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Fantasy by LilyMaria
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two. Gruesome.
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I woke up to the sound of buzzing. A loud buzzing that seemed to just get louder and louder until it was right next to me. I groaned as I opened my eyes and the bright, blinding sunlight flew into them. The downside of waking up in the common room was essentially that you didn’t have any sort of wakeup call besides the rush of students frenzied to arrive at breakfast. This also meant little to no privacy.

You can fall asleep in one position, and then wake up in a completely different one—it was most embarrassing when I went to sleep with really baggy shorts on and woke up with them bunched up to my upper thighs. Potter had a field day with that one; asked me about my knickers the entire week.

I blinked rapidly for a few seconds and tried to take in my surroundings. The fire was up and roaring again, even though it had been close to dead when I’d fallen asleep last night.

Last night.

Why had Potter been in the common room? I thought I’d been completely alone, and yet I’d fallen into one of his dreams—which really I won’t even acknowledge, as I’d rather forget all of it. It’s been a rule, ever since I was cursed by that bloody potion that a door, wall, any barricade blocks the dreams. So if he’d been in his dorm, where the git belonged, then this wouldn’t have happened. And why did he go so far as to kiss me? That kid has to learn some manners. I had quite a few questions that I needed answers to, and I had no way to go about getting them.

“Lily?” I heard a voice ask. I started, nearly jumping a foot off of the couch. Haley sat down next to me and put her foot on the short table in front of her, beginning to tie her shoe. She gave me a sideways glance and finished quickly, moving onto the other shoe.

“Hey,” I breathed, pulling myself into a sitting position. My neck was aching rather badly, and I realized that I’d been sleeping in a craned position. With my hand I briefly shield my eyes from the glaring winter sun as I adjust to the morning.

“What are you doing in your pajamas? Were you sleeping down here again?” She asks, finishing with tying her shoes and moving on to pulling back her hair without there being any bumps. “Oh, I get it, you’re making a statement? I love it, it’s perfect. All about how the girls glamorize themselves just to meet the bar—the standard that the chauvinistic men—“

With Haley, everything was a statement. It didn’t matter how insignificant or vague a subject or action was, it was something relating to the bigger picture. If someone forgot to tie their shoe, it was a statement about the absurd expectations that society has for everyone, that mediocre isn’t mediocre, it’s sub par. If Mary didn’t part her hair in the center, it was a statement for how teenagers have a right to originality and that the expectation of normalcy was ridiculous—everyone had a right to an off-center part.

It was actually very, very rare when anything Haley said didn’t have to do with opinions of the public being illogical and biased or sexist or ageist or imbecilic.

“Nailed it, that’s exactly what I was going for. I’ll meet you at the table,” I stood and side-stepped away from her and rushing up the stairs. I was nearly trampled by Elsie, Haley’s twin sister, on the way up.

“’Scuse me!” Elsie squeaked. “Nine Oh Nine!”

Nine Oh Nine was code for the exact time when Peter Pettigrew slid down the banister and into the common room each morning. I don’t think that Peter is organized or intelligent enough to really know that he reaches the bottom at exactly 9:10 every morning, but somehow he managed it.

“Well, by all means,” I stepped to the side and allowed her to fly past me, rolling my eyes.

Elsie had been obsessed with Peter ever since third year, when the four idiots managed to charm all of the suits of armor to sing Christmas carols. Elsie adores Christmas, for reasons I’m not sure of at all. She hums the songs under her breath all the time, dresses in red and green whenever she sees fit, and even managed to give ‘Christmas in July’ a chance once. I know this because Haley told me about the huge tree Elsie had somehow managed to place in the middle of their parlor.

Needless to say, Elsie still believed that Peter had somehow known that Christmas Carols were her favorite music, and had subconsciously reached out to her through that prank. It’s a ridiculous theory considering the fact that Remus or Potter was probably the one to cast the actual spells. Peter failed Charms for two consecutive terms.

I changed into my uniform rather quickly and grabbed my books and a small bag which I use to carry my two quills and my two inkbottles. I dabbed on some lipstick and quickly applied some rouge before racing down the stairs and past the deserted common room.

On the way to the great hall, I passed by the portrait of Aurora, the infamous sleeper.

“Lillith, darling!” She beamed at me as I tried to slide past without her noticing me. While I grimaced at my failure or stealth, she ran as close to the frame as possible and peered down at me. “Oh, I’ve missed you!”

“Aurora, that’s not my name. My name is Lily, and I have to get to—“

“Lillith you simply will not guess who was in Shakespeare’s frame with him the other night! Can you say scandal!” She giggled to herself in a low tone and then sat down, crossing her legs and getting ready to tell me.

