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Music to My Ears by thesarcasticflirt
Chapter 5 : Five
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Author's Note: For those of you who are reading this, sorry it took so long. The story's done but I hardly ever check this website except for the stories I'm reading. I have another story that's so close to being done that I'm going to add next. I think it will get so much more people, too. Well, I'm hoping. 


  I walked around my dorm while brushing my hair, humming my song under my breath. The competition was starting at two and was expected to end around seven, maybe even eight if some songs are longer than others. It was one o’clock right now and the girls in my dorm were singing their songs to make sure they knew the lyrics. I couldn’t get my lyrics out of my head since I first wrote them down. This one poor girl was having a mental breakdown which I expected myself to have. However, hers wasn’t for fear of attention or stage fright but of not being able to impress her boyfriend. 

  Poor girl, I thought, glancing over to her. I sat my brush down and pulled out my dress, shoes, and mask and laid them on my bed. I picked the brush back up and put my hair in the style I was going to wear it that night. Half of my weird-colored hair was going to be tied in a blue and gold ribbon while the other half lied behind my shoulders with the first half resting on top of it. 

  I stuck my wand in my pocket and I grabbed the book I was currently reading. I had a strong feeling that I was going to get very bored very quickly. With one last glance in the mirror, I went down stairs. At one thirty I was to meet my parents and Elinor at the end of the stairs. It was five to one thirty when I was at the bottom of the stairs. My parents preferred to be earlier when it came to me and exactly on time for parties.
My parents were at the foot of the stairs with Elinor. I smiled and hugged my dad. He wrapped his arms around me and lifted me up. I giggled. He sat me back down and smiled. His brown eyes glowed. He ran his hand through his brown hair which ‘running a hand or fingers through your hair’ was something I got from him. It always amused him when I did it. 

  I hugged my mom next. I was much more like my dad instead my mom. Her hair was blonde and her eyes were blue. No one knew where I got the gold in my eyes but no one thought much about it. I turned around and gave Elinor a hug, too. 

  “I’m sorry, dear, but your father and I have to leave not long after the ball starts,” my mom said. 

  “But I can get one dance with you before we leave,” my dad said, winking. I smiled at him. 

  “My little bird, do you know where we will be sitting?” Mom asked. I nodded and, grabbing Elinor’s hand, I pulled them into the Great Hall. I pulled them to a random table that could fit six people. Right after Mom sat down, she stood back up. 

  “Oh! Mr. and Mrs. Black!” she shouted politely. I couldn’t help but whip around to see. A tall woman with straight black hair and cold, grey eyes practically floated towards us; her steps were so smooth. The man was of average height—a little over six feet tall—also had black hair but his eyes were blue. Behind me, Elinor was mumbling under her breath. 

  My mother met the Blacks and led them to her table. 

  “Please, please, sit with my husband, my sister, and me,” she said. “I’m Marianne Grayson.” Mom was standing at her seat now. The Blacks walked to the other side of the table and sat down. 

  “It is a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Grayson,” Mrs. Black said. Her voice sounded quite cold and icy. 

  “You, too,” my mother replied as if reading from a script but with more emotion. She held her hand in front of her sitting husband. 

  “This is my husband, Edmund Grayson,” she introduced. Dad nodded politely at them. 

  “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Grayson,” Mr. Black said formally. 

  “Nice to meet you, too, Mr. Black,” Dad replied. 

  “And this is my sister, Elinor Grey,” Mom introduced. Elinor nodded. 

  “A pleasure to meet you, Ms. Grey,” Mrs. Black said. 

  “I wish I could say the same,” Elinor mumbled under her breath. I elbowed her and shot her a look. Luckily, it was too quiet for Mrs. Black to hear. I looked at her. Mrs. Black’s cold eyes narrowed at my aunt. 

  “And this is my only daughter.” Mom pulled me in front of her, for she was still standing. 

  “Wonderful to meet you, Miss Grayson,” she said. I nodded respectfully and gave a small smile with a little curtsey. Mrs. Black looked at me a bit confused. 

  “She doesn’t like to talk much,” Dad explained. 

