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Stage of Ice by elisalinguine_x
Chapter 4 : Who's who?
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Who's who?

A week.

That was how long everyone in Hogwarts had to wait to know who got the part of the play. That was except for Alesha and Sirius as they had been told on the day of the auditions that they were going to get the part anyway. Dumbledore had been on their side too and they both knew that no one was as good as them, even though they tried to hide it in every way saying how they could all easily change their minds and until the real list came out, no one could be sure about their characters.

The day of the auditions had been so long and tiring for Lily and James they were regretting having the idea of this play in every way possible. And to think that they now had to write the script and decide costumes, lighting, staging, rehearsals, music, dancing, date, time, story, plot line… the list went on forever. Now that the characters had been dealt with, they could easily appoint students to each section in order to receive more help for the conduction of the play.

The list was meant to be shown on Halloween, at five o’clock sharp; a notice would have been put up in every common room for the pupils to see. And if that wasn’t enough, at dinner, a huge poster was to be hung by the doors with the names and their respective characters for all the people who had missed the flyers.

Alesha was sitting with Katie in the Gryffindor common room, waiting for Lily to come in and put up the list. Alesha was as usual listening to Katie rambling on about her latest fling as she painted her nails bright red. The brunette was resting on the sofa, her head on Katie’s lap, and her legs dangling on the side of the sofa.

“So then I said to him that I didn’t want anything serious and he asked me why!” Katie paused for dramatic effect. “Why? I mean doesn’t he know who I am? Santa Maria, he should be lucky I even gave him the time of the day.”

Alesha sighed. It’s not as if all her other relationships were any different. “Have you ever tried having a real relationship?” she asked her, knowing fully well what her answer was going to be.

The blonde stared at her as if she was mad. “I’m young, beautiful and free why would I want to be tied down to one man?”

Alesha shrugged. “Haven’t you ever been in love?”

“No chica,” Katie replied. “Love is for old ladies... and hippies.”

The brunette sighed. She knew Katie was right. Why would she want to be in love now? She had her whole life ahead of her; she had no time for love and relationships. She sometimes wished she was more like Katie so carefree and happy all the time... and without any man-whore stalkers annoying the hell out of her. “Do you think I’ll ever be in love?” Alesha asked her.

Katie smirked at her. Was she trying to imply something was going on between her and Sirius? “Why do you think that you and Bla-“

“Katie don’t you dare finish that sentence!” the brunette growled at her making the blonde laugh.

“I was just saying...”

“Well, it was wrong.” Alesha crossed her arms. “I don’t even like him.”

“You have to admit, he’s a good snog?” Katie giggled as Alesha sat up and hit her on the head with her hand repeatedly.

The brunette tried to hide her blushing face. “No he’s bloody well not!”

“Are we in denial Missy?” Katie asked her, avoiding her best friends’ slaps.

“Who is?”

The two Angels turned around to find a pretty girl with flaming red hair and beautiful emerald eyes looking curiously at them and wondering what on Earth they were fighting about now. Lily raised her slender eyebrow at the two girls while Alesha glared at Katie who just kept laughing.

“Kat is being stupid,” Alesha stated.

Katie laughed some more. “Alesha is in denial.”

“No, I’m not!” 

Lily smiled sympathetically at her best friend and hugged her from behind the sofa. “Just keep shouting that Katie wants a serious boyfriend and she’ll get so annoyed at you she’ll stop saying you’re in denial.”


Katie stopped laughing immediately as all the boys in the room suddenly turned around and looked at her with a hungry and lustful look. Katie hated it when her best friends did this to her. It really scared her, the amount of stares she would receive when they shouted the fact that she wanted a real boyfriend in front of the Hogwarts male population. Her hazel doe eyes narrowed and a growl escaped from her lips. She lunged forwards trying to strangle Alesha for shouting that out loud. “No I don’t!”


Lily laughed at her best friends as Alesha got up and ran away from the furious Katie. Alesha couldn’t deny the fact that Lily had been right, Katie had stopped going on about her and her denial stage. They ran out of the common room, Lily following them closely behind not wanting to miss out on this funny fight between her best friends.


Alesha laughed and kept running. Katie would always start screaming in Spanish whenever she was angry. She and Lily had by now practically learned Spanish because of the amount of times they heard Katie talking in her native language. They both kept running, their laughter and shouting echoing joyfully through the Hogwarts halls. It wasn’t until Alesha turned the corner, bumped into something hard and fell to the floor with a big thud that the laughter suddenly stopped, especially for the Ice Queen herself.

