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The Quidditch Commandments: Ravenclaw by The Phantom
Chapter 10 : Minor Obstacles Affect the Game, Major Ones Altar It Entirely
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“Davies! You’ve gone too far this time!”

“They could’ve gotten killed!”

“How about we get Flitwick involved, eh Roger?”


The Hospital Wing was supposed to be a place of serenity, where the wounded could regain their strength and heal.

But as I lay on the starchy bed, the place was anything but serene. It was downright irate and testy, and that did nothing to improve my condition. Sure, it was just a broken leg, but if I had some silence, maybe my bones would stop being bitches and finally heal.

“Look what you’ve done to Emma!” Jill shrieked, her eyes sparked with anger. She looked pissed, and Jill Billings was a person that you did not want to piss off.

Roger, rolling his eyes at everyone’s “overreaction”, spoke in a sardonic voice, “Bite me.”

“Go for it, Billings,” Jeremy whispered slyly in Jill’s ear with an irrepressible grin. “You know you want to.”

“Ugh, gross.” She shoved him away, so forcefully that he knocked into a nearby tray. Jeremy fell to the ground with a loud thump, causing everyone to stop their hysterical arguing and focus their attention on something else.

Instantly, laughter broke out, targeted around Jeremy.

I bit down a laugh. I would’ve gladly contributed, but he had not said a word of my “cozy” arrival with Samuels, and I was adamant on keeping it that way.

Either way, Jeremy didn’t look affected in the least. He just playfully narrowed his eyes at Jill, and blew her a sloppy kiss, “See, I’m falling for you already.”

Now it was Jill’s turn to be embarrassed. She immediately blushed, which showed on her white skin quite blatantly. Before anyone else noticed, she turned around, suddenly finding the curtains quite interesting.

“Hey guys,” I interrupted in all of the hysteria surrounding me. “Not to be a spoil sport, but can you all just go!??”

“Aw Ems, don’t be like that.” Ben spoke up, placing a hand on my shoulder. “We’re here to defend you!”

“We’re here to rebel!” Brad added with a supportive grin, yet his eyes evilly glanced at Roger.

“We’re here to hold a mutiny!” Jeremy crowed, standing up to throw his arms around his fellow Chasers. I was rather touched; the team’s perviest members were hell bent on defending my honor. Should this be considered flattery?

“There will be no mutiny.” Roger scoffed with another annoying eye roll. “And there will be no rebelling. Now I’m sorry that you are all a little disgruntled with the way the race went—”

A little?!” Jill screeched angrily, his braids whipping in front of her face. “Davies, I ought to sock you right in the—”

“Charming darling, but unnecessary.” Jeremy stated rather regally. “You target your evil on people who are actually worth your wrath. Davies isn’t worth anything.”

Jill softly smiled, and Jeremy grinned back.

I shook my head slowly. Strange what these two portrayed as affection.

“Hey, I am still Captain!” Davies stepped up, attempting to regain his order. “And I still have the power to—”

“You’re not our Captain!” Ben bickered fiercely. “Captains don’t try to get their Beaters killed!”

“You’re pushing it, Chambers,” Davies threatened Ben, actually waving a finger impatiently like a preschool teacher. The nerve. “You’re really pushing my buttons.”

“Yeah…buttons of pure evil!” Jeremy supplied with a hopeful smile. Wow, nice save Stretton. That will really wound Davies’ ego.

“Will you guys knock it off and quit arguing?” I demanded, acting weak and frail in hopes that my teammates might take pity on my. Knowing them, that would be impossible. “Merlin, the Forbidden Forest was way more comfortable than this hell pit.”

Charming I’m sure, but the point got across.

“You actually roughed it out in the forest?!” Bradley asked with a tone of interest. “Sorry, but you and cute, little woodland creatures do not mesh well in my mind.”

I raised my voice. “Hey, I like chipmunks!” Sometimes. “The point is, I am in pain. I am disgruntled. And I am crabbier than usual. Now all you, make like a cardboard box, and shut—“

Suddenly I stopped myself. The déjà vu moment freaked me out a little, but I recovered. It only resulted with me, looking for a certain person who happened to be absent, and my teammates, staring curiously at my inability to finish a sentence.

“Where’s Jason?” I blurted out, looking around if the tall, dark haired figure was lurking around the room.

“Who?!” Jeremy questioned, his nose scrunched.

“Urghhh,” I smothered my pillow into my face, remembering the dream I had. I couldn’t be dreaming the future…I wasn’t that special!

