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All Inclusive by DeaVanity
Chapter 1 : All Inclusive
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Once, I was a studious Ravenclaw, a prefect, member of the Dumbledore’s Army. I fought against Voldemort along with many others. Including Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger. War heroes. I hear that Harry and Ron are Aurors now. Good for them. And me?
 If you looked at me now, you wouldn’t recognize me. I changed my appearance – my hair is short, not black in colour anymore and the slight bags under my eyes and dilated pupils would tell you quite a story. My sister doesn’t speak with me anymore, our parents too. They are disappointed; they think I disgraced our family. I don’t blame them, though I enjoy my life. Sometimes. Parvati  is getting married, you know? To Anthony Goldstein. My former housemate and fellow prefect. They didn’t invite me to the wedding, I found out through the Dutch edition of Daily Prophet. Apparently, Anthony is quite famous. He became a member of the Wizengamot.

 Amsterdam is quite a city. Full of odd people and most of them are laid back, tolerant. Muggles here are really funny sometimes, especially when tourists come to De Wallen. I live near the area; it’s easier for my business, though my line of work doesn’t have much to do with what’s typically offered in De Wallen.

 As I’m standing in front of Oude Kerk (fancy a church in De Wallen?), rain starts pouring down. Fuck. I’m supposed to meet a customer on a bridge nearby in five minutes. Hopefully he won’t be late.

I hurry under the roof of a souvenir shop and wait until I see a figure of a man in a long cloak standing on the bridge, unconcerned with rain, apparently waiting for someone. I reach under my jacket to see if the Moon Blow is safely tucked there. It is. I leave the shop and march up the bridge to meet him. I can’t cast a spell to protect myself from rain as he is a muggle. He looks up from his watch and frowns.

 ‘You’re late,’ he says in a voice he seems to think is fearsome. A fool, thinking he could scare me. Me! A witch! Even though I’m disowned by my family, estranged from my former friends, I still know how to use my wand effectively.

 ‘I’m not. Let’s get this done.’ I look at him and wait for my 100 Euros, which will then be changed into Galleons. Rule number one of my business – never give out your goods before payment. Rule number two would probably be to not get caught, but that’s hardly a rule for me. Muggle police would never be able to catch me but... The Ministry, English or Dutch, wouldn’t be too happy to know I’m a dealer of Moon Dust mixed with muggle cocaine. Fortunately, rebuilding the world after Voldemorts fall is occupying them at the moment.

 He hands me down my money and waits expectantly while I count it.

‘You don’t have to worry, everything is in there.’ I just snigger and continue counting. He’s right though, he didn’t cheat me and I give him his purchase. He bids me farewell and leaves in a hurry to fix himself.

I sigh. I need a drink, maybe a joint or two so I head in the direction of my favourite coffee shop, Dread Rock. It’s not far from Oude Kerk. As the rain pours down, I’m too caught up to notice a familiar male figure that stood by the bench near the coffee shop.


‘Padma?’ He asks and I flinch. No one has called me by that name in four years, ever since I left for Amsterdam. I know that voice. That was the same voice of the boy, now a man, with whom I went to the Yule Ball, the same voice of the boy I grew fancy for after the second task of the Triwizard Tournament and continued to fancy him through my school years, while never acknowledging it. He was the last person I expected to see here.

 ‘Ronald Weasley. What brings you to Amsterdam?’ I ask him. He looks depressed; his eyes don’t have that sparkle that they once held. He seems as though he wishes to actually be somewhere else.

‘I... I didn’t know you’re here.’ He says, ignoring my question. Yes, he wouldn’t know. My sister wouldn’t bother to tell anyone of my escape to Netherlands and my way of life here. Ron obviously didn’t want to tell me why he was here, though.

‘I live here,’ I tell him. He just nods and lets a silent ‘Oh’ escape his mouth. An awkward silence fell upon us. I don’t like awkward silences so I ask him:

‘Err... Do you want to get a cup of coffee or a drink?’

Ron looks at me with sad eyes and dejectedly nods. I walk those few steps until we reach the coffee shop. We descend the stairs and enter. I look around and see a few familiar faces that greet me. We go and sit by my favourite table in the corner, a little secluded.

‘I’ll just go order us drinks. You want coffee or what?’ I ask.

‘I’ll have whatever you have.’

‘Okay, wait here.’

I walk up to the counter and say ‘Hi’ to Enrik, a muggle acquaintance of mine. I glance at my watch, 6 pm. Too early for alcohol in my opinion – we’ll have that later if I do this right – so I order us two coffees. My desire for joint or two has gone, now I have a different cause. Enrik gives me the cups and I pay him. I sit across Ron and give him his cup.

