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She can't be a Malfoy by StoryLover
Chapter 1 : What are you doing here?
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It’s the Tri-wizard Tournament and Harry Potter just came out of the maze with Diggory. Durmstrang's headmaster, my former headmaster, just went to talk to Krum. I attended Durmstrang because I got kicked out of Beauxbatons after the first week. Why my parents didn’t send me to Hogwarts I don’t know. Maybe they saw it as a form of punishment. My parents are friends with Karkaroff so they could keep a close eye on me. The worst part of Durmstrang was how bloody cold it was. I’m so happy to finally be sent to Hogwarts. It’s so much nicer here temperature wise. I’ll have to find out about the rest of it.
Anyways, I should go find Snape. This is my first day at Hogwarts. My father came and got me from Durmstrang, seeing as we won't be doing much for the last two weeks, so that I could be at Hogwarts for the rest of the year and get use to the place before the next term started. I’m supposed to meet Snape after the tournament. “Catharine, wait up. I have something to tell you.” I despise that name, everyone calls me Kate. There is only one person who would call me by that accursed name. My brother. Draco Malfoy.

“What do you want? I have to find Snape,” I snap. He is not a person that I want to see while here. He is a prat at home and I don’t want to find out what he's like at school, at least not on my first day.

“That’s what I have to talk to you about. He said that you need to meet him right now. He’s heading to Moody’s office,” He says with a smug smirk on his face and his two lackeys behind him. I can tell that he isn’t telling me the whole story, but with both of us trained in occlumency I can't figure out what Snape really said if anything at all.

“Ok, I better get going if I’m going to catch up with him.” I say with a smile. I am going to get him into some trouble and it’s only my first day. When Snape finds out… Oh, this is going to be fun. He wants me to get in trouble, but he’ll be the one in trouble.

I find Snape, McGonagall, Potter and Professor Dumbledore in Moody’s office. When I walk in everyone is surprised to see me acting like nothing is wrong, except Snape. He has a very intimidating look on his face, but that doesn’t work on me, I’ve seen it way to often. “I told you to wait in my office.” He hisses. He is so close to losing his calm composure.

“But Draco said to come and meet you here right away.” I whimper with an innocent and afraid look on my face. You learn a lot more than spells at Durmstrang.

“We will talk about it in my office as soon as I am done here. Now please go wait in my office.” He's annoyed like he always is with me, which I don’t understand because I’m such a sweet angel.

The welcoming halls just seem to be calling my name, so I wander around the castle for a while. Snape won’t be done with whatever it is that he’s doing, for a while or he would have had me wait down the hall. Eventually, I find Potter and his two friends leaving the hospital wing and I decide to join them. “Hey, weren’t you supposed to be waiting for Snape?” the freckled red-head questions.

“Well, hi to you too." Such a nice kid, "My name is Kate by the way.” I really want to get to know some people before the next term. Potter isn’t the best choice but hey, if I need to rebel against my parents this is just the way to do it. Oh, and my brother won’t be happy but he’s a prat.

“Hello, I’m Hermione Granger, and this is Ron Weasley and Harry Potter. I’ve never seen you around before and you don’t look like you’re from Beauxbatons. Where are you from?” Hermione seems like a nice girl and a good study partner but her auburn hair is a bit too frizzy.

“Beauxbatons? Ugh, that would be my last choice of schools. Even Durmstrang is better than that place. I got kicked out of there after a week. I’m actually from Durmstrang.” I can tell that they think that I'm crazy. Great.

“A week? How do you get kicked out of a school in a week?” Ron asks obviously shocked.

“It’s really not that difficult, especially at a school like that. I mean getting so much detention that you can’t even make it up in one year, it’s really quite unimpressive. I would have gotten about a month of detention at Durmstrang for everything I did to get over a year at Beauxbatons. Granted the detentions at Durmstrang are nowhere near as nice as the detentions at Beauxbatons. Well I better get down to the dungeons before Snape finds…” I say as a hand claps down on my shoulder, “me.” I murmur so that just Harry, the closest one to me, can hear it. A pained look appears on my face as I prepare for what is about to happen.

“I told you to wait in my office, Catharine.” Oh, I really do hate that name.

Sorry that this chapter is so short. The next chapters will be longer, I promise.

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She can't be a Malfoy: What are you doing here?


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