Samuels!” Jill scolded him before pushing him in the arm. I couldn’t see a thing from the dark abyss that was my pillow, but I could already sense Jill’s interrogative stare upon me.

“Wow,” Brad murmured from the side, staring at me with wondering eyes. “Samuels has a first name—”

“—and Emma just used it.” Ben completed, the puzzlement in his voice filling the atmosphere.

And just like that, everyone stared.

Oh come on, was the concept that inconceivable?

Judging by the statues in front of me, it probably was. There was tension in the room for a few seconds, until something horrifying occurred.

Jeremy’s eyes brightened with comprehension.

Kill me now.

His mouth opened, smiling, “Oh boy!—”

“NURSE!” I screeched.

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------


Oh Merlin, no. Not that sweet, innocent voice of petite braided girl.

“Wake the hell up! I know you’re only faking!”

My eyes, which were firmly shut, enjoyed seeing absolutely nothing, and absolutely no one. Madam Pomfrey managed to drive the whole team out of the Hospital Wing, giving me enough time to commit suicide before I ever encountered them again.

Somehow, Jill snuck in. Damn.

Her voice had an evil lilt to it. “I know what you did last night.”

“No you don’t!” I gasped, my whole body shooting upright in shock.

My panicked eyes were met with the sight of a lounging Jill, who had a satisfied grin on her face. “Okay, I don’t. So tell me.”

The rapid pace of my heartbeat slowed down gradually. The panic left my body, and was then replaced with a slow anger. I hated how manipulative Jill was, almost as much as I hated how easy I was to read. My face basically screamed ‘I-tongue-battled-with-Samuels!’

“No.” I tried to pass off as nonchalant. Knowing me, it wasn’t going too spectacularly. “There’s nothing to tell.”

“The way you bolted right up a few seconds ago, I beg to differ.” Jill just couldn’t stop her damn Cheshire-cat grin.

“It’s called…an in and out of body experience.” I improvised, nodding. “Obviously, I’m back in my body.”

Wow. That was illogical.

“Right.” Jill had no sure reason to believe me. A damn monkey wouldn’t believe my attempts at improvising. “Now, will you tell me what the hell happened out there? Come on Emma, I’m dying!”

“I wish.” I muttered.

“Hey!” she pouted at me, sitting at the foot of my bed. Her bright eyes met mine in an expectant stare. “Besides, we’re reporting Davies to Flitwick, and we need to hear your side of the story.”

“Oh.” Well, that seemed reasonable. But there was still something doubtful about Jill’s countenance. Her hungry stare made her look like a ferocious wolf about to eat grandma. Grandma being me.

“Well, Davies brought us up to the Quidditch stadium with our brooms,” I started off with, keeping my wording simple. “The clouds were threatening a big storm, but Davies refused to let us off the hook. So we raced around Hogwarts in the rain…” I trailed. “And…the end.”

“Are you serious?” Jill’s look of disbelief almost made me want to laugh if she weren’t the one cornering into an uncomfortable confession. “And what, the big, bad rain broke your leg too?”

“The lightening, actually.” I emphasized, proving my toughness. “It struck my broom…and I…fell.”

“Oh.” her eyes finally took on a light of true concern. About damn time. “Into the Forbidden Forest?”

I nodded, biting my lip contemplatively, remembering all of last night. I could hardly believe that it all took forth so recently.

“And Samuels?” she questioned, leaning toward me curiously. “He found you?”

Silently, I nodded. For some reason, my head began to feel lightheaded again.

“He quit the race to save you?” Jill’s eyebrows raised in suspicion, staring at me with a wondering expression. “Didn’t he?”

Once again, I nodded slowly. Was I always this quiet?

“And you guys walked to…where?”

I finally found my voice again, in the form of a whisper. “He carried…me. Brought me to this…camp he set up…underneath a tree.”

For some reason, I was having trouble wording my sentences. Maybe it was because I never realized how…chivalrous Samuels was, for doing everything he did. As a result, I was suffering post-chivalry shock. It was a traumatizing thing, really.

“And then you guys camped out ‘til morning?” Jill was beginning to look truly worried. It was probably because she had never seen me so flustered over anything before. For once, she was actually concerned for my well being without being a complete bitch about it. “And that was it, right?”

Dazedly, I brought my gaze to her. “Yeah. That’s it.”