  “I don’t believe in talking much unless you have something interesting to say,” Mr. Black said. 

  “I hope you look to sing, though,” Mrs. Black told me. I nodded with a soft smile. Mrs. Black nodded as if she approved of me. Mom and Elinor sat down. 

  “You have two sons, correct?” Elinor asked Mrs. Black. Mrs. Black’s eyes tightened. 

  “No. I only have one son; Regulus. I’m sure you have heard of him,” she answered. My brow furrowed. What about Sirius? Everyone knew that Regulus and Sirius were biological brothers. They looked alike, but why would a mother lie about not having a son? 

  “But I heard that you had another son—the same age as my niece here—seventeen who went to Hogwarts?” Elinor inquired. Mrs. Black glared at Elinor. Elinor raised her eyebrows then lowered them as if threatening her silently. 

  “You are mistaken, Ms. Grey; I have only one son who goes here but he is sixteen, a sixth year.” Mrs. Black’s formal tone seemed to end the conversation. Elinor didn’t listen though. 

  “I could swear you had another son. Sirius, I believe, was his name.” 

  “Ms. Grey, are you calling me a liar?” 

  “No!” Elinor said in disbelief. “No! I’m saying that I thought you had two boys to choose to give the inheritance to; Sirius and Regulus. But that doesn’t make any sense. I’ve met Sirius before.” 

  “Not surprised. You’re a bloodtraitor. He is a disgrace to the Black name,” Mrs. Black spat. 

  “So he is your son!” Elinor exclaimed, leaning back in her chair with a proud smirk. Mrs. Black crossed her arms. 

  “Sadly. We disowned him; not only did he get accepted into Gryffindor but he’s best friends with the bloodtraitor Potter family.” 

  Elinor leaned forward and pointed a finger at Mrs. Black. “Hey, the Potter family is an amazing family. You need to learn to control your jealousy.” 

  “Jealousy?! Jealous?! You think I’m jealous of that family? That is pathetic.” She looked me over. “Gryffindor. What a surprise. And to think I actually approved of you at first. Then again, you are a pureblood, at least.” 

  I glared at her. She was rude; insulting my favorite aunt! I didn’t like her. I felt a hand on my shoulder. My head turned to see Remus standing there. I smiled softly at him. 

  “Ah, she’s friends the Lupin family. Lupin.” Mrs. Black nodded once at him. The little smile that was forming at the corner of his lips for me turned into a straight line. All emotion wiped clean from his face. He nodded once back at her. 

  “Black,” he stated, singing. “By the way, I’m a halfblood, not muggleborn. Just remember not to let James hear you say mudblood.” 

  “I’m afraid of Potter; he’s just a stupid boy,” she replied. 

  “Sometimes, but his parents—his Auror parents are here. I’ll tell your son you said hi.” 

  “He’s not my son. I disowned him, Lupin.” 

  Remus smirked. “I was talking about Regulus.” He pulled me away. I heard Mrs. Black huff at the table. Remus wrapped his arm around my shoulders as he led me to my seat. 

  “Stay away from them,” he sang in just a whisper, “they’re Death Eaters and quite prejudiced.” 

  I gave him a look. He chuckled. 

  “We Marauders don’t trust them. We made it our job to if they ever come to Hogwarts for us to keep everyone away from them. James was about to go drag you away and I mean literally. He was planning on just throwing you over his shoulder and walking away,” he sang. I chuckled and shook my head. I spotted James sitting down in his seat next to Sirius who constantly shot glares at his parents. James stood up when we were closer. 

  “About time, Moony! What? Did you two discuss the last five years or something?” he sang annoyed. 

  “Actually, no, Prongs. I listened for a while as Elinor just made Mrs. Black admit that she had a ‘bloodtraitor son’. It was quite funny,” Remus sang. 

  “What did mommy dearest do?” Sirius spat somehow still singing despite the venom in his voice. I sat down next to him in my seat. 

  “She called Elinor a bloodtraitor and along with all of Gryffindor and the Potter family,” he sang. 

  “What?!” James shouted. 

  “Elinor took care of it by saying that Mrs. Black was just jealous of the amazing family the Potters’ have,” Remus sang. Sirius let a bark of laughter escape his lips. 

