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Baby, look up when you're down by ClearCutDiamonds
Chapter 3 : III.
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III. Baby, look up when you’re down — Chapter 3

“If you wait to do everything until you're sure it's right, you'll probably never do much of anything.”
               — Win Borden

Victoire Weasley touched her golden blonde hair anxiously. Victoire was rarely tense. She hated the fact that Teddy Lupin had made her feel so guilty and nervous. It was his fault. He was the one being a prat. She was allowed to be defensive. And now she felt guilty. Guilty about what she had said to him, when she was the one who was supposed to be sensitive in the situation. And nervous about people finding out that she had slept with Teddy Lupin. She didn’t even know what had happened for Merlin’s sake! It was all so horrible. She knew Teddy had told Cameron Wood, it was only a matter of time until everyone found out and pegged her as not only an ice-cold bitch, but a common whore as well. The worst part was that she had no one to talk to. If she had told Savannah or Aurelie, they would both think less of her and make her feel worse about what she had done.

          ‘Victoire?’ asked Savannah, peering at her curiously in the vanity mirror, mascara wand poised mid-air, ‘Are you all right? You’ve been acting strange all day.’

           Victoire snapped out of her reverie. ‘Oh, no, I’m fine, really,’ she said quickly.

           Aurelie looked up from filing her nails and raised an eyebrow. Savannah dismissed her inquiry after Victoire’s confirmation and continued coating her lashes with mascara.

           Victoire lay on her four-poster bed staring at the far wall. She was perhaps more anxious than before considering that her friends were now suspicious of her behavior.

          ‘Hey, Vic,’ said Aurelie nonchalantly, ‘Where were you this morning?’

          ‘What?’ asked Victoire uneasily, ‘I was here.’

          ‘No,’ said Savannah, frowning slightly, ‘you weren’t.’

           Savannah and Aurelie were now both observing Victoire curiously. Victoire was careful not to give away any signs of insecurity. ‘I wasn’t feeling well,’ she said slowly, ‘I went to go ask Madame Pomphrey for an antidote.’

          ‘Are you all right, now?’ asked Savannah.

          ‘Yes, I’m fine,’ Victoire lied easily.

           Victoire cast a glance at Aurelie, who looked unconvinced. She was frowning at Victoire, her perfectly shaped eyebrows creased in confusion, her green eyes piercing.
Savannah unaware of the tension transpiring between Aurelie and Victoire was now gossiping.

          ‘Apparently, she had been pursuing him for ages. He seemed into her, too because they’d hooked up a couple of times. And then at the party, his thoughts were on someone else because he completely ignored her. And left early. So, she was really pissed, so she went to go see Cameron because they’re best mates —’

           That caught Victoire’s attention quickly, ‘What?’ she asked.

           Savannah looked annoyed about having to repeat herself again but repeated herself nonetheless, ‘Chloe Davies went to go ask Cameron Wood why Teddy Lupin suddenly lost interest because they were hooking up for weeks, but that’s pretty standard for Teddy, I mean, him and Cameron have a new girl every week. Anyways, she went to go ask Cameron and Cameron said that Teddy had hooked up with someone else, but wouldn’t tell her who. Apparently the girl’s an ice-cold bitch. Something happened between her and Teddy after and...’

           Victoire felt like she was going to be sick. Everyone was going to know what happened between her and Teddy soon enough.

          ‘Whatever, that Teddy Lupin sleeps around so much it’ll be no time until he gets over it. Besides why are we talking about Lupin and Wood? They’re a bit below us, don’t you think, Vic?’ said Aurelie, her eyes flashing dangerously.

           Victoire was inwardly panicking, she knew Aurelie was suspicious. ‘Yeah,’ said Victoire, composing herself.

          ‘There’s a Gryffindor party tonight in the common room, are we going?’ asked Savannah.

           Victoire inwardly sighed. Why did there have to be so many parties? The holidays were approaching and teachers weren't giving homework and suddenly Gryffindor had a lot of free time for parties.

          ‘It’ll probably be a bore but, why not? There’s nothing better to do,’ answered Aurelie.

           Victoire tried to breathe evenly. She would have to see Teddy. The boy she’d slept with. With no recollection as to what happened or how she’d gotten into the situation. Everytime she tried to remember, her mind was blank. She had convinced herself that she’d been drunk but she truly didn’t know. She hardly ever drank and never enough to get drunk. There had been the party that night… but she had barely drank. It was all so frustrating and confusing.

