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Blood Runs Thicker Than Water... Wanna Bet? by luvinpadfoot
Chapter 9 : Home Sweet Home
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Disclaimer: I. Do. Not. Own. Harry. Potter.


“Oh, just shut up already, Sophie.” He finally broke. Rion has been getting more angry at Sophie as the train ride went on. She’s been chattering about going home and seeing her friends and her family and everything else. “You’re excited about going home, we got that about two hours ago.”

Sophie glances at me, and I shrug. “It has been getting a little annoying.”

She sniffs loudly opens her trunk to get a book. “Fine. If you’re going to be like that, then I’ll just read.” Under her breath she mutters, “It’s not like I’ve got anything better to do.”

“You could go find Faithful.” She’s on the train somewhere. I kind of let her out and now she’s probably mooching food off of some unsuspecting third years.

“You lost her again?” Rion asks, rolling his eyes.

“No! I just let her go explore the train.” Faithful will come back when she’s done. She always does. I think the food supply runs out on her.

The door slides open and a girl walks in. I think she’s a Hufflepuff. Her name escapes me at the moment, though. “D’you mind if I sit in here?” She asks. “All the other compartments have a bunch of older kids in them.” I look at Rion who nods, but Sophie looks really annoyed.

“Fine,” She grumbles. “I’ll get Faithful for you Rose.” Sophie leaves with a loud, exasperated sigh.

“Bye, then!” I shout after her, but the compartment door is already closed. Wonder what she has against Hufflepuff girl. Lauren! That’s her name! Or Laura. Or Lori. Something like that.

“Does she not like me or something?” Lauren/Laura/Lori asks us confusedly. “I can’t remember doing anything to her.”

“Don’t worry about it. That’s just Sophie. If you’re really lucky, she’ll forget you exist.” L girl looks even more confused about that, but doesn’t say anything.

For a few minutes we sit in a really awkward silence. Rion looks at me before saying, “So.”

“So.” I reply.

“So you’re going home for the holidays, Ellyn?” Ellyn! That’s her name! Well, I was close. It does have an L in it.

“Yeah. I wasn’t supposed to because my dad was going out of the country for work, but then my aunt said I could stay with her until he gets back on Christmas.” How fascinating.

“What does your father do?” Rion! I don’t want to hear anymore boring stories about her father! I kick him, but Ellyn is totally oblivious.

“Oh, Daddy’s a photographer. He works for this magazine, you wouldn’t have heard of it because it’s a muggle one, and he travels all the time. Sometimes he even lets me go with him. Last summer it was Africa because his editor wanted pictures of the people there. The story was rather bland, but the pictures were fascinating. Daddy took me on a safari when we were down there and I got lions and elephants and all sorts of other things.”

Somebody please stab me. Now I suddenly get why Sophie left so quickly. Maybe I should go help her. “That’s such a fascinating story, Ellyn. Why don’t you tell Rion here all about some other places while I go help Sophie find Faithful.” Anything to get me out of here.

Rion grabs my arm, trying to keep me here, but I pull away and smile widely at Ellyn. “I’m so sorry to have to leave, your stories are fascinating.” Gag me.

“Oh, me too. Last winter daddy took me to the United States to photograph New York. We got to see the statue of liberty and-” I slide the door close behind and let out a huge breath of air.

“You left Rion to bear the brunt of her stories?” Sophie’s sitting on the floor beside the door with Faithful in her lap. “You’re so cruel.”

I collapse down beside her. “I can’t believe you didn’t warn me! She went on and on about how her father took her to Africa and how great of a photographer he is. I wanted to shrivel up and die.”

“Yes, she does have that affect on people. I feel kind of bad for her roommates. At least mine are somewhat sane.” Sophie sighs and Faithful meows loudly at her. “You do realize your cat is several pounds heavier than it should be.”

Yes, Faithful is fat. Although to her face I prefer the word ‘chubby’. “I blame the elves. She figured out how to get into the kitchens and they stuff her.” I’ve spoken to them several times about it, but they never listen. “How long does she generally go on about that?” I ask, with a nod towards the door.

“Um, Africa, United States, France, the States, Switzerland, Germany, give or take a couple… maybe twenty minutes?” Sophie smirks at me. “Time to go back in the room. Rion won’t ever forgive us if we leave him alone in there with Ellyn any longer.”

“Must we?” Sophie stands up and slides the door open. “We found Faithful!” I moan and follow her in. Ellyn looks up, surprised, and smiles happily at us. 

“Oh good! It’s always nice to know where your pet is.” She takes a closer look at Faithful and wrinkles her nose. “That cat is awfully fat though.” Nobody is allowed to insult Faithful except for me and Sophie. Not even Rion. Well, at least he doesn’t insult her to my face.

“Faithful’s not fat! She’s just a little chubby!” I scoop of Faithful from Sophie’s arms and she digs her claws into my arm. “She’s the sweetest, most perfect cat in the world.”

Ellyn reaches out to pet Faithful and she hisses loudly at her. “Oh!” Ellyn pulls her arm back quickly. Faithful is a wonderful judge of character, I might add. She hates Hugo.

“You know, that cat reminds of this dog my dad and I saw in Hong Kong.” Ellyn went into a long, in depth monologue about her time in Hong Kong. I look at Sophie and Rion and can’t help but snigger. Rion’s head is cocked to the side, his eyes completely glazed. Sophie actually has her eyes closed, and looks like she’s trying to picture herself anywhere but here. Not that I blame them, of course. It’s not as though I’m paying attention to Ellyn.

