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Living Dead Girl by Lily123Evans
Chapter 2 : Potions and Ointments and Lotions... Oh My!
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AN: Second chapter! YEAH! Hope you like it!

Aldora followed the man into a house that looked as if it had been slapped together by a blind giant. If not for magic, it would’ve collapsed long, long ago. Inside the house, however, it was warm and extremely welcoming. A round woman with curly red hair was running around with a wand and a tube of green goop in the other. “TONKS! Where are you!” The pink haired woman Aldora had helped earlier tripped into the room with an alarmed expression on her face. “Will you PLEASE help me?!? We have half the Order running around setting up wards and stuff and the OTHER half lying around in my living room practically DYING!!!” Her voice became louder with ever word she spoke.

An exasperated voice coming from the other room said, “We’re not dying Mum! And it’s not half the Order! It’s only me, Hermione, Remus, and Charlie. Everyone else is still coming.”


“Which one?” “Frederic”said in a falsely sweet voice.


The boy next to ALdora moved into the kitchen, pulling her with, and replied, “Here I am…” Before he could finish his sentence, his mother ran to him and flung her arms around him.

“GEORGE! Oh my goodness! We had no idea what happened to you! We thought you died! How come you’re here so late!?!? Bill, Charlie, Ron, AND Fred were all here before you! Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been!”

Extricating himself from his mother’s arms, he said laughingly, “Mum. I’m fine! Get a grip! Honestly!” Bringing Aldora forward, he said, “This is Aldora, Mum. Aldora, this is my Mum...” His mother stared at her wide-eyed before pulling her into a bone crushing hug.

“Oh, you poor dear! You must be the girl everyone’s talking about!” She then held her out at arms length and examined her. “SO skinny too! Tsk, tsk! This won’t do! Come into the living room and we can get you some food and potion and you can get some rest.” Quickly, she turned to George and said in a brisk voice, “Get some blankets and the Sleeping Draught from upstairs. Tell Tonks that we need more tea made and to start some soup…” she glanced at Aldora and added. “Why not add some biscuits too.”

Aldora tugged nervously at the sleeves of her sweater… no one could find out… “Umm… Mrs…”

The red headed woman turned to her and said, “Weasley, darling. Mrs. Weasley. You’ll get everyone’s names soon. Now come along!” Before Aldora could finish her thought, Mrs. Weasley herded her into the living room, where several people lay on couches. “Now sit down… make yourself comfortable… I’ll be right back.” Turning to the red headed boy sitting on the couch opposite Aldora, she said, quite viciously, “And Fred…if you bother her AT ALL I swear… you’ll be working harder than a house elf from now until…”

Fred cut her off hastily, “That’s okay, Mum. I’ll leave her alone. I swear!” Mrs. Weasley didn’t seem convinced, but whipped around and stalked back into the kitchen. As soon as she disappeared around the corner, Fred turned to Aldora and asked, “So. Mademoiselle… I don’t believe we’ve met before! My name is Frederic Arthur Weasley. You obviously met my mother… AND my twin! Err…. he’s George by the way if he didn’t mention that. The other red head kid riiiiiight there,” he pointed to a lump of blankets to Aldora’s right, “is my other brother, Charlie. And right next to him is…”

Before he could introduce the man next to Charlie, Mrs. Weasley came bustling back in, followed closely by Tonks. Both women were laden down with potion, bandages, ointments, and tons of other medical things Aldora could not even name. Aldora tried to stand up to help the women, but Mrs. Weasley pushed her gently back down. “It’s okay. We’ve got everything… you’re going first anyway…” Before Aldora could register anything that was just said, Mrs. Weasley grabbed her right arm and pushed up the sleeve.

 Everyone in the room gasped. “Aldora! What happened?!” Tonks asked. Aldora hastily tried to cover her arms, darkened with bruises and cuts, many still oozing blood.

“It’s fine…really, it is. I’ve managed for years,” Aldora muttered quietly, her face down.

Mrs. Weasley gaped down at her. “It is ABSOLUTELY NOT fine! Come here…” she marched to the kitchen, taking Aldora with her. “We’re going to my daughter’s room… just up these stairs.” Up about four (and way past “just up”) more flights of stairs and they reached a peeling door with a poster of “The Weird Sisters.” Mrs. Weasley opened the door with a wave of her wand, and pulled Aldora in.

“Now. We are going to see how bad those injuries are… can you take off the shirt, hon, please.” Mrs. Weasley looked at Aldora with pleading eyes.

With a sigh, she replied, “Fine. But it’s not going to be pretty at all.” And, that being said, she tore off the heavy black sweater.

“Oh my God…” Mrs. Weasley stared slack-mouthed at the girl’s thin, abused body. Her ribs stuck out at odd angles, as if they had been broken multiple times; her stomach was covered in bruises and cuts. Every inch of her was black or blue, minus her face and neck. “Poor, poor dear…” Mrs. Weasley pressed a hand to her lips, holding back tears. How much pain had she known? Aldora’s eyes sparkled with tears… no one had shown this much kindness to her… ever. “Come here, sweetie. We’ll fix you up right away!” And without another word, she began slathering her with a blue ointment that smelled vaguely of peppermint.

Once they had completely covered her upper half in the ointment, Mrs. Weasley grabbed a red and black Gryffindor shirt from one of the drawers behind her. “This’ll probably be big on you, but it’s the best we can do for now.”

Aldora saw the Gryffindor lion immediately. She ripped the shirt away from Mrs. Weasley and put it on straightaway with a hard look in her eyes; she would do anything and everything to defy her father. “Thank you,” she said brusquely. “Thank you.” Mrs. Weasley nodded silently, not trusting herself to speak. After a pause, Aldora asked tentatively, “Errr… can you put the ointment on my legs too…”

“Of course, dear, of course!” And within minutes, Aldora’s bottom half was slathered and re-clothed in a pair of Mrs. Weasley’s daughter’s pants. “Let’s go back downstairs, love. You can get some sleep.”

Aldora hesitated, and then reached over and gave Mrs. Weasley a hug.

Afterwards, as the pair was walking down the stairs, Aldora said thoughtfully, “So that was a hug… it was even better than I thought it would be!” She smiled widely at Mrs. Weasley and gave her another huge hug. “Thank you,” she whispered in the other woman’s ear, and then walked into the kitchen with a smile, leaving Mrs. Weasley with tears pouring down her face and thousands of thoughts running through her head.

Back in the kitchen, Aldora saw the red headed boy who had helped her to the Weasley’s leaning against the doorway to the living room. She walked over to him and gave him a hug too. The boy looked surprised. “What was that for?” He asked, his eyebrows raised.

“For freeing me.” She said simply. They both knew what she meant.

“Well. It was my pleasure…” There was a brief pause, and then, “Errr… maybe… as... errr... repayment you could...ummm... maybe have dinner with me one night ...or something?”

Aldora grinned. “That’d be great… George…” With that, she kissed him on the cheek, and breezed into the living room. George touched the spot she had kissed him dazedly. God, she was gorgeous…

AN: OooooO! Another cliffhanger! Those are the best, I think. Sooo… do you know who the red head guy is? Why don’t you review and tell me what you think!

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