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Sisterly Love by PepperImps
Chapter 2 : Sisters and Brothers and Krums
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Dominique’s POV:

I sprawled out in the compartment that I had all to myself. It was exactly 10:30, and while most of the other students were outside saying their goodbyes to parents and squalling siblings, I enjoyed the peace of the empty train. Louis was outside with our parents, of course. I, however, preferred to be in here. Really, it shocked me they were here at all. My parents hadn’t come to see me off my second or third year. In fact, I didn’t think they’d come to see me off my first or fourth year either. My first year had been Victoire’s last, and this year was Louis’s first.

Naturally, I was surprised when the door opened. I groaned inwardly, Please don’t let it be Victoire, please! I really didn’t think I could take her right now. No, I knew I couldn’t. I was having a nice pity party, and she was going to ruin it. I needn’t have worried though, it was only Kayden.

“Domi!” he exclaimed happily as I jumped up to hug him. Kayden was Viktor Krum’s youngest child and my best friend ever. He’s also Albus’s and Rose’s friend, but I tend to think he likes me better.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, “And where’s Mikell?” Mikell was Kayden’s older brother, who was in James’s year, one of his and Fred’s best friends, and the most serious one out of their little threesome. Mikell and Kayden were almost always late. Their dad would see them off at the station and he always attracted a crowd. Mikell was most like his father however, just like I was the most like mine. If my dad could come see me off, he probably would.

I mean, Gringotts has very strict hours, and it’s just a coincidence that they gave him days off to see Victoire and Louis, and not when it was just me. Mum, however, doesn’t work at all, and has no excuse.
She doesn’t need one. Practically the whole family knows how disappointed she is in me. I’m the screw-up, I actually have a personality.

“He’s coming.” Kayden said, sighing. “He was way-laid by James.” I nodded. Of course. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that James and Mikell had a thing. In fact, I do know better and I’m still not so sure if that’s not true. But of course, they’d never be interested in that. For goodness’ sake, they both practically had their own fan club.

I personally look for more in a guy than just looks, unlike the stupid girls that wrote James a poem about how attractive James was. Please. His over-inflated head was so huge for the next month, it almost exploded. James was okay-looking, but nothing poem-worthy. His best feature is his butt for goodness’ sake!

Cause it is nice.

Not that I look.

He’s my cousin for Merlin’s sake!


“What?” I snapped, and immediately regretted it. Louis was looking at me with those big eyes of his from the doorway. It wasn’t his fault that he’d picked the nickname up from Victoire. Another example of how much simpler my life would be without her. “Sorry,” I corrected myself, “I mean, what can I do for you?”

“Mere and Papa want you. They want a picture of our whole family going to Hogwarts.” he replied before leaving. I hadn’t thought of that. Since Victoire was coming back, now all of the Weasley/Potters were at Hogwarts. If only Teddy were here. I don’t know what I’ll do without him. He was at our house practically all summer, and when he wasn’t there, he was at the Potters, like me. That’s were I go when I can’t stand my family anymore. Aunt Ginny’s really understanding. I don’t think she likes my mum anymore than I do.

Which reminds me of yet another trait Louis has picked up from Victoire. I always call my mum and dad mum and dad, but Victoire and Louis call them Mere and Papa. Please. She just wants the whole world to know she’s French. ‘Cause then she can brag about how she’s a Veela. It’s just sad really. But then again, I guess I’m biased. I’ve always seen the whole Veela thing as more of a curse than a blessing.

Truthfully, we both have about the same amounts of Veela blood in us. Surprise, right? The thing is, she can control her well, whatever it is, so that she can make guys like her when she wants to. I can’t. At all. Mine only happens when I’m really excited or nervous or scared or any real extreme emotion. And since I mostly get angry, then I’m more of a harpy than a Veela. Not that guys don’t look twice at me. They do, it just annoys me whereas most girls would love the attention.

Louis has almost no Veela traits at all. He doesn’t need them. He has reddish-blond hair and is the cutest kid you’ve ever seen, I mean it. James and Fred call him a wimp. I think he’s just adorable. So that’s why I followed him out of my safe haven of a compartment. I waved goodbye to Kayden, who was staying behind to make sure no snot-nosed first years stole our compartment.

“There you are!” Victoire said loudly as we came off the train. “What were you doing?”

“Talking to Kayden.” I replied, ignoring Mikell, who was giving me funny looks. Thankfully, he didn’t mention how they’d only just arrived.

“Well, scooch together there.” Granddad said as lifted up a heavy looking camera. Only Granddad said scooch. I stood in the back row with James and Fred, off to the side. I could care less if they could see me. Albus was back there too. In the middle row was Rose, Molly, Roxanne, Victoire (On her knees), and then the bottom row was Lily, Hugo, Lucy, and Louis.

“Dominique, we, can’t see you darling. Fred! Leave Roxanne alone, and Lucy, sweetie smile. Lily, quite elbowing Hugo and James Sirius Potter! I heard that!” Grandma Molly was shouting directions at all of us. I slouched in a little bit as James told me what he really thought of Victoire, hoping I guess to cheer me up. Unfortunately, I think Grandma Molly thought he was talking about her.

As soon Granddad took the picture and we’d all given our parents one last good-bye, we barged onto the train like a herd of elephants, or in this case, a herd of Weasleys. Somewhere along the way, Louis, Roxanne, Hugo, Lucy, and Lily went off to sit with the Scamander twins(who were in my year) and Alice Longbottom who was just starting and the oldest out of her siblings. James, Fred, Molly (unfortunately), Albus, Rose, Mikell and I made our way to where Kayden was sitting. And I have to say, he looked pretty lonely.