“And we were sitting at the airport when this announcement came on that our flight was going to be delayed, so of course Daddy had to-” When I learn how to silence people, she will be the first. I honestly didn’t know people could talk that much.

“Oh look, there goes my cousin, Albus!” I point out into the hallway and smile widely at Ellyn. “He’s always wanted to go to Hong Kong, you should go tell him about it.”

Ellyn jumps out of her seat and heads down the corridor after Albus. Rion blinks and looks at me. “I didn’t know he’s always wanted to go to Hong Kong.”

Sophie grabs her trunk and I grab mine. “He hasn’t. Let’s get out of here before she comes back.” Rion grins in understanding and we head to the back of the train, away from Ellyn and her stories.


The train slows to a stop and I cringe. “Please let us have broken, please let us have broken down, please let-”

“Oh, shut up, Rose. It runs on magic, we’re not broken down. I don’t even think it can break down.” Sophie grabs my hand away from my eyes and heads out the door. “Are you two coming?”

“What do you think would happen if I just sat on this train and refused to get off?” Rion asks Sophie carefully.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen because if it does I will curse you into oblivion.” Rion grabs his trunk and heads out after Sophie with me following right behind him.

My parents are standing off to one side and neither of them have particularly happy looks on their faces. I cringe visibly. “I guess this is bye,” I say to Rion and Sophie. Rion nods absentmindedly and I can see him staring at his father.

“Bye, dorks. My parents are waiting out side.” Sophie smacks us both on the back of our heads and drags her trunk through the barrier.

Rion glances at me and smiles. Write lots, ok? I’ll be sending you a Christmas present so make sure to get me something amazing, I deserve it.” I laugh and start walking towards my parents.

“I’ll get you exactly what you deserve for Christmas. And you better write me back.” He grins before turn his back on me and walking over to his father.

I reach my parents and smile widely. And fakely, but they don’t need to know that. As long as I can fly under the radar for a few weeks, I’m good. I see Rion’s dad grip his shoulder and practically drag him away. “Hi mum, dad.”

“The car’s parked outside, Rose. Come on.” Ouch. Not even a ‘hello’. This is not going to be fun.


“And just last week I got a letter from Minerva McGonagall saying you had cursed your cousins hair! I can’t believe this, Rose!” I’m sitting at the kitchen table with Mum pacing back and forth in front of me. She was not pleased with the prank Sophie, Rion, and I pulled. Not pleased at all.

“It wasn’t a curse, Mum. More of a charm. And you should’ve seen how advanced it was! I’m betting it was a fourth year level, at least!” That was apparently the wrong thing to say.

“So you’ve been spending your time on pranks instead of focusing on school? I talked to Neville the other day and he said you were making an A, at best!” I’m passing everything! Even boring old Herbology and History of Magic. It’s not my fault Neville sucks as a teacher. He favors his daughter, too.

Dad glares at me from across the kitchen. “The Headmistress said you’d been hanging around that Malfoy boy, too. I think he’s been a bad influence on you. A Weasley in Slytherin! Do you know the shame you have put your mother and me through? Our only daughter in Slytherin!”

Wonderful. As though I can tell the dumb old Sorting Hat where to put me. “D’you think I asked to be in Slytherin? No, I didn’t. That’s where it put me and I can’t help it, so bugger off.”

“Rose Weasley!” Uh oh. “Don’t you dare speak to your father that way! Apologize this instant!”

Whatever. “Sorry Dad.” Can I go to my room now? Maybe stand facing the corner for a few hours?

“Now go to your room and stay there until dinner!” I miss Hogwarts and I haven’t even been gone for a full day yet. Next year I’m staying for Christmas no matter what they say.

As I head out I can hear Mum start on Dad for the comments about Slytherin. “I told you not to mention her being in Slytherin.” Oh great. Now I’m her.

“Well it’s awful. I have to go to work everyday and face people and it’s just shameful that my daughter is in Slytherin.” He sighs and hurry up to my room. I knew he would take it bad, but jeez! I dunno why he’s blaming all this on me. I bet he didn’t sit under the sorting hat and think ‘put me in Gryffindor, put me in Gryffindor’. I was too scared out of my mind to think anything at all. Which is probably why I’m not in Gryffindor.

My room is still exactly the same, with the Chudley Cannons poster hanging on one wall and the Gryffindor banner that no one bothered to take down on the other. When I come of age, I’m gonna charm everything in this room green and silver, just to annoy them.

Or you know, I could just buy paint and ribbons and stuff before then. It’s all the same to me. “I can’t believe you got sorted into Slytherin. Only evil people get sorted into Slytherin.”

Hugo’s nasty little comments are not what I need right now. What I need is peace, quiet, and perhaps a nap. “No, cunning people are in Slytherin. That means we know how to use our brains in every day life. Gryffindors are all brawn and no brain.” Well it’s true.

“I’m telling Mummy you said that!” He turns around and takes off running downstairs. Lucky me. Now I’ll probably be in trouble until Christmas is over. I wonder if it’s too soon to owl Rion.


A/N: I’m going to start skipping ahead a lot through the next couple chapters, until I get to her sixth year. Just wanted to give you a little warning.

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