shrieked the childish female voice again. Louis went the colour of a beetroot at this most embarrassing corruption of his name. Louis let go of Amelia as his cousin Lucy, an annoying first year with red pigtails and a face splattered with freckles, charged towards him with a determined look in her eyes. Luckily she was nothing like her stuffy father Percy, otherwise she would probably have written to Louis’ mother as he was being “inappropriate”, by being with his girlfriend, in front of small children.

“Loo Loo, please stop snogging your girlfriend and tell Molly to stop being so prissy! Just because you beat her to the team again she’s getting all jealous.” Pouted Lucy, slightly chuckling at Louis’ obvious embarrassment.

“She’s right actually, you couldn’t try out first year, beat her second and third year and again this year Loo Loo.” said Amelia, finding Louis’ secret nickname mildly amusing. Louis gave her a look that teasingly said “I’ll get you later” and turned to Lucy again.

“She could have beaten Mulciber! Anyone could have beaten Mulciber! All the little wannabe Deatheaters are pathetic little wimps!”

Lucy’s eyes widened and looked horrified at the mention of Deatheaters. Her eyes looked like giant blue saucers when a gruff voice sailed over the sea of faces,

“Pathetic Little Wimps are we Weasley? Care to insult us again?” Orion Malfoy had appeared out of nowhere and was pointing a short stubby wand at Louis. Louis watched him for a moment, with his white blonde hair and grey eyes, carefully calculating what to do next.

“Well...yes!” said Louis pulling his own wand out in one quick motion. Louis pointed his wand straight between Orion’s snide eyes, smirking at his small triumph against one of the boys in the middle of the Slytherin hierarchy. Amelia grabbed Louis’ free hand and desperately tried to pull Louis towards the distant grey castle. Louis watched as Orion blinked nervously, shaking his fair hair out of his watery eyes. A second passed and then Louis decided that this was the moment, in Orion’s vulnerability, to start some verbal sparring as a pre battle skirmish.

“You’re all pathetic!” spat Louis as he looked at Orion with nothing but pure hate. Orion stood unflinching as Louis watched his small brain whirr as he tried to decide the best course of action. Malfoy stood as still as a statue and looked as equally as surprised as Louis, Amelia and Lucy at what came next.

“Levicorpus!” came another, unexpected, stronger voice. Arnaud Avery, a handsome boy of seventeen, had just appeared and had sent Amelia hurtling into the air. Amelia screamed angrily and tried to stop her skirt falling over her head as Lucy drew her wand.

Vous êtes un morceau de merde!” screamed Louis switching his wand to Avery. Defending his girlfriend was of the utmost importance to him, and this was clear by his sudden transformation into an animal protecting his territory. His anger flared more brightly as he cursed in French, his language flourishing and becoming more inventive with every word. It was surprising that Avery did not turn round and start running for his life. Nobody knew what he was saying but everyone watched him intently as he decided the course of the possible fight. Louis blinked gently, obscuring his blue eyes from the crowd for one second and then in one fluid motion he did the counter spell to release Amelia. Orion took his chance.

“Impedimenta!” The spell narrowly missed Louis’ left ear, Louis leapt back screaming something in French, as he spat on the grass, but Amelia was ready.

“Petrificus Totalus!” Arnaud jumped out of the way, nearly colliding with Lucy who had tears in her worried eyes. Lucy, her small hand shaking furiously at the sudden change in atmosphere raised her wand,

“No! Lucy! Don’t!” screamed Louis. He knew she was not a natural at spell casting and anything could happen with Lucy’s inconsistent duelling, he did not even know how she was under extreme pressure. He wouldn’t be surprised if everyone within ten feet would be taken to the hospital wing in matchboxes in several hours time.

“Fli...Flipendo!” The ground shook with an unseen force and the tree placed at the centre of the courtyard swayed menacingly. Tears started to pour down Lucy’s pale face as she saw the effect of her backfired spell. Amelia, who had just got up from the courtyard floor, fell to the ground again as Louis marched towards Avery, his nostrils flaring in his heightening anger.

“Expelliarmus!” cried Louis, causing Avery’s wand to fly in a huge arch over the spectators, through the sky, almost like an arrow. Lucy lifted her wand, wanting to help the situation, but she was still shaking with utter terror.

“Flipendoo!” cried Lucy, her wand quivering violently. This time Malfoy flew up into the air almost like a Muggle space rocket. His face contorted with fear, as at a great speed he propelled downwards. Avery ran towards Lucy, a determined look in his eyes as his fingers menacingly reached for her newly bought wand.

