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Harry Black by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 5 : Prophecy Fulfilled
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A/N: Sorry it took so long to get this up. I will have the next chapter up sooner.

Harry Black

Prophecy Fulfilled

Harry had celebrated his second birthday - with his father, godparents, and Uncles Moony and Wormtail - just over a month ago. The toddler happily made his way (at four o’clock in the morning) to his father’s bedroom, where Sirius lay in a deep slumber.

Pushing open the door, Harry walked to his daddy’s bed and climbed up, kneeling next to his father’s chest.

“Daddy!” he whispered loudly.

Not getting any response, Harry tried again, a little louder. “Daddy!”

Padfoot’s only response was to whip the pluff pillow out from underneath his head and bring it down playfully over Harry’s head.

“Oof!” Harry’s bum landed on the mattress as he was pushed off his knees. Undaunted, the child shoved the pillow to the floor and climbed onto Sirius’ back.

“Daddy!” Harry said again, lightly shaking the man’s shoulder.

Sirius groaned. “Harry?” he asked groggily. He pushed himself up, causing Harry to slid off his back and back onto the bed. “What are you doing up at-” he checked the clock “-4:08?!”

Harry giggled as Sirius fell back onto his remaining pillow.


“Alright, alright, I’m getting up.” Sitting up for a second time to stretch his arms and yawn, Sirius stood (nearly tripping on the fallen pillow in the process) and scooped his son into his arms. He was shocked to feel the bare skin of Harry’s bottom. Holding the child out at arm’s length, he squinted in the darkness. “Harry. . .” he started, wondering if he really wanted to know, “where’s your diaper?”

Harry smiled proudly. “No need.”

“. . . ‘No need’? You mean you don’t need your diaper?”

Harry nodded and Sirius felt a sense of dread rising within him.

“Why, um, why wouldn’t you need your diaper, son?”

“Use potty. Like big boy,” Harry affirmed.

“Oh.” He nodded slightly, bringing the boy closer to him. “He used the potty,” Sirius muttered to himself.

Harry nodded, still smiling, and wrapped his arms around his daddy’s neck, resting his head against it.

“Harry,” Sirius said, kissing the boy’s thick, dark hair, “why don’t you show Daddy the toilet you used?” He placed Harry down.

“O.K.” The child pronounced the two letters with determined clarity.

After following Harry to a closed door the boy pointed at, Sirius gulped noisily. He really didn’t want to know what was behind that door if his son had attempted to use the toilet on his own, if his diapers were anything to judge by. He opened the door and hung tightly to the knob for support as he nearly passed out with what he saw, his face paling dramatically. Harry certainly had attempted to use the potty, he had just failed to get anything in it. And apparently, it was not from lack of trying.

Sirius looked from the small child, grinning happily up at him, back to the mess in the bathroom. That just wasn’t possible! No way could anyone Harry’s size do this! He doubted if someone Hagrid’s size could do all this. . .

He closed the door and gazed down at his smiling child.

He gulped. “Alright, Harry, let’s, uh, let’s go to your room, alright?”

Harry nodded and held up his arms, waiting to be picked up. Sirius complied and carried the toddler to his room, placing him on the changing table. Harry looked around, confused.

“Daddy, no need. . .”

“Humor me.”

After finishing up with the nappy, Sirius put his surprisingly tired boy back to bed and cast a silent charm to ensure that Harry couldn’t get the diaper off himself this time.

By the time he finished cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom (cleaning spells had never been Sirius’ specialty, so he was greatly relieved to see the mess was not as terrible as he had first thought it to be), Sirius wanted to go back to bed since it was still fairly early, but the sound of a door creaking open told Sirius sleepy-time would have to wait.

Even though Harry had only been asleep for an hour or so, the toddler was already wired up again. Sirius put on a smile for the sake of his son.

“Ready for breakfast, pup?”

The small child nodded enthusiastically and followed his father to the kitchen.

Sirius managed to make breakfast without any great incident - such as the food, or house, burning - but nearly fell asleep in his meal after getting Harry settled. He jumped wide awake, however, when an angry owl screeched in and pecked at his ear. Taking the Daily Prophet from the bird and paying it, Sirius allowed himself to sink back into his sleepy stupor as he gazed over the headlines. At least until one in particular caught his eye.


Skimming the article, Sirius set the paper down, heart racing. The wizard glanced over at his curious-looking toddler, with a stray bit of food left on the side of his mouth. Sirius picked up a napkin to wipe it off, mind still on the article.

“Hey, pup, you want to go visit Uncle James and Aunt Lily for a while?”

The child’s expression instantly brightened as he smiled and nodded.


After Flooing to the Potters’, Sirius wasn’t surprised to see Remus already there, a copy of the Daily Prophet in his hands, his face grave. Even though the Prophet was lacking many details, they all had reason to look grave.

Before any of the Marauders had a chance to say a word, or Harry to appropriately run to hug his Uncles James and Remus properly, a small fire burst into being, and a golden phoenix feather with a note attached fell out.

“Urgent Order meeting,” James said, reading it.

“I’ll stay with Harry,” Lily said, coming down the stairs, tears shining in her eyes. “If you don’t want to take him to the meeting.”

Harry looked at his father expectantly. He wanted to go, and as Lily said, he was well on his way to becoming the most spoiled child in England; it wasn’t often his father denied him anything. (Lily also said it would be a miracle if Harry didn’t turn out to be as conceited as his father once was, just not in front of Sirius.)

But this time Sirius did. Harry didn’t need to be at Order meetings.

Oddly though, James seemed somehow relieved to be leaving Lily at home. Padfoot made a mental note to ask Prongs about it later.


The meeting was short, but weighed heavily on everyone’s minds. For the better part of two years, the Longbottoms lived at an undisclosed location for the safety of themselves and their son, target of a Prophecy; however, they chose not to trust the Fidelus Charm. Somehow, Voldemort learned of the Longbottoms’ location, and broke through the protective wards to pay them a visit.

Frank and Alice were killed dueling the Dark Lord, who proceeded to net murder their child, Neville, and send up the Dark Mark.

Almost worse than the knowledge of losing their friends was the fact that the Longbottoms had been the single most protected family in the Order. If Death Eaters could locate them for their master, who would be next? The spy was still at large.

Not to mention, Voldemort now believed he had fulfilled the prophecy, and killed the one person who had been granted powers to defeat him.

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Harry Black: Prophecy Fulfilled


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