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Going Under by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 4 : Lies of Hope
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Chapter Three: Lies of Hope


“How dare you!” Melania threw a book across the room barely missing my head, “How dare you go behind my back! You know perfectly well that I’ve had my eyes set on Tom for years!”

“Melania I’m sorry! I was…” I dodged a book

“How did you do it you little slut?!” Melania grabbed my hair pulling my head back

“I didn’t do anything!” I cried it felt as if she was going to rip my hair out

“LIAR!” Melania screamed throwing me by my hair to the ground, “There is no way he could be more interested in you then in me!”

“Please I swear I did nothing!” I was pleading; I did not know what else to do.

“QUIT LYING TO ME YOU FILTHY LITTLE WHORE!” Melania kicked me in the stomach I cried out, though no one would ever dare to help me. Melania’s temper was famous, which was one of the reasons she was so respected, or I should say feared, among the Slytherin girls. “So how did you do it? What did you offer him?” She knelt down pulling my head back up by my hair, “A man as handsome and intelligent as Tom would never go after a worthless boring girl such as you!”

“I swear… I… did nothing! ... I didn’t offer…. Him…. anything! …. He… approached … me!” I was crying so hard I could barely breathe or talk, “We only….went…out…twice!”

“If I ever see you talking to Tom or anywhere near him you’ll wish you’d never met him.” Her voice had become to calm, “I will be keeping a very, VERY close eye on you.” She pulled my head back even harder “Do you understand?” She whispered menacingly in my ear.

“Yes.” I whimpered

“Good.” Melania threw my head back down “Riddle is mine.” She hissed before marching out of the room leaving me crying on the floor next to my bed.

I did not move from my spot on the floor until I heard my roommates opening the door. As the door knob turned I scrambled up off the floor pulling my hair over my face and pushed passed them without even saying sorry. I hurried to the bathroom my right eye was throbbing from where I had hit it on the bed when Melania had thrown me to the ground. Sure enough when I looked in the mirror there was a nice bruise forming around my eye.

Pulling my hair back over my eye I made my way from the bathroom to the Hospital wing keeping my head down. I heard someone calling my name but I kept going. The voice got closer continuing to call my name, it was Riddle. I pretended I did not hear him, but he caught up with me.

“Lyra!” He caught me gently by the arm spinning me around “Why are you ignoring me?” I didn’t look up. “Lyra answer me.” His voice had a hint of a forcefulness tone.

“Please leave me alone.” I sobbed

“Lyra what’s wrong.” He forced my chin up so that I was looking him in the face, he gasped he saw my eye. “Who did this to you?” Riddle hissed

“Please leave me be!” I ripped my arm out of his grasp fleeing down the hall. I heard him call my name again but I never looked back or slowed down.

Melania made good on her promise to keep a close eye on me, if she wasn’t fallowing me then it was one of her friends. I was careful not the give Melania another reason to attack me. I sat in the back of all my classes, only talked when a teacher ask me a question, I no longer attended the Death Eater meeting, and if I was not in class or the library I was in my room.

Weeks passed by Riddled tried several more times to speak to me and each time I made a quick escape. Several times Melania got to him before Riddle even reached me. It was sickening watching Melania throw herself at Riddle, she had been doing it for years, yet ever sense she found out I went to both Hogsmead and Slughorn’s party with him, her attempts had increased. For the most part Riddle listened to her babble on and on before finding some excuse to get away.

I had hoped that Riddle would eventually give up, after a week it seemed he had. He no longer tried to corner me in the hallways or catch me as I was leaving the Great Hall or a class. I honestly felt bad ignoring him, he had treated me as any proper gentlemen should, and here I was ignoring him. I could tell I was hurting him too, each time I evaded him I saw a look of disappointment and anger on his face. I had to keep reminding myself that this was for the best, Riddle, However, did not think so.

Two weeks after our run in Riddle managed to corner me on my way back from the library. It was late, no one was around, and I was not paying attention. As I passed one of the many statues on my way back to the common room an arm shot out pulling me behind the statue. Before I could even scream the arm held me security against a body while another hand covered my mouth.

