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Midnight Affairs by crookshanks1545
Chapter 4 : Kiss and Tell?
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Authors note: HI guys! I'm getting the chapters up as fast as I possibly can, please please please please review, even if it is something small, I'm begging you. They really really help, for instance last chapter reviews help me find mistakes. Thanks so much for taking the time with my story, and I hope you enjoy this chapter, lots of drama!

The next 3 days passed by rather slowly, as I yearned for something giving me a sign of our first task. Throwing on yoga pants, and a white V- neck T (fashion is not my strong suit in the morning) I made it down to breakfast, being the last one of my friends. Upon arrival, I slipped into my seat; about to start a conversation, when I noticed the mail had already been delivered, and each one of my friends had received an envelope in the same crimson red. In curiosity, I ripped it open to find a slip of paper, stating in clear handwriting:

Get into your enemies common room without using the portrait.
Take an item to prove you succeeded, bring it back to the room-first there wins

I smiled at the fun of the game, and looked up at my friends to find their eyes were glued in the direction of Quinn, Bane towering next to her.

“Well that’s all I had to say” Bane nodded coldly

“Bane, Just go. I don’t give a shit what you have to say anymore, when in your twisted mind it seems okay to ignore everything your girlfriend of 13 months has said to you. I didn’t lie, and I think you know that, you just don’t care” Quinn replied, holding back the tears dangerously close from falling off the brims of her eyes.

Bane slowly walked away, completely defeated.

“Quinn, sweetie, what happened?”

“Ezzy told him Warren and I hooked up last night in the Gryffindor corridor, and she saw us. I think we both know I didn’t, nor have I ever, nor would I have ever. I like to flirt, but I have morals.”

“Well, you’ll be fine. There’s a reason people don’t date out of their house. Ravenclaw aren’t all their cracked up to be. But first, I have to do a best friends job and have a little chat with Ezzy Mcglaggen.”

Quinn attempted a smile, and I walked away, leaving Nora to help her through it.

I darted over to the Ravenclaw table, alarming the 6th years as I stood domineeringly over the youngest Mclaggen. There is no coincidence that this break-up happened the day of our first task, and Ezzy is the first step in getting to the bottom of it.

“Ezzy, sweetheart, what part of your excuse of a brain thought you that telling Bane some ridiculous story regarding Quinn’s fidelity would be a good idea?”

“Gwen said it would help my brother, and it was only fair that he knew what was going on”, She whimpered, cowering away.

“Did it ever occur to you that Gwen was telling you this to sabotage one of my teammates?” I asked, clapping my hands together at my chest, scratching my nose a little.


“For a Ravenclaw, your not very bright”.

Ezzy’s lip quivered at the sharp comeback.

First day in and sabotage was in full swing. Sadly, I blame myself for not suspecting it earlier. We aren’t playing candy land with a gaggle of Hufflepuffs. These are Slytherins, and they’ll stab you in the back with a dull knife. If Gwendolyne Pear thought she was going to get away with this, and laugh at the pain of Quinn, as if it was entertainment, she was seriously mistaken. I made my way over to the Slytherin table, gaining me many confused looks from its occupants. Sadly Scorpius was nowhere to be found. The coward couldn’t run far—this is the first time I’m grateful my first class will lead me directly to him. It was seriously doubtful that he had nothing to do with this little scheme.

“Gwen, dear, were the morning festivities to your liking?”

“Whatever do you mean?”

“ You don’t cover your tracks very well Pear. I talked to Ezzy. I hope you realize your sad little attempt to hurt Quinn did nothing but make our team more determined to see to it that you fail horrendously. I bet you didn’t expect your little plan to backfire, but that’s what happens when you mess with me.”

I left a shocked Gwendolyne, and made my way to DADA, grabbing Albus to walk with me.

“That was…” he attempted.

“I can’t even talk about it,” I sighed, cutting him off before he could say any more on the matter.

