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The Potter And The Weasley Kids Do Hogwarts by Elle Winters
Chapter 15 : The Boys
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“Well, isn’t this a load of bollocks,” muttered Finch, turning away from Harry and talking to Hugo and Razor. “Fancy planning our revenge on Barrat and his cronies instead?”

“Definitely,” said Hugo, as Harry started ranting on about not going into the Forbidden Forrest because it was, shockingly, ‘forbidden’. “Got any ideas?”

“I reckon,” said Razor, cracking his knuckles in what he evidently thought was a threatening way, “We beat them up! Smash their faces in!”

“And get ourselves not only detention but a criminal record?” said Finch, sounding disgusted. “Yeah, no thanks. Barrat needs to pay for all the times he's messed with us, all the things he's said and done to get at us. It’s gotta be something cunning; something Barrat’s low IQ brain would never think of!”

“And we would?” scoffed Hugo, nodding meaningfully in Razor’s direction. “Finch, you’re the only one out of the three of us who isn’t failing their OWLs!”

“Be that as it may,” said Finch, rolling his eyes as Razor nodded in agreement, “Seeing as how you have one of the best master pranksters of the 21st Century for an uncle, surely, low intellectual capacity aside, you could think of something?”

Hugo thought for a moment.

“Mmm… nope.”




Son of a bitch, James thought in annoyance, glancing anxiously over at his father, who was gesticulating wildly as he laid out his plans for Inter-School Quidditch, why does it always happen to me?

Could he not, he thought angrily, have said no to Flitwick’s job?! For once in his life, could the man not just leave the hefty weight of responsibility down with the little man?! How am I ever gonna pull any of the of-age students with him hanging around?!

Oh, Jesus, that Sienna girl is looking at me again.

James waved half-heartedly at her, feeling bad for making her cry but also pretty freaked out that she was still totally obsessed with him.

He grimaced when she waved enthusiastically back, a manically happy smile on her face.

Much to his alarm, she started to get up out of her seat, his father’s speech having now ended and the food having just arrived, meaning everyone was free to do what they wished.

Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, he thought, wildly looking around for someone to distract him so he didn’t have to talk to her.

Noticing that the Gryffindor table was right in his eye-line and that Jessie and Lily, who were always good at chatting about shit and would easily sidetrack him and thus divert Sienna’s attention on to someone else, like maybe Al or Hugo, he grabbed a date from a plate in front of him and aimed it at Jessie.

He missed her head by inches and it instead landed in her pasta. It had the desired effect, however, as she turned around to see who’d thrown it.

He began waving his hand furiously. Her face darkened as she set eyes on him and he could easily make out the words, “Oh man! What does James want now?”

Brilliant, he thought, waving even harder. Phase one of the plan complete.

Now they just need to hurry their butts over here before Sienna arrives.

He saw, out the corner of his eye, her fast approaching.

Shit, he thought, his eyes widening in panic, move it people, move it!


I know this is ridiculously short but after this we're gonna get into the full swing of the story as the character fillers are now complete, yipee! Thanks for all your reviews, it's brilliant to see how loyal you all still are to the story and how much you still enjoy it!



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