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Hallelujah by Ravie_girl29
Chapter 7 : Reality
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Well there was a time when you let me know
What's really going on below
But now you never show that to me do you


  Every part of Harry’s body hurt, he was very uncomfortable, he felt sick and tired.


  From what he could tell he was laying on a very hard, very stiff bed. The room smelt too clean, almost like muggle bleach. It was also quiet; Harry could hear slight creaking floorboards and murmurs but nothing else. Something warm and furry was curled up between his arm and abdomen.


  “ Is he awake yet?” asked a voice quietly.


  “ No,” someone whispered back.


  “ I’ll take over staying with him for a while, ‘Moine, you go home and sleep.” Said the first voice.


  “ No, it’s fine, Ron,” Hermione said, “ I’m good for a little while longer, plus don’t you have work?”


  “ George closed the shop remember?” whispered Ron.


  “ Oh…” Hermione said absentmindly, “ oh yeah, of course.”


  “ Come on,” Ron said softly, “ You look like hell, you need sleep.”


  “ Why does everyone keep saying that to me?!” Hermione cried.


  “ Oh, shhh, I’m sorry, Moine, shhh. It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m sorry, shhh, calm down.”


  “ I-I-I-t-t’s j-j-just it-t-t’s b-b-been almost-t a w-w-week.” Hermione sobbed, “ And-d h-he hasn’t woken up-p w-what if he never w-w-wakes up? Wh-what if he d-dies t-too? It’ll be all m-my fault! I-it is-s all my fault-t-t-t!”


  “ No, no it’s not!” Ron said, “ It’s not you’re fault at all.”


  “ I sh-sh-sh-shouldn’t-t hav-ve left him!” wailed Hermione.


  “ He wanted you to.”


  “ I want him to b-be okay!” Hermione sobbed.


  “ Well, if you stop making such a fuss he can tell you that he’s fine.” Harry said without opening his eyes. Hermione shrieked and jumped on him, the warm furry bundle clawed Harry’s arm and jumped to the ground.


  “ Oh, Harry!” Hermione yelled crying, “ I was so worried! Are you okay? Are you hurt? How are you feeling? What happened?”


  “ Let him breath, Hermione.” Ron said, Harry pushed himself up into a sitting position, and grabbed his glassed from the table, he now knew where he was, St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, he must have been in a privet room, or maybe they just didn’t have many patents because he didn’t have any roommates. “ So you big git,” Ron said obviously relived Harry was well enough to sit up, “ how long have you been wake?”


  “ Not long, just long enough to hear Hermione’s tantrum.” Hermione blushed a deep shade of pink, “ How long have I been out?”


  “ Just over six days.” Said Ron.


  “ Oh Harry, we were all so worried!” Hermione added.


  “ What happened?” Harry asked.


  “ What do you mean?”


  “ Last thing I remember we were eating breakfast and McGonagall wanted us to meet her at Hogwarts, then nothing.” Harry said, he laughed, “ What was I some sort of prat and passed out in the Floo network?” Hermione and Ron looked at each other worried and sad. “ What?” Harry demanded scared, “ What am I missing?”


  “ You don’t remember anything?” asked Hermione timidly, “ nothing at all? Ginny or Stan or anything?”


  “ No,” Harry said his heart speeding up now, “ what about Ginny, where is she?” Neither Ron nor Hermione answered him. “ What about Ginny?” He repeated, “ Is she okay? Why isn’t she here? Where is she?”


  Hermione stood up and took a few steps away from the bed as though Harry was a wired bomb; she looked scared, “ now it’s not your fault, Harry, we all know that.”


  “ Where is Ginny?” Harry yelled, panicking, “ Is she hurt? What happened to her? WHERE IS SHE!?” He looked around worried, was she in a room, too? Passes out with her family huddled around her? Was that why the rest of the Weasleys weren’t there? Has she been sleeping for just over six days too? Would she be coming around now? Why wasn’t she in the same room as him? They were engaged after all, they should be able to share a hospital bed! And what about Stan? Stan who? Shunpike? Or some other Stan that Harry couldn’t remember right now? Why weren’t Hermione and Ron saying anything? “ Tell me, damn it! WHERE’S GINNY!”


  Hermione was crying, Ron looked like he was suffering a terrible pain. “ Sh-she’s not here,” Ron said, “ because she was killed.”


  “ No.” Harry said quite calmly, “ she’s not dead, she’s at Hogwarts, she can’t be dead.”


  Hermione shook her head tears cascading down her cheeks, “ No, Harry, she’s not, she’s dead, she’s been dead for six days.”


  “ No!” Harry said angrily. “ No, she’s not dead!”


