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Love Bites by rose_scorpius4ever
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three: Skye
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When I woke up, Al was still sleeping. I didn’t want to wake him up, so I tip-toed to the door and slowly snuck down to the common room. I looked over at one of the kids who was passed out on the couch and checked the time on his watch: 10:30. I didn’t get that much sleep, but I couldn’t go back up to bed. Breakfast would be still going on, so I walked down to the Great Hall.

When I sat down there were a few people that we’re at my birthday party, but not many. Most people probably left after me meaning most of them would still be asleep. Oh how I wish I was still happily passed out in a four poster.


Yum… they have bacon today, I thought to myself as I sat down at the Gryffindor table. I sat there for a while, getting as much food as I could on my plate. Then I realized what a killer headache I had.


I looked down at the food on my plate and suddenly I wasn’t hungry anymore. Well there goes that idea. Before I could get up, someone sat down next to me and grunted. I didn’t bother looking up to see who it was, it was most likely Rose. She probably was woken up by one of our stupid dorm mates that we still don’t get along with after six years of sharing a room. She’s gonna groan any minute now about her headache. I love how I’ve memorized Rose’s hangover routine.


But then someone, who didn’t sound like Rose at all, spoke to me, “Hey Skye…”


It was James. Oh crap… he’s gonna talk about last night. The kiss.


“Are you just gonna sit there staring or are you gonna say something?” James laughed.


“Oh, uh, hi?” I replied.


James smiled, “Now that’s a little better.”


I looked down at my plate and blushed. What is this about? I never blush for guys! Oh my great Merlin…. I’ve turned into a giggly Potter fan girl! That’s it, I might as well write a disclaimer on my forehead warning people to stay away: CAUTION! This girl will giggle like mad at any Potter boy the night after he gets her drunk and snogs her! Particularly James Sirius flipping Potter.


“Are you okay Skye?” He looked at me over his plate that was piled high with eggs, bacon and toast. What is it with the Potter/Weasley clan and food?


“Yeah, I’m fine…. Just thinking.”


“What about?” He looked at me like he knew. Of course he knows Skye! Why would he sit by you if he didn’t?? All you were to him before that was his brother’s best mate and his best mate’s little sister.


“Well---” I started.


“Last night?” Damn.


I didn’t say anything, I just started shoving the food I had previously piled on my plate into my mouth. Maybe if I can’t say anything with out spitting food onto his face, he won’t ask...


“Skye… I’m really sorry about last night. This wasn’t exactly how I imagined doing this but…”


Oh. My. Merlin.


“Well…” he took my hand, “I wanted to ask you to go out with me sometime.”


Okay, come on Skye breathe. I smiled, “I’d love to James.”


“Great. Tonight?” he smiled again. Gosh he’s so cute.


“Yeah, that would be great James,” I smiled back at him. Then he got up, surprisingly without finishing his food, and walked out of the Great Hall.


I sat there for a few moments in shock then it dawned on me, what the bloody hell was I supposed to tell Al? If he freaked out about us last night then he would surely be upset I was going on a date with his brother. Maybe I can keep it a secret from him. And if he never asks about it then technically I’m not lying. That won’t work. Bloody hell.


Well maybe I just won’t tell him about it right away. If all goes well tonight then I’ll tell him. If it doesn’t, there would be no need. After all, it’s just a date.




When I got back up to the dormitories, all of my dorm mates, apart from Rose, were gone. My red headed friend was happily snoozing on her four poster bed.


Should I tell her? No, she would tell Al. But on the other hand she would be really upset if she ever found out. Not that Al wouldn’t be, but Rose would be considerably angrier.


In the end I decided that I wouldn’t tell Rose because I couldn’t risk Al finding out. I hurried to get ready for later tonight and then went down to the common room to get some last minute homework done. I had an eight inch essay to write for Potions about the importance of bezoars in modern potion making, to practice for our test on Tuesday in Charms, and sketches to complete for Care of Magical Creatures.


