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Compromises by mexprizoner
Chapter 6 : Of Desire and Rage
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A/N: Ok, so just wanted to warn you I’ve been getting kind of bored with the way this story is going so I decided to turn it in to a Ron/Hermione fic you know just to spice it up a little so I hope you like it and keep reading, doodles…………………………………………….huum had you going didn’t I? lol I tend to be evil that way (insert evil laugh here) anyways, enough of that read and enjoy my darling and beloved readers.
PS: In case you didn’t know already I only own the plot, yes I know it makes me sad too but oh well.

Chapter six: Of Desire and Rage.

We exited the closet a bit later and made our way towards the kitchens no more words spoken outside of the safety blanket that was darkness, but something had changed; I felt it. 

It was as if the entire universe had rearranged its self as if we had stepped out of the closet and into an alternate reality where everything was the same and yet irrevocably different, I noticed as we sat eating in silence, that we were sitting incredibly close, the length of our legs touching under the table. 

In the same manner, as we made our way back to the room of requirement our arms brushing together with every step I became aware that now that my mind wasn’t intent on throttling him, I felt a strange and unexplainable pull towards him and I find myself once again wondering what would have been of us under different circumstances. I can’t seem to help myself from starring at him from the corner of my eye. 

We found the halls of the castle pretty much empty a quick glance at my watch told me the reason; thirty minutes after curfew, no wonder. We continued in the strange silence that had fallen, the events off the day wedging themselves between us, I allowed my thoughts to wonder, trying to chance a guess as to what he’s thinking. 

“Run, run, run as fast as you can, you’ll never catch Peevsy, I know that you can’t” 

We both froze at the sound of loud guffaws of laughter coming from the hall ahead of us. 

“COME BACK HERE YOU BLOODY THIEF!” Filch’s angry voice followed the school’s poltergeist laughter. 

I felt panic as their voices drew nearer, I am a prefect and there for I know I wouldn’t get into much trouble but I simply don’t think I can face such a situation in my current state of mental instability, I might end up turning Filch into a maggot or a spider just for the satisfaction of hearing him crunch when I step on him. 

But before I can properly panic and start running around the hall like a headless chicken, Draco’s warm hand wraps around my wrist, pulling me with him towards a rather large and ugly tapestry we had just passed, he pulls it back to reveal a small alcove into which he pushes me following closely behind and letting the tapestry fall back to hide us. 

“If you want your pants back you’ll have to run faster than that!” Peeves’ voice rang loud and mocking as he neared our hiding place. 

I hold my breath and close my eyes tight as if that would somehow help, like I said I’ve became mentally unstable, I’ll be lucky if I end up rooming with Gilderoy Lockhart in St. Mungo’s. I’ve always thought he has a nice smile, so maybe it won’t be that bad, I could help him hand out autographed photos and then maybe became Mrs. Gilderoy Lockhart. 

Ok, it’s official; I am demented. 

Filch’s crude replies to Peeves’ taunts rang loudly along the hall followed closely by the sound of his shuffling feet. 

“Well that was disturbing.” Draco’s voice rings in my ear once the sounds of quarreling dies away. 

I only laugh and nod slightly, because I suddenly find that I can’t speak since my beating heart has suddenly decided to lodge it’s self in my throat, as I open my eyes to find Draco’s face inches away from mine and I realize that we’re standing incredibly close to each other, since there isn’t much room in this stupid niche to begin with. 

More than that, it’s the look in his eyes; it’s the exact same one he was giving me when I wiped the chocolate from his lips. 

The same look that makes my blood boil in my veins and drives my mind into the edge of insanity; not that I’m that far away anyway. 

I rest my hands on his chest feeling slightly light headed and experience an electric shock like needles piercing into my finger tips and running all along my body making me tremble against him. He moans and I assume he just felt the same thing, this time I don’t even notice how it happens but suddenly his lips are on mine and I’m pressed against the wall of the alcove. 

Somewhere in the back of my mind I hear myself shouting that this is wrong and that I should pull away, but I simply can bring myself to care anymore. His warm mouth is on mine, his hands are on my body and I suddenly realize how much I actually want this, how much I want him. 

His touch is like fire running along my skin as his fingers slip under the thin fabric of my blouse, I press my body closer to him, my hands pulling lightly on his silky hair, the force of his kiss bruising my lips and yet I find my need growing. 

His hands caress the side off my body until his thumbs run along the bottom of my breasts; through the delicate fabric of my bra, I moan against his mouth arching my back into him. He nibbles on my lower lip before moving his mouth along my jaw and onto my neck. I now realize that I’m panting as his tongue teases the skin below my ear. 

