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A Moments Notice by a_prophecy_untold
Chapter 5 : Joker and the Thief
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Never was, never will be… 

Joker. Trickster. These weren’t exactly new terms to Lily, especially since she was friends with Gemma and Riley. How in the name of Circe was she going to pull this off? She knew that she shouldn’t even attempt to prank James and Sirius, and she felt kind of guilty for contemplating pranking Gemma and Riley, but she couldn’t help it. She always had to retaliate whenever someone did something to her. In this case, she just needed a little extra help. And who better to ask for help then some of the brightest people she knew, especially when it came to pranking. 

Lily snapped out of her thoughts after being jostled by the crowd of students who were all trying to get the best seats in the Great Hall. After being pushed, hit, and possibly even bitten she heard a familiar voice. 

“There you are, Lily!” the voice said as she felt a hand grab her arm. “We’ve been looking for you everywhere. I’ve been sent to look for you and to show you where the others are sitting. Where’ve you been anyway?” The small, pudgy boy spoke all of this very quickly, as if he were in a hurry. 

“I’ve been looking for you,” the redhead answered in an irritated voice while the boy dodged an elbow to the face. 

“You’d think the students were a bunch of wild animals, the way they’re acting,” Lily said while sitting down between Sirius and Gemma. “How’d you get so damn good at maneuvering your way through crowds like that without getting hit at least once?” She asked Peter while rubbing a new bruise on her arm. 

Peter shrugged. “Years of experience and being small help,” he replied before quieting for the sorting. 

Lily watched as thirty or so First Years were brought into the Great Hall. 

“Were we that small when we started?” she heard Sirius whisper to James, who shrugged in response. The question, as well as all of the curious and somewhat terrified looks on the children’s faces made her think of her train ride to Hogwarts, and how she met Gemma and Riley. 

*Flashback to first year train ride* 

Two girls, first years by the way they were dressed, were having a conversation in a compartment. About twenty minutes after the train left the station, a girl with fiery red hair burst into the compartment out of breath. 

“Hide me, quick!” she begged them. The two girls took one look at the girl and decided to comply with her wishes. After successfully hiding her under their cloaks in the corner, the compartment door burst open once again. The only difference was this time it held two fairly attractive boys instead of a fiery red-headed girl. 

“Bad luck there, James. She isn’t in this one either,” the boy on the right stated after looking around the compartment. He was more attractive than the other one, the one called James. He had shaggy black hair and grey eyes. 

“I swear I saw her run inside this compartment,” the other boy, James, answered him. James had messy black hair that stuck up in every which direction. The eyes behind his glasses were hazel, and he seemed small for his age. 

“Have you two seen a girl with red hair and green eyes passing by?” he asked the two girls in the compartment. They looked at each other before shaking their heads no. The two left after saying their thanks to the girls. 

“Ah, you guys are the best!” the girl under the cloaks said once she was certain the boys were gone for good. “James, the boy with the glasses seemed to think that the two of us were made for each other, and the other boy, I think he said his name was Sirius, seemed to find the whole situation amusing. I’ve been trying to ditch them ever since the train left the station. I even went to the loo only to have them waiting by the door the whole time. I wish I knew some magic so that I could’ve scared them away,” she said this all fast, as if trying to get the worst of the explanation over. “I’m Lily, by the way. Lily Evans.” 

There were a couple of seconds of silence before the other two girls registered that she had finished talking. 

“I’m Gemma Albershire and this is Riley… I’m not sure I caught your surname?” the small black-haired and blue-eyed girl half-asked the other girl. 

“Campbell, Riley Campbell’s my name.” Riley was tall and had long brown hair and brown eyes. “Are you a first year also?” she asked Lily. 

“Yup, and I’ve been anxious to go to Hogwarts ever since I received my letter. I thought at first that my neighbor, Sev was playing a trick on me when I opened the letter. I always thought that there was something different about me, I just never knew that the things I was doing were magic. My sister, Petunia, was really jealous that I received a letter and she didn’t. She’s taken to calling me ‘freak’ whenever I am in the same room as her.” Lily had saddened when talking about her sister, but she shook her head to rid it of her thoughts. “I’m nervous that I’m going to be the only witch who can’t perform a spell, although I have been practicing,” she confided to the two girls. 

