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Our own Prison by MoonBuzzLeto
Chapter 8 : Of wine and roses
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Chapter eight: Of wine and roses.

                (The songs in this chapter are Under Stars by Draco himself (well, Tom Felton anyway) and Safest place to hide by backstreet boys and Insatiable by Darren Hayes)




                They were in a meadow side by side, the sun making his Platinum hair glitter. She was laying her back with him on his side beside her, leaning up on elbow looking down on her. Celestia could not help but ache over his beauty. He plucked a daffodil from the ground and brushed it across her face

“Darling, you’ve killed it!” she admonished and he sighed.

‘Very well, Reparo!”  He whispered and the daffodil returned to the earth as much as a part of it as she was of him.  “Is this real Draco?” she asked him tentatively and he shrugged. “If it’s not then who cares. I’d rather be here than anywhere else” and he bent slowly to kiss her lips.

And I wish I knew everything there is to know about you.
And I want you to see just exactly what you mean to me.
And you - you think you know me.
I guarantee there’s a lot more to see.

            Celestia awoke shivering. She thought of how soft and tender he seemed both in her dreams and the night before. How he had refused to “take advantage” as he put it but still made her feel beautiful and desirable. It just couldn’t be real. She just wasn’t born for moonlight and roses. She was meant to learn and educate and had no time for love.  

And you - you don’t believe it’s true -
That if I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming of you.

            Gingerly she lifted his arm from where it rested against her stomach and he sighed softly. When he lay like that, she couldn’t see the nightmares that plagued him, the things he had done. Only beauties personified in his spider like lashes resting on soft white cheeks, the temperate rise and fall of his chest as he breathed her in, deep and even.

            Crossing to the table she poured a glass of steaming black coffee and lifted it to her lips, cringing at its bitter taste but relishing the kick the caffeine gave her. She had to tear her gaze from him, and she only wished she could tear her thoughts from him.

And I want you to be, everything that you deserve to be.
And if I close my eyes, then I can see you perfectly.
And I - I don’t know where to go.
I wrote a song just to let you know
that we - we could be together.

            Draco didn’t dream that night. Only the peaceful and opaque sleep normally reserved for the young and the innocent.  When he opened his mercury eyes and glanced around he was startled because he didn’t see her. Leaping from bed and staring around in a wild frenzy he searched for her, his heart sinking faster every second. What if she had been taken from him in the night? Could he make it here on his own? He didn’t think so. He would revert back to the tortured soul lost in his own personal hell that he had been these past seven years. He didn’t want to be that person anymore. Much as it rankled he knew that she was his savior just as much as he knew his own name. Draco Malfoy. The dragon of Bad faith.

Draco thought he heard a faint noise coming from the washroom. With his knuckles he rapped three times on the door. “Celestia? Are you in there?”  No answer.

            He twisted the knob and the door came open. There she was in the bathtub slunk low and covered with bubbles.

            “So Sorry” he said quickly clearly disconcerted. “I knocked but no answer, I was worried for you”

            “Sorry I didn’t hear, I think I was woolgathering. She smiled sheepishly and sunk deeper in the tub and he exited the room like a flash, closing the door behind him and breathing in a very audible sound of relief. She was still here. He knew he had to make a play for her, but he also knew he needed to be smooth yet sincere and kill her with kindness. If she was too see what was slowly forming behind the cogs of his brain then he would have to wow and woo her as much as he could in this limited space with even more limited means.

And I wish that I could hold your hand,
Feet beneath the sand.
And I wish that I could feel your touch,
I think about you so much.


Clutching his wand with the cogs in his brain fast working his remembered a spell from his youth. Waiting until she had exited the washroom wearing a pretty white sundress. He gave her an enigmatic smile and whispered “Budick Rowez”. Rose petals burst from the tip of his wand. They rose up all around celestia pirouetting in carefully timed circles, leading her into a dance. Her smile was beatific and trusting as a child. Her skirt billowed like a soft white cloud. She looked like a barefoot Gypsy princess losing herself in a most sacred rite. Right on Cue the Victrola started up a heartfelt tune just as Draco caught her in his arms and lifted them both right off the ground, dancing on air.

Can you see me
Here I am (Here I am)
I need you like I needed you then
When I feel like giving up
I climb inside your heart and still find
You're my safest place to hide

                Celestia was fast melting. She leaned in against Draco and was surprised as it seemed she was molded just for him. Now they were just floating, holding each other like giddy school kids. Draco leaned his head down, the soft fringe of his hair brushing her forehead and he sang sweetly to her.

You see colors no one else can see
and every breath you hear a symphony
you understand me like nobody can
I feel my soul unfolding
Like a flower blooming

Celestia’s eyes filled with happy tears before she could stop them, Draco could feel them on his collarbone. He reached out his hand and wiped them away, turning them into hard cold Diamonds that Glittered in the firelight as if lit by an unseen torch. He placed them in her hand and she looked up in awe “No more tears, we’ve both cried enough” he said firmly and she only nodded

When this whole world gets too crazy
And there's nowhere left to run
I know you give me sanctuary
You're the only truth I know
You're the road back home

            Returning to the ground, Draco noticed the wine and strawberries on the table. “Almost like it’s meant to be” He thought to himself as he crossed to the table and poured the Burgundy liquid into the crystal goblets and handed her one.

