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Hallelujah by Ravie_girl29
Chapter 8 : Memories
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And remember when I moved in you
The holy dove was moving too
And every breath we drew was Hallelujah


  Harry walked back to the Burrow, walking slowly, kicking up rocks as he went. He’d been avoiding going home since he left the hospital. Nobody blamed him of course, though they should, they were more concerned that he was safe, and mourning Ginny. Hermione blamed herself, of course, though everyone assured her, like they assured Harry it wasn’t anyone’s fault. But it was, it was Harry’s fault, but he was the only one that seemed to realize that.


  He opened the door to the Burrow. Mrs. Weasley was in the kitchen with Fleur and Hermione, cooking of course, with a steady stream of visitors since Ginny died, they rarely did anything else. Hermione told him it was so they had something to do, it helped with the pain. Harry had a hard time finding anything to keep his mind off the pain, for nobody seemed to let him do anything. Mrs. Weasley was always fussing over him, saying he needed to rest and didn’t need to worry about helping, having just left the hospital he needn’t over work himself.


  None of the women noticed him entering, or at least they didn’t say anything. He went up stairs and flopped down on his bed. He closed his eyes. He fell asleep instantly.


  “ Hermione is going to tell me off again.” Harry said it was a beautiful spring day, Ginny was lying next to him her hair spread out, Harry was running his fingers through it and watching some first years throw bread out for the giant squid.


  “ She should butt out.” Ginny said. “ I’m studying enough, more then enough, I’ll pass my hands down.”


  “ I know you will.” Harry told her, yawning, “ you’re smart, and you probably won’t collapse half way through your history of magic exam.”


  “ Probably not.” Ginny agreed. “ Plus they can’t be that hard, I’m studying every free moment I can, if I study anymore my brain will explode, that should be more then enough to pass.”


  “ All Os for you.” Harry smiled.


  “ Yup, I’ll get better they you that’s for sure.”


  “ Hey! I had a lot going on last year in case you forgot!” Harry retorted.


  “ Excuses, excuses.”


  “ That’s it.” Harry said smiling wickedly, “ You’re going in the lake.” He picked her up and ran over to the side of the lake.


  “ Harry, no, Harry!” she squealed kicking her legs. He jumped in, she squealed. “ Har-ry!” she protested.


  “ Sorry, Gin, couldn’t help myself.” He smiled as he received a face full of water. Ginny was splashing him. He started splashing back. She jumped on his back and tried to dunk him, he throw her off and tickled her. They wrestled around in the water until…


  “ What the devil are you two doing!?” McGonagall’s voice rang.


  “ Swimming.” Ginny said innocently, Harry stood up next to her, she pushed him back down.


  “ Are you acting your age or your shoe size?” McGonagall snapped, “ Get out of there now!”


  Harry and Ginny clamored out of the lake, Ginny wrung out her hair and Harry shook his. “ Good morning, Professor.” Ginny said brightly.


  “ Enjoy yourselves?” McGonagall asked coldly.


  “ Yes.” Ginny smiled widely, Harry felt that honesty was not the best policy at this current time, but he let Ginny talk.


  “ Why, may I ask were you in the lake?”


  “ It’s hot out, and Madam Pomfrey probably wouldn’t be pleased if we came to get sunburn serum again so we decided to cool ourselves off.”


  “ Five point from Gryffindor each, and stay out of the lake.” McGonagall said. Turning to leave, as soon as she was gone both Harry and Ginny broke out in laugher.


  “ You’re so cheeky.” Harry said.


  “ Hey, you were the one that got us in the lake.”


  “ Fair enough, wanna go dry off?” Harry asked.


  “ Yeah.” She said taking Harry’s hand as they walked up to the castle.


Harry shifted in his sleep as the dream changed.


 “ I never really gave up on you. Not really. I always hoped.” Ginny said, there were no tears in her eyes, if she was hurting she didn’t show it, she seemed to know this was hurting Harry way worse then it was hurting her. Or maybe she just learned to control her tears from growing up with six brothers.