          ‘Anyways, I’m starving, let’s go to dinner,’ said Aurelie, switching the subject.

           The trio left the dormitory and walked down the stairs leaving other, less pretty girls scurrying in their wake. Victoire’s stomach lurched at who stood near the bottom of the staircase. Teddy Lupin. She knew she had hurt his feelings earlier and she couldn’t bring herself to look at him.

          Cameron was standing with Teddy and he spotted Victoire and glared. Aurelie caught the glare that Cameron was giving Victoire and her icy stare rested on Cameron.

         ‘What’s your problem, Wood?’ asked Aurelie. Victoire wished she hadn’t. Teddy turned around and spotted Victoire and frowned, his gold eyes piercing.

          With all the guilt she felt for hurting Teddy, Victoire couldn’t look him in the eye.

         ‘Maybe you should ask Victoire that,’ answered Cameron. Aurelie and Savannah’s stares turned to Victoire.

         ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ snapped Aurelie.

          Cameron was silent, he just fixed Victoire with a defiant stare.

          ‘Just leave it,’ said Teddy, speaking for the first time. He walked off without another word and Cameron followed.

          Silence fell over the trio. Savannah was staring curiously at Victoire and Aurelie was glaring at her.

         ‘What the hell was that all about?’ asked Aurelie.

          Victoire wouldn’t meet her eye. ‘Nothing,’ she answered.

         ‘Well,’ she said icily, ‘since you won’t tell us anything, we’ll just have to see what happens tonight at the party.’


           Victoire stared at her reflection in the vanity mirror, her glossy, golden hair fell in loose curls about her made up face. Her ice blue eyes were rimmed with gold eye shadow and her full lips were coated with lipstick. She was dressed in tight jeans, a light blue deep v-neck tank that brought out the color of her eyes and high heels that enhanced her stunning frame. Normally, Victoire hated dressing up, but Aurelie had forced her saying that tonight called for something special. Aurelie and Savannah were also dressed up. Aurelie in a skintight dark red dress, her straight brown hair was tousled and her green eyes lined with makeup. Savannah’s red hair was in curls, her black skirt and shirt ensemble contrasted greatly against her creamy skin.

          The trio made their way to the common room to find it filled with sixth and seventh year Gryffindors dancing, drinking and a select few, snogging. Aurelie stared at a couple in disgust and made her way to the drinks table, where Cameron Wood was pouring various alcoholic drinks into cups. He frowned at the trio but passed them drinks nonetheless. Victoire couldn’t pay attention to any of it. Her head was pounding and the knot in her stomach was tightening. She needed to find out what had happened that night. And she was going to get it out of the one person who knew. That proved to be a problem considering that one person hated her completely.

          Victoire looked around, her piercing eyes searching the common room for that one head of indigo-colored hair, Teddy’s preferred choice of hair color.

         Nothing. Victoire sighed. Aurelie and Savannah had already left her and Victoire hated being alone. She sipped her drink – Firewhiskey. She had always thought it was a sort of foul tasting drink, she much preferred the sweeter taste of Butterbeer.

         Teddy was nowhere in sight. Victoire was frustrated. Teddy never missed parties and Victoire had that sinking feeling in her stomach that she was the sole reason he had skipped out tonight.

         The song playing was pounding in Victoire’s ears. Teddy wasn’t here and she didn't want to be here, either. Aurelie and Savannah would hardly notice her absence. And parties never really were her thing. She mentally listed all the reasons why she should leave and putting her drink down on a nearby table made her decision and walked purposely towards the boy’s dormitories. If Teddy wasn’t there she would give up.

         She cast a quick glance behind her to make sure that no one would see her get suspicious as to why Victoire Weasley would be going into the boy’s dormitory at a party. No one seemed to notice and Victoire hurried up the staircase passing the doors marked with the levels. She reached the top of the stairs and hesitated. The door was ajar and Victoire couldn’t hear any noise. She turned to walk away but forced herself to do what she had came to do: get some answers.

         She placed a hand firmly on the door and pushed. The dormitory looked the same as she remembered it. All the beds were vacated. Except one. With the hangings closed. At the far corner. Teddy’s bed. She couldn’t hear anything and already felt like an idiot for coming back. Teddy was livid with her, why would he want to speak to her?

