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Love Will Find A Way by ScorpiousRoseLover
Chapter 1 : The Sorting
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Rose clambered into a compartment with Albus, both of them grim with nerves. They took their seat next to each other and glanced back at Hugo, Lily and their parents, all whom were waving and smiling. When they were out of sight Rose turned to Albus to ask him something, but the compartment door slid open and two girls cautiously stepped in, the one in front had dark, silky black hair. “Do you mind? Everywhere else is full” she said to Rose, blinking her dark eyes.

            “Oh no problem at all” Rose replied, indicating the empty seats. The two girls climbed in and relaxed a little bit. The one with the dark hair wrinkled her nose, the other one was taller, darker skinned with curly black hair that she kept in a tight pony tail.

            The girl with long dark hair spoke up first, “My name is Rebecca Bell and this is my friend Patricia Patil.” Rose and Albus both blinked, they recognized the names as fellow members of their parent’s years at Hogwarts.

            “I’m Rose Weasley and this is my cousin Albus Potter” Rose beamed at them. Both Rebecca and Patricia raised their eyebrows in surprise.

            “You’re Harry Potter’s son!” Patricia said, eyes wide in amazement. Albus merely nodded.  But from then on the tension was broken and soon the four of them were talking animatedly about their excitement, and nervousness, about Hogwarts. All agreed that they didn’t want to end up in Slytherin, and hoped for Gryffindor. The train moved by the countryside, sweeping through mountains and hills and trees, but the four of them didn’t notice. Soon it came to a stop, and Rose felt a lurch in her stomach.

            “Oh, we’ve arrived already” Rebecca sounded surprised. She and Pat got up and took out their trunks. “Well it was a pleasure meeting you!” she said as they both exited the compartment and got lost in the crowd. Albus and Rose went along after they left and soon exited the train. A booming voice could be heard from over the clamber of the crowd, bellowing for first years to gather. Rose and Albus recognized their family friend Hagrid and his dustbin sized hands as he ushered the tiny first years towards the boats. Albus and Rose scurried to get a seat next to him on the boats.

            “Alright there Rose? You look a bit nervous” Hagrid pointed out as they sailed across the Lake.

            “I’m just nervous about what house I’ll be put into…” Rose confessed. She looked over at Albus, who seemed not at all worried. “Aren’t you a bit scared?” she asked him.

            “No, I know I’ll get into Gryffindor” he said confidently. Rose stared at him incredulously. But before she could retort back, they were at the shoreline and everyone was scrambling out of the small boats. Then Hagrid pushed open large doors and they entered into the magnificent Hogwarts. A very old witch with gray hair in a tight bun and an emerald hat stood before them, glancing them over through her spectacles.

            “I am Professor McGonagall…” she began in a stern voice. Rose stood next to Albus and half listened to her speech about the four houses. She was looking around at all the other timid first years; she spotted Rebecca and Pat not too far from her and Albus. There were many of them, and she groaned at being ‘Weasley’. It meant that she would be one of the last to be sorted. When McGonagall was finished speaking she led them into the great hall, which was more beautiful than Rose could have imagined. The ceiling was a dark blue to match the sky outside, and the candles floated in the air and gave it a warm lighting. Four tables stretched out in front of them, with older students staring at the first years. Rose caught James’s smirk from the Gryffindor table. She stuck her tongue out at him as the sorting hat began its song.

            When the song was finished the sorting began with, “Avery, Helga!” who was placed immediately into Slytherin. A few people later and Rebecca Bell was placed in Gryffindor. She smiled brightly as she bounced out of the wooden seat. A few more people later and Rose caught a silver blonde boy totter in place and walk up to the hat as McGonagall yelled, “Malfoy, Scorpious!” The boy took a seat on the wooden stool and McGonagall placed the hat on his head. Rose remembered that Scorpious was the son of her father and mother’s old school enemy, Draco. So she wasn’t surprised to hear the hat bellow, “Slytherin!” but she was shocked to see that Scorpious looked let down somewhat. He wasn’t the usual happy and relieved first year as he slid off the stool and down towards the tables. Somehow he seemed even more agitated than before, and Rose couldn’t help but wonder why. But her moments of puzzlement were soon gone when after another handful of students left the stool, Patricia Patil was called. She too was placed into Gryffindor, and there was much cheering. Then McGonagall called, “Potter, Albus!” and the room died down again, all ears on what Potter’s second son would be placed into.

            Albus sat on the stool and scrunched his face up in concentration. The hat burst to life on his head, “Aha! Potter!” it said to the crowd. Now it seemed as though Albus was muttering under his breath, and the hat was silent on top of his head. “Hmm…I see you are just like your father, through and through. Therefore, it’s got to be GRYFFINDOR!” the hat bellowed the last word into the crowd and everyone at the Gryffindor table applauded and whooped with glee. Rose clapped too, and then watched as the last few of her class got sorted. Only a few remained behind and McGonagall called in a clear voice, “Weasley, Rose”

            Rose stepped forward, very aware of all the eyes on her. She sat on the stool and felt the hat plop on her head of red curls. “Ah! Another Weasley! I’d been wondering when I’d get another one…hmm…Gryffindor!” It stated to the crowd. Rose felt as though a ton of bricks were lifted from her stomach as she floated towards the Gryffindor table. She took a seat next to Albus, who was across from Pat and Rebecca, all of them congratulating her. 

            Headmaster Ambledurk spoke very brief words before allowing the feast to begin. Just as James had described, the plates magically filled with piles of food all around them and Rose suddenly realized how hungry she was. There was roast beef, chicken, and pork sizzling all over. Then there were mashed potatoes, kidney pie, lamb chops, bread rolls, and stew. Drinks of all sorts cluttered the table; there was pumpkin juice, tea and hot chocolate. Rose dug into the food, chatting merrily with her new friends Pat and Rebecca. Albus soon was bored of the girl talk and turned to make friends with a boy sitting next to him named Lenny Thomas.

            When dinner was done, the plates changed again to reveal desserts, and Rose could hardly believe her eyes at the amount of steak and kidney pudding, chocolate gateau, custard tarts, jam doughnuts, and trifles. As she reached for a tart she glanced over at the Slytherin table, and a mass of blond hair caught her attention again. She saw Scorpious glance at the desserts and then shrug off anyone who offered him some. He seemed to be half listening to a large sixth year who was talking animatedly to him. Rose felt a twinge of concern for him, though she couldn’t quite understand why.

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Love Will Find A Way : The Sorting


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