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the summer after 6th by djkloveharrypotter
Chapter 1 : Hogwarts Express
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Ron leaned against the compartment window and listened to the train speed down the track. Another year gone and yet another loss. He still couldn’t believe that Dumbledore’s funeral had already come and gone. Despite himself, a small smirk stretched across his face. That was the day he and Hermione had sort of, maybe hooked up, of course nothing was official yet. It was still confusing around them. It was obvious they both had feelings for each other but neither knew how to confess them. He glanced over at her and, to his surprise, he saw her quickly turn away blushing as he followed suit. Harry looked at them irritated. Why didn’t they just snog and get on with it? The train ride continued like this for the next three hours. The only inconsistency was the arguing between Harry and Ginny in the next empty compartment.


He had decided to end their relationship because he wanted to keep her out of danger. She  didn’t agree, nothing could keep her away from him.


“I am not a child!”


“I never said that!”


“But your treating me like I am.”


Wow, she is hot when she’s angry.


Wow, he’s hot when he’s angry.


“I’m just trying to protect you Ginny. I care about you!”


“I don’t need protecting you PIGHEADEAD-“


Ron opened the compartment door and said “sorry to interrupt your blazing row, but mom is waiting on the platform.” The two turned a deep crimson but followed Ron off the train. Molly Weasly was worried for her kids sanity when she saw the four teenagers leave the train. One couple kept shooting each other awkward glances followed by giggling and blushing. The others came off the train, arms folded and deep scowls marking their faces. You could almost see steam coming from their heads.


“Um, good train ride kids?” Molly asked nervous about their response. All she got were a few mumbles and a giggle from Hermione. They al piled into the ministry car for an extremely awkward, long car ride to the burrow.


At the Burrow

The day started out with a late breakfast for the four. Ginny and Harry sat across from each other, scowling into their eggs and toast. They had gotten home late and had not been able to continue their discussion. Ginny nearly through up in her plate when she saw the looks Hermione and her brother were shooting each other. Why don’t they just snog already and get it over with? She thought irritated.


After breakfast Ron and Hermione went on a walk down near the lake while Harry stormed off the quiditch clearing to blow off some steam, not knowing that’s where Ginny would soon be headed.


One of the best features of the burrow, Hermione thought happily, was all the open space available for… oh now your just getting ahead of yourself…


Ron was taking her down to the lake, which was off in one of the more rural areas of the property. Hermione thought she knew what he wanted to talk about so badly but didn’t get her hopes up.


“So Hermione,” Ron said tentatively. How the bloody hell was someone supposed to talk about something like this?


“Yes, Ronald?” Hermione said eagerly as she balanced on rocks surrounding the lake. But as she turned to look at him, she lost her balance and fell off the rock, plunging into the ice cold water.


“Hermione!” Ron yelled, worried. He didn’t hesitate as he jumped in after her. He opened his eyes under the water even though it stung and he saw her struggling to get back up. He grabbed her around the waist and kicked furiously until both their heads broke the water.


As they looked into each others eyes, panting heavily, they felt an electric surge neither one had ever felt before. Not thinking at all, just acting on wild instinct, both leaned in and closed their eyes… “I CAN’T LET THIS BE OVER!” As they were mere centimeters from each other, Ginny’s high pitched scream interrupted them. This, though short, gave them both the time to realize what they were about to do. They backed away, blushing.


“Um. Lets go see if lunch is ready,” Ron said and they ran back to the burrow.


As they helped Molly in the kitchen, they could still here Ginny and Harry arguing but after a while it started to die down and a few minutes later they walked in together holding hands.


“I CAN’T LET THIS BE OVER!” Ginny screamed hysterically. She and Harry had both ended up in the quiditch pitch at the same time where they resumed their argument.


“I don’t want it to be over either but do you really think that lord Voldemort won’t use you to et to me now if he used you when you were just my best friend’s sister?” Harry retorted.