“If you want me so badly Johnson you can just ask, I don’t mind having you on top!”

Alesha cursed the heavens above.

“Ew,” she stated glaring at Sirius. She got up, digging her elbows into his stomach just to cause him pain and help herself up at the same time too. She looked up to find Katie smirking at her. The Latina pointed her finger at her shouting ‘DENIAL’ like a small little kid.

Alesha could almost feel her hand wanting to slap Katie so badly, but she kept it down. She kicked her leg as Katie bent in pain and pushed her onto the floor before walking away, her head hung high and her face etched with a smirk. Lily caught up with Alesha, linking arms with her. They both turned to see Remus helping Katie up as she cursed and swore in Spanish.

The Latina stuck her tongue out at the two as Lily shook her head at her. “You asked for it Kat my love.”

“Yeah well, I didn’t – wait  a minute –“ The blondes face lit up. “Did we get our parts?” she asked.

Lily nodded. “Yep, you’re Margaret, Alesha’s Anne and Black’s Henry.”

Alesha felt as if she could die as she noticed the huge smile of Sirius’ face. Even the slightest glimpse of hope had completely faded now. She was going to have to be his mistress. She was going to have to kiss him. She was going to have to say she loved him.

She was going to puke.

“Well that is just fabulous!” she stated throwing her arms in the air and scowling heavily at Sirius.

“I think it’s the best idea my Prongsie here ever came up with,” Sirius added ruffling up James’ hair much to his annoyance.

Lily crossed her arms pretending to be offended. “Hey! I was part of this too you know!”

Sirius walked over to her, a big charming smile stretched on his face, and planted a kiss on her hand. “Why thank you, my lady.” He didn’t have enough time to turn around as his fuming best friend whacked his head hard.

“What the bloody hell-”

“Hands off my woman!”

“I am NOT your woman Potter!” Lily shouted angrily as she wiped her hand on her uniform as if it had a particularly nasty disease on it. Her disgusted face was enough to make James considerably calm down and refrain from physically abusing Sirius.

It was by coincidence that both Katie and Alesha reacted the same way to her statement. “Sure,” they both said coughing loudly and earning a huge death stare from the said red head.

“Anyway,” Lily said wanting more than nothing than to change the subject. “You all got your parts.”

“Who’s playing my husband?” Katie asked grinning.

“Chase Giddings,” Lily replied making Katie squeal her head off.

Chase Giddings was a hottie. Blonde mid-length hair, captivating blue eyes and a body to die for, he was the Ravenclaw Quidditch captain and was known for his nice personality and obvious good looks. Unlike most handsome boys at Hogwarts he was very reserved and shy which is what attracted most of the girls. He didn’t cheat, lie or in anyway disrespect a girl and he had good manners too. He was everything a girl could ask for.

Alesha’s mouth fell wide open. “Why does she get the hot guy?” she stated crossing her arms. “That is so not fair! She’s not even the lead role, I am. I want the fit guy to be my husband. Why am I stuck with Black?”

“I’m still here by the way,” Sirius added glaring at her.

Alesha ignored him. “Lily, do something!”

Lily shook her head. “I’m sorry, that was our final decision. And Chase only applied for the Charles Brandon character.” Her eyes glanced over at the happy Katie. “I feel sorry for the bloke. This one will break his little heart, bless him.”

Katie merely giggled as she rested her arms across her best friend’s shoulders, her face stuck with a permanent smile. “Chase Giddings is mine,” she stated laughing. Alesha frowned in anger even more as Lily rolled her eyes.

“I heard he has a girlfriend,” Remus stated. Alesha smirked down at Katie but the Latina was less than fussed by the news.

“He’ll dump her for me,” she said confidently.

It was only because the girls and boys knew how much Katie could be persuasive that they didn’t ask her why she felt so confident about the situation.

“But Katie,” Alesha started. “I thought you didn’t want relationships? You said love was for old ladies and hippies.”

Still Katie looked perfectly confident. “Alesha my chica, you know I will never get tied down. Never. Why would he complain with a little innocent playing?”

“And how exactly are you going to persuade him to play with you?” Lily asked her. “Chase doesn’t do that.”

“I’ll sing to him,” Katie replied giggling.

Lily and Alesha looked at each other with a knowing look. There would be only one song Katie would sing in a situation like this. “Katie, you’re not going to sing what I think you’re going to sing.”

Katie shrugged her shoulders. “You both like that song too.”