A look of anxiety crossed her face as she stood up to stand near my head. Like any good friend, she put her hands on my pillows to fluff them. I wondered where all of this tenderness came from—

Liar!” Jill battle-cried as she yanked a pillow out from under me and started whacking my upper body with it. “Tell! Me! The! Truth!”

Word after word, she pummeled me with the pillow, which collided with my gut after each hit. When she sparked enough anger back in me, I ripped the pillow away from her hands and threw it on the ground.

“Enough!” I wiggled a warning finger at her face. “Do anything remotely violent again, and I’ll call Pomfrey on your ass.”

That seemed to put Jill out. She scowled as though I were the cruel one, and sat down obediently next to me. “Well, will you just tell me what happened?!”


“Because I know something happened!” she exclaimed, out of breath from the heavy exertion of pillow abuse.


“Guys don’t just save girls for no apparent reason!” she continued ranting.

I huffed. “Ji—”

“And we saw the way you two arrived together,” Jill went on rambling an angry storm. “And the way you two acted after that!”

I just stopped talking. She would inevitably interrupt of course.

“Oh, and I know you don’t like to admit to this, but you guys have the kinkiest eye sex ever!” she stated loudly, as though it were the most obvious fact on the planet.

“Excuse me?!” We do not have kinky eye sex! We just stared…for long periods of time. At each other. “And could you keep it down? This is not exactly a sound-proof box, you know!”

“Oh ho, it’s like eye porn for you two!”

Now she was going too far. “Jeremy’s been rubbing off of you, hasn’t he?”

“Not the point,” she snapped, though bit her lip guiltily. Knew it. “The point is, I don’t even think you realize how—” She wavered. “How—”

“How what?” I asked, my words razor sharp.

“How he looks at you,” her voice hit an affecting tone that made my heart start. “And you look at him.”

I remained silent, wanting no longer to contribute to this conversation. The subject was bringing way too many memories into my head, such as random moments of Samuels’s lingering gaze smoldering from across the room.

And me, steadily returning it.

“I’m your best friend, Em,” Jill was basically pleading at my side, daring me to accuse her of cluelessness. “Why can’t you tell me what happened when I know something did?”

“Because,” I managed to mumble out, feeling guilty for the way I’ve been keeping Jill in the dark. Could I honestly believe that I could never tell her? “It’s embarrassingly hypocritical on my part.”

“So it’s pride you’re more worried about,” Jill concluded, shaking her braids. “Rather than…love.”

“I am not in love with Samuels.” I gaped at her logic. Sure, she sounded philosophical that moment, but I was not in love with him.

“Well, you sure as hell are ‘in something’ with him.” she narrowed it down to. The lightheaded feeling was returning to my head. As much as I love Jill, her interrogations were absolute hell, and really drove me nuts.

I had to tell her, otherwise she would bug me for all eternity.

“If I tell you will you stop grilling me?” I settled for, fed up with this nonsense. I was injured, I didn’t deserve this!

“Maybe…” she trailed with an obnoxiously chipper voice. I growled threateningly, and that wiped the smile off her face. “Fine.”

Okay. How was I going to phrase this?

Samuels and I kissed—nah, sounds too sweet and tender.

Samuels and I made out—sounds a bit trashy.

Samuels and I hooked up—same as the previous one.

Samuels and I smooched each other—I’m an adult here. Not a kindergartner.

“We…snogged.” I simply decided upon, sick of the varieties of phrases swirling around in my head. How in the world could such a simple concept be conveyed in a multitude of ways? Disgusting.

Now that it was out, my dizziness was slowly fading away. I was gradually returning back to the sane world, back to the Hospital Wing. But although no other person resided in the area, I still felt that it was necessary to whisper.

“Well how about that.” Jill actually had a dazzling smile on, as though the fates were on her side. She seemed to give the impression that she wanted Samuels and I to form some kind of weird bond.

Strange, I never took her for a romantic.

“Oh, don’t smile.”

“Now, what kind was it? Was it a snog snog?” she attempted to gesture with her hands. It wasn’t accurate or appropriate at all. “Or was it a snoggg snoggggggg?”

I blinked at her. “Would you speak English, woman?”

“You know what I mean!” Jill’s eyes lit up in a perky way, making her look like an eager gossip queen at an all girls slumber party. Suddenly, I started regretting my decision to tell her. She was having just way too much fun with the information.

“Well I guess it was a…” My voice trailed off once again, thinking of last night. The way the darkness consumed both Samuels and me, the way his touch sent shivers all throughout my body, the way his deep kisses made me pant—“Let’s not talk about this.”

