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The Potter And The Weasley Kids Do Hogwarts by Elle Winters
Chapter 14 : The Slytherin
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As Lily rolled her eyes and turned to listen to her father, Rose found her mind wandering to Scorpius.

Scorpius and Rose had been best friends from the minute they’d bumped into each other on the Hogwarts Express seven years ago. Scorpius had, to eleven-year-old Rose’s extreme embarrassment, overheard what her dad had said to her about ‘not getting too friendly’ with him and that ‘Grandad Weasley’ would ‘never forgive her if she married a Pure-Blood’. He, in contrast, had found it absolutely hilarious and had said that he wouldn’t want to marry a Pure-Blood either but that he did hope that she’d be friends with him, as he really needed to shake off the Malfoy bad-name and that he thought that having Ron Weasley’s daughter on-side might just be the way to do it. Rose had just stared at him after this proclamation but that didn’t deter Scorpius. He’d taken her by the arm and led her into the compartment he had all to himself (he admitted, all his previous bravado gone, that nobody wanted to sit with an attempted murderer’s son) and pulled out a book, entitled ‘The Harry Potter Years’. He’d opened it up and shown her all the places he’d marked; the story of how her Uncle Harry had nearly killed his dad; how a year later, despite his father trying to offload him onto Voldemort, Harry had pulled Draco out of a murderous fire and saved his life; the time when Rose’s mum had slapped Scorpius’ dad; and a copy print of the photograph taken of their granddads scrapping in Flourish and Blotts when their parents had only been 12 (or thirteen in Rose’s mum’s case).

Rose had never read this book (her parents had kept most of their famous antics to themselves, as they didn’t want any big-headedness on her part and said that it would be more exciting to learn about things they’d done on her own) and was absolutely enthralled by it. She had found herself beginning to loosen up around Scorpius and by the end of the train journey they were firm friends.

Of course, when her family found out about it they weren’t all pleased – where there was one person like her mum who was happy old prejudices weren’t being continued into another generation, there were five others (like her dad, Uncle George and James to name but a few) who thought Rose had completely lost her mind and that Scorpius Malfoy should be avoided at all costs.

But whatever her family’s feelings towards Scorpius and his father, Rose didn’t care; she was determined to keep up their friendship, no matter what.

Scorpius had been there for her the first time she’d ever had a crush on someone and had her heartbroken (damn Lyle McLaggen and his philandering ways!); he’d held back her hair when she’d thrown up her guts due to getting horrendously drunk (shamefully at the age of fourteen; James, had, of course, tricked her into it); allowed her to kiss him on the lips to check that she wasn’t an awful snogger like Michael Corner jr. had told everyone (although, to be fair, he was now fully out of the closet, so Rose no longer took it quite so much to heart); and had done so many other things for her. Rose couldn’t have imagined a life without Scorpius.

And yet, in less than twenty minutes, a year and a half ago, Rose had lost her best friend in the entire world. And she still had no idea why.

Rose swallowed as she felt a lump well up in her throat and felt a painful squeeze in her chest, just as she always did when she thought in depth about it all.

However, she had to admit she was intrigued as to why Scorpius had stood up for her when Carla was being a bitch; why he’d insisted on walking her into the hall; and, most oddly of all, why he was reading Romeo and Juliet, a book, he had once called, quote: the biggest pile of shit he had ever had the misfortune to come across, unquote. Scorpius had never really struck Rose as the sort of person who would bother reading something he so utterly detested.

Could he possibly be reading it because he knew Rose liked it?

Rose mentally slapped herself at this thought.

Of course he wasn’t reading it because of her! Scorpius didn’t even like her anymore! He’d made that perfectly clear the day he’d sent back their special ‘friends forever’ charm bracelet, broken in half as the spell on it dictated when the friendship ended.

Rose actually felt tears welling up in her eyes at the memory of that kick in the chest.

Stop it, she scolded herself, there’s no point dwelling on things that cannot be changed and that happened so bloody long ago.

But what if… she began to think, what if I hadn’t-!

Oh shit!

Rose turned bright red as she hastily averted her eyes from the Slytherin table and Scorpius, whom she hadn’t realised she’d been staring at and who had just turned around, his dark cold eyes on her, a quizzical look of disdain on his face.

Shit shit shit, thought Rose, her heart giving a funny little wiggle, that is so embarrassing! I can’t believe he caught me looking at him! Why was I looking at him?!

However, before she could start mentally torturing herself with all the horrible things Scorpius could now be thinking about her, she was distracted by Jessie Goldstein going, “Oh man! What the hell does James want now?”

Looking round, she saw her cousin waving manically at them all from the teachers’ table.

Oh great, she thought, sighing loudly, now I get to stand up in the middle of dinner and walk right past Scorpius. Jeez, that’ll be fun… not! Oh, god, I really hope I don’t have a VPL.

Or worse - a wedgie!

Short again, I know, but these are just character filler chapters. When they're all back together again, they will be longer!
Thanks for all your great reviews and I hope you enjoyed!xx

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