        She’d already come this far so she walked towards the bed. She grasped the scarlet hangings and pulled it to the side to reveal Teddy, his gold eyes staring at the ceiling. He looked towards his now open hangings, startled. He sat up quickly. He was clad in nothing but sweat pants and Victoire forced herself not to stare at his exposed body.

       She cleared her throat awkwardly and she never felt awkward. She hate the fact that Teddy made her feel awkward. Teddy scanned her appearance and his eyes came to rest upon her face. Neither two said anything for a few moments until Teddy broke the silence.

      ‘What are you doing here?’ he asked, not in a rude way, a simple inquiry. But, it was enough to make Victoire feel like even more of an idiot.

      ‘I just — do you think I could ask you something?’

       He furrowed his brow in confusion, ‘Sure.’

      ‘Do you think you could tell me what happened last night?’ asked Victoire tentatively. Teddy stiffened visibly.

      ‘Well,’ began Teddy coldly, reaching for a shirt and pulling it over his head, ‘you were drunk.’ Victoire detected the sarcasm in his tone and frowned. ‘I’m not an idiot, Vic. I can tell when someone’s drunk or not. If we both know what happened, why did you need to lie about it? I get that your ashamed, but—’

      ‘I’m not, okay?’ snapped Victoire, cutting him off. ‘I just don’t remember what happened. And I’m confused. And you were a downright prat. And then you were sensitive about it.’

      ‘You don’t… remember what happened, I thought you had been lying,’ he said slowly.

      ‘No,’ said Victoire defensively, crossing her arms over her chest.

      ‘And… you came here to ask me what happened?’ he asked.

      ‘Yes,’ snapped Victoire.

      ‘Well, I think its pretty self-explanatory… me, you, no clothes…’ he said, looking up to meet his piercing gold eyes with Victoire’s ice blue ones.

       Victoire looked away quickly. ‘I can understand that. I want to know how I got here and…’ she didn’t know how to put the next part of her sentence delicately.

       ‘Were idiot enough to want to shag me?’ he finished for her.

       ‘No, I—’ Victoire began.

       ‘Whatever,’ said Teddy coolly, ‘we both know you were thinking it anyway.’

        Both stayed silent. Teddy looked at Victoire again, his brow creased in confusion, his eyes searching her face. Victoire wouldn’t meet his eyes. He sighed and went to sit on the end of his bed, his gaze still on Victoire, waiting for her to speak.

       ‘Could you just tell me what happened and then I’ll promise to leave you alone?’ asked Victoire.

         Teddy sighed and shook his head, ‘Yeah, sure.’

         Victoire sat awkwardly next to Teddy and he turned to face her.

         'You did seem kind of weird,’ mused Teddy. ‘You weren’t as composed as you normally are… you followed me up to my dormitory —’

         ‘I did what?’ asked Victoire in disbelief.

         Teddy looked uncomfortable, which was a first for him. ‘You came up here and… I was a bit surprised and you uh, you kissed me. And I was a bit shocked at first… you’d never really said much to me in well, awhile. I asked you what was going on and you said well—’ Teddy stopped and ran a hand through his blue hair nervously.

         ‘I said what? What did I say?’ asked Victoire anxiously.

         Teddy mumbled something under his breath.

         'For Merlin’s sake, what did I say?’ asked Victoire.

         ‘You, uh, said something…’ Teddy paused for a moment, thinking of a word, ‘naughty.’

          Victoire could feel her face go red, ‘All right, and then?’

         ‘You told me something else. And I said no. But, you insisted. And then you may have said some other uh… naughty things and then we just sort of went at it,’ said Teddy uncomfortably.

          The blush in Victoire’s cheeks glowed red. Teddy cast a glance at her but said nothing else.

          Victoire rose and faced Teddy, ‘Uhm, thanks for telling me that.’

          She walked quickly towards the door and at the last minute turned back around. ‘Teddy?’ she asked.

          Teddy looked up, ‘Yeah?’

          Victoire bit her bottom lip nervously, ‘I’m sorry… about everything.’


Author's Note
Thanks for taking the time to read this and drop me a review if you can :)

most beautiful, amazing chapter image by Ande @ TDAs.

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