“It was a snoggg snoggggggg!” she declared, as though my unwillingness to discuss the matter further were evidence within itself. I was not appreciating how excited this news made her.

“Hello, not to burst your bubble of jubilation,” I started off with, huffing in fact. “But I’m sort of suffering right here!”

“How? You just kissed an extremely attractive guy!” Jill threw her hands up in the air, failing to see the ‘suffering’ of it all. “Poor you. I’m sure they’ll dedicate millions of charities in honor of your hardships!”

“You think Samuels is attractive?”

“Obviously.” she responded, almost aghast. “You’d have to be inhuman not to think so.”

Suddenly, flashes of Samuels face came into mind. The darkness of his hair, the smooth edges of his face, the unpredictable eyes. Undoubtedly, most females would agree with Jill. And for some strange reason, that made me a little bit irritated.

“Thanks Billings.” A cool voice interrupted. “I appreciate the honesty.”

My heart nearly leaped into my throat as both of us stared up at the figure who entered the room. Sure enough, Samuels was standing right in front of my bed, grinning the way a five year old did right after stealing a cookie from the jar.

“Oh…well…um...” Jill was a bit flustered, and I was loving every moment of it. Her eyes darted between Samuels and I, her lips pursed in concentration. “Don’t get a big head about it Samuels. I have to run, anyway.”

“What?!” I almost screeched, but stopped to save my image of sanity. “B-but Jill, you just got here.”

“Sorry…I’ve just got…” Jill was also improvising, and was apparently failing. “Better things to do.”

“Um, ouch?” I raised my eyebrows, more confused than hurt.

“Sorry, that came out wrong!” she continued her strange panicked attitude. After taking another look at Samuels and I, almost in a conspiratorial manner, she fled. “Bye!”

The last thing I heard were her feet shuffling against the floor, then quickly out the door. The rest was absolute and unbreakable silence.

She left me. The cow freaking left me!

“Well that wasn’t weird at all.” Samuels muttered after Jill’s strange departure. He took a seat next to my bed, obviously making himself at home. His proximity was unnerving.

“Actually, I’d say it was.” I replied, looking down at my hands. My eyes refused to meet his, probably afraid that after my enlightening conversation with Jill, I’d finally see Samuels the way she saw him. “Why are you here?”

“That’s no way to greet a visitor, coming with the best of intentions to check on how your health is improving.” His voice had a sarcastic lilt to it, one that I recognized. I was relieved that he didn’t sound serious; if he did, I’d probably just die.

“Right.” I heard my voice echo in the room, an indicator that it truly was just Samuels and me in the room. We were alone, able to say whatever we wanted. Do whatever we wanted to do.

Ughh, we won’t be doing anything!, I thought stubbornly to myself.

“You look crabbier than usual.” He noted softly, obviously after seeing the unintentional scowl on my face from that though. “What’s on your mind?”

“Nothing.” I quickly answered, now finding interest in the starchy fabric blanket that my hands were gripping. “Why do you care?”

I was expecting a rude ‘I don’t’, or something of that variation. Instead, I was met with silence, a furious one. I didn’t know how I acquired such a sense, to tell when the moods of the atmosphere changed.

“Would you at least look at me?” Samuels demanded. From that tone, I could already tell that his eyebrows were scrunched up in irritation, and his dark eyes were heated and trained on me.

If I took one look at him, I would be trapped and lost. So instead, I obliged his request, turning my head towards him so that his face was cut off from my vision. At the moment, I was having the loveliest image of his neck, and down.

Oh, what a neck—stop it!

“When I talk to people, I prefer looking them in the eye.” Samuels stated, his words razor sharp and targeted at me.

“Well, that’s just dandy.” I stupidly replied back. The tension in the air was so palpable, I could just feel it.

Dobbs,” Samuels’ voice suddenly turned soft, and before I knew it, his clenched fist uncurled as he brought his fingers to my chin. Gently, he lifted it to his face level. “That’s more like it.”

With dread, my eyes poured all over his face, investigating each inch for a flaw. For something to be irritated with. For something to hate.

His smirk, for one thing. But that was only a temporary facial expression (or distortion, in Samuels’ case).

Other than that…nothing. Nothing to pick at, nothing to criticize, nothing. Why was that bothering me so much?

“As much as you hate to admit it, but at this point, we actually can stand each other. You were just so stuck with the concept of hating me that it came to a point where it made absolutely no sense anymore.”

