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Ten Years Later with Draco Malfoy by silvergreen
Chapter 1 : Ten Years Later with Draco Malfoy
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Ten Years Later with Draco Malfoy


When on a rainy Saturday afternoon Draco Malfoy answered the door of his London flat and saw his visitor he couldn’t decide what surprised him more: the fact that Hermione Granger was standing there or the fact that she had become a beautiful woman, a woman he would have definitely turned his head to watch crossing the street.

She was just as embarrassed as him, partly because her hair and clothes were dripping wet from the rain, and partly because she had expected to see a house-elf or some kind of servant and not an ordinary guy in jeans and striped T-shirt… An ordinary but very good-looking guy with Malfoy’s mesmerising eyes but without that trademark smirk on his face.

’Hi,’ it was all she could say.

’Hi,’ he answered, having no idea what else to add.

’Do you recognise me?’ She asked the guy she used to hate the most.

’Sure. Grang… Hermione Granger.’

She was a bit surprised he remembered her first name. He had never used that.

’Sorry to… to disturb… Uhm… Headmistress McGonagall sent me to find you and ask you to work in Hogwarts as a quidditch trainer from September.’ She glanced at the boy but he was speechless so she took another breath and continued. ’I knew it was a bad idea, I mean, she should have sent someone else, not me…’

’No, no, no, no…’ Malfoy pulled himself together. ’It’s… it was quite a good idea… I’m glad it’s you… I’m glad to see you.’ And he smiled at her. It was definitely a smile, not sneering.

Hermione doubted his pleasure to see her though she noticed him sweeping a good look over her body paying extra attention to the wet summer dress clinging to her perfect feminine curves.

’Merlin, you’re soaking wet. Come in,’ Malfoy invited her into the flat, trying to break his gaze from her cleavage with raindrops glittering on her sunkissed skin. When she entered he could smell the scent of summer rain and her perfume of fresh flowers filling the air.

Hermione’s heart started to beat faster being just some inches from Malfoy. When he closed the door behind her his arm brushed hers… It was so strange to be that close to him after so many years. Strange but not frightening… Exciting maybe?

His hair was now darker blonde but still falling in his forehead, his face was a bit thinner than before… His body… It was less muscular now but still attractive.

’This is the bathroom,’ he opened a door. She followed him and found herself next to a huge jacuzzi.

’Wow,’ she gasped.

’Yeah, I love bubble bath… It is my only guilty pleasure these days…’ He smiled at Hermione mischievously. ’The second best thing in life, I guess.’

She didn’t dare to ask what the first one was… She suspected the answer when she saw that constant seductive sparkling in his eyes he might have been unaware of… And his lips… Once there was a secret voting among girls back at Hogwarts about the most snoggable guy and Malfoy won that… ’Thanks Merlin he can’t read my mind,’ she thought, realising she had been staring at him for long moments.

’I’ll get a… shirt for you to change into, okay?’ he stammered, still impressed by the wet beauty in the middle of his bathroom. ’The towels are over there, on the shelf. I’m back in a minute.’

He left her standing there, water dripping from the curls of her hair. She was still taken aback by the kind welcome… She had been prepared for the worst… Resentful ignorance, offensive and mocking words, angry, humiliating and hateful remarks, contempt, shouting and even some violence… But he smiled at her instead and treated her like an old friend. On her way here she wasn’t sure if she would be able to hide her hatred towards him. However, she didn’t feel any hatred now. 

There was a quiet knock on the door. ’May I come in?’


’Here’s a shirt of mine. Probably a bit big for you but I don’t really have girls clothes here.’

’Thank you, it’s really kind.’ She smiled back at him. It was a lovely smile. She had never smiled at him before. He found her smile gorgeous.

Malfoy saw she hadn’t started to dry herself. He went over to her with a towel.

’Shall I help?’ And he touched the wet curls of her long chestnut-coloured hair helpfully  with the towel.

’No… Thanks. I’ll do it… myself.’ She muttered, feeling her heart racing again because of his closeness.

’Okay.’ He nodded and walked towards the door. ’Tell me if you need something.’

