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Notion. by awishuponastar
Chapter 10 : Do Me A Favour
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chapter10domeafavour.jpg Chapter 10: Do Me A picture by hplouise

thanks so much to dare4distance @ tda for the CI :D

Disclaimer: It’s all Jo’s creation.

The day had started well, considering that it was December (which meant the Christmas holidays were approaching and I would have to return home to face my dragon mother) and I attended school with the four biggest dunces alive and the fact that I had pranked my boyfriend and his house the night before. (The four idiots had decided that the day of the last Quidditch match of the term, that just happened to pitch Gryffindor against Slytherin, maybe they weren’t as inane as I had first thought, was the perfect time to make the entire Slytherin house smell as though they had spent an entire year in a bin.)

And yet my day had started well, because whenever Lily Evans managed to get one over Potter and deflate his ever-expanding ego, the day was already a winner in my eyes. Especially when the prat and the rest of his eager mongrels had nearly landed me in Merlin-knows how many detentions; they deserved a little bit of payback, even if Lily had no idea of my new-found level of despise for them. They were also responsible for the stench that greeted me when I went down for breakfast.

I nearly passed out when I entered the Great Hall.

If there ever was a more disgusting mix of mouldering food it was the smell of rotting fish and cheese that was exuding from the Slytherins who sat spitting fire at the Gryffindor table the morning of the match. I dared not look at any one of them, partly because I had the unfortunate disposition that led me spit out the truth the moment I was interrogated. And secondly because I did not want to catch the attention of Evan who would surely force me to give him his ‘good-luck kiss’. In reality I’d rather kiss Black than have to kiss Evan when he smelt as bad as that. I was a cruel and heartless girlfriend.

I hastily took my seat next to Annie who at that moment had managed to shove an entire pancake into that overly large mouth of hers. Her etiquette, considering she was a pureblood, was disgraceful, she had the same level of manners that a ravenous 2 year-old boy retained (or, to put it another way, the same manners that Black had managed to remember in that empty space called his head).

‘You’re disgusting.’ I commented as I poured myself some pumpkin juice.

I was glad at the very least that she did in fact swallow the masticated pancake before she replied.

‘Can you really say such a thing when the entire Slytherin table sits behind us?’ She asked raising her eyebrow.

‘Fair point.’ I shrugged as we both turned round to look at the sorry sight.

All of them sat glumly, (though my boyfriend and his friends were notably sat glowering at the prime suspects) each moodily eating their breakfast, a mass green-clad house stinking the entire hall out.

‘Oh those boys are evil.’ Huffed Lily as she came to sit on our own table.

She looked flustered already, and it was only 10 o’clock on a Saturday morning. If she was this agitated now, with only her schoolwork and her prefect duties to deal with, I feared what she would be like next year when she got the position of Head Girl. Because there was no other, better, candidate for the role than Lily, it was almost as though she was born for the job, in some weird nerdy way. Her bright fiery red hair, (that looked as ever like a bloody lion’s main) was swept into an untidy bun, and I was sure she only had some mascara on. I really hated her. Her effortless looks got her everywhere (well, that and her Flamel-like brain), if she wasn’t my best friend I was sure we would be enemies, based solely on the fact of my green-eyed jealousy.

‘Don’t you think?’ She asked the both of us as she grabbed a piece of toast before spreading liberal amounts of marmalade on it. Lily Evans also had the worst taste in preserves.

My eyes bulged at her question and I avoided her eyes with great determination. I was feeling guilty enough as it was that I had allowed the Gryffindor gits to perform a prank on my boyfriend and his house without Lily talking about it. I heard Annie mutter an agreement to Lily, though I could tell she found it highly amusing, as I hastily choked into my goblet.

‘What do you think Cal?’ Lily asked again as I resurfaced.

Evidently she had not finished the topic.

‘Of course she thinks it awful, it’s her boyfriend, plus it was executed by her most hated foursome.’ Came my sister’s voice as she sat down next to me, grabbing a muffin off my plate in the process.

Plunging me into greater depths of guilt.

‘What is this? A table for rejected Hufflepuff’s and Gryffindor’s?’ Annie commented causing the two intruders to laugh. Thank Merlin for Annie, ever the one to get me out of sticky situations.

‘You know there’s not enough clever people in the school to fill the Ravenclaw table.’ Smirked Isla.

It was smirk I’d seen a million times before, but usually on a face that stood above me laughing his arse off at me as I embarrassed myself.