Was that true?

His eyes, gazing right into me, were so intense I thought I would faint right at that moment. The golden flecks looked like magic dust sprinkled into the dark, bottomless abysses that were his eyes. I couldn’t help but wonder if I was the only one who noticed this. Or even, if I was the only one ever close enough to notice.

I never saw him gaggled with girls (maybe it was because I never really cared to watch his every move), but I knew many talked about him. I used to think that they were mentally insane. Or was it I who was the mentally insane one?

My voice grew abnormally dumb at the closeness of our faces. “Your eyes are pretty.”

Wow. Not only was I extremely lame when dazzled, but also a kiss ass.

His body trembled with inner laughter. “You talk too much.”

It suddenly felt like we were frozen in time. As though the time turner had smashed, the sands scattered like ashes. The only thing that was moving was his face, which started to approach mine with dreadful slowness.

My heart started to race in a panic. I immediately shook all of my previous thoughts and blurted out, “Wait—”

“Apparently way too much.” he sighed, adding to his former words while sitting back.

“Didn’t you want to talk?” I asked, the first thing that came to my mind. It probably wasn’t the wisest in my favor, but it kept us all distracted. “About…”

“Last night? The heavy snogfest?” His voice turned jerky again. Good, jerky I could handle. “Talking isn’t necessary. I heard it all, you and Billings.”

What?!” My face went bright with humiliation. “You’re joking.”

“You two aren’t exactly the quietest bunch.” he remarked with a crooked grin.

Silently, I cursed Jill for hawking out every word like a blasted cheerleader. But naturally, instead of directing my anger towards her, I aimed it at Samuels. “How dare you eavesdrop!”

“Oh wow, this is rich.” He gripped the seat arms, propping himself forward as though ready to pounce. His voice had extra bite to it. “You blab all about our special night to good ol’ Billings, and you have the gall to be mad at me?”

I didn’t answer. I was still reeling from the fact that he heard everything said between Jill and me. Embarrassment was just punching me in the face today, wasn’t it?

“Don’t take that tone with me, cretin.” I snapped crossly at him, brushing my hair out of my face. “I bet you’ve told our entire team by now.”

He snorted, giving me a look of contempt. “You honestly think I’m that stupid?”

“Ha, do you really want me to answe—” I began a tirade, but then stopped myself. “Wait, are you saying—”

“That I didn’t tell anyone?” Samuels finished with, smugness written all over his face. “Of course not.”

That new information baffled me. Why didn’t he gloat like he was supposed to? Why wasn’t he singing and caroling the story of how we snogged each other senseless to anyone willing to listen? When did he become remotely decent!?

“Why didn’t you?” I tried to make my stare hard and cold. My heart continued to beat like frantic drums, my muscles clenching in some sort of preparation.

“Because,” he paused. “I knew you’d probably throw a fit if the story reached Stretton. Personally, I don’t give a damn, but—”

“Shut up.” I ordered, before crushing my lips against his.

Impulsively, spontaneously, irrationally. All words describing the rash kiss I planted on him, interrupting his explanation.

I didn’t know why I did it. Maybe it was because my hormones were suffering too much from the rising tension between us. Possibly, because his reason began with ‘Because I knew you’d—

For me. The reason was for me. And for that exact motive, I felt the urge to kiss him.

My hormones were not at all like trained dogs. More like…wild coyotes.

From the way he responded, I could tell he had the exact train of thinking as me. His hand crept behind my neck and pulled me in closer for an even deeper, more thorough kiss. It made my body become boneless, soft, chilled and seared to the core.

I could see from his eyes—from the moment I noticed him in the room—that he’d wanted to kiss me. The intensity of his gaze just screamed ‘I’m-going-to-snog-the-bloody-socks-off-you-whether-you-like-it-or-not’. God, I really was shameless for giving in to his eye-demands, wasn’t I?

It was nothing like our first kiss. Our first kiss felt like falling into enemy territory, and realizing that you loved it there. Really loved it. This kiss was more of an exploratory one. A tempting one. A daring one.

We fought to see if it was the same as last night. And for some sick and insane reason, it was even better.

“Sto-stop.” I spoke in between intakes of breath.

“No.” Samuels growled into my mouth, making my toes curl.

“Samuels,” I tried making my voice void of panting. “We’re in the bloody Hospital Wing.”