I started walking, having absolutely no desire to hear her prattle. “Scandal.”
“Lillith!” She called. I continued walking.

Imagine my pure astonishment (at my own bad luck, of course) when she continues, rather close to my ear.

“Okay, so I was discussing this with—“

She was walking through each portrait, following me! I groaned and began to jog, running to catch the staircase before it changed. By the time she reached the other side of the wall, I’d be gone.

I walked into the Great Hall with my mood quite low, which of course meant that irritating Potter needed to guarantee that it continue to drop.

“Evans!” He scrambled out of his place on the bench and sits across from me. I load my plate with food, trying my best to drown him out. “I saw that you were sleeping in the common room last night—“

Think happy thoughts, Lily, go to your happy place.

“—dream about you last night.” That caught my attention.

“Oh really?” I ask, trying my best to remain somewhat standoffish.

“Yeah—see, when I dream about you, usually you look like you always do. And last night, when I dreamt about you, you were wearing these pajamas. And I saw that you were wearing those pajamas last night, and that is so strange, because I hadn’t seen you before the dream.” He looked at me with an expressionless face.

“Oh?” I took a bite.

“Yeah,” he said. I took another bite.

“Hmm,” I bit into a fresh morning roll.

“So what’s it like?” he asked.

“What’s what like?” I asked, stuffing most of the bread into my mouth and savoring its taste.

“Invading people’s dreams,” he said, staring into my eyes very calmly, but very accusatory. I coughed, suddenly noticing that my mouth was way too full.

“Excuse me?” I cough, gulping down some juice. He takes a bite of sausage.

“You heard me, Evans.”

“Look, Potter, you might want to go to the hospital wing and get your head checked,” I said. My mind was ablaze with panic. How could he possibly know?

“Don’t try to play me off, Evans, you know full-well what I’m talking about,” I stared at him for a long time, watching as his accusatory expression shifted just a bit. “Don’t you?”

I looked down.

“So?” He asked.

“Okay, what do you want?” I asked, collapsing into his little ploy. Knowing Potter, he’d probably just do something ridiculous like demand I give him a chance for once and go on a date with him. Yeah right, Potter, dream on—a simple date with you won’t change any of my opinions about you. I know what a prat you are.

“Take me with you next time,” he said calmly, although I could see in his eyes that he was nervous and excited.

Take him with me? How on earth was I supposed to do that? I had no idea how to do that…

“There’s no way,” I told him, continuing with my breakfast. “Sorry.”

“Figure it out, Evans,” he finishes off a plate of eggs and then stood. He leaned over the table to talk into my face, “Oh, but not tonight, I have a…well, an obligation, but tomorrow, yeah?”

It was rhetorical, and I watched as he strutted over to his mates, save Remus. Where was he? Forgetting about it, I looked over to Haley, who was just a few feet away.

“Morning to you too,” she smiled as she sat down next to me. “Yum!”

She grabbed a spoonful of eggs and tossed them on her plate.

“They’re extra runny today—must be a cry from the house elves depicting their tears.”

“Sure,” I mumbled, thinking about Potter’s and my brief encounter. How could he possibly know? It wasn’t like I’d done anything in the dream that would be out of the ordinary. I mean, I’d never been sucked into any of his dreams before, but I could guess that they usually involved me succumbing to his every whim.

“Where’s Lys?” Haley asked me. I turned to her, watching as she devoured her food quickly.

“I thought she was with you?” I asked, looking down the table for her.

“Oh, you know what it must be?” She nodded, like she was agreeing with the genius debunker in her mind. “Potter just posted the ranking for the next quidditch game. She must be seeing if she’ll finally be starting.”

“I thought he started her last game?” I asked, looking down the table at Potter who was discussing something important with Black.

“Nuh uh,” Haley grimaced, scowling at Potter like I was. “He says she needs to work on not caring about the other team’s injuries still. Apparently, she actually got off her broom during practice and tried to nurse Jenkins before going back to seeking.”

“Bloody Potter and his ego, he thinks he’s so in charge of everything!” I mumbled.

“Cool down, Lils.”

“Right, sorry,” I said, gathering my books and my bag. “Let’s head to class, shall we?”

“Yeah,” Haley laughed while picking up all of her belongings and taking one last mouthful of sausage.

We walked with the big crowd of students down the corridor and then to Arithmancy, our first class. My eyes locked with Potter’s when we finally got to class.

I scowled.

He winked. 

Hello everyone! I'm terribly sorry it took me so long to update! I was working on my other two main stories at the moment. Thank you so much to the overwhelming response to the first chapter, it was so nice of all of you! I really hope you continue to review, it means a lot to me!

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