‘So. Will you tell me what’s the great Ronald Weasley, a war hero and respected Auror doing in Amsterdam, far from his friends and family?’ Old Ron would joke or something similar but this, uhh, new one...

‘I needed some time alone. Hermione... Umm... She left me.’ For Merlin’s sake, I didn’t even know they were together! Why would she leave him, though? She didn’t seem as the type.

‘Umm, do you want to talk about it?’ I ask even though I know I’m horrible with comforting people. I’m far better in selling them various things that would make them happy.

Ron shakes his head.

‘No, no... If she’d rather be with that git, then I’m better off without her!’

I reach into my pocket and take hold of All Inclusive – a new mix I made, not yet on the market.

‘I have something that’ll make you feel better, if you want it.’ He looks at me strangely and then speaks.

‘You have changed Padma. I’ve barely recognized you. What’s it called? That thing or whatever.’ I just ignore his comment about me changing. I bloody well know I’ve changed! It was my choice, maybe not the best one I’ve made but I have to live with it.

‘It’s called All Inclusive because it has everything – it’ll make you happy, full of energy and most importantly, it will make you forget all about your problems. You want it?’

 ‘Yeah, sure.’

I put enough in his coffee to keep him happy for 24 hours, though I put in mine less – I need to have a clear head right now. I raise my cup and salute him, he does the same and we drink all of the hot liquid in our cups. I can clearly see the immediate effect of All Inclusive – Ron’s eyes have once again gained a sparkle, though of different kind than one before, his whole face gained a bit of colour, he wasn’t slouched anymore and he was grinning like a madman.

The good thing about All Inclusive, beside the whole effect it had, was that the person who was using it wasn’t aware that they were in fact under the influence of the drug.

Ron gets up from his seat and grabs my hand. Oh, this is going to be good!

‘You live here Padma!’ he exclaims happily.

‘Uhh, yes, I do.’

‘Know any good night clubs?’ He wants to go clubbing! One second he’s all depressed and now he’s as happy as a clam. Bloody hell, I really am good – with All Inclusive I’ll earn lots of Euros.

I actually know a great club; it even has a secluded area for those who wish privacy... Good people, these Dutch, very easy going. It’s not even that far and it stopped raining outside.

‘Yeah, I know a great club, you’d like it there,’ I answer to Ron’s question. He hugs me for no apparent reason and excitedly says:

‘What are we bloody waiting for then?! Lead the way woman!’ I flash him a wide smile, showing a little of my teeth and take him outside, in the corner of my eye I can see Enrik winking at me.

We walk a short walk to the club – Hell Hot – and stand in the waiting line. I can feel Ron getting nervous for having to wait to enter.

‘Can I just use magic on these muggles?’ He asks in an irritated voice. I’ve never used magic for something like that; my fear of Ministry has stopped me. Though, Ron is an Auror so he could probably get away with it if someone noticed. So I shrug my shoulders and he discreetly pulls his wand out and puts a spell on a guard, causing him to wave to us and lets us inside the club. 

When we enter, we’re greeted with loud music, an enormous number of people and a lot of smoke – regular or from unknown number of joints or nargilas, I couldn’t quite tell, probably a mix of the two. Ron instantly takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor. We start dancing. I don’t really think anymore at this point. Nothing else matters except me and Ron. I concentrate on the way he touches me, how our bodies grind together tuned to the music – never breaking the eye contact. I feel somewhat lost in his stunning blue eyes. I feel elated, though I know that’s part of the effect of All Inclusive, it doesn’t matter. Our faces come closer and closer. Finally I can feel his warm lips crashing on my cold ones.

It’s a rough kiss; his tongue wanders in my mouth, plays with my own. I enjoy the sweet taste of his lips and the feel of his body colliding with mine. At this point my hands are tangled in his red hair and his hands are securely holding and caressing my neck. I need air so I pull away slightly. We look at each other. He lets a grin spread across his face. I tug on his arm and lead him towards the ‘secluded area’ – a room with a luxury couch in it. As we barge through the door, he’s already taking my clothes off and soon I’m standing naked in front of him. I close the small distance between us and kiss him, slowly undoing the buttons of his shirt and then his belt. I pull his zipper and undress him completely so that he’s only in his boxers. I admire his strong body, obviously the result of Quidditch and his Auror training, and pull at the hem of his boxers. He pushes me towards the couch and we lose it.

The worst thing is that I love it, even though I know it’s all because of All Inclusive and that he’ll regret it later.

It doesn’t matter.


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