“Oh, you won’t have to worry about that. I can’t perform any spells either and both of my parents are magical. Riley and I were talking about this before you came into the compartment. Do you know what house you’ll be in?” Gemma asked her. 

“House? What do you mean by that?” Lily asked the two girls. 

“I forgot, you wouldn’t know about houses, would you?” At Lily’s shake of her head, Gemma and Riley explained all about Hogwarts from what they heard from their older brothers. The three spent the rest of the train ride talking about Hogwarts and what they thought would happen. 

*End flashback* 

Lily was startled out of her thoughts once again, only this time it was by the commotion caused from the food appearing on all of the tables in the Great Hall. 
Students all over the Hall were talking about their holidays, or listening about their friends’ holidays while enjoying the meal. Lily noticed that it was oddly quiet around her, and looked up to see that the reason was because the four boys were all stuffing their faces as though it was a race. Normally they would have continued talking, but for some reason they stayed quiet, only speaking to ask someone to pass them something else. The tables cleared only to be filled with all sorts of desserts seconds later. 

“What the hell…” a girl at the Hufflepuff table said loudly after her neighbor had sprouted whiskers. It was at these words that Lily decided to look around. 

The Great Hall was in total pandemonium. All throughout the place there were people who were in various stages of turning into animals. At the Hufflepuff table Matt Bishop had already fully turned into a moose. A girl at the Slytherin table had an elephant’s trunk for a nose. A boy was sporting a pig’s tail and ears and appeared to not even notice the snout as he kept on eating. At the professor’s table, Dumbledore had dog ears and Flitwick had monkey hands and feet. Some of the people were freaking out about the current state, while others were just enjoying the chaos around them. 

She couldn’t believe it. How the hell could anyone have pulled this off, especially with most of the school arriving less than two hours before? 

It took about ten minutes before Dumbledore restored calm to the Great Hall. During this mayhem the boy who had turned into a pig decided to drink some pumpkin juice, which replaced his pig ears with his old ears. Upon this discovery everyone made a mad rush to get some pumpkin juice in order to fix what had happened, creating even more chaos. More bruises resulted in the fight for pumpkin juice as those who hadn’t been affected rushed to get out of the way. It wasn’t until the students calmed down that Lily noticed there was something on her napkin, as well as every other napkin in the Hall. Upon finding the words “With love, from the Marauders” on all of the napkins, most students thought it funny, as well as brilliant. 

Dumbledore stood 

“After that wonderful display of magic and wit, let’s continue with dinner. Just make sure not to eat the treacle tart, unless you would like animal parts instead of human parts.” 

After everyone finished eating Dumbledore stood to make his speech. He mentioned the usual things, such as the list of forbidden objects and not to go into the Forbidden Forest, but this year his speech gave a warning about unity and dark wizards and hinted about more dangers that may be coming. Lily put those thoughts in a corner in her head to think about later. On the way back to the Gryffindor Tower, James, Sirius, Peter, and Remus were talking about Dumbledore’s speech and this dark wizard who was calling himself Lord Voldemort. Lily was still lost in her thoughts on pranks that she wasn’t paying attention to anything they were saying. After the topic of dark wizards seemed to be tired of, Lily brought up some of her thoughts on the prank. 

“Damn, maybe I should start putting more effort into my pranks. I feel like a pond being compared to an ocean. I mean, I know the Marauders always pull beginning of the year pranks, but they’ve outdone themselves this year. I was kind of hoping that they’ve graduated by now, but now I’m glad they didn’t,” Lily told them while walking. “Actually, I’m pretty sure that my respect has grown for whoever they are, especially since they’ve kept it a secret this long and haven’t been caught yet.” 

Sirius, James, Peter, and Remus’ jaws dropped upon hearing Lily say that. 