“Good, neither can I," pausing for a brief moment, allowing a change of subject, he continued. "So I’m assuming you got the task. But don't even think twice about it, because I have a plan,” He stated, rather pleased with himself.

“Tell me, because honestly I have no idea what to do,” I responded tiredly.

“I know I’ve seen secret passages into the dungeons on the Marauders Map, which, conveniently, is where the Slytherin dorms are. We could use those to get in, and the invisibility cloak to go unnoticed,” he said simply as if discussing the weather.

“Albus, tell Uncle Harry I love him for all of his lovely hand-me downs,” I laughed, thoroughly elated with the plan, though uncertain how it would play out.

We walked into the DADA classroom, and before I could even go talk to Quinn, Professor Bones ordered us to meet with our previous partners. Really?

“Rose. You're looking ever so chipper today,” He stated, noticing the scowl on my face.

“Don’t talk to me, you little Pratt,” I hissed.

“What have I done now? Was our little snog session not to your liking? Perhaps you’d like to try again,” he offered.

“Oh , piss off, that was nothing. Can you honestly be so thick? I know that Gwen started the fight between Bane and Quinn, and I think we can both agree; your little girlfriend isn’t very bright. Oh, and don’t try to act as if you weren’t the least bit involved,” I snapped more than harshly.

“I can honestly tell you I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He asked, looking sincerely taken aback--great liar, that one.

“Oh, save it. I really don’t want to hear about how you didn’t know. You knew,”

“Weasley! Malfoy! Perhaps you could concentrate on the task at hand? The two of you need to open your textbooks to page 23, and write a detailed description of Vampires including the effects of Garlic and its proper usage.“

“Why read? I’ll just ask you Malfoy, you seem cruel enough to suck the blood of humans,”

“Oh Rose, your humor astounds me, as does your ability to make ridiculous assumptions about people simply because its easier than knowing your wrong,“ that was the end of our fight.

We wrote diligently for the rest of the period, as I mechanically copied down answers from the textbook. However, my mind was on other things. He was right, he was completely right. I didn’t believe him because I didn’t want to be wrong. I saw his shock at hearing about Gwen, and I ignored it. The most terrifying part is that Scorpius knew exactly what was going through my mind, before I did. He dissected my action in a matter of seconds.

Throughout the next periods I attempted to do my homework every time I finished a class assignment early, thus making sure I would have time to plan our exact actions before the game began. I ran out of herbology, pulling Talia with me as we made our way to the Great Hall for dinner. Eating fast would be key. The anticipation was killing me; I needed to get to the common room immediately in order to plan.

I sat down quickly, and noticed Quinn’s pale white, solemn face.

“I’ll be okay guys, I just have to stop thinking about it,” she stated into the cautious silence our group had fallen into.

The rest of dinner passed quietly, as no one wanted to upset Quinn further. As we walked up to the common room, Quinn was becoming more herself, trying to forget Bane. The boys were already there, playing wizards chess in the corner of the room.

“Alright, I’m sure Albus has spread word of his plan. Where’s the map?” I asked. Albus produced the piece of parchment, placing it on the game of chess, thoroughly upsetting Kyle and Parker.

“I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good,” Albus chanted, allowing the ink to appear.

“We’ll use the hidden crawl space behind the knight statue, finding ourselves behind the painting of Salazaar, in the Slytherin common room,”

“Well that’s bloody perfect, if anyone’s in there, I’m sure they won’t notice Salazar’s portrait being kicked from the wall by seemingly nothing, and revealing a secret passageway” Parker commented.

“No one will be in there, Parker, its midnight,” Al stated with a roll of his eyes.

“This plan seems a little too flawless,” Talia commented. You could practically see Al’s ego bruising.

“Yeah, Talia, Lets be a little more pessimistic,” I snapped, feeling bad for Al. “Alright, Al, you’ll go in with the cloak, I’ll watch the trap door, and the map. Talia, you’ll go with Al; he needs your brain for this little endeavor,”

“Does this mean that Parker, Warren, Quinn, and I get to stay here?” Holly questioned hopefully.

