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Against all odds by Sano
Chapter 16 : The Long Break
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After the unintended Blaise incident, the term leading up to Christmas break seemed to speed by. Draco and I hardly saw each other, except for at night, and that wasn’t ever enough because of our homework load. It was easier to deal with Harry and Ron when I didn’t have to be in their sulking presence all the time. We were all over-stressed and had decided it would just be better to work on classes than fight with each other. Hmmm…. Looks like we were finally maturing a little bit, that or we had really gotten tired of biting each other’s heads off every two seconds…. Either way, it was a good decision.

It slowly got easier for Draco to accept that we were really a secret, I got better at ignoring him, and he gladly returned the favor, but for different reasons. He was worried about who had taken over spying duties for Voldemort at Hogwarts, and with the way he had acted toward the Dark Lord, anyone close to him was in trouble. He had also tried to warn Blaise, but Blaise being the reckless individual that he is, refused to listen and followed Draco like a puppy, a rather annoying one with blackmail material. 

At first I worried about Blaise knowing, his personality kind of puts him in a wary place in my mind. He’ll wink at me occasionally at me, but besides that he ignores me, unless he’s in the common room with Draco and me, which is how I would like to keep it for right now. Blaise may have a foolish exterior, but underneath, he really seems to understand the world around him. Reminds me of a pair of twins that I know….

I stood on the platform in Hogsmeade, reflecting on how well things were actually going. For the first time in a long time I felt safe, I felt out of the reach of the war. The morning air was crisp and the scent of snow floated through the air. Hogwarts would soon be white; I couldn’t say the same was for where I was going. It never snowed at the Burrow. I watched as most of the school population began to filter through the gates and toward the train, everyone wanted to be home for the holidays, families were worried about each other. I for one was not going to get to see my family, as muggles it was safer for me to stay away and stick to letter writing. Draco was another who wasn’t going to see his family, he couldn’t see his mother because of his Aunt, and by now she’d probably have brain-washed her anyway (my opinion). Draco thinks she still has his best interests at heart, just like always.

We said our goodbyes last night, knowing that the platform was definitely not the place to have such intimacies; I’ll let your imagination run with that one. I watched as he sauntered out of the gates, laughing and flicking his blonde hair back out of his face. *SIGH* The fact that I could have loathed that gorgeousness once boggled my mind, which is no easy feat let me tell you.

“You ready for a break?” Harry had snuck up behind me, my Malfoy addicted eyes refused to grant Harry the time of day, but my voice seemed to be able to deal.

“God, are you kidding? For the first time I’m actually sick of school,” I stuck my tongue out, Harry laughed. 

“We’re almost done kiddo,” He squeezed my shoulder; I looked at him and smiled, “Just gotta hang in there for one more term!” Someone bumped into my other shoulder; I let out a small “oof” and felt something being pressed into my hand. My eyes shot up and met gray dancing ones. Draco. Of course.

“Sorry chickita!” He declared nonchalantly, “But these things happen when you have an OAF walking behind you.” He elbowed Blaise in the ribs. “See you after break.” He smiled at me then nodded to Harry and continued swaggering down the platform.

“Now that’s a full-fledged transformation if I’ve ever seen one,” Harry muttered. I hid my face, blushing; I knew Draco was making the extra effort for me. 

“Yeah,” I hid my face in my scarf, I felt the burning sensation leave my face, so I looked up at Harry and smiled. “Let’s go home.” I grabbed his hand and pulled him on the train, and we were on our way to a happy Christmas.

*     *     *

We arrived at the Burrow super late. I had no idea of the time, but unlike my traveling companions I wasn’t the least bit tired. I could feel Draco’s note burning a hole in my pocket. I hadn’t had a moment to myself today where I could have looked at it, the suspense was killing me. Mrs. Weasley greeted us with her customary hugs and warm hospitality. The Burrow was the only place besides my own house where I could truly feel at home, I understand what Harry means when he says Hogwarts is home, but so many negative things have happened within those walls it’s hard to see it in that light anymore.

The house was oddly quiet. There seemed to be so much missing, the fantastically crazy holiday cheer, Mr. Weasley’s constant pestering about vacuum cleaners, Fred and George’s obsession with apperation, Percy’s snide comments, silence covered everything. Needless to say, our homecoming was rather somber. We went to bed without much comment, now we all had our own rooms due to all the empty space that was left from kids leaving the nest. 

I bid everyone goodnight, and as soon as I was sure that everyone was in their rooms I dashed up to the attic. No one came up here anymore, not since the twins had vacated, it was a nice place to be alone. I opened the wide glass doors that led out onto the roof and lay back, gazing at the stars. I pulled out Draco’s note, wanting it to stay a secret, but at the same time, wanting to rip it open and read it… what to do what to do? I started to open it slowly, savoring the moment. Draco’s scrawl covered the page, along with some added doodles of a hand that I didn’t recognize; I was guessing at Blaise, an enchanted dragon drawing was trying to eat the word love, Blaise indeed then. 


Seeing as this is our first stint away from each other I figured I’d help ease the blow a little (so considerate of me, I know) so here you are, your daily dose of Draco. No you better keep to the rules BLAISE GET OFF OF MY PAPER and only read your bit for the day, otherwise there will be trouble, and I can’t promise what will happen, you never know what kind of mood I’ll be in *wink wink*. But really, I wish I could see you everyday and that this wasn’t necessary. Also I figure owls are out, you know that Weasel, he’ll be getting all jealous and weird on you, so I’ll refrain. I just wish we could be spending the holidays together. Love you. Draco.


I took a moment to lay back, he’d really thought this all through. I didn’t think there would ever be a time when I really missed telephones, but now was definitely one of them. I wanted to be able to talk to Draco before I went to sleep, just like we always did. I let out a huge sigh and stared at the stars, all I could really hope for was that he was looking at the same night sky that I was. I looked back at the paper, wondering exactly what he had meant by daily dose of Draco.

December 17th:
Know that I am already missing you. I was missing you as soon as you walked out of the portrait hole this morning. There was a pang in my heart when it really kicked in that I wouldn’t be seeing you for over two weeks. So make them a couple of good weeks that you’ll want to tell me all about when we get back to school. Wish upon a star before going to bed, I’ll be there wishing with you. Hopefully our wishes will be along the same lines. Sleep tight. Draco.


I looked up into the stars, picking out constellations that we had learned in Astronomy. I was looking for a star that blinked brightly in the sky, something really noticeable, so that Draco and I really could be wishing together. I spotted a star that was sparking different colors, it was blue one second green the next, something that would surely draw the eye, plus it was pretty to look at.

*     *     *

I was hanging over the windowsill in my permanent room in the Zambini manor. Staring out at the sky, there was a certain star that was drawing my attention, sparkling between green and blue. I wondered if Hermione had gotten a chance to look at my note yet, or if she had been drawn into happy family homecoming like I had been. Luckily Blaise and I were able to excuse ourselves from his parents and two older sisters, sneaking away to our rooms, and only pretending to sleep. Blaise was writing to his longtime girlfriend Ciara, who worked for Gringotts and was constantly in and out of the country cracking runes on ancient treasures, but she would be home for Christmas this year, and was expected to spend it here, with the rest of her family. I on the other hand, was unable to write to Hermione, it would be odd for my owl to show up at Weasel’s all the time, especially since Potter could probably recognize it. I sighed and withdrew myself to staring at stars, and wishing on every single one that I could be with her at this very moment.

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