“Do mine ears deceive me? Did little miss prefect Evans really just say that she respected the Marauders? Someone get Dumbledore, or Pomfrey, ‘cuz either the world’s coming to an end or Evans is going crazy.” 

“I’m not kidding, James. I’m being seri- I’m being honest,” Lily said after catching the look in Sirius’ eyes. “And I’ll have you know that I’m not all that innocent. I’ve helped pull some pretty amazing pranks. Need I remind you of –“ Lily blinked slowly and stared at the four boys. “Hang on, why did you four not eat the treacle tart? I know that it’s your favorite dessert, Sirius. And you were all oddly quiet throughout dinner.” Lily’s face was one of deep concentration as she continued to think it through. “Holy shit! It’s you guys, isn’t it? It has to be! I can’t believe I never caught on before. It all makes sense now. We all know you have the brains for pranking, which was shown on the trmmn.” Lily stopped talking since there was a hand covering her mouth. It seemed to be the only way to get her to stop talking. 

“Stop right there. You might want to think about what you think is us while we find a safe spot to talk.” Remus said carefully. They lasted five whole years without anyone knowing they were the Marauders, and they couldn’t ruin it now. But at the same time, it was Lily they were talking about. She hadn’t told anyone about him being a werewolf. Maybe they could trust her with this secret. Not to mention how good of an asset she would be to their group; based on some of the pranks that she had pulled on James and Sirius during the summer, she had a creative mind. 

They continued walking down the 7th floor corridor with James covering Lily’s mouth. 

“Careful on that, mate. She’s a licker, and she may turn into a biter if we don’t hurry up,” Sirius winked at James while Lily glared at him. Sirius walked back and forth three times while she was glaring before they started moving again. She was contemplating taking up Sirius’ advice on biting James’ hand when she caught sight of the door. The boys led Lily into the room with James still covering her mouth. It wasn’t until the door shut behind them that he released her, and even then it was with some regret. 

“Where are we?” Lily asked them, looking around the room in awe. 

“We are in the Come and Go Room, also called the Room of Requirement. All you have to do is walk past the entrance three times while thinking about whatever you need and the room will appear,” Peter answered. 

“This is amazing! How did you guys find it?” she asked them. 

“Eh, that’s not important right now,” James answered while flushing slightly. 

“Even though that is an amusing story, right now we’re here to discuss what, or who it is that you think we are,” Remus told her. 

“I know, not think, that you four are the infamous Marauders that have been wreaking havoc on this school for the past five years unbeknownst to anyone else in this school but each other,” Lily stated smugly. 

“What makes you think that it’s us, though? You don’t have any proof.” 

“I already stated most of my proof in the hallway before I was rudely silenced. The more I think about it the more sense it makes. The only other people I would think of being the Marauders would be Fitz and Mason, but it would have to be more than two people so it couldn’t be them. Explain to me how the marauders came to be?” 

The boys shared a glance before Sirius nodded and Peter began to talk. 

“I’m sure any one of us could make up a grand story on how we became the marauders, but it really isn’t all that impressive. As I’m sure you know, Sirius and James were already friends before the train ride. The two of them were a mischievous duo, and I’m told that after they couldn’t find you in any of the compartments that first year, they decided to release some of their pent up energy. While they were searching for you, they came across some Slytherins who were tormenting me in one of the compartments. I was small for my age, see, even smaller than James was at that time, and these were boys who took joy in picking on those smaller and weaker than them. Still do, now that I think about it. Anyways, these two quickly decided that they would set off some fireworks in the compartment as a distraction in order for my escape. It wouldn’t be like them to leave without cursing a Slytherin, so the two started throwing curses at them, Sirius coming up with the best ones. We left that compartment and these two took me back to their own compartment to fix me up, only to find another boy already sitting there. This boy looked worn out, as if just the faintest hint of wind would knock him over. Of course, we know now that it was because the full moon was only two days before and he was recovering from that, but these two gits over here decided to mess with him a bit. They started in on him, asking him who he thought he was sitting in their compartment and whatnot. Remus, still cranky from the full moon, replied that the two could shove their wands in a place where the sun doesn’t shine. Well, James and Sirius didn’t like that much, but they didn’t know what else to do. They decided the best thing they could do was annoy him. As hard as they tried they just couldn’t succeed. In case you haven’t noticed, when Remus sets his mind to it, he is excellent at ignoring someone. Well, this annoys the two boys even more, but they decide to ignore him and to wait and see if they can get back at him later. 

