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Still Delicate by padfoot4ever
Chapter 16 : Nuptial Catastrophe
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Chapter 16 - Nuptial Catastrophe
This is the worst start to a wedding day in the history of weddings. I never thought I’d say that after the start to Teddy and Victoire’s wedding – back when I was up all night, thinking about an argument I’d had with Scorpius the night before, wondering just how the hell we would ever get past it.

Some things never change, apparently.

Throughout the night, my distress turns to depression, and rapidly to rage. Complete and utter blind rage. How dare he say those things to me? He called me pathetic – he is the reason I’m so pathetic! I used to be so strong and independent, now I’m inwardly cringing every time I think about the argument we just had. Could I have sounded more desperate?

After a number of threats from Jenny, I decided to try to get some sleep, because if I woke up with red, puffy eyes and dark circles under them, she would (and I quote) “make sure Aidan would never see his mother alive again.” Pregnant brides are a hoot.

So I took Jenny’s advice and forgot about Scorpius, to concentrate on the day ahead. By the time morning comes, it’s a lot easier to forget about it than I thought it would be. Because, like I said, today is a bloody disaster already.

Lily rushes into my room at half eight, panicking. Lily isn’t one for early mornings, so I can tell it’s an emergency if she’s up before me.

“Rose! Rose, wake up!” Lily cries, obviously not seeing that I’ve been up all night and am already awake, “Rose, Jenny’s locked herself in the bathroom!”

I groan. It’s one of those situations where you can’t sleep until the moment you have to get up, when you feel like you could sleep for days. I drag myself out of bed and follow Lily out of the room.

Jenny’s sister, Gillian, is standing outside the bathroom, knocking on the door and speaking in gentle tones. Dom is up too, falling asleep against the wall, not looking at all bothered that the bride has locked herself in the bathroom.

“Jenny, love, it’s all going to be fine,” Gillian is saying soothingly, “Just come out. The hairdresser will be here at nine, and we have to have breakfast yet...”

“Move,” I grumble at Gillian. I bang on the bathroom door, hard. “Jenny Winters! Get your arse out here, NOW!”

“Go away!” Jenny calls, “I c-can’t do it!”

Lily looks like she’s going to cry.

“Jenny, we’ve spent weeks planning this wedding. Everything is ready. You can’t just back out now!” I snap angrily.

“Just leave me alone, Rose!” Jenny sobs, “I’m not coming out!”

I turn around, looking for help from the others. They all shrug at me. I sigh in frustration. If Jenny stands my cousin up, she can kiss goodbye to our friendship. “Fine,” I tell her, “Stay in there. See if I care. But I can tell you something – I’m not going to be the one to tell Nana Molly about this.” There is a silence. “Or Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry.”

It hasn’t worked. She’s not budging.

“I think you played the Ginny card too early,” says Dom.

I tell the others to go start getting ready. We should be dressed when Jenny comes to her senses, so that we can all concentrate on getting her ready. Victoire comes by at half nine, with Remus and Aidan. Aidan is to be page boy, and is already dressed in his suit, looking very smart indeed. Remus has morphed himself to look exactly like Aidan.

“Any luck getting Jenny out of the bathroom?” Victoire asks me.

“Nope. You’re welcome to try,” I tell her. She nods and goes upstairs to relieve Lily of her duty of convincing Jenny to come out. The two boys then run off to play, and I warn them not to get their clothes dirty.

The hairdresser, make-up artist and manicurist are all here now, looking very confused. I’m sure they’re wondering if they’ll still get paid if the bride stays in the bathroom throughout the whole ceremony.

Dom has tried yelling at her for fifteen minutes straight. Lily has tried singing ‘1000 bottles of Butterbeer on the wall’ to annoy her out. Gillian has tried appealing to her rational side. Victoire has tried blasting the door open with her wand, but it has been magically sealed. We’ve warned that we’ll get Molly over. Jenny will not budge. We’ve even made Aidan and Remus ask her to come out, but she’s just staying in there, crying.

“Mum, why won’t Aunt Jenny come out of the bathroom?” Aidan asks me.

“She’s...just changing,” I say. Even Aidan doesn’t believe this.

“Why do you want her to stop changing?”

“Dom needs the bathroom,” I tell him.