  Harry didn’t know what to say, he tried to give her a small reassuring smile, but couldn’t manage, “ I just wish I’d asked you sooner. We could’ve had ages, months, years maybe.”


  “ But you’ve been to busy saving the Wizarding world, well…I can’t say I’m surprised. I knew this would happen in the end. I knew you wouldn’t be happy unless you were hunting Voldemort. Maybe that’s why I like you so much.” Harry was sure he could feel his heart breaking, he knew he loved Ginny, really loved her, and she loved him too, it wasn’t right, or fair, but that’s how it had to be.


The dream changed again.


  Ginny’s face filled with tears she ran into his arms. “ You’re alive.” She sobbed, her legs failing, so Harry had to support her. “ I thought you were dead, I was so scared!”


 “ I’m fine, I’m here, I’ve gotcha.” Harry told her. She seemed to want nothing more but to climb up into his arms, he would’ve let her but he was so sore, she seemed to understand.


  “ What happened?”


  “ Don’t worry about it,” Harry said, “ are you okay.”


  “ Yeah.” Ginny cried, “ I was just worried about…how did you survive?”


  “ It’s a long story.” Harry told her, “ Just let me hold you for a while before I have to explain it.”


  “ Okay.” She agreed nodding fiercely suddenly she hit him hard on the arm.


  “ Ouch.” He complained, “ What was that for?”


  “ For scaring me!” She told him, “ All year I’ve been worried sick about you!”


  “ I’m sorry, but you didn’t need to hit me. Ouch!” she hit him again, “ what was that one for?”


  “ Complaining about the first one.” She said, “ take it like a man.”


  “ You’re extremely crazy.”


  “ I know.” Ginny said smiling sweetly.


  The images shifted like a kaleidoscope


  Ginny was sitting on Harry’s bed tracing little patterns onto the palm of his hand with her find.


  “ And we’re going to have a big house, and a dog, and lots of kids, and our wedding will be here just like Bill and Fleur’s…” Ginny was going on about their future, which Harry didn’t mind, so far he liked Ginny’s plan.


  “ A dog, too?” Harry mused.


  “ I like dogs.” Retorted Ginny.


  “ So do I,” Harry said, “ But so far we’ll have kids, two owls, four cats, seven Pygmy Puffs, a niffler, and three house elves. I was just wondering if there will still be any room for us in our house?”


  “ It’s going to be a really big house.” Ginny said.


  “ I see.” Harry laughed, “ Are we only going to have one dog?”


  “ No, I figure we’ll get one for every kid we have.”


  “ Does Teddy count?”


  “ Of course.” Ginny said as if it was obvious. “ If mum lets Teddy live with us, I think she may kidnap him.”


  Harry laughed, “ caught on have you?” Ginny gave him a smug look, “ So,” Harry said, “ What if you discover you hate animals?”


  “ I don’t.” Ginny said matter of factly, “ We always had animals growing up.”


  “ Well what if I hate animals?”


  “ Sucks to be you.” Ginny snorted.


  “ My loving fiancé everybody.” Harry laughed talking to an invisible audience, “ I love the fact that I’m so important to her.”


  Ginny laughed and kissed him. “ You’ll love our animals just like I love you.”


  Again the dream changed.


  “ Leave Ginny out of this!” Harry snapped.


  “ Of course, I have nothing against the girl.” Pritchard said, “ Only the man holdin’ her.” Harry lowered Ginny’s feet to the ground, she wobbled grabbing Harry’s arm for support; he helped steady her before turning back to Pritchard.


  “ There,” Harry said. “ What do you want money? Power? Freedom?”


  “ Revenge.” Pritchard said, “ I want Revenged.”


  “ Fine,” Harry said, “ Kill me then, just let Ginny go.”


  “ Harry!” Ginny cried. But Harry already had his wand in his hand behind his back; with one swift movement he whipped it out and yelled.


  “ ATTONBITUS!” He yelled.