“I’ll skip the boat ride and the sorting, since you were there for that and you know all about the shock everyone received at Sirius being in Gryffindor and whatnot. The four of us ended up as roommates. Since we had to live together for the next seven years, James and Sirius decided to be nicer to Remus, and Remus being Remus didn’t want to endanger anyone because of his condition so he was a right ol’ git to them. James and Sirius retaliated by doing whatever they could to get back at him, but only publicly. I’m pretty sure they hold the record for having the most detentions within the first week at school. After a week of this, Remus was sick of it. He finally got back at them. He waited until everyone was asleep before he cursed them to have boils all over their bodies. It was a tricky bit of magic, and when the two woke up they couldn’t help but admire it. The four of us became the best of friends. We pulled minor pranks on people that year, but nothing major. We were waiting until we had time to do some research. Towards the end of summer, we all met at Diagon Alley and we planned that first major prank. I think the first two years were the only two years that we didn’t plan something for the Sorting Feast. Anyways, as you know that was the year we had the suits or armor confessing their love for the teachers. I believe James’ little crush on you was the inspiration for that particular prank. 

“It wasn’t until the summer before our third year that we decided we needed a name. We had a ton of suggestions, half of which were inappropriate and most of which were just plain idiotic. One day James’ mom called us marauders and we all liked the sound of it, so the name stuck,” Peter finished. 

“How have you been getting around the castle this whole time undetected? Last year, Riley, Gemma, and me decided to experiment a little. I think we made it all the way to the Charms corridor before we were caught and sent back to our room. It seems nearly impossible to pull off some of the pranks that you guys have pulled off,” Lily said with a hint of admiration. 

The boys looked at one another before James spoke. “Before we can tell you about that, you have to promise us that you won’t tell anyone our secrets, not even Gemma or Riley, or at least not yet. If it were anyone but you who found out we would probably have to take drastic measures to ensure that they forgot, but since it’s you we’re talking about, we are going to trust you. Of course, I always trust you, even if you don’t trust me back,” he added in as an afterthought. 

“I guess since the secret isn’t exactly my secret to share then I won’t tell them right now. I may decide to tell them later, and I’ll have you know that they’re two of the most trust-worthy people that I know. They are excellent at keeping secrets,” she stated loyally. The room was quiet for a minute while Lily stared at the boys expectantly. 

“Well” she started impatiently. “Are you ever going to tell me how you sneak around? I know you have to have some method of help. And how the hell did you find so many passages?” 

Once again the boys looked at one another before Sirius gestured for James to tell the story. 

“Remember from Peter’s story, and maybe even from your own memory, how much trouble me and Sirius, and sometimes even Peter and Remus, got into our first year?” Lily was staring at him blankly, not really sure where all of this was leading to. After hearing the question she started laughing at a memory of a smaller James cringing as a howler exploded around him and his mother’s voice filled the Common Room. 
She nodded for James to continue. 

“That Christmas I received a present from my father. I’m not sure if he gave it to me so I wouldn’t get in as much trouble or if he always planned on giving it to me then. Anyways, at first I wasn’t sure what it was, but it took me less than 30 seconds to figure it out. I decided to test it and see how well it worked. I guess I should show it to you now, shouldn’t I?” At these words, James pulled out a silvery blanket that looked like liquid cloth. She went to grab it, and then stopped suddenly. 

“May I?” she asked, and once James nodded she grabbed it out of his hands. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. She wasn’t even sure she could describe it. It was cool to the touch, and it felt as though she was holding some sort of fluid in her hands. 