’Thanks.’ She whispered and Malfoy left the bathroom. She imagined him drying her body with that towel… But she immediately felt ashamed by the naughty thought.

Outside the bathroom the same was on the blonde guy’s mind… Touching Hermione Granger’s sexy wet body… with a towel… ’It wouldn’t be bad at all… Though I don’t think she would be too happy about it… Probably she would punch me in the nose again…’

He was wrong.


When Hermione entered the living room wearing the chequered shirt, Malfoy’s eyes were lingering on her smooth and long brown thighs for some moments.

’Wow, I’ve never found my shirt so sexy,’ he said finally, looking into the caramel eyes.  ’You know, you look exactly like my third wife…’

’Have you had three wives?’ She asked surprised.

’No, just two,’ he winked at the girl.

She blushed. She was not used to getting compliments, especially not from guys like Malfoy.

’Come, take a seat… This flat is not too big or luxurious but try to make yourself at home. This is the living room and the bedroom… Two in one.’

There was a chair, an armchair, a small table and a big bed. Books, magazines scattered around, a TV set in the corner… Anything but luxurious. Yet, the room looked friendly. The window was open, it was raining cats and dogs outside.

Hermione sat in the armchair, Malfoy sat on the chair.

’Uhm… Would you like… a cup of tea?’ He asked finally.

’Yes, please. But I’ll help you.’ She stood up, glad that there was something to do.

’Okay. The kitchen is the only tourist attraction you haven’t seen here.’

The tension seemed to disappear. They were both busy making tea, the girl was quick to find the cups and saucers.

’Actually… I’m a bit hungry. You?’ Malfoy asked sipping the hot liquid some minutes later.

’Me too.’ Hermione admitted.

’What about pancakes? I’m really good at making burnt pancakes…’ He giggled.

’Let’s make an omelette.’ She suggested.

’Good idea. What do we need?’ He opened the fridge.

’Eggs, ham, sausages, green peppers, cheese… Everything you find there.’ She answered.

Twenty minutes later only the empty plates reminded them of the delicious meal.

’It was the best omelette of my life,’ Malfoy said. And, apart from it, it was good to cook and eat with the girl.

’Actually, it wasn’t an omelette.’ Hermione remarked. ’It was scrambled eggs.’

’What’s the difference?’

’Well… Scrambled eggs is… scrambled.’

’Good. Now I know.’

They smiled at each other.

’Shall we drink something?’ He asked.

’What do you have?’

’Tea… Water… And a bottle of champagne.’

’Champagne? In the afternoon? After an omelette?’ Hermione raised her eyebrows.

’Not omelette. Scrambled eggs.’ He was grinning and started to open the bottle.

’So… You live here, you have had two wives… Or were you just joking?’ Hermione started to chat with the glass of champagne in her hand.

’Actually, that’s true. I have divorced twice. So I will be very careful choosing my third wife.’ He smiled at her again.

Merlin, when he smiled… He looked so… smexy, as Hermione’s students would have said. But behind the boyish cheerfulness she could perceive some seriousness, the experience of responsibility.

’And what about Malfoy Manor?’

’I left it for good. I broke off all relations with my parents.’ There was some silence, then he continued. ’So I lead a kind of muggle life now, either here or in my house in the countryside where I have a dog… Amber. She’s such a beauty… You would love her, too.’ He added, looking at the girl who imagined him walking the dog in the woods… She was really surprised. There was nothing dark or mystrious about him now.

’And you?’ He asked suddenly. ’ Married that weas… Ron?’ He had a quick glance at her hands but couldn’t see a wedding ring.

’No… It finally didn’t work.’ She avoided his eyes.

’And… you are  teaching in Hogwarts now…’ He changed the topic.

’Yeah. I teach Muggle Studies.’

’And… do you go out? Have fun? With… friends?’

’No… Not really. When I have some free time, I write. A book.’

’About what?’

’The Modern History of Hogwarts.’

’That doesn’t sound too exciting.’ Malfoy frowned. ’You know, what? When it stops raining we can have a walk in the city… Or… I can take you for a ride in my car… I can introduce you to Amber.’ He sounded really enthusiastic. ’Only if you want.’ He added.

