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Betwixt by loseristhien
Chapter 1 : A Misstep and Awake
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Disclaimer- I don't own Harry Potter

Chapter One: A Misstep and Awake

One misstep.

One misstep at the very worst moment, taken by a girl in a rush. A young, pretty girl, who was no older than sixteen. She had always been clumsy and accidents were frequent. However, most said accidents included falling down the stairs, or tripping and scraping a knee. Never an accident like this, no one ever would have guessed, and certainly not herself either. You see, at the moment she was more concerned with the fact that she was very late for something very important. He’s going to kill me, the girl though. She did not look as she stepped off the curb. Her destination was right across the street. And maybe, she though, he’ll understand and give me another chance. The sound of screeching of breaks was only drowned out by a scream from the sidewalk.

“Watch out!”

She didn’t. The words took a moment to register and break her worried thoughts. The girl heard the warning a second too late, and scream erupted from her lips as she turned and prepared for the full impact of the hit. She’d have imagined that the it would hurt, that it would send painful tremors all throughout her chest, legs, arms, head, yet she felt nothing.

She felt nothing, heard nothing, saw nothing.

A clumsy girl in a rush, who had taken one misstep at the very worst moment, was lifted into an ambulance by stretcher.

A family of five stood outside a shady run-down bar, The Leaky Cauldron. They paused to look at the fallen girl, pity in their eyes, before entering the building. But one boy stayed behind, although he was hardly a boy any longer. He watched the girl being driven away with his startlingly green eyes.

“Come along now,” The boy’s mother called from inside the bar.

“Coming, Mum.”

She was awake, which was a relief. But she was in no place she recognized. Old, stone walls surrounded her, only interrupted with huge floor to ceiling windows that looked hundreds of years old. There were long tables going across the enormous room in rows, with one in the front that looked more ornate and was raised on a slight platform. She looked up to see a blue sky and clouds floating above her, as if there was no ceiling at all. This place, whatever it was, was undeniably amazing. Still…

“Where am I?” she whispered aloud.

The sun poured in from every inch of the room, hurting her head. She squinted her eyes and raised her arms to block out the light, but found no relief. Why was that? She felt her hands pressed against her eyes, but the room was every bit as bright through her shut eyes as before. She opened her eyes, confused, to see what the problem was.

“Lord almighty,” she said, as she looked at her hands, arms, legs, everything,

This can’t be happening
, she thought desperately.

“I’m see-through…I-I’m bloody see-through!”

She observed the grey dim color of her skin and her whole body began to shake. Where was she? Who was she? The girl thought and concentrated for what could have been seconds or hours, and still no memories came to her.

She didn’t understand. I display all the tell-tale signs of a ghost, the girl rationed, but certainly she wasn’t. Once you were dead you were supposed to be wise, all knowing, and she was sure if she were truly a ghost she would at least remember who she was.
I’m not dead, she decided, I’m just…just…

Well I don’t quite know what I am, but I am certainly going to find out. I just have to keep a level head.

She left the enormous room, simply walking through the doors… literally. She walked through the closed, solid doors. This gave her the heeby jeebies and she was about to scream and run about like a mad woman but then reminded herself, keep a level head.

She took a deep breath and continued to wander around and soon found herself in a huge ornate room with high ceiling and walls covered with moving paintings. It was certainly an entrance hall. The girl then saw a man carrying a huge bulbous plant with a mouth and teeth. It was more hideous than any plant she had seen before, yet he cooed and spoke to it softly as if it were a cuddly bunny rabbit. He continued to do so even has it bit him through thick metal gardening gloves.

“Excuse me!” she yelled as she ran up to him, but he did not seem to hear.

“Sir? Excuse me, could you tell me where I am?” She waved her arms wildly in front her him. Again, he made no response to her, only to his plant, and walked right past her. Well, how incredibly rude! she huffed.

“Hey you!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, as she lunged at him, although the attack did not have the desired effect seeing as she went right through him. She looked up at the man from where she lay toppled on the ground. This walking through solid stuff is really creeping me out… the girl thought as she collected herself and rose from the ground.

“Funny…” the plant man said too himself, “did you just feel something…something a bit warm, Agnes?” The plant bit him in response.

He chuckled, “You’re right, Agnes, I must have just imagined it.”

"You did not imagine it!" She hollered at him, once again

Ah well, I suppose, she though, I should focus on finding someone who doesn’t name him plants and talk to them like they’re little tabby kittens.

She followed him anyway.

“Greetings, Professor Longbottom!” an equally see-through person greeted as the plant man, now Professor Longbottom, approached.

“Hello, Sir Nicholas!” Fine, the girl thought, ignore me but talk to the other transparent guy, “and please, call me Neville. I’ve known you since I was eleven.”

“But you’re the Head of Gryffindor House now,” Sir Nicholas insisted, “surely I must treat you with the respect your title demands!”

“Yes, well,” The Professor changed the topic, turning a bit red, “are you excited for tomorrow, then?”

“Oh certainly,” Sir Nicholas replied, “I’m looking forward to seeing the fresh hoard of new students.”

“So,” she said softly to herself, “this is some sort of school…” My deductive skills are astounding, she was quite proud of herself for the newfound information.

“Yes, well you just do your best welcoming the new students and be the best House Ghost you can be,” Professor Longbottom added before walking away with his plant.

“Sir Nicholas!” She called after the house ghost, as he floated away from her. He tensed for a moment, as if he had heard her call his name, but then floated away.

“Well, either everyone in this place is an enormous prick or…” she spoke aloud, miserably, “no one can see me or hear me.”

This was terrible, depressing and, well…completely and utterly annoying.

“Great, just great. I don’t remember who I am or know where I am…and I keep talking aloud to myself like a nutter!

She stomped her foot but felt no contact with the ground, nor heard the satisfying clang of her heel against tile. Nope, her foot went right through the floor, as if it were made of smoke.

“If this is the afterlife,” she seethed, pulling her foot out of the ground, “then it bloody sucks!”

So guys, What did you think? Here's the first chapter, and i know nothing really happened and it was a bit short, but wait for the next one where Albus makes his official entrance. Oh, and sorry about the 'the girl' stuff. That will all be solved in the next chapter. So, likes? dislikes? I wanna hear it all. Just leave a comment in the pretty grey box below and let me know!

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