“Is this an invisibility cloak?” she asked in awe. “I’ve read about these, but I never knew that there was one as nice as this one. This is amazing! And it explains how you can get around the building without being detected.” She continued to examine it while James sat on the arm of her chair and Remus began to talk. 

“That’s not all we have, although I’m pretty sure that it is the most convenient, especially when they sneak out to help me during the full moon,” Remus stopped talking and gestured for Sirius to tell this part of the story. 

Sirius frowned before he began to talk. “Remember during the summer how I told you about my family? After a particularly gruesome row I had with my parents, I cleaned up my scrapes and I decided to act against them. My house had this drawing room, and in it were a bunch of family heirlooms and valuables and this huge tapestry of our family tree. We weren’t allowed in the room unless my parents asked us in there. I’m not even sure if they knew what all was in there, because if they did then surely they wouldn’t keep it stored up like they were. So later that night, I snuck into the room and I looked around. There were a lot of things that looked horrible, and I’m pretty sure there was blood on some of them. I looked in one box and I found a set of mirrors. I wouldn’t have known what the mirrors were if I didn’t find a note from some long time gone cousin. It explained that the mirrors were enchanted so all you had to do was say the name of the person who had the other mirror and you could talk through it. I feel a sense of rebellion every time I use them because I don’t think my parents ever found out that I stole them. Mainly we’ve used them as a way of entertaining ourselves during detentions in which we’re separated, but sometimes they’ve been crucial in pulling off important pranks. In most cases, we have to have a lookout, so whoever is the lookout has one mirror, and another one of us has the other and we communicate that way. They’ve saved our arses more times than I can even count," He paused before continuing. 

"I suppose a curious little thing like yourself would like to see the mirrors too, wouldn’t you Red?  Haven’t you ever heard the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’?” he asked with a small smirk. 

Lily smirked right back. “Obviously you haven’t heard the rest of that saying, have you? Curiosity might have killed the cat, but satisfaction sure as hell brought it back.” This retort brought on shocked laughter from all four of the boys. 

“Look at that, boys. The wench has some sass,” Sirius exclaimed. “I like her. Can we keep her?” he asked the others. James put his arm around her companionably and nodded. 

“I always knew there was a reason I liked you,” James stated with a goofy grin on his face. Lily grinned back before shoving him off of the chair arm. He landed with a thud while the others around them burst out in laughter. 

“I see what you mean Prongs. Lily would be the perfect match for you, if only to keep you in your place,” Remus stated with a smile that turned into a smirk as the two people involved flushed. He looked over to see that Sirius looked just as amused as he felt. 

After helping James up off of the floor, Peter changed the subject back to the Marauders. 

The five spent the better part of an hour talking about the mishaps of the Marauders and their successes and failures before realizing the time and that curfew had come and gone. They hurried back to the Common Room undetected and Lily parted from the boys with the excuse of going to bed. 

Author's Note:
Another chapter actually finished! woohoo!  And it's the longest chapter so far.  This whole writing thing is kind of hard, especially when I get distracted reading other stories instead of writing my own.  I've had the beginning prank planned since I finished writing chapter 2 or 3.  It just took me a while to write the rest of the chapter and figure out where I was going with it.  I have an actual plan for the next three chapters instead of writing and seeing where it takes me.  The good news is that I have an ending to one chapter and the beginning to the one following it.  The bad news is I'm moving in a couple of weeks so I don't know how much time I'll have to write.  

If you are a new reader, I'm sorry about the confusion.  When I first started writing I didn't want James to fancy Lily to begin with, but now I think differently.  I know I have to rewrite a lot of chapter 3, plus probably others in order to include this information and so it flows better.  

I apologize for any mistakes, whether they be typing, grammatical, spelling errors, or whatever other kind of mistakes you can make.

Wow, I really need to break this long author's notes habit.  It's kind of annoying...

Like always, reviews would be appreciated but aren't necessary
If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know.  I like suggestions ;)

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