“Why do people usually need the bathroom?” Dom snaps at him.

“Why can’t you use the bathroom downstairs?” Aidan snaps back.

Dom stares at him. “Touché.”

“I’m going to give James a call,” I announce, “See how Al’s getting on.”

The others nod in agreement, simply because they have absolutely no idea what else to do. We are all dressed in our yellow bridesmaid dresses, with our hair and make-up done. Perhaps if we all show up to the wedding, nobody will notice Jenny’s absence.

I rush downstairs and dial James’s number. It rings out for a whole two minutes before James answers.


“James? Why do you sound like you’re still in bed?” I snap angrily.


“It’s Rose you idiot!” I hiss.

“Oh. Morning, Red.”

“I’m just phoning to see how you lot are getting on,” I tell him, “Please tell me you’re up.” I can tell that this is one of those moments where I come so close to killing James Potter, it’s scary.

“I’m not going to lie to you, Red...”

“James!” I shout, “GET YOUR ARSE OUT OF BED! Is everyone else up?”

“Eh...just a second...” I hear him drag himself out of bed and call out Al and Scorpius’s names. “Nope. They’re still asleep.” My blind rage makes me momentarily put aside the fact that Scorpius clearly got some sleep last night.

“It’s past ten!” I cry, “The ceremony is at twelve!” I’m not quite sure why I’m getting so worked up about the fact that the groom has overslept. At this rate, it’ll be a miracle if the bride shows up at all.

“So? We just have to put on our tuxes. We’ll be there,” he assures me.

“The car is picking you up in an hour, James,” I snap, “Get Al out of bed right now, or I swear to Merlin I will kill you dead.” He laughs. “James, do you think I’m joking?”

“Eh...right...I’ll just...I have to go now. We’ll see you at the church, Red!” He hangs up rapidly.

Due to the fact that Jenny is Muggleborn, this is going to be a Muggle ceremony. This means that we have to keep our magic hidden from the other Muggles at the wedding, so everything is being done without the use of magic – including hair and make-up. If Jenny doesn’t get out of the bathroom soon, she is going to be really late.

As I go to make my way back upstairs, Aidan and Remus are coming down, playing ‘Death Eaters and Aurors’ – Aidan is the Death Eater, Remus is the Auror. Aidan is currently winning.

“Keep out of the kitchen!” I warn them, as that’s where the wedding cake is residing. Victoire is taking it to the reception hall in a few minutes, after her last try at getting Jenny to come the hell out of the bathroom.

Even Dom has started looking panicked now.

“Jen, please come out,” Gillian says softly to the bathroom door.

“I can’t do it!” Jenny shrieks, her voice echoing around the bathroom, “T-tell him I can’t do it! T-tell him I can’t become a P-Potter! I’m too young to get married! I’m only twenty-two! Who gets married that young?” This is coming from the girl that was telling me to be happy for Scorpius and Daisy. Bloody hypocrite.

Gillian sighs and shrugs at us.

“What are we going to do?” I whisper fiercely at them.

“Shall I call James?” Lily suggests, “Tell them she needs more time?”

“No,” I say, “It’ll only panic Al. There’s no point in him being in a state too.”

“Well we have to do something!” says Gillian, on the verge of tears.

I roll my eyes. It’s so bloody typical of our family that this would happen.

“She’s just getting a few pre-wedding jitters,” I say, trying to convince myself as well as the others that everything will be alright, “Let’s leave her be for a while. The bride’s supposed to be late anyway, right?” Lily, Dom and Gillian nod in agreement. “Right, I’ll go downstairs and get her dress, you two set her make-up out and attack her with the brushes as soon as she comes out of that bathroom, okay?” They nod again. I rush back down the stairs of the Winters’ house. Jenny’s dress is hanging up in the dining room, just off the kitchen. I have to say, it’s a gorgeous dress. It would want to be for the price she paid for it – I could have bought two Firebolts with that money. I stare longingly at the white, ridiculously expensive, flowing dress for a moment. Even on the hanger it looks amazing. It kind of makes me wish I was getting married...


A very loud noise from the kitchen makes me jump, and I hear the door of the bathroom opening upstairs. “What was that?!” Jenny shrieks. I then hear her being tackled by the girls, who are apparently following my command to attack her with the make-up as soon as she left the bathroom.