“I suppose, but go to your dorms once we leave. Interference in anyway would be against the rules, and leaving you in the common room would be considered interference,” I responded.

With that the meeting was adjourned. Parker and Kyle resumed their game of chess, while Jesse and I watched. Quinn and Warren collapsed on the couch, and Talia, Holly, and Nora diligently did their homework in a nest of pillows in front of the fire (Albus with them, as he tried to help Talia with her essay).

“Er, Jesse, could you play my side for a bit while I um, speak with Rose?” Kyle stuttered.

“Yeah, sure mate!” Jesse agreed, not quite noticing the awkward moment.

Ah crap, do we have to do this now? Kyle stood, led me over to the other corner of the room, and prepared himself to say something that was so unfortunately obvious he had rehearsed time and time again.

“Rose, I just wanted to tell you, well, er, not really tell you, I guess ask you, but not ask because, well I…” He sighed, collecting himself, as I looked at him with a pitying stare. “ I just wanted you to know, I’m aware that you’re obligated to go with Malfoy, so I won’t bother asking you. However, I just, I want you to understand that if that wasn’t the case, it would have been my pleasure to escort you to the dance,”

He really was the ultimate gentleman, Kyle. He was sweet, and caring, and thoughtful, and god that smile made me want to melt. After fighting, and arguing day after day, I forgot what it felt like to be around someone so secure, and adorable.

“I know, Kyle” I whispered into his ear, while he held me in an embrace—the kind where if the ground fell from underneath you, it wouldn’t matter because you were safe there. So how could I deny him, when he turned his head to kiss me?

His lips softly touched mine, tasting sweet, and warm. His hand held me tenderly against him, as he tilted his head deepening the kiss. I slowly pulled away, slightly dazed from the moment.

“Rose, I’m sure you’ve known for sometime that I…”

“Rose, It’s time to go”, Albus declared. Ezzy had stopped at the common room, making sure everyone was aware of the time, and no one had begun prematurely.

“Right, well, I’ll talk to you later Kyle,” I smiled, quickly kissing his flushed cheek. Could I ever date him? The only reason one dates is to find love, and does anyone love oatmeal? Do I?

Talia and I followed Albus through the portrait, and into the corridor. It was dark, only candles from their stone basins at the wall giving off a soft glow. The prefects were finished patrolling, and the only person to watch on the map was Filtch, currently on the fifth floor. Oddly, the Slytherin’s were no were to be seen. We slowly made our way down to the dungeons, getting suspicious looks from several paintings. Everything was nerve-racking, but fine until the first floor.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit. Bloody Hell, Al, McGonagall’s coming out of Robin’s office,” I whispered frantically.

“Oh my god, I’m doomed. I’ll get a detention, she’ll hate me, I’ll never be an Auror, why the hell did you get me into..”

“Shove it Tali. Albus put the cloak on you two and keep going, I’ll, oh, I’ll hide somewhere,” I instructed.

In seconds the couple had disappeared, and just as I was about to dive behind a large stone statue, I heard her voice.

“Weasley? What in heavens name brings you to the first floor at 12:15?” She asked, giving me a quizzical stare.

“Oh, well, I was actually, you, er, I um. Where am I?”

“Excuse me dear?”

“I was just in bed, just a moment ago, how, is this, is it a dream?” I stammered, taking what one would call a 'dim' approach.

“No, it is not. Ms. Weasley I believe you were just sleep-walking,” She frowned.

“Oh gosh, I do it all the time at home. I have a potion for it, but I fell asleep so fast, and I forgot to take it. To much studying, it can make you delusional,” I attempted at humor.

“Yes, well, let’s not have it happen again. I’ll escort you back to your dorm, then…”

“No! No, no, no, that really won’t be necessary. I mean, I wouldn’t want to burden you or anything. I can make it up; really it’s no problem. I promise I won’t fall asleep on my way up there! Ha-ha, ha, um, yes, well, goodnight professor!” I squealed, dashing up the steps, as McGonagall gave me a look of pure confusion.