You see, all of the Weasley/Potter clan are very close to each other. With the exception of our family friends, we have almost no close friends at school who aren‘t related. Almost everyone of us has experienced being used just for our names and relations more than once. No, it’s just easier to stick to the people who know you and whom you trust. Besides, we’re practically half the school if you count the Scamander twins, Alice and her siblings when they are old enough, the Creevy cousins, two aren’t old enough to come, this will be the twins first year, three are still in school, one has graduated, and Caroline and Conner Wood. But so far we’ve seen none of them.

Kayden brightened when we entered to compartment. “Thank goodness!” he said, “I looked like such a dork sitting here all by myself. And Rose, Malfoy’s already been by three times looking for you!” He didn’t look to happy about that one. In fact, none of us did, except for Rose. All of us, except for Rose and especially Albus and Kayden, disliked Scorpious Malfoy. Honestly, I had no idea what Rose saw in him.

“And Domi,” he said, and I groaned, “I’ve had five guys ask where you were, four of which wanted to know if your sister was with you.” This made me scowl. The fifth probably wanted to know about Victoire too, just had the decency not to ask outright.

Of course, with Victoire around, I would once again be subjected to the constant ‘You and your sister are so…different’ and ‘Hey, do you think your sister would go out with me?’ This had happened my first year, my first year! When sixth years were coming up and asking me about her, I knew then how much power she had over the school. It was like she’d enchanted them all, the teachers, the students, everybody! And know I was going to have to go back to that, it was humiliating.

“Well,” James said, “On the plus side, I’m Quidditch Captain this year! We‘ll win for sure.”

“You wish.” Albus replied, who had also become Quidditch Captain, only of the Slytherrin team.

“Yeah. Slytherrin’s going to whoop Gryffindor’s sorry arses this year.” Kayden added. He and Albus were both beaters on the team.

“Hey!” I said indignantly. “I resent that.” I was a chaser for Gryffindor

“Yeah,” Fred said mockingly, “Stay away from my arse!” That made us all crack up. Or, all of us but Molly, who was doing her best to ignore us and our ‘vulgar humor’. I don’t know what she was complaining about. For Fred, that was really good.

We joked around for a little bit longer, but when Rose announced that she had better go find ‘Scorp’ the mood dampened substantially. And things only got worse from there. Shortly after Rose left, Carson Bagnold came in and told me that Victoire wanted to see me up in the teacher compartments. I tried to drag Kayden along with me, but then James and Fred put on a huge show about how dangerous it was, and it wasn’t fair to ask him to risk his life for me. Basically, a whole bunch of crap that made-fun of my hatred for my sister and fed me up so much I left without him.

I met several people in the hallway, male and female, all of whom asked after my legend of a sister. Obviously Victoire had left a huge imprint on Hogwarts when she left. My famous temper was rapidly rising, and by the time I reached the door to her compartment, I was at my wit’s end.

“Victoire?” I said as I pushed open the door, not bothering to knock. Naturally, there was a few other teachers in there, three to be exact. Neville…err, Professor Longbottom, Professor Hewitt who taught Transfiguration, and Professor Spinnet, who taught Ancient Runes, and despite the fact that she was getting old, was very popular among the male students for her good looks.

“’Nique!” she said happily, again putting on her show of proud older sister. It took all the self-control I could muster not to roll my eyes and groan, much less hug her back.

“Hello Miss Weasley.” said Professor Longbottom. During the summer he’s Neville, almost like one of the kids, and I’m Domi, while at school it’s Professor Longbottom and Miss Weasley, and Mr. Weasley and Miss Potter and Mr. Potter. He even calls Alice Miss Longbottom! I heard him at the station.

I smiled at him, but I didn’t trust myself to say anything. I knew he could feel my hatred towards Victoire. It hung thick in the air. I’m surprised she couldn’t feel it either. But then again, maybe she could. “Oh ‘Nique!” Victoire said again before sitting down. “You have no idea how excited I am about this year. Aren’t you happy we’re going to be able to spend so much time together! I was so worried we were growing apart because of our age difference, but now it will be like old times! And I’m teaching your favorite subject, if I’m this excited, I can’t imagine how your feeling!”

I nodded slowly. “I’m…ecstatic.” And she didn’t even notice. She went right on talking, and I toned out, as did Professor Longbottom and Professor Spinnet. Only Professor Hewitt was listening, and he was doing more looking than paying attention. Did Victoire really not notice that’d we’d grown apart years ago. I can hardly even remember a time when I didn’t feel so distant from her. I really wish Kayden had come. Right about know, I’d even take Molly for company. No, scratch that. She’d be fawning all over Victoire, the very thought made me want to puke. But I’d defiantly take Malfoy.
After what seemed like ages, Professor Longbottom finally interrupted whatever Victoire was rambling on about now. “Victoire, I think you should excuse Do…Miss Weasley to go change into her robes. We are almost there.”

Victoire looked startled for a second, as if just realizing that I was still there. “Of course!” she said happily. “I’ll see you at the sorting. Oh I wonder what house Louis will be sorted into…” and she was off again. I left without interrupting her and waved a final farewell to Neville. It was a mark of how little Victoire cared that she hadn’t noticed I’d changed into my robes before our Weasley/Potter picture, all of us had.

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