’Okay…’ She answered, biting her bottom lip.

Malfoy watched her put down her empty glass and saw she wanted to say something but she was embarrassed. She stood up and leaned against the cupboard.

’You know, it’s… really shocking.’ She said finally. ’I’m here in Draco Malfoy’s flat and I feel great.’

’Can’t be more shocking than having Hermione Granger standing here only with my shirt on.’ He smiled at her.

’I have knickers on, too.’ She added.

’Really? Pity.’ He sneered, raising his eyebrows. Yes, it was that old, familiar Malfoy sneer. But it made her smile now.

She had to admit she was having a good time with him. She had been so determined to behave in a cold and indifferent way towards him, just come and give him the headmistress’s message and disapparate at once… And, instead of acting like an ice-queen, now she was smiling at him, eating his omelette, drinking his champagne, wearing his shirt and finding him very-very attractive… Things somehow got out of control.

Malfoy stood up and went over to the girl.

’Granger… Hermione.’ His face was serious now.

’Yes?’ Her heart started racing again.

’I know you will always see that insufferable, arrogant git in me… And saying sorry is far not enough for the things I said and did in the past… But… I would like to apologize and ask you to… forgive me if you can. I changed… At least I’ve been trying to.’

They were looking into each other’s eyes for long moments.

Hermione gulped. ’So you’ll never call me Mudblood again?’ She asked quietly.

’My second wife was Muggle-born. I don’t think I have to say more.’

She sighed. ’I can’t say I can forget what you said and did… But… I’ll try to forgive you… Draco.’ It felt very weird to call him this way.

’You can call me Malfoy if you want. I don’t mind.’

He was still very close to her and the tension seemed to grow again.

’Anyway, do you know what it was I always admired you for?’ He asked.

She looked at him surprised.

’Passion.’ He answered. ’You were driven by incredible passion and fire whatever you did. And… I felt that passion inside me, too.’

Passion… She couldn’t help glancing at his lips. The word made her think of something totally different than Hogwarts… Passion… Malfoy kissing her passionately there, leaning against the kitchen cupboard… And she, kissing him back passionately… But he would never kiss a girl like her. Girls like Hermione Granger can’t have been his type at all.

Malfoy saw her glance at his lips and it distracted his thoughts from the past, too. Passion… He felt the sudden urge to put the girl on the dining table and to trail open-mouthed kisses along her body, unbuttoning her shirt with fervour… Or to make love to her passionately on the kitchen floor and give her pleasure she had never had…

He sighed, trying to banish the thought. Even if he wanted love-making and not having sex, it was highly improbable that a girl like Hermione Granger would have liked to do that on the kitchen floor, especially not with someone like Draco Malfoy.

’Shall we go back to the living room?’ He asked.

She nodded. She was about to sit in the armchair when she noticed a guitar.

’Can you play it?’

’Yes. You?’

’I can’t.’ She answered. ’I’ve never tried.’

’It’s not that difficult. Sit down, I’ll show you.’

She sat on the edge of the bed and Malfoy knelt behind her, handing her the guitar. He held her hands and placed her fingers on the instrument.

His hands were warm, Hermione couldn’t concentrate on the strings, only on the touch of his hands. She felt his breath on her neck and could smell the fresh scent of his aftershave… She was clumsier than ever.

’I think you’d better do it yourself.’ She said finally, giving back the guitar to the boy. ’Have you ever composed a song?’

’Yeah. Do you want to hear?’


He sat next to her on the edge of the bed and playing a slow melody on the guitar, he started to sing. It was so strange to listen to Draco Malfoy singing… But his voice was nice.

When he finished, Hermione was speechless.

’Well?’ He asked curiously.

’It was… beautiful… Just…’


’It was a bit sad. Is it about missing your second wife?’

’No, not at all. Only a song. To any girls from my past.’

’Why don’t you write songs about a girl who loves you now…  passionately and madly… A girl who wants you just as much as you want her…’

Malfoy started to feel very hot. The air was humid, the air thick with moisture from the summer rain. And the word ’passion’ again. He gulped.