I reached the top of the staircase, very grateful it hadn’t changed it’s course on my way up. The Marauder’s Map didn’t show any suspicious characters walking about, as I frantically searched for a way down to the dungeons, avoiding the stairs. There appeared to be some sort of hole, as a back way, that some how reached my destination, and with no time to ponder the dangerousness of this, I ran to the area of the wall portrayed on the map. It was completely blank, no paintings, nothing--just wall.

“This school has 500 escapes, and passage ways and it doesn’t have a bloody 2nd staircase to the dungeon, hon…..”

Before my sentence could be completed, I was being yanked through what appeared to be liquid stone, then dropped harshly onto a cement circle protruding from the ground. The circle was in the middle of a cylindrical shaped area, that dropped so far I couldn’t see anything but darkness. Before I could examine my surroundings further, I was being whipped through endless passageways, and tunnels, my nails scratching against the hard cement as I tried to stay on. My knees were being scrapped against the surface of the circle, but this didn’t last for long as I felt the liquid-like stone again, collapsing onto a cold floor. I winced as a sharp burst of pain shot through my wrist, before looking up to see where I was: the dungeons. Well, dreadful, but effective.

I darted over to the secret pass into the common room, behind the statue as shown on the map. It appeared Albus and Talia had yet to arrive.


Talia and I crept farther down into the dungeon, leaving us completely alone in a deserted Hogwarts, the huge stonewalls, arches, and gothic designs intimidating in the darkness. Hiding under the invisibility cloak proved difficult for two fully-grown people; being inches away from Talia made her calming scent of jasmine and sandalwood even more fervent and captivating.

“Albus, while were alone I suppose I should tell you, Quinn has made an executive decision that all of our friends must attend the dance with a date—Said dance is tomorrow. I was assigned to you. I apologize for taking all of the romanticisms, and courtship out of this, but we both know there’s nothing between us so I thought it simpler to tell you my reasoning. I suppose you could refuse but that would be detrimental to both of us because Quinn wouldn’t be very happy with you, and I would be the only girl dateless. I know I usually don’t get caught up in such frivolities but I have somewhat of a reputation to withhold. I hope I displayed this to you as diplomatically as possible,” Talia's speech ended just as abruptly as it began; with low regards.

“Oh yes, Talia, just diplomatically enough,” I stated, my comment laced with sarcasm.

She seemed bothered that this was not an answer to her original question, but I don’t really care at this moment. How thick could this brilliant girl truly be? Every cold sentence in her little speech had literally felt like a knife had been plunged into my heart, repeatedly stabbing me as she merclessly tore on.

We reached the statue, finding a terrified Rose hiding in the shadows. Taking the cloak off was unnecessary, as she knew were standing directly in front of her from evidence on the map.

“What are those gashes on your knees?” I cried, unable to contain myself at the sight of her.

“I’ll explain later,” She hissed, practically throwing us into the metal entrance. It appeared like an air vent, but much larger--large enough for at least 5 people. Talia and I crawled our way in silence, reaching the back of the portrait. I took my foot and kicked it forward, watching the painting fall to the ground.

The Slytherin common room was revealed.

Thankfully no one was currently in sight. Talia and I went into a serious debate of what to bring back when, I almost jumped at the sight of a giggling couple, rolling there way out of a corridor that most likely led to the dorms. They were pawing at each other madly, in extreme lip lock. I supposed we would wait till they left, when the couple noticed the passageway. Bloody hell.

“Baby, what do you think this is?” the girl whined.

“No idea. But I bet no one could find us in here,” the guy said, practically ripping the girls clothes off with his eyes. She went off into a fit of hysterics, and they made their way to climb in—into our exit.

Before I could even devise a plan through my panic, Talia exclaimed, “ Stop whatever vile act you are committing this instant!”

The girl squealed in shock, and the guy fell to the floor, losing his grip in terror.

“Where are you, who are you, what’s going on?”

“I am the ghost of Salazar Slytherin” Talia stated plainly.

