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Shakespeare, Magic, and Me by heyITSme
Chapter 5 : "Not stepping o'er the bounds of modesty." Juliet(4.2.28)
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[Disclaimer: I don't own a thing]

C H A P T E R F I V E : "Not steping o'er the bounds of modesty." Juliet(4.2.28)

[Previously: Did I really just have a civil conversation with James Potter? And about Marlene's time of the month, too! ...Did I call him James? Does this mean I'll always call him James? Do--

"Oh, and Lily!" he called from the sky, "I'll see you tomorrow for our first Head's meeting in the Common--after your detention!" He began to laugh, "I'm sure it'll be a blast!"

Nope. He's still Potter.

The next morning, I woke up to Alice gabbering away at top speed about something that I could not understand, though I did catch 'ribbon', 'who', 'cute' and a few other random words. I also occasionally heard Marlene making 'mhmm' noises, encouraging Alice to keep talkng.

I groaned and rolled over.


Bad move.

"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"

"Why?" I groaned.

"You have detention in fifteen minutes,"

"WHAT?!" I cried, jumping out of bed.

"And this was on your bedside table." Alice said, handing me a small blue bag, with a big plush green ribbon tied around the handles. "Open it!"

I smiled to myself. Why to I have the best boyfriend ever? I mean seriously, Brad is just so--

"I think it's from James."

"Say what?" I cried, "Marlzy, Marlzy, Marls!" I said patronizingly, acting like I had total control over the situation. "...What are you talking about?"

"The ribbon." she said, "James always uses that ribbon."



"Open it!" Alice cried.

I huffed and reached out for my bag, and was suprised to find it had some weight to it.

I untied the ribbon and set it on my bedside table and looked into the bag to see...

loads of wrapped chocolate and a note.

The note read,

Just returning the galleon's worth of chocolate The Chocolate Whore stole.
Have fun in detention,
P.S. If Padfoot drives you insane, just tell him something really interesting is outside. He's the most ADHD child on the planet.

That's...really sweet of Potter...James...person...whatever. I suppose Padfoot is Black? I never did understand their nicknames. Padfoot, Prongs, Moony, and Wormtail. Perhaps Black likes extra padded shoes? And Ja--Pot---person likes to eat with like prong thingies? And Remus has a secret obsession with mooning peolpe? Perhaps Pettigrew enjoys the tail end of gummy worms.

It's anyone's guess, really.

But still, it's sweet that he remembered our conversation last night, and that he warned me about Black. Though it is a pretty pathetic warning.

"So?" Alice pestered, "Is it from James?"

"Er-yeah." I said, "It is."

"And?" Marlene asked, "Dear Merlin, Lils, do we have to pull the answer out of you?"

"It's just chocolates," I watched as Marlene's eyes grew wide, "We talked about it last night and he's just continuing the joke, really."

"Chocolate?" Marlene asked, with a hungry look in her eye. I instinctively tightened my grip on my chocolate. Which, by the way, was definitly more than a galleons worth. Unless this is just really cheap chocolate. Damn Potter.

"Wait, you all talked...civily?" Alice asked, appalled.

"Yes!" I laughed. "Honestly, you two..." I trailed off as I climbed out of bed and approached the bathroom.

"Marlene! Hands off the chocolate!" Alice scolded Marlene.

The truth? I'm kinda surprised at myself, too. Me and James civily? Oh my dearest Merlin! James Potter and I inside joke!
After brushing my teeth, I glanced at myself in the mirror, shrugged and headed to McGonagall's office in my sweatpants and sweatshirt.

[ ] [] [ ] [] [ ] [] [ ] [] [ ] [] [ ] [] [ ] [] [ ]

"Ahh, Ms. Evans, one minute early." McG praised.

What can I say? I arrive to detention early. I'm a loser.


"Evans, Minnie." he nods to us, "What do you have on tap for me today?"

"The two of you will be re-organizing and cleaning-up every broom closet on the first floor,"

I sighed in relief.

"...And every other floor."

"Damn," I muttered.

She smiled evily at us, "Wands please,"

Black and I shared a grim look, and handed over our wands. "Filch will go over all the broom closets after you two pick up your wands. I will know if my closets are clean. Go."

Black and I turned without a word and headed towards the nearest broom closet.

"So...Evans, how do you think we should re-organize the broom closets?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

I rolled my eyes at his stupidity. "I dunno Black. Nor do I really care."

We reached the first closet and re-organized in silence. We did this for the next five closets, until Black finally spoke, "So...uh, Evans...I-I'm sorry that I convinced Missy to make you and James the leads in the play."

I narrowed my eyes. Ah, yes. Missy Monroe. I need to deal with that hoe.

A giggle escaped me, Monroe - hoe...they rhyme. Hehe.

Black gave me an odd look, "Unless you wanted to be..."

"Wha-? Oh, no, I'm pissed you made me Juliet, Black. It was a dick thing to do."

"I know," he muttered.

"An- Wait, what?"

"I--I know I shouldn't have done that. It was thoguhtless and rude, and I'm sorry."



"Are you trying to atone for past sins or some shit?"


"Mhmm...So then you talked to Remus?"

Remus always was the most sensible out of the four of them. I knew I liked that bloke.
", James."


James? As in James Potter? Stand up for me? He told off Sirius for putting me and him together? He's been chasing me since third year. And all the sudden he's mature? What the hell.

"Yeah, well he said that it wasn't fair because you probably didn't even want to be in the play and stuff and so it wasn't cool you were now the lead role..."

"Yeah," I sighed, "being Juliet sucks. But thank you for apologizing, Sirius."

"No problem...Lily."

"So," I said brightly, "Wanna know what your character does?"