“Nothing!” I call back, “I’ll sort it out...”

I rush into the kitchen to find the cause of the loud crashing sound, trying to reassure myself that it’s not what I think it is.

It’s worse.

There are two identical blonde boys covered from head to foot in wedding cake, standing in the middle of the kitchen.

“What is it?” Jenny calls from upstairs.

“N-nothing!” I call back, “It’s nothing! You just get ready!”

I hear Jenny being dragged into her bedroom by the girls, and I turn back to Remus and Aidan. I’m in such shock that I cannot possibly think of what to say to these two little antichrists standing before me.

I take a deep breath, and prepare myself for a Nana Molly-style rant.

“Look what you’ve done!” I hiss at them, “I told you two not to play in the kitchen! You’ve completely ruined the wedding cake! Have you any idea how long Nana Molly spent making this? Al and Jenny are going to be devastated!” They look slightly ashamed of themselves now. “And you’ve completely ruined your outfits! You’re going to have to have another bath now to get all this out of your hair!” They look outraged at the thought of another bath. “What do you have to say for yourselves?!”

They both look down at the cake-covered floor. “Sorry,” they say in union.

“You will be,” I assure them, “Aidan, you’re grounded!” I say it to the one I’m almost sure is my son. It’s very hard to tell. Remus is very good at morphing into Aidan. “No TV, no Quidditch and no sweets for two weeks.”

“But Mum-”

“Don’t push your luck,” I snap at him. Just then, Victoire comes into the kitchen, stops and looks around at the mess and the two boys, and her face turns so red, even I’m afraid of her.

“What on earth happened here?” she hisses, slamming the door behind her so that Jenny won’t hear from upstairs. I fill her in on how our two sons are complete idiots. She starts swearing in French, like her mother does when she’s angry. The boys look much more frightened of her than they are of me – all of a sudden I’m the lesser of two evils. Victoire knows which of them are Remus straight away, without even asking. It must be nice to know your child that well – I wonder what’s wrong with me that I couldn’t tell them apart at first?

She gets out her wand, points it at the two boys, and immediately their tuxes begin cleaning themselves. I’m very impressed by this bit of magic – they look brand new.

“It’s a handy trick when you work in the clothes-making business,” Victoire shrugs at me. “Right, you two go sit down in the living room and do not move a muscle until it’s time to leave, do you hear me?” They nod and walk out of the kitchen with their heads hung in shame.

“What the hell are we going to do Rose?” Victoire asks me in panic, “Jenny is going to flip!”

While we’re debating just how the hell we can fix this in the next fifteen minutes, Dom joins us. Her response is even less dignified than ours.

“Fucking hell,” she sighs, “It looks like you set a pissed off Hippogriff loose in here.”

“A pissed off Hippogriff would have done less damage,” Victoire replies, “Do you know any spells that can fix this?”

“Did you try Reparo?” she asks. The idea is so ridiculously simple that we haven’t tried it. I shrug at the two, point my wand at the mess and hope for the best.

“Reparo,” I command.

The three-tiered cake comes together in one big mush, but at least it’s not all over the kitchen anymore. Still, it looks nothing like a wedding cake, or any other food for that matter. Except for maybe a huge bowl of porridge.

“It looks...fine,” Dom lies through her teeth.

“It’s passable,” Victoire agrees uncertainly.

“They may not even notice,” I say.

“Yeah...maybe Al went blind. And maybe Jenny won’t show up to the reception,” says Dom.

“Why did I have a child?” I moan.

“My thoughts exactly,” Victoire agrees.

I check my watch. It’s already half ten. We have exactly an hour and a half before we have to be at the church, and Dom and I will be expected to be there early as bridesmaids.

“How long did it take Nana Molly to make this?” I ask them.

“A week,” says Victoire, folding her arms, “There is no way we can make another one in time. You have to leave it sitting for a number of hours before you can ice it, and then you need to do another layer of –”

“Okay, we get the picture,” Dom stops her, “We could just make one that looks like it? You know, it doesn’t have to taste nice, it just has to look like a wedding cake.”

“Yes, but aren’t they going to notice when everyone goes to eat it and ends up throwing up?” Victoire points out.

“What choice do we have?” I ask.