“You don’t sound like a boy."

“Do you dare question me?”

“Yeah Claire, don’t question the man” the boy hissed.

“Go back to your dorm, retrieve a pair of undergarments from the trunk of Scorpius Malfoy and return immediately. After which you will go to sleep, and speak of this to no one,"

The boy did his task without delay, bringing back a quite interesting pair of boxers, covered in snitches that flapped their wings. He threw them to the ground in no specific direction, and they both sprinted back to their respective rooms, completely frazzled.

“That was….Brilliant,” I stated in amazement of Talia’s perfect plan. “You realize we could have just used petrificus totalus?” I asked in an after-thought.

“I’m aware, but that wouldn’t have been nearly as entertaining,” She smirked. This girl truly is the sexiest woman alive; it practically pains me.

We climbed into our passageway, excitement pulsing through our veins.

“Well Albus, I’m glad this Endeavour was so enthralling and successful, and I’m quite delighted we were able to spend this quality time together. In the future I hope our acquaintance based rela…”

“Talia, shut up.” I cut her off abruptly and she turned her head to stare at me, her large brown doe eyes widening, leaving her once moving lips slightly parted.

An impulse to kiss her took over my mind, and before I knew it, the gap between us closed, and I had captured her lips with mine. Her eyelids fluttered closed, but stayed otherwise completely still as I savored the taste of her, becoming a bit overwhelmed by her intoxicating aroma. I slowly and reluctantly pulled away from her, examining the smooth features of her face, taking advantage of our momentary closeness.

. “ . . .tionship," she whispered, at an attempt to finish her sentence, as her eyes fluttered open.

I smiled at her flustered state before venturing further in the tunnel. "C'mon Tals," I called over my shoulder, snapping her from her stupor. We slipped through the passageway, finding an anxious Rose waiting.

“So?” She questioned, eyes widening hopefully.

“We got it!” I informed her proudly.

“Oh how I love you both,” Rose Whispered, already making her way up the dungeon’s steps, darting quietly unseen through shadows, all the way up to the room of requirement. Thankfully this time McGonagall didn’t feel like making a surprise visit. We reached the wall, and I quickly paced back and forth 3 times, barley able to contain myself. I kissed Talia Patil, and I’m positive I have never felt something so beautifully perfect in my life.

“You know, Gwen, if you hadn’t clunked your way through the window, maybe the Head Girl wouldn’t have come down!” Fiona snapped at Gwen, as we rushed our way to the room of requirement.

“You know, Fiona, if you had hidden the Gryffindor tapestry, instead of practically flailing it in front of the Head Girl, we would still have an object from the room!”

“You know, if you both weren’t some incredibly dim-witted, we wouldn’t be having this bloody conversation!” I retorted, thoroughly done with listening to their petty bickering.

We reached the room, and as predicated, the Gryffindors had arrived, laughing away, basking in their victory. Gwen and Fiona immediately turned around, leaving the scene. Losing is not something that Pears and Faycotts do. Neither do Malfoys, but I wouldn’t give Rose the satisfaction. Talia followed in the other girls footsteps, mumbling something about how tired she was before leaving, obviously not feeling comfortable with the tension in the room.

“Scorpykins? Where have you been?” Rose smiled, in an obvious attempt to imitate Gwen. She said this while holding out a pair of snitch enchanted underwear. Fuck.

“For your information I haven’t worn those since I was five” I said defensively, snatching them away from her. “We would have won if it hadn’t been for your head girl waking”.

“I’ll be sure to thank her later,” Rose said, pretending to make a mental note of it.

“That’s the Gryffindor spirit! You know there are five games Rose. I hope you don’t think I’m going to pat you on the back, and call it a day.”

“Oh, the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind,”

“ I guess you’re not as predictable as I thought. However, you did prove that previously with our little kiss.”

The color in Rose’s face faded, eyes widening, as Albus stood, taken aback.

Albus practically attempted to kill me with his stare before turning to Rose…


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