“Do you promise not to scream or run if I let you go?” A voice whispered commandingly in my ear, I nodded finding I could not resist.

As promised I was released and when I turned to face my captor I was shocked to find Riddle. “Sorry for being so ruff with you.” I nodded his voice was gruff, “Now keep quiet and follow me.”

Riddle peered around the statue to make sure no one was coming then silently led us down the hall. After walking for a while I had lost track of what floor we were on, Riddle seemed to go the scenic route. Eventually he stopped in front of a wall. I watched as he walked past the wall three times. On the third pass I gasped as I saw a door formed.

“How…how did you do that?” I stared at the door in awe

“Easy.” But he would not say how. “Come on in.” He held out his hand for me to take. I stood liking from Riddle’s hand to the door and down the hall. “We’ll be safe in here don’t worry.” His voice was soothing and yet it sent shivers down my spin.

I did not take his hand but followed him through the door. Once through the door I was again amazed. I was standing in a beautiful sitting room. The carpet was plush feeling like clouds under my feet. Book shelves lined the walls there was a plush couch in the middle of the room facing the far left wall where a large fire danced in a brick fireplace warming the room. Between the couch and the fireplace was a mahogany coffee table upon which sat two mugs and a plate of pastries. Above the fireplace glowing in the light of the fire’s flames hung the Slytherin crest.

“This…this is amazing! It’s beautiful.” I turned to look at Riddle who wore a pleased triumphant look on his face.

“I figured this would be a comfortable place to talk.” The moment he said the word talk I remember Melania’s threat.

“I’m sorry I can’t stay.” I stared at the ground and turn to leave

“Stay here.” Riddle grabbed my arm “You are not leavening.” I still refused to look at him. When I tried to pull my arm away his grip only tightened, “Don’t leave.”

“Alright.” Something in his voice made it impossible for me to refuse
Riddle guided me to the couch handing me a steaming mug of coco as we sat down. For several minutes we did nothing but sit and sip our drinks. I still refused to look at him, but I could feel his eyes on me. I did not know what was more unnerving his eyes on me or being alone with him.

“Why are you avoiding me?” His voice broke the uneasy silence; I just looked down at my lap as he stood. “Did I do something to offend you?” I could hear him pacing in front of the fireplace.

“No.” I still refused to look up

“Then why?”

“I…” I paused wondering if I should say anything. “I just can’t.” I was too afraid of what Melania would do to me if I told him.


“Huh?” I was so deep in thought I had not heard what he said

“Your sister’s the reason.” I looked up to see Riddle staring into the fire his fist clenched

“Why would you say that?” I tried to sound shocked

“I’m not stupid Lyra.”

“I wasn’t implying…” Riddle cut me off

“I know your sister’s type. Well bread pure-blood daughters taught to find men of suitable status within the pure-blood world, men of power. They scheme, plot, backstab, lie, and seduce to get the man they want. I hate those kinds of girls. Hardly any of them have any form of intelligence whatsoever. They go through life on looks alone and a cold heart.” He paused taking a breath, “I want a woman who has brains, can hold a conversation, and is loving.” He paused once more than whispered, “I want a loving woman to raise a family with.” He got really quiet, “I never had a family.” His speech moved me that day little did I know that his words of hope for a fmaily were a lie.

“A family would be nice.” I mused not knowing any better

“Yes.” He agreed, “It’s amazing how two people one with parents and a sister, and one from an orphanage both long for the family they have been denied; both longing for love.” He sat down next to me looking me straight in the eyes. My breath caught for the first time I felt someone understood how alone, how ignored, and unloved I felt.

We sat there for what seemed like forever in silence. Not moving, not talking, but just being. I felt as if an understanding had been built. I could have never have guessed that this was all part of some plan to obtain power. I would not understand tell years later that the words of hope he spoke that night were lies to entice me, to make me fall for him. To me I had found what I did not realize I had been looking for, someone to love me; I just did not know it yet.


Thank you to MusicBox @ TDA for another amazing image!

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