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Harry Potter and the New Lord by rhysus2008
Chapter 8 : Tomb Raiding
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Chapter Eight
Tomb Raiding

'It’s around here somewhere.’ Draco said, reading the same piece of parchment he had been reading for ten minutes. ‘The third hill of sand after passing the second village of the east.’

‘What I want to know...’ Zabini spoke, ‘Is why it’s written in English when the researcher was Egyptian, and also why the hell has he written everything in riddle?’

‘It’s written in Egyptian.’ Draco said, ‘I just drank a potion so that I could understand it... as for the riddles, he obviously only wanted himself to know exactly what to do... but this is the third sand hill from the second village of the east. It should be around here somewhere.’

‘How does this guy even know where it is if he’s not been able to get in?’ Asked Parkinson.

‘I dunno.’ Draco replied, ‘I’m guessing he’s basing it on previous research made by his father or something – who knows how long this guy has been researching?’

‘Maybe there’s a spell you have to do?’ Goyle asked.

‘Maybe.’ Draco said, ‘The researcher said something about only those of pure magical power, which I’m guessing means pure blood, can find what we need... maybe I’ve got to prove this somehow?’

‘Well, we can’t just spill your blood on the ground or anything.’ Zabini said, ‘Maybe you have to show pure blood to get in but you have to use some sort of enchantment to get the tomb visible?’

‘I’ll check if there’s anything in here.’ Draco said, and put the parchment in his hand back into the regrown bag and searched frantically for more research. After about thirty seconds he pulled out another parchment, ‘Aha!’ He exclaimed.

‘What? What does it say?’ Goyle asked, clumsily.

‘It says “A spell that will reveal when magic is near, use it and everything else will be clear.”’ Draco read, looking back up at the three friends, ‘We have to use a revealing magic spell?’

‘I can do that.’ Zabini said, ‘Do you want me to?’

Draco nodded and Zabini pulled out his wand. He pointed it down on the floor, straight in front of him, and looking uncertain said, ‘Specialis Revelio!’

At first, nothing. Then, there was a slight rumble. It sounded distant at first, but the sound then became prominent. The sand in front of them began to move toward them, inching slowly towards them. A slight hump appeared to move in the sand.

‘Stand back.’ Draco warned and the four of them took a few steps back. Slowly but surely, a yellow triangular brick rose from the sand. Then, three more brick underneath it, and soon a tomb, completely triangular, was beginning to rise from the sand. The sand was now moving rapidly toward the four, and they had to take several more steps back. The tomb grew five foot, ten foot, fifteen foot, twenty foot. Finally at about twenty five feet, the tomb stopped growing, and the sand moved so that it formed a small hill to the wall of the tomb.

The four of them waited for anything else to happen, but when nothing did, the four of them walked up to the tomb. There was a small inscription on the wall of the tomb. It read:

You have succeeded in finding the first tomb of two,
but to enter this tomb you must show that you’ve sinned,
The blood of the one who’s life you did remove,
and you will be granted access; but be warned once you are in,
A wand that’s stained with blood is what you need,
To use powerful magic on those who you wish,
But you will have to fight powers that dislike your greed,
To succeed you must fly like a dragon and swim like a fish.

‘Fly like a dragon? Swim like a fish?’ Zabini repeated, ‘What the hell?’

‘Fairly obvious, Zabini.’ Draco replied, ‘We have to fly and we have to swim, most likely to defeat these powers it’s talking about.’

‘Well, do you know how to do that?’ Parkinson inquired.

‘I know the Bubble-Head Charm.’ Draco said, ‘It’s Aquari Spiritus... but I don’t think there is a charm for flying. I have my broom, but... you three don’t have anything to fly with.’

‘Maybe we can conjure more brooms from yours.’ Parkinson suggested.

‘Good idea.’ Draco smiled, ‘Except I have no idea how to do that.’

‘I do.’ Zabini spoke up, ‘Give me the broom.’