One of his hands leaves the skin underneath my blouse and I’m about to protest, when he runs it down to my thigh flicking the fabric of my skirt away, running tantalizing fingers across the skin before pulling it up around his waist. I oblige eagerly. 

“We should get out of here.” He whispers into my ear as he nibbles on my lobe. 

“Yes, we should.” I murmur back, before pulling his mouth back to mine. 

He pulls away slightly resting his forehead against mine, I groan and tilt my head to kiss him again. He chuckles and pulls farther away. 

“Come on.” He says untangling my leg from his waist and pulling the tapestry away so that I can follow, I sigh and step out with him. 

The corridor is empty most of the lights extinguished for the night. He grabs my hand and pulls me against his chest his lips falling onto mine. We make our way to the seventh floor corridor pausing along the way to le to press our bodies against one another. He, teasing my senses and making desire throb throughout my whole body. 

Just before we turn into the hallway with the tapestry of trolls in tutus, someone calls my name from the end of the hall. 

My head snaps around dropping Draco’s hand as if burnt. 

“What the hell are you still doing with that git?” Ron demands as he makes his way toward us. 

“I-I ‘m-I” I stutter as I feel the blood drain from my face. 

“Don’t tell me you’ve spend the whole day with him.” I can see how red his ears have became as he stops in front of us. 

I’m still unable to form a coherent sentence and I’m gaping at him like a fish out of water. 

“So what if she has?”Draco’s voice responds from behind me. 

I see Ron throw him a hate filled gaze, before he grabs my arm in a vice like grip and pulls me along the hall. The pain of his hand cutting off the circulation to the rest of my arm makes me find my voice. 

“Ouch, Ron you’re hurting me” I cry out trying to pull my hand free but he ignores me. 

“Ron let go!” I cry louder this time tears of pain appearing in my eyes. 

“Oi, Weasley let her go!” Draco demands following us. 

“Mind your own fucking business, Malfoy.” Ron spits at him throwing him a murdering gaze while his hand tightens its hold on me. 

I can’t help but to cry out, the force of his grip bringing me to my knees, through the tears in my eyes, I see him stare down at me shocked before quickly letting go of my arm. I sigh relived; there is rustling of fabric that rushes by me as the blood rushes painfully fast back to my arm, the next thing I know Ron is laying sprawled on the floor sporting a bloody nose. 

I look up at Draco who is now massaging his knuckles, he gives me a strange look but before I can decipher it, Ron scrambles to his feet blood dripping onto his robes his wand pointing at Draco. 

“I told you to mind your own fucking business!” Ron snarls his face twisted with anger, I jump to my feet and stand between them facing Ron. 

“Stop it! Stop it this instant Ronald.” I throw my arms wide in front of him as he tries to shoot around me. 

“Get out of the way Hermione” He demands but I stand my ground knowing that if I relent we might all regret it. 

“No, I won’t now put your wand down.” 

“Hermione listen to him you’re gonna end up getting hurt.” This time it’s Draco, the way in which he pronounces my name catching me off guard and making me turn to stare at him. He stares back giving me a tender expression before adding, “Please.” 

“What the fuck is going on here.” Ron demands and I turn back to him as he stares at us shocked at our exchange; he then looks at me as if he has never seen me before. 

“Ron I…” I begin as he takes a step back and I see realization cross his eyes as he stares from me to Draco and back. I reach out to him but he pulls back disgusted. 

“Stay away from me.” He spits at me and turns his back on me hurrying along the hallway, I try to follow him, tears streaming down my face but when I reach the end of the hallway he’s gone. 

I fall to my knees once more sobbing as I remember the disgust in his face as he looked at me. 


How…how can I ever explain to him, how can I possibly make him understand when I don’t understand myself. 


He’s probably gonna tell Harry and Ginny as well… 

“Hermione” I turned annoyed; to find Draco starring at me from…from across the hall, clearly fifteen feet away. I gape at him as I realize that the potion has finally worn off, we merely stare at each other. 

Then I stand up and run away from him.

A/N: Told you I was evil didn’t I, well just don’t hate me too much, I pixy promise that all this suffering will be worth it in the end, well at least I hope it is. I just wanted to give a huge thanks to lyfindra and TFlover for following this story and their lovely reviews you guys rock!!! I think we’re getting very near the end, two maybe three chapters left I’m not sure yet so please keep reading and reviewing.
BESOS.( kisses lol)

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