The three of us stand in silence for a moment and ponder Dom’s idea. None of us can come up with anything better.

“Right, turn on the oven,” says Victoire, taking off her cardigan and putting on an apron, “We have a lot of work to do. Dom, get the ingredients – eggs, milk, sugar, butter, flour. And whatever else you can find. Rose, ring around and get as many people as you can to help us out – make sure Nana Molly and Jenny never know.”

I set to work. I ring Hugo first, and then Fred and Roxie and tell them to apparate straight into the kitchen so nobody notices them. I get Louis too, but I don’t bother ringing Molly or Lucy. I get the impression that they aren’t speaking to me after what went down at the Burrow the other day. I leave Lily and Gillian with Jenny, and fill them in on what’s happened, so that they know not to let Jenny anywhere near the kitchen.

And so we mix, beat, sieve, bake, ice and decorate until our hands are sore. Lily comes down to warn us several times that Jenny is getting suspicious, so Dom and I take turns in going upstairs and making excuses for our absence. After ‘we were on the phone to Al making sure everything’s alright’ and ‘we were just getting some fresh air’, we’re rapidly running out of believable ones.

When the cars pull up outside the house, Dom and I look at each other in panic. Victoire tells us to go on ahead, she, Fred and Roxie will finish off.

Jenny appears to have pulled herself together. Looking at her now, you wouldn’t think that she’d spent the whole morning in the bathroom, crying, or that she spent half an hour telling me off last night. Thinking about that just makes me angry again, so I push last night from my brain.

After many pictures outside the house, Dom, Lily, Gillian, Aidan and I clamber into the first car, while Jenny and her father get into the second one. We each breathe a sigh of relief that we are finally on the way to the church. As long as the car doesn’t break down, and as long as Al turns up to the church, we should be fine. Famous last words, I know.

When preparing to go into the church, I give Aidan one last minute lecture on how to walk down the aisle – not too fast, not too slow, and for the love of god, don’t drop the rings. Dom goes in after Aidan, then Lily, then Gillian, and then me. Before I go, Jenny grabs my arm and holds me back.

“Rose, I’m sorry about last night,” she says quietly, “I know I overreacted a bit.”

“It’s fine, Jen,” I tell her, “Forget it.”

“It’s just...he’s married now,” she says, “And I’m about to be married. And I wouldn’t like to think that someone would say things like that to Al...”

“Jenny, Al loves you,” I assure her, now completely realising Jenny’s insecurities, “He always has. Don’t worry about it. And after last night, Scorpius is forgotten. I promise.”

She smiles at me and nods, and I head off down the aisle with my head held high, feeling anything but pathetic. On the way, I see Molly give me death glares, Brian give me a thumbs up (I’d almost forgotten I invited him) and James pull a stupid face up at the altar beside a very nervous looking Al. It truly is bewildering how they won’t even make their hair lie flat on a day like this. Then again, by the look of Uncle Harry and Auntie Ginny’s wedding pictures, I don’t think Harry did either.

Victoire, Roxie and Fred have all made it here in time, given that they apparated. Fred has icing in his hair, Victoire looks ready to kill someone, and Roxie is reapplying lipstick – I think they’ve only just arrived.

Harry and Ginny look like such proud parents, sitting in the second row, smiling up at Al. Jenny’s Mum has started crying already, as has Nana Molly. Al is literally shaking with nerves, and when Jenny starts walking up the aisle, he visibly pales. I’m really hoping he’s not about to faint.

Throughout the ceremony, I glance at Scorpius, who looks like he might be feeling guilty. Or maybe it’s just my imagination. When Jenny catches me looking at Scorpius, I make sure to look nowhere near him again. I made a promise to her and I’m going to stick to it. And I’ve made enough of a fool of myself around him for one year.

And as my anger towards Scorpius rises again, I calm it by looking at Dorie, who is sitting on Teddy’s knee, smiling.

The ceremony goes well, aside from one minor blip when Al accidentally drops the ring before placing it on Jenny’s finger. And it would have gone relatively unnoticed if James hadn’t snorted loudly, a snort that echoed around the church.

I think everyone is happy to start drinking as soon as we reach the hotel for the reception. Audrey and Percy seem to be distancing themselves from the rest of the family, and whenever Percy makes the effort to talk to someone, Audrey tugs on his arm and drags him off somewhere else.