Draco opened his enlarged bag once more and after rummaging pulled out his broomstick. He handed it to Zabini who took it and pointed his wand at it.

Zabini muttered a spell which Draco didn’t quite catch the name of, and then motioned his wand away from the broom, as if pulling something from the broom. As he did this, three brooms were conjured from the original. They looked a darker colour and the brand name was worn and tattered.

‘Conjured items are never as good quality as the item they come from. It’s just one of those things.’ Zabini explained.

Zabini handed a conjured broom to Parkinson and Goyle and kept one to himself, giving the original back to Draco. Draco took his broom, and then turned back to the writing on the tomb.

“The blood of the one who’s life you did remove, and you will be granted access.” Draco read, “My parents... we share the same blood.”

Parkinson, Zabini and Goyle watched as Draco lifted his sleeve up and pointed his wand at his arm. He murmured a spell and cut a small incision in his arm. He wiped the blood with his finger and, shrugging his shoulders, wiped it on the wall.

Almost instantly, the wall crumbled into nothing. In its place was an entrance to the tomb, pitch black and wide. Draco beckoned for the other three to follow him and muttered, “Lumos.” causing the end of his wand to erupt into a bright light, destroying the darkness. The walls and floors were sandy, the underlying bricks visible through the sand. The path, which led to a downward staircase, was long and wide. The ceiling wasn’t even in sight, due to the sheer height of it. Parkinson, Zabini and Goyle also cast the Lumos spell for extra light. Draco beckoned them once more and they walked down the long and wide path.

Finally, after a short walk, they reached the downward staircase. The staircase was steep and the bottom could not be seen, as it was shrouded in darkness. Being careful not to trip over, the four walked down the staircase, using Incendio to light any torch holders on the sides of the wall. After a long walk down the staircase, the bottom became visible, revealing a small patch of sand. Draco was the first down and stood onto the sand, but immediately pulled back as he almost fell through.

‘Stay back.’ Draco warned, ‘I think this is some form of quick sand.’

‘Well, there’s wall all around... it looks like going down is the only way forward.” Zabini said.

Draco stared straight down at the square patch of sand, in deep thought. They could go down there... but it would be a risk not worth taking. He needed some reassurance that it was the right way forward.

“Aguamenti.” Draco shouted, pointing at the sand. A jet of water blasted from his wand and began to push the sand down. “Help me out.”

The other three cast the same spell and together the water pushed the sand all the way down through the hole. The spells ceased and Draco once again used Lumos so he could see down the hole. From what he predicted to be about fifty foot down, he could see a solid brick floor. He mounted his broom.

‘It’s a big drop. We’ll have to fly down there.’ Draco announced, and all four of them mounted their brooms. Draco signalled for them to lift off and they did, flying down the hole and into the new, huge floor of the tomb. The floor was fifty foot down and there was nothing but a vast area surrounding. ‘It’ll be faster if we fly around here instead of walking down there. Come on.’

Draco, Zabini, Parkinson and Goyle zoomed forward on their brooms. Draco felt the breeze hitting him and enjoyed it while he could as a breeze was hard to come by around here. Eventually, he could see a small hole in a wall at the end of the room. He beckoned for the other three to follow him and flew down to the hole. He touched down on to the ground and as he did so, he looked inside the hole, using Lumos to help him see.

The hole was about five foot tall and three foot wide. It was about five foot below the level of the ground and there was a small trench leading into it. It was also filled with water.

‘Here’s the swimming part.’ Draco informed his followers. ‘This passage is filled with water.’

Draco raised his wand and cast the bubblehead charm on himself. He then pointed at the other three and repeated the spell. Once they were all prepared, they left their brooms and jumped into the water, swimming steadily through this passage. Draco was leading with Zabini behind him, followed by Parkinson and finally Goyle. The water was piercingly cold and muddy. It was quite tough to swim through but the bubblehead charm worked as a good helmet of sorts which left their vision unimpaired.