The Marauders were looking at the Angels as if they had seen them for the very first time. It was uncommon to see them act so normal and not carrying their masks with each other. No one would ever see them have conversations like this. It was as if the Hogwarts population never saw the real Angels. The girls were as normal as any other girls and the Marauders were only seeing that now, after seven years.

Alesha nodded at Katie’s statement. “She’s right Lils, it’s our favourite song.”

Don’t go wasting your emotion. Lay all your love on me...” Lily sang as her friends giggled.

“Hey Evans, not that I don’t mind you singing or anything but, have you got a list of the characters?” Sirius asked.

Lily nodded and took out a piece of paper from her pocket. She read out the role, one by one as everyone listened carefully to who they were going to be participating in the play with.

Official List of Characters for the Play ‘King takes Queen’

Main Characters:

King Henry VIII – Sirius Black

Anne Boleyn – Alesha Johnson

Katherine of Aragon – Susie Miller

Princess Mary (young) – Alexandra Shanties

Princess Margaret – Katie Ramirez

Charles Brandon – Chase Giddings

Cardinal Wolsey – Joe Hogan

Thomas Boleyn – Mark Northam

Extra Characters:

Queen Katherine’s Lady-in-waiting –

Serena Clark, Francesca White, Natalie Finnigan

King Henry’s court men –

Thomas Stone, Severus Snape, Peter Pettigrew

Pope Ambassador – Lorenzo Doyle

King of Portugal – Benjamin Ricks

Spanish Ambassador – Alex Suarez


“Snape? SNAPE?” Sirius looked outraged. “Why is Snape one of my court men? That means I actually have to be nice to him!”

James sniggered. “He’s playing your long time friend Thomas More.”

My long time friend? Are you nuts? I can’t stand the sight of the bloke!” Sirius replied. He scrutinized the list carefully. “At least I’ve got Wormy to keep me sane.”

Alesha picked up the chance. “You could always drop out of the play or change roles?”

“Not even in your wildest dreams my dear,” he answered, grinning as she exhaled deeply in anger.

Katie grabbed the list off of Sirius. “Susie Miller as Queen Katherine, good choice, she has the looks.”

Sirius suddenly gasped. “She hates my guts!” he mumbled shaking his head from left to right. He was starting to regret taking part in this play. First Snape as one of his friends and now Susie Miller, the only girl to hate him more than anything in this world, even more than Alesha, because of the little accident that happened in fifth year, as his wife.

“What did you do to her?” Lily asked him warily.

“Nothing!” Her eyebrow rose considerably and Sirius could do nothing but confess. Lily could be very scary sometimes. “Fine, she caught me cheating on her with another girl.”

Lily rolled her eyes. Why did she even bother asking? “Black, you should learn that what goes around comes around. This is all your bad karma coming and biting you back for being a prick!” she stated as Sirius stuck his tongue out at her.

“Are you sure you still don’t want to drop out?” Alesha asked, her hopes  high.

“No, I still want my part. I can work around Susie and Snape.”

Lily, noticing Alesha’s face gaining anger by the minute, grabbed her best friends’ arms and started walking down the corridor away from the Marauders in order to avoid the murder of a certain member of that group who was stepping on really thin ice at that moment in time. Lily could almost feel Alesha’s anger radiating off of her, she was fuming. She was surprised that no smoke was coming out of her ears and nose.

“Rehearsals start tomorrow at five o’clock sharp. Black, Pettigrew, you better be there because we’re practising the starting scene which involves you.”

“What about me?” asked Alesha hoping to be able to avoid Sirius for once.

“Sorry darling,” Lily replied her face sympathetic with Alesha’s obvious pain. “You’re dancing with Black.”

Alesha tried in every way to avoid the cheering sound coming from behind her.

Lily continued explaining. “You see the opening scene is set in France where the King and Queen are trying to marry off their daughter Mary to the French prince. In order to entertain the prince, they set up a show for him where the ladies in waiting with Princess Margaret and court men have to participate in it. Henry pretends to be one of the court men to impress the Prince of France and that’s where he meets Anne, he dances with her during the show...”

As Lily went on to rant about the opening scene Alesha started to regret having applied for the role. She would have to be with Black for nearly everyday of the next term and a half until the end of the play.

What had she ever done to receive such torture?

Hey you guys! So sorry for the long wait again! I promise I will try and update sooner. Thank you all for the lovely reviews you left me, I really appreciate them!
And just before I leave, just to let you know you can visit my 'meet the author' page to ask me any questions on the story and when I will update. Big thanks to Dellacqua my lovely beta!

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