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Silent Envy by amy1210
Chapter 1 : A Prologue of Sorts
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As I walked into my room, I looked at the disarray it was in. I was never an organized person but today I don’t know why I felt annoyed at my own messiness. Half of my clothes were strewn on my bed. Though I was a witch and could have easily cleaned the room with a wave of my wand, I was just too tired to that. I shoved all of my clothes into the trunk that was below my bed and lay on my bed. I knew that I would not have to wait for sleep to come, because I was too tired to do anything and within no time I was asleep.

The sunlight which came in through the window woke me up the next morning. I had a quick bath and looked at the mess my room was in. I groaned inwardly because today I had to pack it. I was going home today and the summer had just begun. I waved my wand, and messily put all my stuff into my trunk and then levitated it towards the common room. None of my friends were in the common room so I decided to go to their room.

As I entered Ashley’s room, it was just as I had expected it. All her belongings were packed and she was sitting on the bed, viewing a couple of nail colour bottles with a confused look on her face.

“Hey Sam” she greeted me with a smile.

I smiled back and asked her what she was doing.

“I can’t decide which one to use.”

“Use the red one.” I advised and she forcefully made me sit there and painted my nails black. Not that I didn’t like it, but I wanted her to hurry up.

Our other friend Lauren rushed in and in a breathless voice told me that Professor McGonagall was looking for me. I gave both of them a startled look and rushed out towards the Common Room.

“Miss Samantha Longbottom” she said in stern voice.

I was terrified of her and she knew that very well. “Do you have to pull a prank on a terrified First year on the last day of school? Next year, you are going to be the oldest in Hogwarts, show some responsibility!” I gave her a confused look at which she told me that I should not try to be innocent. I saw a girl of about 12 crouching behind her and she was hiding her face in her hands. As she removed her hands, all over her face, it was written “I did that-Samantha” in red. I gave her an apologetic smile and Professor was scolding me but I was only pretending to listen as I looked at my feet.

Without giving me any punishment, she strode out of the Common Room, and I heard someone laugh loudly from the other side of the room. It was none other than James.


I gave him an unkind smile and started walking towards him.

“Don’t you understand? My father will kill me!”

He just laughed at this. James and I had been friends since I can remember. I am friends with all the Weasley, Potter and Lovegood children. All the Weasley and Potter children spend their summer at the Burrow. The Lovegoods and we live nearby, so all through the summers we are together. We play Quidditch, Gobstones, and chess together. We have lunch together and pretty much do almost everything together. It’s a lot of fun. But James was never my best friend. He is just a good friend who keeps pulling pranks on others and makes all of us laugh. He and Fred are the jokers of our group.

So I’ve always looked forward to my holidays. I know all of them study here in Hogwarts. But it’s different here. We have our own friends here and most of the time we are with them. We spend our Hogsmeade weekends together, but still the summers are something different.

I took my trunk and along with Lauren and Ashley sat into an empty carriage which we later shared with a few second-years. Lauren and Ashley were my best friends. Ashley was a muggle-born and Lauren was a half-blood. We were friends since we were 11. When we were together, we made fun of each other, imitated each other, did our homework and had a lot of fun.

During the rest of the journey, two of our friends joined us and we started playing muggle cards. With such good company, time passes. And so it did. In no time we reached platform 9 ¾, I said my good-byes and then with my Dad I went home.

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