Eventually, they came to another opening, which was the end of the passageway and host to another room. They all got out of the water, used a cleaning charm on themselves and looked around. The room was the smallest room yet. It was no longer than 10 metres wide and 3 metres tall. The length of the room was no more than 3 metres either. At the very end of the room however, was a small shrine. The stone tablet that lay on top of it had a small inscription engraved into it.

Draco walked over to the shrine and brushed the dust off the stone tablet. He read the two lines excitedly.

‘For the item you have come to receive, split me in two and you’ll be able to retrieve.’ Draco read allowed, ‘So I’ve got to split it in half...’

Draco pulled out his wand and pointed it at the stone tablet and called out, ‘Diffindo!’
The stone tablet cracked in half, both pieces falling on either side of the shrine. Laying in the middle was a thin, long stick, with the stains of blood at the end of it. Draco smiled as he had finally found one of the two most important items in his life. The Blood-Stained Wand. He picked it up, and a rush of excitement flooded through him and then – a loud crash caused him to turn around.

Goyle screamed in agony as a big rock fell on him, crushing his legs. Draco was quick to act, he pulled out his wand and pointed at the rock, ‘Diffindo!’

The rock cracked in two. ‘Come on, help me get it off Goyle!’

Parkinson, Zabini and Malfoy all used the Wingardium Leviosa charm to pull the rock from Goyle. His trousers were ripped and there were deep cuts in his legs. His right leg was clearly broken; the bone was sticking out of the thigh.

Then, a second boulder rock fell from the ceiling, which Draco narrowly avoided. He put his own wand in his pocket and used the Blood-Stained Wand to stop a third rock from landing on Parkinson. The tomb was crumbling and they had to get out fast.

‘What do we do?’ Zabini asked, trying not to sound alarmed.

‘Accio Brooms!’ Draco called. After a few seconds, four brooms came splashed out of the water and to Draco. ‘We have to fly out. I think we can fly through the water. I know it’s crazy but swimming won’t be fast enough. I’ll take Goyle – go, go!’

Parkinson went first, mounting her broom and holding her breath, diving into the water and Zabini followed straight after her. Draco mounted his own broom and smashed another rock that almost landed on Goyle.

‘You need to hold on, Goyle, alright?’ Draco called, to which Goyle nodded, but was in too much pain to form a sentence. He struggled to mount Goyle on to the broom and dived into the water. Draco was surprised how smoothly he breezed through the water with his broom and before he knew it, he was out the other side. He zoomed into the air, flying at breakneck speed.

‘Hold on, Goyle!’ Draco repeated as he could feel Goyle’s grip slipping. He wanted to slow down, but the walls and ceilings were crumbling fast. He sped up vertically, shooting into the air and reaching the gap to the staircase, but as he went through, Draco’s broom felt a lot lighter.

‘Goyle!’ He screamed and looked down, as Goyle fell down fifty feet, his broken legs swinging wildly. Draco flinched as his friend hit the ground, and it was only seconds before he saw a pool of blood form around the body. Draco wanted to go down and get him; but the walls were collapsing faster than ever. Knowing that if he didn’t escape, Goyle wouldn’t be the only one dead, he shot forward up the staircase, across the path and out of the entrance. As Draco shot out of the entrance, he lost his balance and crashed into one of the sand hills, flipping off the broom and tumbling a couple of times.

Draco looked over to see Parkinson and Zabini also recovering from similar crashes. He felt a sting in his chest as the tomb collapsed, pushing out a layer of sand with the impact. Zabini and Parkinson looked over to Draco and when seeing that Goyle was not with him, realised the seriousness of the situation. Zabini looked down to the ground in disappointment while Parkinson burst into tears, head in her hands. Gregory Goyle was dead. Draco Malfoy felt a tear roll down his cheek as the true magnitude of the disaster hit him. His friend was dead.

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