“Get off!” Louis screamed, wanting to protect his vulnerable cousin, advancing towards Avery at a tremendous speed. Avery spotted Louis and changed his course, jumping up and launching himself towards Louis and with his large muscular fist he punched Louis squarely in the jaw with an almighty thump which reverberated off the stone walls of the Courtyard. Louis fell back, his mouth gushing with hot, red blood, his wand rolling out of his hand. The blood trickled down his chin and onto his robes as the onlookers did nothing to help him. Some were snickering maliciously, whereas others looked horrified at the scene that was unfurling. Amelia crawled towards Louis, fear in her large hazel eyes. Louis lifted himself up and eyed Avery with absolute hate. Avery smirked at Louis and his face changed into a gargoyle’s face as he spat,

“Serves you right for dating a Mudblood!” Louis and Lucy gasped but Amelia shook her head, stating that it didn’t matter and that they should get to the hospital wing to sort out Louis. Louis ignored Amelia, and pushing her aside he decided it was best if he resorted to basic human instinct, protecting those he loved. His voice was gravelly as he decided which words and curses to use against Avery.

Louis got to his feet slowly; stretching up to his full height, the emotion of anger transformed him into a God with unbelievable amounts of wrath. Amelia was secretly impressed that Avery did not run in terror at the large figure preparing to do some serious damage to him. Louis ran at his enemy and pushed Avery, who toppled and hit the floor, Louis leaning over him in ill disguised triumph. Amelia prayed that the fight was over but unfortunately Avery reacted at the speed of light as the two started fighting, scratching at each other’s faces with their fingers which appeared to Amelia as animal claws. Amelia screamed in horror, tears pouring down her face.

“Petrificus Totalus!” Amelia was silenced as she became rigid and fell to the floor. Malfoy giggled hysterically at the effectiveness of his spell as he joined in the brawling with his friend by putting a well aimed punch straight into Louis’ exposed abdomen.

“Proteego!” stammered Lucy pointing her wand at the three boys. She longed to stop the fight but with Amelia incapacitated it was up to Lucy to stop them killing each other. The spell caused an almighty explosion and the brawling boys flew apart. Louis crashed into the tree next to Amelia and even though he got up groggily his fingers found his wand and he flicked it in a circle, freeing Amelia from her magical prison. Amelia got to her feet dusting her chocolate brown hair out of her eyes, smiling at Louis gratefully, almost slavishly as she prepared to join her future husband in battle. Louis stood up slowly, getting ready to restart the war as he raised his dragon heart string wand and prepared to fire a spell directly at Avery’s heart. Avery had managed to reach his weapon and his pale fingers twitched as they curled round the soft willow wood of his own wand.

“Accio wand!” The crowd turned in surprise to discover who had made the fight a more even playing field. Arnaud’s wand flew quickly out of his hand and into the outstretched palm of James Sirius Potter. James cut an impressive figure and the crowd started tittering at the sudden twist in the course of the battle.

“Louis! Use your wand!” bellowed James as he rounded on Avery and Malfoy; his eyes alight with the adrenaline that was surging through his fast flowing blood. Lucy ran to her cousin, ready to fight to protect her family, but James pushed her out of harm’s way. Her mouth made a perfect “O” shape in shock as she watched her cousin participating in the hobby that he loved the most, duelling. He began to beat them both back effortlessly and managed to continue a conversation with Lucy as they started to duel him. Lucy glowed with pride for her cousin, the one who was brave and handsome and seemed to save every situation from turning into an unmitigated disaster. Lucy watched him as he evolved from an average school boy to a master dueller as he quelled his opponents with ease.

“You know Lucy, Deatheaters, I hate them. Last time, in the last war, before we were born, they killed and murdered innocent people and their families and if I see them, or people who aspire to be like them, I always intend to avenge those who they hurt or killed.” Said James conversationally as the air of arrogance that followed him round failed to flit away. Lucy couldn’t help but admire his noble personality and his bravery. James dusted his black hair as Louis, Amelia and he continued to duel the two Deatheaters. Lucy made it her task to push back the crowd and try and avoid the various jinxes and hexes that were whizzing around the stony courtyard. She listened to the swelling crowd egg on the duellers, she agreed with some of them, but violently opposed others.

“Go on Potter!” yelled a tall Ravenclaw girl, who was clenching her fist and punching the air. Lucy could tell she, like many other girls, was head over heels in love with James. Lucy could see he was charming, but as his cousin, she could not understand the girls in her own dorm drooling over photographs of the gorgeous Gryffindor seeker James Potter.

“Teach ‘em that the Dark Arts aren’t good.” Shouted a short Gryffindor boy in fifth year. He was an admirer of James, and Lucy was sure that he was part of the James Potter Fan Club. Lucy thought this comment was apt however, and was tempted to allow him to break through the crowds and let him help James in the fight with the Slytherin’s.

“Kill the Blood Traitor and Mudblood Scum!” screeched a haughty Slytherin girl, and Lucy dearly desired to hex the girl into oblivion, but Lucy decided against it. She thought the girl was likely to be transfigured into a teacup totally by accident, and did not want to be expelled by the terrifying Headmistress, barely weeks after arriving at the prestigious school.