My sister had officially started dating Black.

Which meant that I had seen very little of Isla, since she had started leaving her knickers in Black’s dorm. I had not seemed to bother me until the moment she had come to join our little discussion and I realised I really had missed my baby sister. I had wanted to keep as far away from her as possible. Not that I didn’t still love her, I just think my hate for Black eliminated any love for my sibling. She was still Isla, the doting fifteen year-old who had once attempted to make friends with the giant squid, she had just become more doting on boys recently.

‘Don’t smirk Isla, it’s an ugly face for such a pretty girl,’ I taunted pinching her cheek in a motherly way.

She laughed poking her pink tongue at me, before finished the muffin she had commandeered from me.

‘Shame nothing can be done about your face hey sis?’ She laughed and Lily and Annie joined in.

‘She’s defiantly been spending too much time with Sirius.’ Annie laughed into her bowl of cereal as she stirred round the dregs of her breakfast.

Black’s name made me feel guilty once more that morning. Though for completely different reasons. His actions from the previous night had certainly not been forgotten (as much as I would have liked them to be). And it was his actions that sickened me the most, more than thinking about Black with his greasy little hands on Isla, or the fact that they were now ‘official’, it was that weird manner in which Black had cornered me the night before. If I was not repulsed enough by the fact that Black seemed to be hitting on me in some sort of creeping way, it was the fact that he hated me, and what was more he was dating my sister. A major no-no in my books. He was the most vile and repugnant creature that ever walked this planet, he sickened me.

‘Merlin, is there nothing that they can do about that smell?’ Gasped Isla as she plugged her nose, ever the subtle young lady she was brought up to be.

‘The marauders could have not pranked them and then we wouldn’t be dealing with this smell, oh how can Remus sit there all happy and proud, he’s meant to be a prefect!’ Growled Lily as she glared at the boys on her own house table who were all smirking proudly as Potter gave another prep-talk to his golden boy; Montgomery (Gryffindor’s seeker).

Isla simply laughed at Lily’s statement, she knew better than to fight Lily on such topics, even if she was dating Black. Isla and Lily had always got along, but like me; Lily disagreed with her choice in boyfriends, thinking Black too immature and repugnant for a girl like Isla. Which meant at times when Lily was in fact slating her boyfriend, Isla knew that it was best for both her, Annie and I, to keep deadly silent.

‘Oh and look at them, they look so sad.’ She sighed turning to bloody stare at the entire Slytherin table, though more specifically Severus (who in my opinion looked no more glum than usual, he was not exactly the social butterfly).

‘Really?’ Asked Annie cynically following Lily’s gaze, ‘they look more murderous than anything.’ She observed watching the table closely.

‘Stop bloody gawking at them.’ I snapped, causing the two to turn back and face Isla and I.

‘Only because you don’t want Evan to see where you’re sitting.’ Annie smirked as she looked at me, knowing full well why I didn’t want Evan coming over to our table (I often wondered if had I had adopted the right sort of friends).
‘What?’ Asked Lily nonplussed.

I gave Annie my best scalding glare.

‘Callie doesn’t want us looking over there in case we catch Evans’ attention,’ Annie smirked.

‘Why?’ Asked Isla knitting her thin eyebrows together.

‘Because he’d want his good-luck kiss.’ Smirked Lily cottoning on.

‘Which is why I’ve come over here Evans.’ Came a cocky voice.

We all knew whom the voice belonged too, which in truth scared me. We, even Annie, should not be able to recognise the voice of such a prat, it meant we had all spent too much time with them. Such a thought made me want to haul up the entire contents of my stomach.

We all looked at Lily, partly because it was always the highlight of my day to see her go off on one at stupid Pot-head and partly because we all needed to decipher how bad a mood such an interaction was likely to leave her in for the rest of the day (it was vital considering it was the weekend and we’d be with her all day).

She, not surprisingly, look livid.

And not normal-person livid, redhead livid; Lily-Evans livid. The normal kind twinkle in her eye had vanished completely (I was sure I could see flame in the depths of her customarily pretty green irises). Her hair had managed to expand to double its size in ten seconds flat, and I could see her dainty pale hand curled into fists. Annie and I called it the James Potter effect.

Lily called it prat deficiency.

