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Life After Death by WeasleyWizardWheezes26
Chapter 2 : Memorial Service
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All of the Weasley family slept in the Gryffindor dormitories and went to bed long before Harry and Ginny returned. In the morning they passed the sleeping family. Although Molly felt protective over Ginny, she felt the same of Harry, and the picture they painted with Teddy in their arms was perfection. Molly realised that they belonged together and that she had no need to worry. 

Around ten o’clock Harry woke to find himself beneath both Ginny and Teddy. He gazed out of the window to see that the sun was shining brightly and the sky was a dazzling blue. He shook Ginny awake, knowing that the memorial service was at twelve and they both could not cope without breakfast. Teddy was also wide-awake and started to cry. After Ginny got up she passed him to Harry and ran to get changed. Harry realised he needed to get Teddy some food so he called for Kreacher, the house elf, and asked him to fetch him some and deliver it to the Great Hall. He rocked Teddy and he stopped crying after a few minutes.

Ginny came down and they made their way to the Great Hall. As Harry walked in with Teddy in his arms Molly came rushing up to him and started fussing over Teddy. Although Harry loved Mrs. Weasley he wanted to keep Teddy and be the one to feed him. Ginny noticed this and gave her mother a stern look, telling her to back off. Harry looked at Ginny and mouthed a silent thank you. Harry sat on the end of the bench with Ginny at his side and fed Teddy the food that Kreacher had left. After Teddy ate he drifted back to sleep in Harry’s arms. Although this was a very sweet moment Harry had to eat so offered Molly to take him or put him in the cot. Molly was honoured and held him with care while Harry and Ginny ate their breakfast.

Harry was rather nervous about the memorial service and was worried about his speech. Hermione could sense his frustration and pulled him out of the Great Hall to talk. She told him that if he didn’t want to make a speech then it was fine but if he wanted to do it he would be able to say the right thing at the right time. Although Hermione had only reconfirmed what Ginny had told him, he felt a bit better and returned to the hall to pick up Teddy and go and get cleaned up for the service. Ginny grabbed his hand and the three of them left to go to the common room.

Harry got changed while Ginny sat on his bed with Teddy. Harry transfigured a cot and placed Teddy in it making sure he was sound asleep before he moved. He then came around the bed and slipped his arms around Ginny.

‘I’ve missed this,’ he said. He kissed her lightly on the lips to be pulled down by Ginny tugging on his shirt. He deepened the kiss and was lying on top of Ginny. His hand crept up Ginny’s shirt and a moan escaped from Ginny’s lips. They carried on kissing each other and were only hindered by Ron entering. The drapes were drawn around Harry’s bed and neither of them heard Ron come into the room so they carried on. Ron ripped the drapes open, feeling rather awkward, but aware he had to alert them to his presence. Harry rolled off Ginny, turning a nice shade of beet red. Ron left quickly not saying a word. Harry was extremely embarrassed, Ginny more angry they were interrupted. She moved to kiss Harry but Harry was holding back.

‘Gin, I should go find Ron and talk to him.’

‘Why Harry? That ignoramus brother of mine knows we’re together he just needs to get over himself.’

‘Gin, he is my best mate. I don’t want to upset him.’

“Harry, Please quit trying to please everyone and kiss me.’

Harry bent down and kissed Ginny lightly. She pulled him closer to deepen the kiss but Harry pulled away and started laughing.

‘You’re just as stubborn as your brother, you know that don’t you?’

‘Shut up. You get a better deal from me.’ She smacked him lightly on the arm as he pulled her up from the bed.

They were both pulled back into reality when they cast a look down to Teddy’s cot. Harry picked Teddy up and grabbed Ginny’s hand to leave the dormitory.

As they reached the main corridor people were spilling outside for the memorial service. Harry pushed through the crowd to reach the front row and to gain a seat next to Hagrid and Ginny. Silence blanketed the Hogwarts grounds once everyone had taken their seats. The Minister looked at Harry and made for the side of the stage. Harry rose, passing Teddy to Ginny, stepped onto the stage. Harry looked out at everyone from the stage and was suddenly filled with fear. There must have been thousands of people there for the memorial service. He realised that so many students went to Hogwarts and many of them were either lost in the war or took part in it. With all their families it amounted to a rather large crowd.

Harry was nervous and looked at Ginny to find the calmness that she had enveloped him in for the past five days. He stared into her eyes and felt a wave of calm suddenly washed over him.

He lifted his head to the crowd and began, ‘I know many of you weren’t expecting this, the Final Battle, Voldemort being here and many of our friends and family sacrificing themselves for our cause. I may have been confronted with Voldemort my whole life, but I would have never got through this without everyone’s help. I don’t want to be thanked for defeating Voldemort, as it was a joint effort from all of you. If I hadn’t seen Ginny before reaching the forest my heart wouldn’t have been so full of love to let Voldemort cast the killing curse on me the second time and for me not to die. I don’t want this battle to be about me and about everyone being overjoyed. For the past five days I have not celebrated for a single second. I do not begrudge you your celebrations but we all need to pay respect to whom we have lost.‘

Harry coughed, letting tears fall from his saturated eyes and carried on.

‘Nobody knew everyone died that night. We all have our separate grieving to do but I do have to say I lost three extremely dear friends that night. Fred was like a brother to me, and Remus and Tonks showed me a view into my parents’ lives. Although this has left me bereft of the link I had with my parents I have now gained a son, Teddy and I will do my best to remind him of his parentage every day. I am sorry this heartache will affect everyone and if I can do anything to help please just ask. Hopefully now we can all settle down into a peaceful life.’

Harry stepped down off the stage, plucked Teddy of Ginny’s lap and pulled the three of them out of the marquee that had been erected. Harry didn’t really know where he was going but Ginny took them back to Harry’s dorm.

They both sat down on Harry’s bed when Harry said ‘ I wonder if McGonagall will let me come back next year, to do my NEWTs. I am sure Ron and Hermione will want to do them as well.’

‘Harry please ask, I don’t think I will cope if I don’t see you every day.’

‘I will go and ask her now. Do you want to come with Teddy or stay here with him?’

‘You go, we could both do with some sleep so I might catch up on some.’

Harry left to go and find McGonagall.

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Life After Death: Memorial Service


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