"Actually," Sirius laughed, "I do. Who the hell is named Mercutio?"

I laughed as we approached another closet, "Mercutio's my favorite character, actually. He's Romeo's best friend and lives the perfect life."

"Ohoo, I like him already!"

"Ha, yeah well you'll like him even more; because he's rich, young, and beautiful. Being the Prince's relative, he can do and say whatever he pleases. Every party and opportunity is his."


"Yep. And he's wildly inappropriate. Every appearance he makes, he tells at least one dirty joke. Some are even Marauder-worthy."

Sirius whooped in joy, "I have the best character! He's I'm best friends with my  best friend. And I'm rich and beautiful! Ha!"

I laughed at him, "And Mercutio is an arrogant bastard to! You guys just have so much in common..."

"Ha-ha, Evans. Well if he's such a dick, why do you like him?"

"Because..." I began, thinking, "Because he's such a sweetheart." Black gave me an odd look, "He think's he's this badass tough guy, but he actually really worries about Romeo. It's like Romeo is his top priority."

Sirius wass silent for a moment. "Cool...anything else?"

" die. In...the third act if I'm remembering correcty."


I laughed at his outraged expression. "Well, yeah, but you die for Romeo, so it's all good."

"Oh," he was quiet for a moment, "Damn, I am Mercutio." I laughed.

It amazes me how loyal those Marauders are. He just admited he would die for James. That's friendship right there.

We worked together for the next two hours, speaking to each other here and there, but mainly focusing on getting all the dratted broom closets cleaned. Though we did find some interesting finds.

Like Clare Ravenscroft making out with her ex-boyfriend of three months on the fourth floor.

And Annelida Andrews and Frankie Roberts on the third floor, twelfth closet on the right. I think that girl's name is such a tragedy. Did you know that Annelida is a phlyum of invertebrate? No? Well it is. Annelida is a bunch of segmented worms.

And the best find? Slytherin Queen Bella-bitch Black snogging her life away with Lucius Malfoy, her baby-sister's boyfriend. Scandalous, no?

Yeah...Sirius and I booked it when we saw them. I think he was just disgusted, but I didn't want to get on the Queen B's bad side.

[ ] [] [ ] [] [ ] [] [ ] [] [ ] [] [ ] [] [ ] [] [ ]

"So," Marlene said to me later that afternoon when she pounced on me for information, "How'd detention go?"

"Just fine." I quipped, fluffing up my pillow on my bed. "And actually...Sirius isn't all that bad."

"WHAT?" Marlene cried at the same time Alice said, "Explain."

"Well," I began, "T-"

"How can you say Black's not that bad? Because you're right! He's worse! He's worse than rain on a summer day! Worse than more jelly than peanutbutter! Worse than pairing a cheetah print purse with corderoy pants! Worse than--"

"We get it! We get it!" Alice cried.

"...Right." I said, "Well he apologized to me about the whole play thing. And we just talked. He's really chill."

"So...he apologized?" Alice asked in surprise, "That was random."

"Well...yeah. But he said he hadn't even thought about it until James talked to him and made him feel guilty."

"Oh, that's weird...James, hmmm?" Alice said with a sly smirk, "Tell me, Lilypad, how long have you been referring to Mr. Potter as James?"

"Oh shut up!" I cried with laughter, throwing a well aimed pillow at her head. "Please don't get any ideas, Al. He was just polite is all. It's nice that he spoke with Sirius about the whole thing."

After many crude jokes and hintful words, I grabbed my Romeo and Juliet book and went to the Head's common room for mine and James's meeting.

Twenty minutes later, James strolled in, whistling as he walked in. Wow. That definitely sounded like some really dumb line from some corny musical.

"So," he said brightly when he spotted me, "I heard you and Sirius made some excellent discoveries this morning."

"Yes, I suppose we did."

"Who knew the Slytherins were so scandalous?"

"I know, right?" I laughed, "I said the same thing!"

"Great minds think alike, you know." he said with a wink.

I rolled my eyes and put all my papers on the table, "Well, great mind, ready to sort out Prefect duties?"

An hour and a half later, James and I were packing up our things and chatting.

"How the bloody hell have you never been to a professional Quidditch game before?! And don't say you don't like Quidditch I know you enjoy flying and I know you following the Hogwart's games!"

"I dunno...the oportunity's never arrisen, y'know? I've got no one to go with and I wouldn't even know how to go about the whole process of buying the tickets!"

"That's a rubbish reason and you know it, Evans!"

"Yes, well it's the only one I've got!"

"Psh. That's pathetic. And besides, you could have gone with me!"

I gave him a look that clearly stated the fact that his mother dropped him on the head as a baby. More like whammed him into the bloody wall. "Yes well I guess I'm just the most pathetic chick out there, aren't I?"

"No...I think Monroe beat you there, but you're right after her, I promise."

"Oh, thanks! Speaking of Monroe the Hoe herself, you reminded me: I was wondering if you wanted to run lines some time,"

James smiled this big silly smile, "Sure, that'd be great."

"Great," I smiled as I went to the door, "I'll see you later Potter."

Just as the door was closing I called back to James, "Oh, and thanks for the chocolate, James!"

a/n: ok, so this chapter is the last fully written chapter i have... :) whoops. but i'll get to writing really quickly, i promise! ...or at least i'll try! but don't expect the next chapter until...september? sorry :(
on a brighter note, isn't this chapter long? for me at least? lol. 
pleaaassseee review! who knows, maybe it'll make me write quicker! 
p.s. if anyone is good at making banners...

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Shakespeare, Magic, and Me: "Not stepping o'er the bounds of modesty." Juliet(4.2.28)


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