’If I want to write about a girl like that, I need a girl like that. I need… inspiration.’ While saying it he felt lost in the girl’s big brown eyes.

’I can’t believe there isn’t a girl like that. You are so… You are such a nice person now…’ She whispered.

’How do you know? You’ve been with me only for an hour or so.’

’I feel that you became a good man. You know… it’s women’s intuition.’

’You are so… sweet…’ he smiled, feeling his blood boiling.

She didn’t know how but somehow their lips came closer and closer to each other’s… And suddenly she touched his mouth with hers… Just for a second but it was enough to realize that the chemistry between them worked more than it should have.

’Sorry, I don’t know what happened to me,’ She apologized with panic in her voice but didn’t pull away too much.

Malfoy was surprised but wanted to continue… The unmistakeable look in her eyes and her shiny lips made him feel aroused.

’It’s okay… Anyway…  you just… wanted to give me inspiration…’ He whispered leaning over her mouth very slowly.

Now that he could taste her he needed more of her. He put aside the guitar carefully to get closer to her. She didn’t draw back but let him kiss her softly and sensually. They closed their eyes and melted in the sensation they had never believed would come.

Malfoy pulled away a bit just to look in the girl’s eyes. Hermione wondered what the colour of his eyes were, silverblue or greenish gray… One thing was sure. The longing in them was the same as in hers.

’I always wanted to know what it is like to kiss you,’ His voice was sultry.

’And? What is it like?’ She whispered.


He kissed her again tenderly, their wet lips parted. He touched her chin softly with his fingertips to pull her closer. She knew he wanted to deepen the kiss and she wanted it too. They both were starved, starved to be held and touched and tasted and wanted…  But Hermione was too scared. She broke the kiss and pulled away suddenly.

’It’s crazy, I’m so embarrassed…It must have been the champagne… I… I don’t want you to misunderstand me... Could we please forget it?’

’Which one? When you kissed me or when I kissed you?’ Malfoy tried to pull himself together.

’All of it.’

He hesitated with the answer for a moment.

’I have already forgotten it.’ He was lying, both of them knew well. But he did it in a cute way, with warmth and affection in his eyes and smile. Just like the sun when it appears from behind the clouds… He was no more that self-conceited egoistic prat.

Hermione knew it wasn’t the champagne. She knew she was falling for him. Madly and hopelessly. Merlin, why did he have to be so gentle, so… caring? So soft… Soft the way he touched her, soft the way he kissed her…. It would have been much simpler to reject him if he had been rude, aggressive or brutal. But he was understanding and behaved in a mature way, just like a perfect gentleman.

She looked into his eyes and she could hardly resist to lean in and kiss him again. He knew. He was fighting against the same temptation. Hermione was not the first girl to kiss him, but somehow it was different now. She had always been so pure, so… innocent. Yet the lust in her eyes and in her kiss revealed the suppressed passion she had inside. He knew that if he didn’t want to lose this treasure he had just found he had to be patient… Though the desire to peel the shirt off her and kiss her senseless was pushing the limits of his self control.

Suddenly the sky darkened outside and lightning flashed. Within seconds a loud roar of thunder could be heard and the lights went off in the flat.

’Amber… my doggie… hates storms.’ Malfoy said, trying to change the topic to calm his raging hormones down. ’The thunder scares her.’

Hermione’s face was pale.

’I hate storms, too…’ She whispered. ’Bringing back the memory of You-Know-Who…’

There was a flash of lightning again and an even louder thunder sounded.

Malfoy couldn’t help holding her in his arms and she cuddled up to him tight. They were sitting there, so close to each other on the edge of the bed, in the dark room, the boy stroking the girl’s still wet hair.

’I don’t remember the last time I felt so good in someone’s arms… You can make me feel so right.’ She whispered. Her closeness and confession didn’t really have a soothing effect on the boy’s hormones.

’Maybe you were in the arms of the wrong guy…’ Malfoy answered quietly.

They listened to the rain drum away on the window-sill.