  “I bet her face was priceless,” he sang. Remus nodded. 

  “It was.” 

  “What’s going on over here?” Lily sang appearing at my chair. I smiled at her. She smiled back. I moved my legs so she could slide by to her seat. 

  “Just making fun of family, Lily,” James sang. 

  “Who’s family?” she sang. 

  Remus shrugged. “Everyone’s.” 

  “Did you finally get her to talk?” she sang, nodding towards me. A chuckle slid past my lips. I smiled at her and shook my head. 

  “Dang it. I’ve been trying to hear your voice since day one,” Lily informed me, singing. 

  “At least we get to hear it today,” Remus sang happily while flashing a knowing smile at me. I glared at him and crossed my arms and legs. He and Lily laughed at my behavior. James looked between us. 

  “What? You don’t talk?” he sang confused. 

  I shook my head with a slight smile. 

  “At all?” 

  “No, Prongs. She doesn’t talk at all. Especially since she won’t be talking; she’ll be singing,” Remus sang, grinning. James lightly punched his friend. 

  “The girls in our dorm have been trying to guess what you sound like,” Lily sang. My jaw dropped in shock. They laughed, all but Sirius who was sulking, I guess. Remus moved to sit in the chair in front of me. He sat in it backwards though. He put his arms on the back. I closed my jaw. 

  “At least we get to hear you today,” she sang, shrugging. Remus chuckled. I gave him a death glare. 

  “Remus,” James sang like a mother who knew her child did something wrong and she was about to ask her child the question. Remus laughed loudly. I grabbed my book which I had slipped under the chair. I threw it at him. It hit him in the forehead right above his left eye. He clutched it. 


  I smirked at him. 

  “I’m gonna remember that; throwing books . . . makes people shut up,” Sirius sang for the first time in a while. “Huh.” 

  We laughed at his thoughtful look. I pulled out my wand and waved it. My book flew right into my hands. 

  “Look!” James sang loudly, waving a hand at me. “She does her spells nonverbally too!” 

  Lily, Remus, and I all laughed while I heard a chuckle come from Sirius. 

  “Attention! Attention! Students, take your seats, please! We’re about to begin!” sang Boare loudly. Students quickly took their seats and shut up. 

  “Why can’t I get my child to move that fast at home?!” a parent shouted. I giggled while Sirius chuckled. The light slowly dim and I felt Sirius put his arm on the back of my chair. I looked at him. He was tilted in my direction. 

  “What?” he sang in a whisper, meeting my gaze. For the first time, I realized that he had blue and gray eyes. But the gray wasn’t anywhere near as cold and icy as his mother’s. 

  I shook my head. 

  “You have beautiful eyes,” he sang in the same quiet tone. I felt the blush fill my cheeks. I nodded at him as thank you and looked away. I stretched my legs in front of me and crossed my ankles. 

  Dumbledore took the stage, a spotlight on him. I tried not to think about me being in his place. I closed my eyes and breathed in and out, in and out before opening them again. 

  “Good evening,” he sang. 

  “Good evening,” everyone but me either sang or said. 

  “I hope everyone is doing well. As I’m sure everyone has heard about this spell placed on Hogwarts, a spell that makes everyone sing whatever they are supposed to say. We have hired a singing teacher to help us with our singing. Here is Professor Anne Boare.” Dumbledore stepped off the stage, clapping. I politely applauded while the Marauders in my row whooped for her. I rolled my eyes at them. 

  “Thank you, thank you!” she sang. “First of all, I would just like to say—well, rather sing that I’m very glad to be here. I have met many wonderful students and many misbehaving students—” 

  The four Marauders stood up and clapped. I laughed while Lily hung her head. I could see a trace of a smile though. Boare laughed. 

  “Don’t get me started about the Marauders,” she sang. “I feel sorry for your parents, boys.” I heard their parents laugh in the audience. The boys sat down. 

  “Thank you, Professor, I’m glad someone feels some sympathy for us,” shouted a laughing dad. 

  “Dad!” James shouted, singing. Sirius laughed, his arm taking its spot of the back of my chair. 