As soon as the pictures are finished, I go to rescue Brian from my mother. I think he’s disappointed that there is absolutely no magic at this wedding – I left him under the impression that this wouldn’t be a solely Muggle affair, which it basically is. If I told him the truth, he may not have come.

“Rose, why have we never met Brian before?” Mum asks me as soon as I come over. I hate when mothers ask this question. I don’t think ‘because you lot are a bunch of idiots’ will be acceptable to her.

“ know...” Apparently this is far more acceptable.

“So where did you two meet?” Mum asks. Again, will ‘a crazy Muggle nightclub where we gave each other fake names, only to later realise that Brian is my son’s teacher’ suffice?

“I’m Aidan’s substitute teacher,” says Brian, and Mum seems impressed by the fact that he’s a teacher.

“Rose, I don’t see why you felt you had to keep it from us that you have a boyfriend –”

“No!” I exclaim quickly, “No no no no no no no....”

“No,” Brian adds.

“No. We’re just friends,” I tell her firmly. She looks disappointed.

When I finally drag Brian away from Mum, I fill him in on last night’s events. Thankfully, he’s on my side. I think this is the reason I never really wanted to introduce Brian to my family. He’s always on my side – maybe if he heard other people’s stories, he wouldn’t be so generous.

“He called you pathetic?” Brian frowns, “That’s a bit harsh.”

“I know,” I agree.

“I mean, I’d never say it to your face -” I smack him.

“Sorry,” he laughs, “But maybe he was just in shock. You had just told him you’re in love with him, after all. Which one is he?”

“He’s the blonde one who’s holding hands with the eighty-year-old,” I reply, nodding over to Scorpius and Daisy.

“She’s a very pretty eighty-year-old,” says Brian. I smack him again. “Oh and by the way, Aidan’s glaring at us.”

I turn around and see Aidan staring, looking very angry. He’s never accepted Brian as my friend, and I completely forgot about this when I invited Brian to the wedding.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” I tell Brian, and head over to Aidan, still angry with him for destroying the cake, but now also feeling guilty for not consulting with him before inviting Brian to the wedding. He turns away from me as I approach, so I hold onto his shoulders and spin him back around.

“Stop frowning,” I tell him, “You’ll get wrinkles.” This doesn’t seem to bother him. “Look, I know you don’t really like Brian –”

“He’s my teacher,” Aidan frowns, “You should have come with somebody else.”

“Like who?”

“Like Dad.”

I frown back at him. “Dad came with Daisy,” I tell him.

“I know,” he replies, “He should have come with you instead.”

I really don’t want to have to get into this here. I tell Aidan to run along and play with Remus, that we’ll discuss this later on. First I reassure him that Brian and I are nothing but friends, and that is all we ever will be, and he seems happy enough with this explanation.

When dinner is announced, we all make our way into the large dinner hall.

“That’s not the cake I made!” I hear Nana Molly exclaim from behind me. Crap.


After dinner, there is dancing. I’m completely unable to get out of it, being maid of honour, so I force Brian onto the floor to dance with me. While dancing, I tell him the story of each of my relatives – he laughs at my description of Molly, and stops when he realises I’m deadly serious about every last detail. Now he just looks disturbed.

“So who’s that?” he asks nodding over to Dom.

“That’s Dom,” I tell him, “I’ve told you about Dom?”

“Yeah...” he drifts off. And then it strikes me just who Dom is. She’s part Veela. At the end of the day, while I just see my incredibly sarcastic and surly cousin, most men see an incredibly beautiful woman, and apparently that is what Brian is seeing. It doesn’t matter to him that Dom laughs at the most politically incorrect jokes, or tells beggars that she has no change and then jingles the coins in her pockets at them. Like most straight men, he just doesn’t see past the pretty face. Dom is like Snow White with a drinking problem, and instead of having seven men on the go, she has seventeen. “She’s...”

“Gorgeous?” I finish for him, “Yeah, she’s part Veela.” He looks at me questioningly. “Veelas are magical creatures – really beautiful. They can pretty much hold men under spells. Victoire is her sister.”

“That explains a lot,” Brian nods, still blatantly staring at her. I think my plan to get those two together is going to be easier than I thought.