            Celestia stared at Draco over the top of her glass, the firelight making his face seem even more divine. She smiled up at him as she held the glass up



They both drained there glasses, and Celestia felt her head spin pleasantly and the abandon coming over her. She felt like a different Woman as she tugged him over to the bed.  And deliberately and excruciatingly undid each of the buttons on the singlet he wore.  Her fingers glided over his stomach muscles. A feathery yet adroit touch and he groaned from pleasure and frustration.

            “Celestia... Celestia” He Admonished in a pleading whisper, “I am only a man”

            “Good, because it’s a man I want”

The world revolves I let it go
We build our church above this street
We practice love between these sheets
The candy sweetness scent of you
It bathes my skin I’m stained by you
She flushed with enjoyment at the reaction each touch and kiss brought in him.

            He was unable to resist anymore, He scooped her up with one arm and pinned her beneath him kissing her savagely and holding her hands above her head with his. He could feel her pulse in her throat, rapid and erratic and he bit ever so gently until she screamed out.

And all I have to do is hold you
there’s a racing in my heart
I am barely touching you

“You sure you want to do this?” he was asking her. “There is no turning back” “I can’t stand to taint you” he went to stand and she grabbed him by the top of his pants.

            “No. No talk of the past. You aren’t tainting me, I’m freely giving you love. The love we both deserve. I am sharing myself with you, Body and soul. You got that mister?”

            Just like the drug that had been his life, he knew he should run, that he didn’t deserve her kind of love, but he was too weak to resist. It wasn’t just about sex. He wanted to be intimate with her, the way he never had before. He wanted to give. He needed to feel something other than pain. He needed her in with a fierceness that terrified him. His hands shook as lifted her shirt over her head, kissing her collarbone, the freckles on her shoulders her flat stomach. Her whole body trembled as she wrapped her legs around his waist and undid his zipper.

            “I’m scared Draco” she sighed and he stopped cold.

            “I can’t guarantee it won’t hurt, but just for a second”

            “It’s not that... I’m just scared that...” her voice trailed off and she reddened from hairline to chest.  “I’m scared that I won’t be able to, to”

            “What is it baby?” He prodded kissing her fingers

            “What if I can’t please you?”

            At this he laughed, a hearty laugh that stirred the air between them

            “I can personally assure you that isn’t possible. Don’t you realize what a gift you’re giving me? No one has ever trusted me like this. You make me feel alive again. You look at me with those cloying doe- eyes and I just want to burst. He hugged her to him as if she were a very precious but very delicate treasure. All I want is to please you.

Turn the lights down low
take it off
Let me show
my love for you

            She drew him close, feeling light as a feather in his arms and the kiss that ensued was deep and authoritative. Draco grew dizzy, feeling like he could float away, but anchored to nothing but her.

The moonlight plays upon your skin
a kiss that lingers takes me in
I fall asleep inside of you
there are no words
there’s only truth

Fingers laced together, they were like one being. Their auras Collided and blended into a Vibrant mystical violet hue.  He shivered but wasn’t cold, in fact he was caught in a fantastical blaze, burning alive.

            “Draco...” She moaned. A universe of unspoken words in that one honeyed whisper. He was shattering and being pieced back together. It was the end of the pain and the start of life, like being born again.

Breathe in breathe out
There is no sound
we move together up and down
we levitate our bodies soar
our feet don't even touch the floor

            She rolled him over, grappling over him. She looked down into his paradisiacal smile, and felt like nothing would ever matter again but the two of them. They were infinite, flawless, everything.

She knew then the difference between sex and love. Sex was only friction, a means to an end. He was showing her his love. The things he couldn’t put into words. Grabbing his hair and yanking him up roughly she spoke into his ear J’ Taime

And nobody knows you like I do
the world doesn't understand
But I grow stronger in your hands

As she fell against him, spent and exhausted and lye her head on his chest to listen to his thundering heart and he kissed her pallid brow she felt a trickle of fear in her heart.

            “Tell me this isn’t a dream. That when I wake up you’ll still be here”

            “Wild horses, love” he smiled and nipped her fingers affectionately “I’m. Not. Going. Anywhere. He carefully enunciated each syllable.


We never sleep we're always holding' hands
Kissing' for hours talking' making' plans
I feel like a better man
Just being in the same room

            “Don’t you dare close those eyes.” He said in laughing voice. Lifting her into his arms he watched her wavy hair fall down her back and saw himself reflected in her eyes. She held him enthralled as if by magic. “How is it possible that you don’t know how bewitching you are?”

            She only smiled and kissed him roughly “I’ll let you show me again” she said against his lips.          

“Yes Ma’am he said and that’s exactly what he did

We never sleep there's just so much to do
Too much to say
Can't close my eyes when I’m with you
Insatiable the way I’m loving you

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