The time wound down to an hour until I was meeting James and I had barely gotten anywhere.  My sketches were done, but I hadn’t even scratched the surface on my essay. And I had to forget about practicing for Charms.


About 10 minutes later, Rose walked down the girls staircase looking like she had been hit over the head my one of my school books.


She groggily sat down across from me and rubbed her eyes, “Hey Skye.”


“Good afternoon sleepyhead,” I replied. I decided that I would never be able to finish this essay tonight so I’d have to tackle it tomorrow during my free period.


“Lovely, afternoon. What time is it?”


“About 4:15…” 45 minutes ‘till my date.


“Merlin’s beard! I slept that late?”


“It would seem so,” I scribbled on a spare piece of parchment. “When did you get in?”


“I think it was around 4:30 or something.. Maybe 5,” She rubbed the sides of her head. Here comes a comment about her headache. “But I don’t remember seeing you when I got to bed. Where did you go?” Well that’s odd, she always complains... “You find a guy huh?” She laughed. Oh now I see what’s going on. She’s in the gutter.


“Actually, Al brought me up around one. And he couldn’t get me up to the girl’s dormitory so he brought me up to his room,” I drew a little heart on the parchment I had been scribbling on and put a little ‘J’ inside it.




“Yes Al.”


“I didn’t know that you guys…”


I stopped doodling and looked up at Rose, “Me and Al aren’t like that Rose. He was just looking out for me like he always does.” There’s no need to mention the kiss between me and James that had made him want to leave the party in the first place, right?


“Oh,” she said, kind of embarrassed.


“Rose you know that if me and Al ever did like each other you would be the first to know,” I snorted. “Not that we ever will.”


Rose smiled; it looked like this conversation was now over. Then she waved to someone over my shoulder and whispered, “Well, speaking of the devil…”


Al sat next to me and looked at my page I was doodling on. He must have deemed it unimportant because he looked from me to Rose and said, “So what have you two been up to?”


“Sleeping,” Rose laughed. I smiled.


“Of course,” Al rolled his eyes. He looked to me, “What about you Skye?”


I looked at my unfinished essay and school books, “Homework.”


Al glanced at the paper I was doodling on again, “I see that’s going well?”




We were all silent for a while, looking at the others for any form of conversation. Rose finally broke the silence, “I think I’m gonna go down to the kitchens and see if the house elves can get me some food. I’m starving.” She licked her lips and Al and I both laughed. Rose was one of the cousins who upheld the Weasley tradition of shoving as much food as you can in your mouth. “Catch you guys later.”


“Later,” Al and I said in unison..


He looked at me, “So what are you up to later...?” Shit! Does he know? “’Cus I was thinking that you , me, and Rose could study together…” Phew, “…it looks like you need it too.”


“Um…” come on Skye think. “Actually I can’t…” come on! “I already promised a first year I would help them with their charms. You know, just trying to be helpful.”


Please fall for it. Please fall for it. Please fall for it. He scoffed, “Never thought you would tutor. Are you sick?” He laughed again and put his hand on my forehead.


I tried to smile, but it probably looked a bit fake, “Well I’m just trying something new.”


He removed his hand, “Looks like it’s just me and Rose then. Lovely…”


I looked down at my doodle. The heart with the ‘J’ seemed to mock me. “I’m sorry.”


He got up, “It’s fine. We’ll all have to study another time.”  Al just about got to the portrait hole when he turned around and said, “Good luck tutoring tonight.” Then he smiled and left.


Oh what a tangled web I weave.

A/N: Well I hoped you liked this chapter. I rewrote it like 4 or 5 times and decided that I didn’t want to put the Skye/James date in it. It will be in a later chapter though. Thanks for reading now if you could type something, anything in that little box down below that would be awesome. I'd love to hear what you have to say.


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Love Bites: Chapter Three: Skye


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