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Midnight Affairs by crookshanks1545
Chapter 3 : Let the Games Begin
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Authors note: Please, Please, Please, I really would appreciate reviews. It would really help me to make this story better. Hope you like it [ :. Also, incase you haven't figured this out, the *** means that perspective is changing. REVIEW

“You’re going to the dance with WHO?” Gwen shrieked, causing the rest of the students in the hallway to momentarily stop in their tracks.

“It wasn’t my choice Gwen, It’s a punishment from Professor Bones. Rose and I got in a little bit of a duel this morning” I stated, putting it lightly.

“Well, that’s okay," Gwen decided, running her fingers through my hair playfully. “We can just sneak away, and have a little fun in the astronomy tower” She giggled.

“Yeah, only if you want Rose there while we’re doing it. Professor is using a hand-cuffing charm on us”.

“What! The little bitch," she said before shrugging slightly. "I guess I’ll just have to find the counter-charm for the handcuffs."

I lent in for a kiss to seal the plan, and partly to shut her up, when Dom interfered.

“Dude. Can I talk to you, in the common room? Right now. It can’t wait.”

“Oh, um, sure?" I answered turning away from him. "Bye Gwen.”

“Bye Scorpykins” she smiled, wrapping me into a far too intense kiss as she shoved her tongue down my throat. I refrained from choking and walked away with Dom in tow. As soon as we reached the common room, I collapsed onto the couch, and Dom spilled.

“For being a Malfoy, you can be really dense sometimes," at my confused look, he continued. "You’re going to be attached to one of the hottest girls in school all night, and you were about to ignore that fact, and prance off with the most annoying girlfriend of the year. Stay with Weasley the night of the dance, escape from crazy girlfriend, and I know Wes is the perverted one but, seriously man, get that ass.”

“Right…Well seeing as I don’t plan on tapping my worst enemy, I think I’m gonna stick with Gwen, thanks”.

“Your loss.” Dom sighed, falling into the armchair next to me.

I laid my head down on the couch, preparing for a nap before lunch ended. I was going to need all my sleep anyway if I was going to the Room of Requirement at 12 am. As my eyes closed, my mind began to wander.

Rose Weasley is the strangest person I’ve ever met. She stood up to me with intimidating confidence, met my gaze with her intriguing eyes and kept it, then fought back. She fought back. She was right too—Gwen would have cried. She agreed that she doesn’t earn her status, and she’s willing to prove it. All of this makes for the sexiest girl I have ever met. Shit. So how to challenge this girl, that would kill to prove herself? A game—but that’s not enough. There needs to be more. Several games—5; the perfect test.


“Excuse me, maybe I’m having a stupid moment but, I still fail to see the bad part of, ‘I am forced to go to the dance with Scorpius Malfoy’ AKA most gorgeous bloke I’ve ever laid eyes on.” Quinn stated, as we discussed my current dilemma before potions began.

“Quinn, you need to pay very close attention to what I’m about to tell you: boys don’t always equal good. Just because Scorpius is attractive doesn’t mean I want to spend a night with his wretched personality.”

“But….. he’s hot.” Quinn responded, scrunching up her nose in confusion.

“Perhaps this is going to take longer then expected” I sighed.

“Well, if it counts I completely understand” smiled Talia, as she slid into the open seat next to me.

“Of course you do. Avoiding cute boys at all costs is your forte Talia. Maybe you should try, spreading your wings a little--start at the beginning of the alphabet” Quinn noted, making her second attempt to bring Talia and Albus together.

“So, I need to find an Aaron somewhere in this school?” Talia questioned, unconvinced.

“No no, let’s just stick to our circle of friends. Oh, would you look at that ! Potter’s first name starts with an…”

“You know, Jesse’s middle name is Aaron. Is that what your getting at?” Talia noted.

“URGH. Forget it, bloody forget it”.

“Quinn, you are a strange girl” Talia commented thoroughly confused. Matchmaking attempt #2: failed.

“Well if it helps, I too agree with Talia,” nodded Nora. “Scorpius Malfoy has self-centeredness oozing out of his pores he so conceited. If I was stuck listening to drones that come out of his mouth all night I would be more than a little upset. If you want to talk about it after dinner, I’ll be up all night, writing the novel Professor Longbottom calls an essay.”

“Actually girls, speaking of tonight, we all sort of have plans. You see, we have to meet Malfoy in the Room of Requirement at midnight.”

“Oh yeah, lets just go meet your enemy in the middle of the night, in a secluded room with no supervision, really that’s such a wonderful idea, Rose” Talia retorted.

“Wait I’m confused. So you just got done telling me how much you hate Scorpius Malfoy, and you don’t want to be with him, and yet you’ve made a plan to hang out with him, tonight. Does this make sense? I think not” Quinn pondered in a sarcastic manner.