  “Well, James, wouldn’t you want some sympathy if you were your son?” his mom asked. 

  “Yeah,” he sang. Everyone laughed. 

  “I’ll have to meet up with the Potter family later,” Boare sang. “But to continue, since everyone has to sing everything they want to say, us teachers decided to have a little singing competition to get those shy ones”—a blush filled my cheeks while Sirius nudged me—“to sing. Okay, okay, us teachers just really wanted to hear what every student of ours sounded like. That’s the real reason we came up with this. 

  “Each student’s voice is unique along with the song that they wrote themselves. A lot of them were allowed to come to me for either help with their song or with singing. I made sure the song reflects who the student is. They were also allowed to have some background music if they wished from the band who will be giving us music at the Christmas Ball. 

  “Let’s begin, shall we? Our first student is Stefan Parker who is a first year. Here we go,” she sang. We clapped politely as the poor boy stumbled onto the stage. The boy was to overcome with fright to sing the words. He mumbled them and Dumbledore smartly made the voice spell stronger on the boy. 

  “Poor kid,” Sirius muttered beside me, singing. I nodded. I moved my feet so they rested on the bar that ran from the two back legs on the chair in front on me. I twisted unconsciously so I was leaning into Sirius but wasn’t touching him. When I realized this, the boy was almost done with his song. 

  “It’s this kid’s first year at Hogwarts and we’ve already scarred him for life,” Sirius sang. I silently giggled. I glanced at Sirius. He saw me. 

  “Well, look at the poor kid,” he sang quietly. “He’s shaking, even leaving the stage.” 

  The boy stumbled off the stage and we clapped. A few kind people cheered. A girl was called to the stage next. She forgot many of her lyrics for her song which was about her cat. 

  “Cats,” Sirius whispered. “Songs about cats are what we have to look forward to from each first year girl.” I silently laughed. 

  A boy came on stage next. We understood about half way through that his song was about his frog. 

  “Frogs,” he sang. “And songs about frogs from every first year boy. Oh, wake me when it’s the fifth years turn.” He let his head hang back over the seat while I laughed silently. 

  He didn’t fall asleep, however. He somehow and sometime during the first years’ performance had scooted closer to me so our legs were touching and his left hand was placed lightly on my left knee. He whispered/sang in my ear while I gave him looks which he read and answered. 

  Next to him, James and Lily were huddled together whispering/singing and Remus and the girl on the other side of him were whispering/singing. The six other students on our row kept shooting us glares telling us to shut up. 

  It was probably about halfway through the fourth years when Sirius caught me staring at Remus. 

  “Are you and Remus together?” he sang in just a whisper. I met his gaze with wide eyes. I shook my head. 

  “Oh. Good. I was about to yell at him for flirting with another girl while being with you,” he explained. “Remus has been talking to you a lot; are you two close?” 

  I shrugged as an answer. 

  “You two seem pretty close,” he observed. I shrugged again. 

  “Do you just get along with guys better?” 

  I thought about that for a minute. I nodded then looked at him, silently asking how he guessed. He looked down. Confused, I followed his line of vision and saw just how close we were sitting. I blushed and sat up, leaning away from him. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me back. I was still blushing madly. 

  “I didn’t want you to move,” he murmured. His voice still sang. 

  I could feel the heat coming off my cheeks. He didn’t say anything and wrapped his arms around my waist. Slowly, hesitantly, I leaned my head back against the area between his right arm and his neck, his chest but not low enough. He rested his cheek on top of my head. 

  “I like the way your hair smells; vanilla-y,” he sang softly. I blushed again. 

  We didn’t make a sound while the fifth years sang. We did laugh every now and then at a song or two. Dumbledore called up the first sixth year who was a girl. I recognized her as one of the girls from the mask shop. I nudged Sirius and sat up a bit. 

  “This song,” she sang, beginning, “is dedicated to Sirius Black.” 

  Remus, Lily, James, and I all snickered as Sirius groaned. That, somehow, actually made it funnier. 

  “You know,” he whispered, singing, to me, “your aunt was right; those girls are seriously annoying.” 

