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When Angels Try on Horns by mariachi
Chapter 2 : Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall.
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“Ooh, look at this spell, Jay. It will make your hair curly!”


It was the next day and the two were lying on their stomachs on the bedroom floor, poring over an old charm book on beauty spells. They had decided to get started on their new plan right away, or at least Phase One of it.


“Curly hair is so hard to brush” replied Jay, practically. She flipped through a couple more pages and copied down another incantation, adding to her already page-long list. Finally, after another hour of reading, Jay set down her pencil and reread her list from the top.


“Mhmm,” Jay nodded, pleased with herself. “I'm ready to work some magic on you.”


Lily glanced up from her own list and frowned, “I want this to be amazing, give me a few more minutes.”


“Perfectionist,” Jay muttered under her breath as she stood up and stretched. They had been at it all morning, searching for the perfect spells to improve their appearance. They had decided that each would transform the other, so they would have no influence on their own outcome. Jay had to admit, she was excited about this. It would give her the confidence to stand up for herself and her friend and to tell Sirius what a stuck-up prat he was.


Lily took a deep breath before standing up as well. “Okay, I'm ready, I guess. I'll go first.”


Jay led Lily into the bathroom and sat her down on a chair in front of the mirror which Jay covered up with a towel. They would only get to see their reflection after all the wandwork was completed.


“Okay dokay. Let's see what we've got here.” Jay pushed her glasses farther up her nose as she squinted down at her paper. “This doesn't make any sense... Oh haha. I was holding the paper upside down.”


Lily squirmed in her seat, “I am losing confidence with every word you say...”


“I better shut up and get to work then,” retorted Jay.


A couple hours later and Jay had swished and flicked her way through the whole list with no mistakes. She was proud she hadn't messed up, but that might have something to do with the fact that Lily's study habits were finally rubbing off on her. Finished, she took a step back to admire her handiwork.


“Damn.” commented Jay.


“What?!” Asked Lily, stammering as panic started to set in. “Oh no. We should never have tried this, it was a bad idea. Jay, what is it? Tell me! I bet I look awful, I knew it! I'm hideous and I won't be anything else, I should never have tried to change. Oh god. Now I have to show up to—“


“I am amazing.”


“—Hogwarts looking like... wait, what?”


“I repeat: I am amazing.”


Lily could do nothing but stare at Jay, utterly bemused.


“Lily, I am going to take down the towel. Look, and admire my oh-so-awesome-Lily-transforming skills.”


As the mirror was unveiled, Lily gazed at her reflection and gasped. She was – there was no other word for it – beautiful. Lily stood up from her chair and stepped closer, hardly daring to believe it was actually herself looking back.


Almond-shaped emerald green eyes popped out at her as she gazed at the mirror. Jay had removed Lily's glasses and given her contacts and the result was stunning. Jay had also removed Lily's braces, magically straightening and whitening her teeth until they shone pearly-white. Lily was still very pale, but her skin was softer and her dark freckles popped against her fair skin. Lily's auburn hair cascaded down her back in perfect waves, the different coloring in her hair had been brought out and the red streaks were more obvious than ever.


Jay watched Lily's facial expression smugly. “Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all? LILY EVANS!” She shouted.


“Okay, okay, mine turn!” Exclaimed Lily with heightened excitement; flushed with pleasure at her own appearance.


Jay sat down in the chair as Lily recovered the mirror with the towel.


“So... Blue or pink?” Questioned Lily.


“W-w-what?” Asked Jay, obviously confused.


“Your hair color, dumbo.”


Jays eyes widened in shock and Lily started giggling uncontrollably, raising her wand threateningly.


A couple more hours passed and Jay's hair was still, mercifully, blond.


“Done.” Announced Lily, proudly. “Look in the magic mirror,” she stated dramatically as she whirled the towel away from the glass.


Jay squealed in delight as she looked upon her reflection. She too had been relieved of her glasses and her ice blue eyes shone with wonder.


“I never knew my eyes were blue...” Stated Jay, only half jokingly.


Jay's hair was styled and trimmed to frame her face, bringing out her eyes, her petite nose, and her pouty lips. The color in her hair was more varied, instead of plain dirty blond she had streaks of platinum and strawberry blond and an overall lighter tone. Her skin, pale like Lily's, looked a lot healthier; the bags under her eyes were gone and her cheeks had a rosy glow to them.


After Jay;s examination of herself, she turned to Lily, who was shifting apprehensively, unsure if Jay liked what she saw.


“My hair isn't blue,” pouted Jay.


Lily was confused as to how to respond, unsure if Jay was being serious. Jay cracked a grin at Lily and flung herself onto the poor redhead, knocking her to the ground.


“Lily you are amazing, thank you so much! James is gonna regret every day he asked you out and made fun of you!” Gushed Jay.


Lily sighed in relief at Jay's response and laughed along with her friend as they imagined what they could do to get James back. Their ideas got wilder and more far-fetched, but it was fun to imagine feeding James to the giant squid and throwing him off the Astronomy Tower.



A/N: Holy cow! It's been what, a year? My gosh. I guess I just kinda wandered away from the world of Harry Potter. I came back to this because I just saw the newest movie and it reminded me of this site. This chapter was short, rushed, and written in a couple of hours. It's probably not any good, but please, review! Tell me what you think!


P.S. I am not J.K. Rowling. I do not own Harry Potter. Anything you don't recognize is mine.

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