“He wants me to prove I earn what I get, and I want to prove it. Plus, its 7th year, and I need an adventure more then I can possibly explain. I don’t know what this little test he has come up with entails, however, if you’re up for it, I’m sure this will be one hell of a game. Albus, Warren, Parker, and Holly already said yes at lunch. So, are you in?”

“Holly agreed? Holly Finnegan?”

“Under the circumstances that it doesn’t interfer with Quidditch”.


“Well, I suppose your going to need my common sense, so why not?” Talia agreed.

“And my cunning charm. I’ll be there,” Quinn laughed.

“There’s no way your getting me to sneak out in the middle of the night to meet a group of nasty Slytherins. I’ll watch from afar thanks. Maybe Kyle, Jesse and I will have a, 'wow our friends are really dumb party',” Nora declared.

“I have no problem with that,” I laughed, happy that at least most of my friends are in.

All of my other classes passed rather smoothly, as the day went on, though saying that I was distracted would be putting it lightly. The anticipation of the night ahead of me sent shivers down my spine every time I even thought about it-- and him. Scorpius Malfoy is really the most insufferable, egotistical, close-minded, and amazingly intriguing, pig. The combination sends my head spinning at times. Being around him makes me tense, and nervous; what do you do when for the life of you, you cannot read the person you're talking to? It’s really pretty terrifying—and extremely exciting.

Dinner rolled by rather quickly, and uneventfully, despite the death glares I was receiving from Gwen Pear. Sorry Gwen but your arse of a boyfriend brought this dance date upon himself. As dinner came to a close, I began to make my way up to the common room, when Albus ran to catch up.

“Hey, do I know you?” He laughed, commenting on our recent distance from each other.

“Hi” I said, sending him a sincere, ‘I miss you’ smile.

“I miss you too” He responded, being once again, the Al who knows me too well. Out of all of the people that I will ever meet at this school, or in this world, I will never meet someone like Albus. I love him with every part of me, and in every way imaginable, he is my best friend. We reached the common room and sunk into the large red couch, glad that we beat the rush.

“Rose, why are you doing this?”


“This damn Malfoy thing. Just because he comes up with some twisted statement, saying that you don’t earn anyone’s respect doesn’t mean you have to prove him wrong. Rose, I respect you so much, and not for what our parents did; you’re an amazing person with an amazing heart. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, and if this gets out of hand sometimes you're stronger to let go. What I’m really saying is, do you want to do this?”

“I have to.”

“That’s not true.”

“Yes it is and you know it. I need to be something more. I want to be something more. I’m proving it to myself more then to anyone else. I need to know if I’m as strong as them—my mom and my dad; if I can own person.”

“You can.”

“How do you know that Al?”

“I know you.”

“That’s not enough sometimes.”

“Well, I’ll be there to watch your ass if you do something to stupid,” He smiled, lightening the mood.

“Oh trust me, I know you will.” I laughed, “ I should go to my dorm, probably get some sleep in before tonight. I love you Aligator.”

“I love you too, Rosie Posie” he chuckled at our childhood names, as he made his way to the boy’s dormitories.

It felt as if I had laid down for a 3 seconds, then suddenly it was 11:30-- time to get up. My heart was pounding from the combined adrenaline from sneaking out of the dorm, and the anticipation of this secret meeting. I ran into the bathroom to prepare. As I stood, Holly heard my footsteps, immediately waking.

“Oh god I was hoping you would forget this silly thing” She groaned, shoving her face into her pillow.

“Not a chance that was going to happen, now get your ass up before I need to pull you out of bed” Quinn commanded.

“Okay Professor, don’t want to get a detention,” retorted Holly.

"Oh don't be fresh, Holl," Talia reprimanded with faint traces of amusement laced in her undertones.

Holly stuck out her tongue and pulled herself up to her feet, making way to her trunk. She glanced over at Nora who was scratching away furiously at her Herbology essay, brows furrowed in concentration and her tongue poking out between clenched teeth.

"Don't hurt yourself there, Nor" Holly laughed as she watched her friend. Nora shot her a death glare, causing a tinkle of laughter from the other girls in the room.

“Well girls, who’s ready to have a little fun?”

Everyone turned around to see me standing in the doorway of the bathroom, fully dressed in sneaking out attire. A black, deep V-neck, showing off more then enough cleavage, skin- tight black leggings and knee high black suede boots. My hair was tied back into a sleek, long ponytail—wand in hand, of course.

“Oh bloody hell, Rose, why do you have to look so goddamn sexy? Now I actually have to try!” Talia whisper-snapped.

“Don’t worry girls, Quinn to the rescue!”