  I giggled lightly as he made to say more but I covered his mouth with my hand. He looked at me questioningly. I placed a finger to my lips. We listened to her song. The entire thing rhymed and rhymed horribly. Half of the words were made-up. Sirius groaned after just about every line causing me to silently laugh or giggle. 

  Most—if not all—of the sixth year girls sung about love while most—if not all—of the sixth year boys sung about Quidditch. I thought it a unique twist. The first seventh year went up. It would be me up there soon. I couldn’t do this. No, no, no. It would be too hard. I took a couple deep breaths. I’m sad to say they didn’t help. 

  Hands tightened around me. 

  “Are you okay?” Sirius sang softly. I shook my head. He pulled me closer to him. 

  “I think you should’ve been placed in Hufflepuff because of how shy and quiet you are,” he whispered in his musical tone. I couldn’t help but smile. 

  Sirius constantly kept me distracted. I was curled up facing him with my legs pulled up on the chair. I was basically tucked into him with my arms on his chest. His right arm was wrapped around my lower back and his left hand was playing with my hair. 

  All of a sudden, I heard Remus singing. I saw him on stage singing his song. I took a deep breath to calm myself. Sirius rubbed circles on my back which I think helped a lot. I rested my head on his shoulder with my forehead lightly touching his neck. He placed his head on top of mine. For the first time, I noticed the light cologne he was wearing. I couldn’t quite recall the name of the scent but it smelled really good. 

  When Remus was done, it was Lily’s turn. Boare did a great job with her. The way Lily was singing showed just how good she could sing. It was James’ turn. At some point during his song, Sirius gently slid me off him. With a small smile at me, he silently headed towards the stage. Once it was his turn, with a stab, I realized that his song was about me, about a girl in a meadow he saw. 

  I assumed he was about halfway done when I slowly rose. As I walked to the stage, I concentrated on each breath I took and each step I took. Sirius bowed and we clapped. He walked past me after stepping off the stage. Our hands brushed against each other. A small smile formed on my lips. Dumbledore took the stage. 

  “I hope everyone has been enjoying themselves,” the headmaster sang. “We have just one more student left. She knows who she is so I won’t bother to call her up.” 

  Some people politely clapped as Dumbledore left the stage and I took it. Only a few people were paying attention to me. Remus was right; everyone was too bored to bother to hear the last person sing. I searched for Elinor at the tables. She smiled and motioned for me to begin. I sang. 

  I curtsied and they clapped. I heard my aunt whistle loudly then cheer. With a smile, I walked off the stage while Dumbledore took it. 

  “I like that song,” he sang. “I’m going to have to make her sing it again later. But let’s let our students go change for the Christmas Ball!” 

  With a wave of his hands the entire Great Hall turned into a ballroom. The students stood up and ran up to their dormitories to change. Elinor appeared at my side. She hugged me tightly. 

  “You did it! You did it!” she said. “You sang in front of everybody!” 

  I groaned. She laughed. 

  “You did wonderful, my little bird,” Mom said. I smiled at her. 

  “Just sing that song later, darling,” Dad told me. I laughed. 

  “Go change,” Elinor commanded. I nodded and disappeared through the doors.
I didn’t want to fight through the sea of students so I took the shortcuts I knew. I used my favorite shortcut that led straight to the girls’ staircase. I quickly ran to my dorm. Lily appeared in front of me. I gasped, surprised. 

  “I love your voice!” she sang. “I’m so glad I had to wait until today! It was fantastic! And the song was cute.” 

  I silently thanked her and moved to my bed. I slipped off my shoes and my uniform. I slid the dress over my head. I sat down on my bed to put my high heels on. I stood in front of the full length mirror. The other girls were adding make-up. I tied the strings of my mask. I applied just a small touch of lip gloss that I borrowed from Lily. The other girls ran out of the dorm. I deemed myself ready and I went to the Great Hall using my shortcuts.

A/N: If you want to read her song, send me a message because I found out I can't have large blocks of song lyrics. If it's a songfic, it has to be labeled so and appear in little bursts. And they don't allow karoke stories in which the characters to sing one another. So anyways . . . . that's that.

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