“You should ask her to dance,” I tell him.

“Me?” he snorts, “Yeah, like she’d dance with me...”

“I’m sure she would. Believe me, Dom’s done a lot worse.”

“Cheers,” he says dryly. I force him to go over Dom, and he does, running a hand through his hair and fixing his jacket on the way. I can’t hear what he’s saying, but Dom looks very wary of him at first, looking him up and down with that very intimidating look she can give. However, after a moment she laughs and then she nods and accompanies him onto the dance floor.

Ah, my work here is done.

Turning around triumphantly to find someone else to talk to, I walk straight into the one person I’ve been avoiding. Scorpius. And that rage that I’ve been suppressing all day rears its ugly head again.

“Do not speak to me,” I hiss at him, “Just don’t even think about it.”

“Come on Rose –”

“I swear to Merlin I will jinx you. I will jinx you in front of my whole family, in front of all of these Muggles and in front of our son.” I don’t know if I’ve ever felt such anger rise inside me so quickly. “Don’t ever speak to me again, unless it’s about Aidan. Do you hear me?”

I knew I was angry with him, but not until I heard his voice just now did I realise just how angry I am. I think I could actually punch him in the mouth quite easily. The mouth that called me pathetic. I storm off into a room off the dinner hall, which is now the dancing hall, where all the wedding presents are.

I sit among the presents, wondering what could possibly be in each of the beautifully wrapped boxes. Salt and pepper shakers, toasters, saucepans and other such useless Muggle contraptions that Al and Jenny will probably never use. I'm finding it hard to concentrate on anything, except not crying.

I can't stand this anymore. I can't stand the way he looks at me and speaks to me these days. He makes me feel like vermin. He never used to make me feel like this. I used to feel like a princess when he looked at me. Now his mind has been warped by marriage. Has he changed, or have I changed? I know it's my fault. Well, I know it's partly my fault. I shouldn’t have told Daisy about the proposal, but I thought that was water under the bridge now.

He was probably embarrassed.

This makes me feel even worse, if possible.

I can hear a slow song coming on, so I decide to stay in the present room for as long as possible to sit it out. I don’t feel like watching the happy couples dancing together, especially now that I don’t even have a date to dance with. I'm in the mood for bed. I can't wait for that point in the evening when Aidan gets cranky, so I'll have an excuse to get the hell out of here.

The door of what I'm now referring to as the "present room" opens. It's Scorpius. Part of me is surprised to see him, while another part of me kind of predicted he would come. 

He looks like he's in pain. He looks as if he's just received some awful news. He looks as if he's fighting an inner battle with himself, torn between two feelings. He looks, in short, exactly how I feel.

“I really can’t talk to you, Scorpius,” I tell him, slightly calmer now, “You were a right prick last night.”

“I know,” he replies, “But you were a right bitch to me for the majority of the time I’ve known you, so I’d say we’re about even.” He pauses. "I can't dance," he says quietly, leaning back against the door. He is looking up at the ceiling, not at me. "I can't dance at all. I'm rubbish at it." He doesn't have to tell me. I know just how crap a dancer he is. "Your mate Brian can dance."

"So?" I mumble. Is that supposed to make me forget all about Scorpius? Should I want Brian more because he can throw some moves on the dancefloor? "What's your point?" 

He continues staring at the ceiling. I even look up to see if there is something interesting there, but there isn't. Just plain white. And apparently it's more interesting than me.

"My point is you deserve someone who can dance," he says, "And I can't."

This angers me. If he doesn't love me anymore, he should come out and say it and not pull the 'it's not you, it's me...I can't dance' crap on me. He is so infuriating sometimes.

"I can't dance either," I tell him.

"You looked like you could out on the dancefloor with Brian," he says, in that same eerily quiet voice.

"Scorpius," I start and he visibly flinches as I say his name. It hurts like a knife in the chest.

"Do you really hate me?" I have to ask it. I know it sounds needy and obsessive and shrill, but I need to know just how much he hates me since I broke his heart. I have to know. Last night all I could feel was hate.

"I wish," he says, still glaring at the ceiling, "You have no idea how much I want to hate you, Rose."

That's comforting. I think.

