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Top Five by Lillian Resolve
Chapter 1 : Top Five Songs To Break your Heart To
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            “Harry, this just isn't going to work. I'm sorry.”  

  Harry Potter stared at the blond woman as she began to move around the bedroom, slowly packing her belongings into the large, old fashioned, suitcase laying open on the bed.  ‘This can't be happening. Not again.’ 

          “Luna, be reasonable about this would you? I know we have our problems, but we can work it out! You don't have to leave,” He half yelled, franticly pulling the shirt from her hands and throwing it across the room. 

             “Harry, I am being reasonable. That's why I'm leaving,” She explained calmly, crossing the room to pick up the shirt Harry had thrown, “Besides, Molly will be delighted to have me, and the Burrow is right near a known sighting area of Crumple-Horned Snorkacks.” 

            “But, Luna. You can't go, I need you,” Harry pleaded trying desperately to catch her eye. She kept them resolutely trained on her suitcase, closing it and snapping the closures before shrinking it and stuffing it in her pocket.  Finally, she looked at Harry, a determined glint in her Silver-gray eyes. “Harry, I'm leaving. I'm sorry, but this is something we both need.”  

  And with that she turned on her heel and apparated away before Harry could reach out to stop her.  Harry stood staring at the place between what used to be their bed and her now empty wardrobe for what could have been hours. Finally he turned away and sullenly left his room. He entered the living room and grabbed his ipod off the coffee table before walking out the door of the apartment they used to share. He decided to just let his feet wander until he got somewhere. Silently Harry began to make a list. 
Top five songs to break your heart to: 
Until the Day I Die -Story of the Year 
Your Sword vs. My Dagger -Silverstein 
Swing Life Away -Rise Against 
Disarm -Smashing Pumpkins 
Everything We Had -The Academy Is... 

  Harry bitterly played the list back to himself as he walked. ‘No longer there, indeed.’ Eventually, he rounded a corner and stood facing the entrance of The Leaky Cauldron.  Deciding that this was to be his destination he pulled open the door and entered the dingy dark pub, immediately taking a seat at the bar. 

            “Harry!  Always good to see ya lad, how can I help ya?”  Tom, the Cauldron's kindly bartender, asked Harry in an overly loud voice as if to alert everyone to the fact that the great Man-Who-Lived was giving patronage to the bar.  Harry ducked his head and pulled the headphone from his right ear, “ Firewhiskey, lots of it,” He responded before replacing the headphone and watching as an entire bottle and a two shot glasses were placed in front of him. Harry filled the shot glasses and drank them both quickly, this went on for hours, until Harry, thoroughly drunk, grabbed the bottle and apparated to the one place where he knew she would be; the Burrow. 
  Harry stumbled as he landed but managed to stay on his feet. Still clutching the bottle of Firewhiskey tightly in his hand, he staggered his way to the front door and began to knock loudly. On his third knock the door was yanked open and Harry stood face to face with a very angry looking Molly Weasley. 

              “Harry! What do you think you are doing, coming here at this time at night?! And drunk by the looks of it!”  The woman yelled, but Harry could care less about the menopausal woman screaming at him, for Luna had just wandered sleepily into the main room of the burrow. Harry quickly pushed passed Molly and made his way over the blond. 
             “Harry? What are you doing here?” She asked, worry evident in her voice. 

             “You! You know what, Luna! I'm here, I'm here to tell you that, that...You don't matter! If you wanted to hurt me, you should have got to me sooner! Cause you know what? You don't even make the TOP FIVE! You know who does! In Chronological Order: Cho Chang, Ginny Weasley, Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson, and Padma Patil! ” Harry screamed at her in a drunken slur, before Molly rushed forward and grabbed him by the shoulders, her motherly instincts kicking in. 
She looked at Luna, who was visibly shaken at Harry's outburst, “Luna, dear, why don't you go upstairs, I'll bring you up a cup of tea in a minute darling.” Luna nodded absently and turned to head back upstairs to the room Molly and Author had offered her until she could get on her feet again. Molly turned her attention back to Harry with a disappointed look on her face, “Harry, go home. I know your hurting, but getting drunk and yelling bloody murder is not the way to deal with it.”  As she said this Molly led Harry to the fireplace and threw some floo powder in. “Harry's Apartment,” She yelled, before pushing the young man into the fire.

I Do not own the songs used in this chapter. They belong to their respective artsists. Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling and WB.

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