  “ Yes she is, mate.” Ron said, “ You were asleep for her funeral, she was killed by Malcolm Pritchard and Stan Shunpike.”




MARRIED! SHE’S NOT DEAD!” but even as Harry said it he knew it wasn’t true. Ron loved

Ginny more then anyone other then Hermione, he would never lie or joke about her dying, but

Harry preferred that explanation to the one that Ginny was dead.


  “ Harry, please…” Hermione whispered.


  “ NO, HERMIONE!” Harry screamed at her, “ SHE’S NOT DEAD SHE CAN’T BE!”


  “ Hermione, leave,” ordered Ron, “ Just go, and tell the Burrow that Harry’s awake, let me talk

to him.” Harry expected Hermione to object but to his surprise she picked up Crookshanks and ran

out of the room. 


  Harry and Ron stared at each other for a long time, Harry was breathing fiercely through his nose.


  “ Ginny’s mine.” Harry said stupidly, “ She’s mine! She can’t die, she can’t! I don’t allow it!”


  “ I’m sorry, mate, she’s my sister, I love her to, but she’s gone, she’s gone and we can’t bring

her back.” Ron said. Harry looked in Ron’s eyes there was no deception, or impatience, on only

grief; pure, agonizing, brutally honest grief. Harry didn’t have time to argue, for a healer came in

the demanding to know what all the yelling was about.



  Wind buffeted Harry’s hair and bit at his exposed skin. The cold didn’t bother him, he

welcomed it, he welcomed the pain. Tears froze on his face, he wanted so badly for Ron to be

wrong, but he wasn’t. Harry left St. Mungo’s that morning, now he stood in an empty cemetery

in Ottery St. Catchpole staring at a new marble stone. He felt sick, staring at the freshly made grave.


  Truth flowed over Harry like a sickening illness.


Ginevra Molly Weasley

July 21st 1981

November 3rd 2000

Even death cannot separate us from the ones we love.


  Harry still couldn’t believe it, but the white stone in front of him confirmed it, Ginny was gone, he’d never see her again, he’d never smell her perfume, talk to her, hear her laugh, play with her hair again. She was dead, just as his parents, Sirius, Dumbledore, Fred, Tonks, Lupin, Hedwig, Mad-Eye, and Dobby were all dead. Why did it seem like everyone Harry loved or cared about died.


  Did God hate him that much? Was this some sort of punishment? He got rid of Voldemort, he endured more pain then anyone can possibly image, he dedicated his life to making sure his world was safe. Why is he being tortured? He would have gladly died instead of Ginny. He remembered what Dumbledore said about not pitying the dead, but the living. Maybe he was right, Ginny got to go up to Heaven or where ever, but it was Harry that had to live on without her. The more he thought about it the angrier he got, angry at God, angry at the world, angry at the Death Eaters, even angry at Hermione, but most of all angry at himself. Because it was his fault, completely his fault.


  He kicked the fence surrounding the graveyard with all his might. It didn’t do anything but possibly break his toe. He swore loudly and fell to his knees on the newly turned mound of dirt that was Ginny’s grave.


  “ Why!?” Harry yelled crying into the empty snow covered cemetery, “ Why did you have to take everything away from me? Why did you take her? What did I do to deserve this?”


  “ ‘Xcuse me mister,” a little voice said from behind him, he turned to see a little muggle girl standing by him. “ Is you okay?”


  “ Samantha!” the girl’s mother scowled, “ Leave him alone! I’m sorry, sir, she just got away from me.”


  “ It’s okay,” Harry murmured. He looked at the little girl, Samantha, she couldn’t be more then six or seven, she was carrying a thing of flowers, she pulled one out and offered it to Harry, he took it and mumbled, “ thank you.”


  “ It’ll be okay,” she said, “ everything gets better in time.”


  “ Samantha!” The woman said, taking the girl’s hand, “ I’m so sorry she disturbed you.” She told him, hurrying her daughter out of the way.


  “ It’s okay.” Harry murmured.


  “ Thank you for not being mad.” She said before turning to her daughter as the walked to another grave, “ You don’t bother people who are grieving! That poor man…” Harry didn’t hear anymore of what she was saying. He placed the flower Samantha gave to him on Ginny’s grave and went to leave.


  Would that be how his daughter acted? Eager to help people that she didn’t know? Wanting to comfort people she would probably never see again? Most likely, because that’s how Ginny was. Of course he’d never have a daughter, all his dreams of marrying Ginny having babies with her, all the life that they planned for themselves was gone, it slipped away before anyone could stop it.

Authors note; well alot of people aren't happy with the last chapter, and i'm guessing after this chapter, they'll be even less happy, please reveiw whether you liked it or not i still want your opinoin

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