’Back then… in Hogwarts… Did you ever… fancy me? I mean… Did you ever find me… pretty or something? Apart from the fact we hated each other.’ Hermione asked meekly from the shelter of Malfoy’s arms.

’Well… I remember the Yule Ball. When you appeared on top of the stairs in that pink or purple or whatever colour dress… You looked like a princess. You were… gorgeous. I kept ogling you that night. You didn’t notice?’

’No. I suppose I was busy dancing with Krum and falling for Ron…’

’And you? Did you ever fall for me?’ He was curious, too.

’I wouldn’t say I fell for you, just… I realized occasionally you were rather good-looking… Sitting on your broomstick, playing quidditch… Or once I saw you eating an apple… It was so sexy.’ She giggled.

’And when you punched my nose?’

’I could have killed you!’

’Anyway, I deserved it.’  He sighed.

There was some silence suddenly. Both of them were thinking of the war but they didn’t want to talk about it. It had taken them a long time to get rid of the nightmares. Neither of them wanted to ruin this peaceful moment, holding each other.

’It’s a bit cold,’ Hermione shivered. Malfoy glanced down at her naked legs and still holding the girl with one arm he got a blanket with his other hand from the end of the bed. He was about to cover her legs with the soft material but she lay back, pulling Malfoy on the bed, under the blanket.

They were lying next to each other, listening to the other’s breathing, thinking of that kiss… Everytime there was a loud thunder, Hermione pulled closer to Malfoy who was suffering from the unsatisfied desire more and more.

Hermione was suffering, too. It was so incredible… To be in the bed of her Hogwarts arch-enemy… Good-girl-Granger in Bad-boy-Malfoy’s arms… Craving for his touch… His kiss… His tongue to touch hers… Was she crazy? She felt so good with him… She felt safe, she felt… as if arriving home. Yes, she must have lost her mind.

’Maybe… Maybe it wasn’t a good idea. I’d better… sit in the armchair…’ Malfoy whispered finally.

’Is it… uncomfortable?’ She panicked at the thought that Malfoy would leave her there… She didn’t want to let him go…

’No, it’s more than comfortable. Just… you know…. I’m a man.’

’Yes, I know.’ She whispered. Malfoy was definitely a man.

’And you’re a woman. A very attractive and sexy woman, almost naked in my bed… And we are very… close. As close that I can feel your heartbeat…’


’And… It’s really difficult to keep my hands off you… I haven’t dated anyone for a long time now.’

’And what if… if I don’t want you to keep your hands off me?’ She whispered, her face crimson red in the dark. She had never said anything like this to a guy.

The tension of the following silence was almost unbearable.

’You… want me to… to touch you?’ His question made her shudder with excitement.




’Here?’ He brushed her arm with his fingers.


’And here?’ she felt his warm hand touching her knee lightly and sliding up slowly. She was melting under the soft caresses.

’And here?’ His hand was travelling up under the shirt, along her hip.

’Yes.’ She gasped almost inaudibly.

’And here?’ He started to unbutton her shirt, planting open-mouthed kisses on her chest after each with more and more passion.

’Everywhere’ she groaned and slipped her hands under his T-shirt to pull him closer. To feel his body pressed to hers just made them want more of each other, made them want to get rid of those damned clothes.

’Even here?’ he whispered against her lips and kissed her.

She felt his warm lips grazing hers, tasting her, lightly at first, then with more longing. She didn’t want to stop him now. Her lips parted allowing his tongue to explore her mouth gently. She let her tongue connect his and heard herself moaning. She buried her hands in his hair and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss more and more…

They parted for a moment to breathe.

’Kiss me like this… again and again…’ She whispered.

’If I kiss you like that again, I won’t be able to resist the urge to…’

’To do what?’

’To make love to you all night long.’

’Then make love to me all night long.’ She whispered back.

It had stopped raining but neither of them noticed.

The End


Draco Malfoy worked in Hogwarts as a quidditch trainer for a year before marrying Hermione Granger. Now they live in the countryside near London, with their children and Amber, the dog. Draco’s first CD has been a great success, Hermione is writing children’s books about the adventures of some kids attending a wizard school…

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