"I hate that you told me you still love me," he admits, "And I hate that you're such a bloody bitch to Daisy all the live long day." He finally looks at me. "I hate the way you behave most of the time. But I don't hate you. Unfortunately."

I stand up and approach him. He looks like he wants to back away, but he can't because he's backed up against the door. I study his face as he frowns down at me, hating everything about the way I act, but not hating me. I've always thought a person's actions defines who they are. What else does? Certainly not their looks, because that's far too shallow. It's our choices and our actions that make us who we are. And I am a pretty awful person, as he as just established, and if he hates the way I act, then how is it that he doesn't hate me? Scorpius Malfoy is such a complicated person. I don't know why I love him so much, when I hate the way he acts most of the time too.

"I'm sorry, Scorpius," I say, and he flinches as I say his name again, "But stop looking at me like I'm something you just wiped off the bottom of your shoe! I’m sorry about how I told you, but come on! I just told you something you already knew!”

"I don't want to hear any more about that," he says, "I'm done with it. I'm done with you." He turns to leave but I grab his hand to stop him. He turns to face me again. "Seriously Rose, please let me go."

"No," I tell him, "I can’t.”

He gazes deep into my eyes. It's so electric I want to wrap my arms around him immediately and kiss him, but I restrain myself. "We need to talk about this," I tell him firmly, "We need to sort this out before we end up killing each other. So you don't hate me. Do you love me, then?"

He looks down at the floor. "You deserve to be happy, Rose," he tells me, "I don't think I can make you happy. I think you were right to turn me down."

"Is this because you can't dance?" I ask.

"No," he says, "It's because I was bad for you."

"No you weren't!" I cry, "You're the best thing that ever happened to me, apart from Aidan! And the only reason Aidan happened to me is because of you! We're good together, Scorpius."

"We're disastrous together," he argues.

"No, we were great together," I tell him firmly, "You know we were. Physically and emotionally."

He looks at me. He knows we were great together in bed. There's no denying it. As we gaze into each others eyes, I know it's going to happen. There is no way it can't. I back away from him at first, because I know it shouldn't happen, but my attempt to stop it is futile. Scorpius finally moves away from the door and comes towards me. And there, amongst the mounds of white and gold and silver wrapping paper and bows, he kisses me for the first time in months.

I feel like I've been trekking through the desert for months and this is my first drink of water. This is my relief from the excruciating pain I've been feeling in my heart for the last few months. His arms wrap around my waist tightly, and I pray he'll never let go. His kiss deepens, and I run my fingers through his soft hair, which would usually be softer, only he put hair gel in it for the wedding.

This kiss is just so familiar. It's so like those kisses we used to share in darkened corners of the Hogwarts castle, or in the Quidditch stadium after practice, or on the grounds at night when I was patrolling and he was looking for an excuse to be out of his dormitory at night. It's as if we have absolutely no other worry in the world except each other. No children, no spouses, no jobs, no mortgages, just each other. And I know we're going to regret this kiss sooner or later, and I know it's wrong, and I know no good can come of it, but the thought of breaking it is so utterly incomprehensible to me at this moment.

I can smell him. He smells so wonderful. The smell that makes my heart beat so fast it's as if I'm about to pass out. I wouldn't care. This is definitely the best way to be put to sleep. I know this is so wrong of us, I know it makes us evil, but if this is hell, then sign me up. 

He pulls away for a moment, as I feel my heart break, but only to turn his head to the left and start kissing me again. Yes! This is it. This is what I've been waiting for. I honestly couldn't give a toss where I am at this moment because I'm in Scorpius's arms –

"What the hell is going on here?!" That brings us back down to earth with a bang. We unwrap ourselves from each other as quickly as we became tangled up and turn to face Jenny, who is staring at us from the doorway with a look of horror on her face. 

A/N - I really have to stop ending chapters with Jenny walking in on Rosius, eh? This was a very long chapter, I hope you liked it! And a quick update! Yay! 
Thank you to everyone who nominated me for a Dobby award this year! I appreciate all support! It's just as exciting as last year, if not more! I really love everyone for doing this for me. Seriously. I know I say it a lot and it seems like empty words, but you have no idea how much it means knowing that people like what I write. 
Thanks so much! As always, I always read reviews, and enjoy them immensely - favourite quotes, what you liked/diskliked, anything! 
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