  Pritchard dodged, sending a jet of black light towards Harry. But Before Harry could block it Ginny pushed him out of the way, the light hit her in the shoulder and she crippled over and fell to the floor.


  “ AVADA KADAVRA!” Harry screamed with out thinking twice hitting Pritchard square in the chest. He fell to the floor next to Ginny, she was breathing fast and heavy.


  “ Ginny? GINNY! Are you okay?” He asked frantic.


  “ Y-y-you-r-r always s-saving me.” Ginny breathed barely audible, “ I-I l-l-love y-you…”


  “ Ginny, no!” Harry said, “ No don’t do that! Don’t say good-bye! You’re not going to die! Do you hear me?”


  “ W-w-w-we w-w-would have had a-amazing k-kids.” She said.


  “ We will!” Harry corrected, “ Your not going to die! Don’t die, please, please don’t die!”


  “ I-I-I love y-y-you…” she repeated. Her body shook and her eyes closed.


  “ GINNY! No…NO! GINNY!” Harry screamed shaking her limp, cold body, “ GINNY!” His throat constricted, tears flooded his eyes, “ Please, no, please, please, I love you.”


  “ NO!” Harry yelled sitting up strait on his bed. Ron was next to him, Hermione behind him.


  “ Are you okay?” Hermione asked weakly. “ You were screaming.”


  “ F-fine.” Harry lied shaking, “ I’m absolutely perfect; I just had the woman I love die in my arms and now I can’t get her out of my mind, but I’m totally fine.”


  “ Harry…”


  “ No, Hermione, I said I’m okay.” Harry snapped.


  “ Don’t start on her!” Ron said. “ She’s just worried.”


  “ Why’d you come up here anyways?” Harry demanded.


  “ We told you,” said Ron, “ We heard you screaming, you were having a nightmare I’m guessing.”


  “ No.” Harry said sarcastically, “ It’s not like anything traumatic has happened lately, like you know my fiancé dying, why would I be having nightmares?”


  “ Don’t be like that!” Ron snapped, “ I know you’re hurting, but so is everyone else! You don’t have to start in on us, we didn’t do anything; we’re just trying to help! You can’t mourn forever! You could at least pretend you care about everyone else! Try to help out like everyone else! Remember she was my sister! You didn’t have to come home and tell out mother she was dead.”


  “ And you didn’t have to look into her eyes when she was dying!” Harry yelled. Ron and Hermione went silent. “ I keep seeing her, around the house, the town, in my sleep. I can’t stop thinking about her, remembering her. I keep hearing her when she was dying.” Now Ron and Hermione just looked concerned. “ She didn’t cry, you know, or scream, she just excepted it. It’s like she…she didn’t care; she just wanted to stop the pain. And I couldn’t do anything to help her; I just sat there and watched her die. I couldn’t help her; I couldn’t even ease her pain when she was dying. I just sat and watched the life sap out of her.” Harry realized he was crying, but he didn’t care, the time has past since he was ashamed to let his friends see him cry, it seemed childish to care about what people would think of him crying when Ginny was dead.


  “ I’m sorry.” Ron said, “ I didn’t mean to upset you.”


  “ It’s fine, just…” Harry stuttered wiping his eyes, “ Just go.”


  “ Harry…”


  “ Please, Hermione, just go.” He turned away from his friends; he heard them leave. He sat on the edge of his bed staring at the door, it seems like centuries ago when Ginny had came through it in her pajama shorts and too big tee shirt smiling. She never would again. She would never lighten up the house with her brightness again, she’d never jump on Harry’s bed wanting to kiss or do other things that would piss Ron off severely again. She was gone and this house held nothing but haunted memories of what has been, could’ve been and will never be again. All that is left are memories.

Author's note: First and formost, all underlined quote come from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, pg 647 I worked very hard to have just three lines of speech
I do not own them
I do not claim them
No copyright infringement intended
With that being said, I hope that those readers who don't already hate me liked this chapter, please leave reviews and stick with reading this, it gets happier (kind of)

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