The crowd fell silent. Seventh year, and Head Boy Ben Longbottom was tall and gangly with large teeth, and he stood a whole foot over most of the assembled crowd . Everyone looked at him in silence, they could not help it as he was commanding and everyone respected him. 

The fighting continued, and Ben was obviously furious because he immediately threw himself into the throng to tear apart the worked up duellers, but he was not being very successful. Amelia had managed to set Malfoy’s hair on fire, and Louis was sporting a nasty gash across his right eye, as well as his bleeding lips. James was still trying to hit Avery with a Bat Bogey Hex through the human barrier that was Ben’s long thin arms. The fighting seemed to be at its most dangerous and deadly climax until a loud voice tore through the air, making many of the students who were watching avidly jump with poorly concealed fear.

“Stop it now!” bellowed the deep female voice, sending pangs of terror vibrating through the now cowering crowd. First years were trying to flee from the scene without being detected, while older students were still finding it hard to tear their eyes away from the thoroughly enthralling fight that had just crashed to halt, like a train crashing into a thick, solid, brick wall.

Malinda Fairweather, the Headmistress had appeared just in Lucy’s shadow. The five duellers broke apart, looking thoroughly ashamed with themselves. Ben stepped back from the people he had been trying to break apart and walked towards Professor Fairweather, nodding curtly as a sign of respect and melting into the panic stricken crowd. It was obvious the spectators thought they would be punished for others wrong doings.

“What are you doing? James Potter, I thought I said no more fighting with Slytherin’s? And dragging your first year cousin into it?” Malinda said pointing an accusing finger at the trembling Lucy. Professor Fairweather stood up to her full height, bearing down on the intimidated students, her eyes filled with disappointed fury. None of duellers, or the fearful crowd dared to look directly into her beetle black eyes that were the size of large pebbles.

“Professor...he came to protect Amelia and I, from them!” said Louis, his eyebrows raised so high they had nearly disappeared in to his auburn hair as he desperately tried to protect his favourite cousin from being expelled. James nodded, silently thanking his cousin for his useless pleas.

“Well he insulted us!” spat Avery his eyes boring into Louis, his face covered with a haughty look, trying to cover up his misdemeanours with empty words. Louis and James started to contradict what Avery was saying; begging Professor Fairweather to listen to them, but their pleas fell on deaf ears. Professor Fairweather’s face had flushed a nasty maroon and she looked as if she was about to explode.

“Us! Us! There is no us! The students and staff of Hogwarts are one group. The houses are one! Has that terrible war taught any of you anything!” screamed Professor Fairweather, an electrical current supposedly passing through her long black hair. Louis bit back an answer he was about to give, but his words still resonated around the stone courtyard, even though he hadn’t uttered them, as James had shouted these imagined words in rage.

“Learnt anything? Of course we learnt! People...our family and friends died in that war and you are telling us we’ve learnt nothing!” James looked absolutely livid, but so did Professor Fairweather as her chest swelled as if she needed all the air she could muster for the noises and shrieks that were going to explode from her bold frame. In a second, she rounded on all of them, and James tried to not show his extreme fear on his handsome face, that closely resembled his father’s.

“I’m sending for your parents. We are going to sort this out once and for all! And if any of you put out one more toe out of line, I will make it my duty to expel you!” Professor Fairweather pulled herself up as high as she could, turned round and took the same path that Ben had, and the crowd shrank away from her in terror.

Lucy could no longer conceal her emotions and sobbed furiously; letting the large tears the size of ball bearings rolled down her cheeks as James put a long arm around her shoulders, as she snuggled into his chest, wiping her eyes onto his woollen Hogwarts jumper.

“It’s okay Lucy, you did nothing wrong.” Came Amelia’s soothing voice. Louis shot Avery and Malfoy murderous looks as they followed the dissipating crowds into the castle.

“Except I nearly killed you all with my terrible defence skills.” Wailed Lucy. James smiled and bent down for her to leap on his back for a piggy back. Lucy obliged and wrapped her arms around James’ neck, storing her wand in a pocket deep in her robe. Amelia held Louis’ hand gently as she whispered about getting him to the Hospital Wing. Louis obeyed, noting that it was probably best to listen to his girlfriend to avoid getting into fights. The four of them wandered towards the castle, thinking of the grudge that they knew would never disappear between Gryffindor’s and Slytherin’s.




Okay, that's the end of the first chapter, I know Scorpius and Rose haven't appeared yet, but I wanted to slowly build up the tension to show what they would have to overcome to be together. Next chapter... Malinda summons the duellers parents to try and discover the best way to heal the breach. I've written the chapter, and i'll post it when this ones finished!!!

Translations: Thank you Spicky!

Tu as été forte fantastique aussi = You were good as well!

Petite grenouilles = little frogs/toads

Vous êtes un morceau de merde = you're a piece of shit



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From Ancient Grudge: I - For the Love of War Itself


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