I looked past Lily monetarily to see all for boys standing behind her and Annie; all looking like bloody Christmas had come early from the results of the night before. Like the utter moron’s they were. Potter, as ever when he was within three inches of Lily, was smirking happily down at her bent red head, Black was mouthing something to Isla, Pettigrew was eyeing up the pancake on my plate, whilst Lupin was looking at me closely (I in turn was avoiding his gaze the way Potter avoids a hairbrush). Lily could tell they were behind her (their over-use of cologne was enough of a give away) and I could see behind her eyes that a battle was raging internally. She was evidently deciding (and I knew this because she was easy to judge when Potter and his motley crew were around) whether or not to try to ignore Potter or just begin her verbal lashing. I knew in reality the outcome, but I also knew she would try in vain at the very least to avoid Potter for at least a minute or so.

‘Shall we head down to the Quidditch stands?’ Lily piped up looking at Annie and I.

‘Yeah sure.’ I replied following her lead and standing up as she lead us out of the hall and away from the prats.

‘Bless her, she’s really trying.’ Chuckled Annie into my ear as we trailed behind a Lily Evans who was trying to be as dignified as possible.

‘I heard that Cornfoot.’ Lily said turning round.

I admit it; Annie and I both froze. We’re scared of her. Not because she’s an absolute bitch or anything, rather more that no one, not even her best friends want to mess with Lily Evans when Potter’s just annoyed her; it won’t ever end happily. Which meant that when she turned to look at us with a wry smile on her face it would be an understatement to say we were a little relieved. Evidently her tactic of walking away from Potter calmed her down enough for her not to be angry with either of us.

That is until Potter decided to follow us out of the Great Hall, accompanied not only by his three lovers but the rest of the Quidditch team.

‘Oi Evans I need my good luck kiss, else we’ll lose!’ He called; his arrogance fit to burst in front of his team.

She span round furiously, her hair blinding her for a second in her anger, before she stood, hands on hips, glaring at the idiotic boy. Oh how I love angry Lily.

‘Would you agree that the seeker is the most important player of the team?’ She asked suddenly talking to Potter civilly for once in his life.

Annie and I shared an uneasy glance. Whilst Potter stood completely confused.

‘What?’ He asked bemused.

‘I asked, would you agree that the seeker is the most important player in the team?’ She asked, I’ll admit she looked bloody crazy at that point, I wondered where the hell she was going with this.

‘Well, I, er wouldn’t say that, we’re all important.’ He replied hesitantly.

‘But only the seeker can end the game right? So he needs good luck to catch the snitch and all?’ She asked walking closer to Potter.

‘Yes I would say he needs good luck, and good skills.’ He said eyeing her warily.

I could see Annie smirking; we both knew where this was going.

‘Alright then.’ Lily shrugged.

And before Potter even had a chance to understand what was going on Lily had grabbed Montgomery (Gryffindor’s acclaimed seeker and Potter’s golden boy) and kissed him full on the lips. A not just a simple kiss, oh no, a full on, two minute-long, snog; with a boy who was in the year below.

Lily Evans really would do anything to piss off Potter. Oh how I admired her.

And I didn’t see Montgomery complaining either, though if I’m honest none of the male species of the school would if the prettiest girl in Hogwarts was making out with you. In fact I’m pretty sure I saw him slip a hand round her waist just before she resurfaced for air, he looked dazed when they broke apart. Quite the opposite of how Potter looked.

I’d never seen anyone go so red (and Lily was my best friend) his fists were clenched and I was sure he was holding his wand on his trouser pocket. The boy was beyond irate. And Lily wasn’t finished just yet.

‘See you around Montgomery,’ She smiled in a flirtatious way touching his cheek lightly before turning and once again leading the way to the Quidditch pitch.

Annie and I both turned to look at Potter, neither or us would miss his expression for the world, and we were not let down. He looked both shocked and angry at the same time whilst Montgomery stood next to him completely unaware that he was about to receive the bollocking of his life from his captain. He most certainly was no longer Potter’s golden boy,

‘You never know Potter, she might give him a congratulatory kiss if you win.’ I smirked winking at a livid Potter before Annie and I followed Lily.

All I heard was Potter emit a low growl of frustration at our retreating forms and like that Potter’s ego deflated instantly.

Bless Lily Evans.

She said, do me a favour and stop flattering yourself!
How to tear apart the ties that bind, perhaps fuck off, might be too kind.
Do Me A Favour – Arctic Monkeys

Reader: Hmmm, I think this chapter took too long to write (serious writer’s block atm) and isn’t good enough, reflecting back on the last chapter it’s better than this, and yet I don’t know how else to carry on the story without this chapter, bad times. Reviews of abuse please.

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