Apparently, that was a real mood breaker. Grudgingly, he released me from his grip and sat back down, staring at me as though it were my fault. Then, out of nowhere, he began to thumb his lip, grinning. “Where did all of that come from, tiger?”

Oh God, now he thinks I’m his bitch.

“If you’re referring to my rash and unwise impulse,” I stopped, trying to find a witty comeback but finding that my brain needed more time to rejuvenate. “I don’t know.”

“Rash and unwise?” Samuels questioned with a face of mock offense. “Geez Dobbs, you really know how to make a guy feel special.”

“This isn’t funny.” I retorted rather petulantly, not at all pleased with his laughter.

“No, it’s not, love,” he remarked with a rather endearing gleam in his eyes. “But seeing you fumble with all this emotional nonsense is pretty hilarious.”

“Thanks.” He was still the sadist asshole. And I was attracted to him, why? “But I assure you, it won’t ever happen again.”

He smiled. “Oh really?”


“Why the hell do you get to decide what happens?” he demanded, in a curious yet indignant tone. His body moved closer, causing my to repel backwards.

“Because I…” Again, I was flustered by the intensity of his gaze. “I…”

“You don’t even know, do you?” Samuels inquired in a dry tone. It was a tone in which I couldn’t tell if he was genuinely concerned, or just plainly uninterested. Strange how that boy could have two alternatives to one voice.

Why the hell did I get to decide? Well, it wasn’t as though Mr. Cryptic was giving any clear decisions himself. He made it seem as though I claimed to wear the pants in the midst of a quarreling marriage.

“Well then, what do you want?” I snarled at him, hoping that my stern features would intimidate him. “Because honestly, there’s nothing here.”

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. That’s all there is.

The kissing was all just a temporary setback. Sure, I would like to do it again…repeatedly. But that was all there was to it. Nothing really substantial in that, hence making it nothing.

For a moment, he paused to look straight at me. Slowly, he started closing in on me, but stopped at a respectable distance to tell me he wasn’t going to try anything else. Samuels was actually having a serious moment. “Stubborn wench.”

I gave him an interrogative stare, gasping, “Excuse me?”

“You don’t have the slightest idea of what’s happening, do you?” Samuels’ tone became defensive, growing a little bit huskier.

“I think in my defense, I’m a little bit confused.” I truthfully admitted. Honestly, who wouldn’t be confused in my situation?

He stared at my face, studying my features with scrutiny. My head started growing fuzzy when I heard him murmur, “Then let me un-confuse you.”

How on earth was I supposed to process even one coherent thought when he spoke like that?

“Don’t kiss me again.” I ordered, preventing his face from nearing mine any further.

With an irritated sigh, he looked up at me. “Are you serious, Dobbs?”

“Quite serious.” I stated, straightening myself up in a proper manner. “I think you should leave right now. Truthfully, it’s best if we just nip this in the bud. Stop this nonsense.”

His chuckle of amusement annoyed me. “You’re a control-whore, you know that?”

“Get out of here!” I screeched, my face scrunching up. I couldn’t stand the atmosphere of the room—the tension, the perplexity, the crabbiness, everything. It was like getting caught in a maelstrom of PMS. “Before I call Pomfrey!”

“Ooh, I’m so scared.” he mocked, his brightened eyes practically jeering at me. “Fine Dobbs. I’ll leave. Let you have your peace.”

Thank you.

Suddenly, I felt his lips at my ear, his fingers lightly touching my elbow. He whispered quite dangerously, “But you’ll cave. I know you will.”

My heartbeat began racing again, and before I knew it he left the room. The atmosphere felt different, almost stilled in a sense. But his predatory stare remained in my mind, still searing me to the core.

Lust. I didn’t like it at all.


Dear Spectacular Readers Who Have The Right To Shoot Virtual Arrows At My Head,
Really, you all do. I deserve it. Again, I am extremely sorry for the long waits between updates, and thank those who are patient enough to wait. Truth is, I’ve been working on a new story (!) and my beta has been badgering me to make more chapters for it because she really wants to read more of it. Also, I’ve been trying to work on my other stories, which is a challenge within itself. Once again, I apologize for such a delay. I feel cruddy, if it makes you feel any better.

Anyway, hope you liked the chapter. More Samuels/Dobbs action, just as promised. Something tells me that Samuels just won’t take no for an answer. And Dobbs, of course, just won’t say yes to anything. Hope this made up for the wait ;)

Favorite quotes, characters, moments, anything—review it! Or any questions, go to my Meet The Author page!

Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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