“But you don’t get it! I could care less about bloody Voldemort! I care about you.” She said sincerely, touching his arm. He felt the familiar tingling sensation where she had touched him.


“Don’t you think its hard enough for me to push you away like this? And your only making it harder!” Harry yelled at her. Ginny leaned in and passionately kissed Harry. Reluctantly, he pushed her away. “Ginny please…”


“Cant you understand? We’ll deal with Tom when the time comes.”


“But I want there to be no need to keep you safe.” He pleaded. “If he stops you from living your life then he’s already won!” She’s so hot when she’s determined.


“I’d rather live my life with you even if it might be dangerous than live it safely without you.” She said softly. That comment hit him harder than the rogue bludger in his second year. He finally couldn’t contain himself any longer. He grabbed her waist with one hand and her head with the other, pulling her close and kissing her softly. After what seemed like an eternity, they pulled away, smiled, and walked hand in hand back to the house for lunch. Other than the change between Harry and Ginny, the only other difference was that the glances between Hermione and Ron as their faces grew redder. Everyone, except maybe Hermione, was stumped about the fact that Ron, for the first time in his life, was not eating, merely picking at his food. Molly, who was desperate to get some conversation going at the otherwise silent table, decided to give some instructions on tomorrow, Bill and Fluers wedding. After enduring only a few minutes of this, Harry and Ginny decided to make a getaway. They had not been alone while not arguing more than a few minutes. After excusing themselves they walked hand in hand to Harry and Ron’s room.



Awkwardly, Ron and Hermione made their way towards the living room so Hermione could finish her book, Quiditch Through the Ages to impress a certain someone, and Ron could polish his broom stick. A long time later, Molly came in, this time trying to ignore the awkward glances and asked the two to go into the garden to pick vegetables for dinner. Once outside, Ron figured it was time to talk to Hermione about his… gulp…fealings. I am so dead he thought glumly.

“Anything wrong?” asked Hermione, seeing the look on his face.


“No… No nothing,” he replied nervously. “But…um…Hermione, can I er talk to you?”


“Of course Ron,” she said, putting a few cucumbers into a basket she was carrying.


“Okay, well… that is… I er umm…”


“Just spit it out Ron,” Hermione said anxiously.


“Well Hermione, I’ve really fanci-“


“WHERE ARE THOSE TOMATOES? THE SOUP IS GETTING COLD!” Molly yelled through the back window.


Ron cleared his throat nervously and nearly sprinted to the back door. The one thing that Hermione noticed at dinner was that Ginny’s lipstick was smeared and Harry’s hair was more tousled than usual, which was saying something. Hermione started giggling as she saw Harry scoot his chair closer to Ginny’s.


“Where have you guys been all afternoon?” Ron inquired.


“Um… Just hanging out,” Ginny said uncertainly.


“So no more screaming?” Ron asked rudely. Hermione silently cursed him for being so blunt.


“Well, yeah we are kinda back together,” Harry said.


“Yeah, Finally,”  Ginny said, grabbing his hand, which was lying on the table and giggling.


“Thank goodness!” Molly yelled suddenly. The four turned and looked at her, Hermione and Ron chuckling. Ginny, Harry, and Mrs. Weasly all turned the familiar scarlet.


That night after dinner, Harry and Ginny disappeared outside, Harry carrying his broom. Hermione went to her and Ginny’s room to pick out and outfit for tomorrow as Ron went up to his room, having lost all ability to talk to Hermione. He watched pigwidgeon fly in circles over him. It wasn’t till around 2am that Ron heard Harry come in. He figured that he and Ginny’s moonlit broom ride had been a little more than just that, though this thought sickened him. At least it wasn’t Dean, Blah! It took him a while to get back to sleep, though it was worth it, when he was rewarded with dreams of Hermione, Oblivious to the fact that she was having similar dreams about him.

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the summer after 6th: Hogwarts Express


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