With a little help, everyone was put into a proper outfit, Quinn’s almost outshining mine, with her leather boots up to her thigh, black short shorts, and fitting black turtle neck. Her hair was in pulled back into a long French braid. I’m assuming the effort is all for Warren.

“I know what your thinking," she said in response to my arched brow. "But, I’m very pleased with Bane. It’s great to know that all of my friends think because I want to look good, I’m a cheating whore.”

“Oh no, baby, your not a cheating whore” Nora laughed, watching the whole ordeal from her bed.

“HA-HA.” Quinn whined.

“Girls, lets go before this gets ugly” I addressed the group. I slowly made my way out of the dorm, and down the spiral staircase. The common room was pitch black, and seemingly empty. I walked to the portrait aware of every sound around me. I slipped in the hallway, girls in tow. I kept close to the wall as I made my way down the corridor, thinking I probably should have asked Albus for his invisibility cloak. At the blank wall in the corridor, where the Room of Requirement can be found, I walked by the wall three times, thinking only of how I need a room to meet with Malfoy—this opened the room.

I found myself in a place that appeared as a sort of common room, with large couches, chairs, and a fireplace. The Gryffindor boys, and the Slytherin crew (Malfoy, Dom, Wes, Henry Nade, Kingsley Coren, Fiona, and Gwen) had already made their way in. My nerves went into overdrive when I saw the group—this truly would be an interesting night.

“ Rose, what the hell are you wearing!” snapped Albus from his chair, being the big brother that he was.

“Clothes, Albus”

“Barely” he scoffed.

“What are you wearing?” Warren smirked, almost drooling at Quinn. This left her completely satisfied as she strutted over to him.

“Alright. I think it’s time to discuss why we’re here, if this little Gryffindor love fest is over.” Scorpius declared.

“Let's” I stated.


Speaking was becoming increasingly difficult. Rose. She looked amazing. Malfoy men don’t stare, but at times I got dangerously close. I almost gasped when she walked in the room; god she was making life difficult.

“The idea of this is the midnight games. You’ll be informed of your task in the morning and that night, the game will begin at exactly 12. The games will be decided by Ezzy Mclaggen,” I said, pulling Ezzy out from behind me. Quinn immediately distanced herself from Warren at the sight of her boyfriend’s 6th year sister.

“Because she’s in Ravenclaw, she won’t be biased when making the tasks. There will be 5 in total—addressed as the Midnight Affairs”.

“Cute name don’t you think!” giggled Gwen, who forcibly took over the task in creating a title.

“The tasks will get increasingly hard," I continued, ignoring her outburst. "And they will all begin at midnight. You’ll know what the task is by morning, having all day to decide your plan, before we meet here. The first game is Friday, make sure you let nothing slip-- no one can know about what we’re doing. Any questions?”

“What do you win?”


“Please, like I’ll ever respect you,” Al scoffed.

“You’ll have to,” I snapped back.

“Boys—Calm down. I think this meeting is over. We all get it, we’re all in.” Rose confirmed. God she looks hot.

Everyone began to exit the room. I waited to make sure everyone was out. Rose was last to leave, so I took a chance and spoke up.

“Well Rose, is this what you wanted?” she turned around to face me, walking away from the door.


“God your predictable,” I sighed, feigning boredom.

“Excuse me? Predictable?" she inquired incredulously. "Does sneaking out in the middle of the night seem predictable to you?”

“For an angsty, needs-to-prove-herself girl like you? Completely.”

“You’re an ass.”

“Agreed,” I smirked. And with that, everything was spun out of my control. Rose pushed me up against the wall, and I was fully prepared for a slap. However, that’s not exactly what happened.

It was only a second before I felt her lips crush themselves up against mine, and her petite frame close the distance between our bodies, keeping me firmly against the wall. I stood in shock for a fleeting moment before sliding my arms around her slender waist. My tongue swiped over her bottom lip in response, and she opened her mouth, gaining me entrance. Rose's fingers slid into my hair, entwining them in my platinum locks. Our tongues engaged in an epic battle, fighting for dominance of the kiss, wrestling in complete and utter passion. I gripped her hips tightly, splaying my fingers over the small of her back, pulling her even closer to my lean form in absolute need. She sensually sucked at my bottom lip before breaking us apart, leaving her lips lingering over mine. I stared into her emerald orbs as she spoke, feeling the pout of her swollen rosy lips brushing against my own with every word, teasing my senses, as her hands loosened their grip on my hair, traveling down to the collar of my shirt.

"Bet you thought I'd hit you-- God, you're predictable," she whispered.

Rose pushed her body off of mine, and turned, crossing the room and slipping through the door. I stood dazed against the wall she had forced me up against, slowly blinking, bringing myself back into reality. Rose Weasley just kissed me. No, she didn't kiss me; she snogged me stupid then left, when all I want is more. Fuck.

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