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Murder Me by darkkid
Chapter 1 : More
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Author's Note: This is my first, serious, Regulus story. I hope I'm getting his characterization right!
Any comments, critique, complaints, etc. etc... is appreciated!
Now, please enjoy!

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Chapter One:


He tightly closed his eyes, trying desperately to ignore his sweat drenched hair and shaking hands. He didn't know why he was angry, but the urge to lash out at something, to feel a struggle between his fingers, was overwhelming. The hall was dark, scarce moonlight from the narrow windows being the only source of light, but he could just make out the shape of a girl standing at the end of the hall.

Suddenly, a voice echoed in his ear.
"She betrayed us...

Silently he crept up behind her, his heart beating furiously in his chest. A malicious smile swept across his face…he was so close to finishing his task. His fingers twitched at his side. Slowly he reached up and swept the girl's golden hair from her shoulder.

"I've been waiting for you, Black," the girl whispered gently. She made to turn around, but before her face was fully in view a pair of hands wrapped themselves around her throat…

She fell to the floor, and all was silent.

Regulus sat up abruptly in bed, his heart hammering painfully in his chest. Sweat drenched his skin and tears sprang from his eyes from the reoccurring nightmare.

I'm not a murderer, he thought desperately to himself while wiping the sweat forcefully from his face, all the while wishing that his hammering heart would calm. It was only a dream.

And how strange and scarce the word sounded. Dream. It had felt like so much more, it felt like reality was slowly seeping into his subconscious mind. These dreams felt true, he felt more alive in these dreaded dreams than he did when he was actually awake. There was a flow of adrenaline, a longing that he never felt when he was in the reality world. That thought scared him, he knew these dreams gave him more of a rush than real life, and he knew he was becoming quickly addicted to the thrill.

The nagging feeling in his stomach never left him, and he stayed awake for the remainder of the night, too scared to allow his eyelids to rest.

I'm not a murderer.


"Don't snap at me, Black! Honestly, one would think you were a woman, what with those nasty mood swings of yours," Celina said, her brows furrowing together in frustration. "What has gotten into you lately? Can't take a joke at all."

"I didn't snap," Regulus muttered after a moment of groggy thought. "I just think you need to go find someone else to torment today."

"Oh dear me." Celina sighed dramatically and put her hand to her mouth in fake shock. "Are you- are you breaking up with me, Black?"

"Go. Away." He shot a nasty glare at her.

"Yes, yes. I'm going, happy now?" Celina stood from the bench and swung her book bag over her shoulder. "I'll see you in potions. And do try to eat some breakfast, love. You're looking a bit peaky."


"Yeah, you know, sick, unwell…insane."

"Insane? The only insane person here is you," Regulus said, rolling his eyes as Celina shoved toast onto his plate.

"Yes, well, at least I admit it," she said. "You better pick up your attitude, too. I don't want another flammable-pants incident in potions." With a mocking bow, she danced off out of the hall.

"Crazy woman." Regulus slunk into his seat with a sigh.

He stared angrily down at his toast, not daring to eat the food Celina had placed in front of him. When it came to Celina, you had better be safe rather than sorry. She was a cruel and heartless girl that even Regulus couldn't trust, even though they had been friends since first year.

He sighed and rubbed the lingering sleep from his eyes. Another sleepless night was not doing him any good. He felt as if he were aging more and more each day. He even avoided looking at his reflection, for he was fearful that the boy looking back at him would be an elderly man. He simply felt old.

"What has you looking so down, mate?" The voice came from the spot next to him. Regulus could have sworn it was empty only two seconds ago.

"Oh, it's nothing. Where'd you come from?"

"Well, one night when my parents-"

"Oi, you know what I meant." Regulus grimaced.

"Just messing with you," Avery nodded solemnly. "I sat down around the time Celina left. She is a rare find, isn't she?"

"Rare, indeed," Regulus muttered.

"Say, are you going to eat that?" Avery pointed one of his long fingers down at the toast. He shook his head and watched as Avery's greedy hands wrapped themselves around it. He watched curiously as the boy ate the food, waiting to see if something really was wrong with it.

At first everything seemed fine, but just as Avery finished the last bite pimples began to form around his nose and mouth. He smiled at Regulus and reached for his book bag.

"Well, I'm off to class then. I'll see you later." With that he trotted off, leaving Regulus to laugh in silence at the poor boy's fate.

The Hall had emptied immensely in only the last few minutes, everyone running off to their first class with joy. Why anyone would be joyful about classes was beyond Regulus, he despised everything about this school. These pointless classes of useless wand waving did him no good, they didn't prepare him for what was really out there. And he knew what was out there, and he wanted it.

"Mr. Black." Following the voice was an insistent tap on his shoulder. He turned around with the best, or rather worst, glare he could manage, only to find a nasty set of aging eyes glaring right back. Professor McGonagall was never his favorite, and for good reason. "Mr. Black, I suggest you head off to class before you're late again. Professor Slughorn has spoke to me recently about your behavior. You are one of his favorites and it would seem that he is rather worried of you. I suggest you pick up the foul attitude of yours."

"Yes, Professor," Regulus said slowly in hopes she would leave him be. He wasn't going to "pick up his attitude" for an old fraud like Slughorn. He hated the man, honestly, he didn't feel the need to change around him.

"Then off to the class, Mr. Black, or I'll have to deduct points from Slytherin house."

"Right." Regulus slowly stood from his seat, took a few long seconds to stretch in hopes it would annoy the Professor just a bit more, and slowly took off in the direction of his first class. Behind him he heard McGonagall sigh and head off in the opposite direction.

No, he didn't need this school anymore. Rules, rules, rules. That's all this school was about. He wanted more, he needed more, and he was willing to do just about anything to get more.


"I'm sure he'd be pleased to serve, my Lord." Bellatrix bent her head in a short bow to her master, her heart fluttering with pride of being addressed specifically by the Dark Lord. "Regulus has always shown great support for the Dark Arts, and will continue doing so until the day he dies. I know it."

"Good, then I need you, Bellatrix, to go to him. Find him, and tell him that he has been chosen."

Bellatrix smiled and nodded her head. "I will, my Lord."

A loud 'crack' sounded and the Dark Lord himself was left alone with a cruel smile on his distorted face. Everything was going just as planned.

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Murder Me: More


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