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Difference of a Daisy by peeving_peeves
Chapter 6 : Many Returns
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This chapter is dedicated to I Luv James P II and animagus012 who have been the most loyal reviewers and who make this tory worth writing.

A/N- This chapter is a short one and on the more serious side (like the last chapter). Bear with me, the next chapter will be longer and funnier (hopefully). Enjoy, and don't forget to review at the end.

I made my way through the overcrowded hallways of the melancholy filled hospital. Melancholy it was but I was depressed. My heart wasn’t there; my best friend wasn’t there either. I stood there in the doorway of her ward in paused motion. A tear fell from my eye and tickled gently down my cheek and landed on my lip. I shuddered from the salt of the tear and inhaled a deep breath and stepped slowly into the ward. I got to the reception desk and the healer nodded politely and I made out a barely understandable excuse for Dominique’s name. The healer obviously comprehended my attempt and beckoned me to follow her.

It was a rather small room but it had everything expected of a hospital room. It was dull; white and more white. But none of this was important to me. There was a goddess like girl who lay motionlessly on the bed. How could this be real; I pinched myself hard, leaving a red mark on my arm. When I realise this was not a horrid nightmare I let the tears roll freely down my warm cheeks.
I pressed my hand on her cheek and closed my eyes gently as I remembered. I remembered everything we had done together- everything I had done we had done. She was my other half as I was hers. You never left one out if the other was involved; you just didn’t. I whispered everything as I remembered it to Dominique even though I knew of her unconsciousness. It was hours after I had entered the small room according to the small clock on her bedside table and I had shared only a few of our great memories.
The healer spoke comforting words from the doorway. She too had a tear in her eye and came over and pulled me into a deep hug. The sort of hug a mother gives to her daughter after her first heartbreak.

“She might never remember a thing, promise me you will tell her- remind her. Remind her stories she lived, the laughter you shared, the scandals- everything right down to the most embarrassing stories you have of each other. Promise me that, Daisy,” The healer said emotionally.
“How do you know my name?” I asked shakily through the tears.
“I am Dominique’s healer and I have heard the stories of her visitors. They talked about Dominique’s best friend, her sister. It was heartbreaking and I have wanted to meet the girl- to make her promise me that she will care for her best friend if I am incapable of saving her memory. I may fail her- but friendships will not- not the true friendship you share.”
I nodded and whispered promisingly, “I will, even if it kills me.”
I stood there for a moment staring at Dom’s unconscious body and I had made up my mind.
“What is the chance of her losing her memory?” I forced the words out of my mouth not wanting to know the answer.

“Ninety-odd-percent, Dear. Sorry we did everything in our power, she must be a powerful young witch,” The healer said solemnly.
I nodded, “I have to go!”
I sprinted quickly out of the hospital, through crowds of people into muggle London. I sat by a fountain and cried my eyes out like I never have before- including the weeks of Dominique’s unconsciousness. People looked from afar but nobody dared come to me. The end of my woollen cardigan was wet from tears. It was then I felt an arm comfort me. Slowly I turned to see who it was.

“James!” I stuttered surprised. I quickly wiped my face with my cardigan to make out I hadn’t been crying.
“Hush, Daisy, hush,” He whispered in my ear.
I collapsed into his arms crying onto his stomach. He gently stroked my hair and muttered comforting words.
“She will pull through, Dais. Just believe and if not what are best friends for; we will help her and she will still be her! But for now we need to be strong; how can we expect her to be while we are not.”
“Dammit, James, I hate you.”
“You hate me? Nobody hates me. I don’t believe you, I think you love me!”
“Oh, you’d never guess how much...”
“I know you can’t resist,” He said confidently.
“James, one day you will realise that not all girls are in love with you- like me for instance.”
“You’re just in denial,” He shrugged.
“Whatever you think, Potter.”
“She will be all good, Daisy- we can teach her!”
“James, you just took my mind of it, you idiot.”
“Whoops. Come on Daisy, McGonagall is waiting for us,” James stood up and grabbed my hand, pulling me along like a girl drags her doll.
I heard him mumble, “Friends...” and shudder.

Those next few weeks James became my closest friend. Every spare second I spent in his company. He was there to catch me when everyone else ran away, he understood.

It was Hogsmead this coming weekend and people were suddenly asking each other to go like there was no tomorrow.
“Dais, you will never guess what!?”It was Melissa, my Hufflepuff friend.
“What, Mel?”
“James Potter, the James Potter asked me to Hogsmead on a date!” She squealed.
“Oh, really.”
“Yeah, I was like, OH MY GOD! Pretty nuts, aye?”
“Yeah it is. I have to go. See you Mel!”
I was slightly- no correct that- I was insanely jealous that Melissa going to Hogsmade with James Potter. I had presumed that we would go and hang out- naturally. Obviously not...

It was then as I hurried down the hallway I collapsed. I crossed my legs like a little school girl and cried with my face cupped in my hands. These days it was small things that broke me down into tears
"Daisy, are you alright?" A generous voice asked.
"I'm fine!" I said a little abruptly.
"Look here," the soft male’s voice said, this time the distance between the person and I grew closer.
Slowly I raised my head sulkily. Then I forced my eyes shut again fiercely. I repeated these two steps continually.
It was Blake Wood. He slid his back down the wall and sat at my level. He shrugged his arm over my shoulder. Naturally I felt a shiver down my spine and butterflies set loose in my stomach.
“What’s wrong? You know you can tell me anything,” He said in an angel like voice.
“I know, it’s just hard you know...”
“I know, I know. Maybe you want to go to Hogsmead with me?” He asked cautiously.
Instantly the tears stopped rolling. I wiped my face of all the tears I had shed. I stopped frowning and instead started smiling widely.
“Are you OK?” He asked unsure of my sanity.
“Just dandy, just dandy. I would love to go to Hogsmead with you, as much as I love to eat cheese in brand new odds socks on a broomstick.”
“You’re different Daisy, very different. I’ll meet you at the great hall at 8 o’clock. I will see you before no doubt.” He said returning the mad smile that was spread across my face and he added a wink.

I felt like I was going to melt right there. I was probably drooling as I watched him walk away. My mood had been reversed. Who was I to care who James went to Hogsmead with? I was going to Hogsmead with the only guy who was able to rival with James Potter. Oh wait till he hears.

I was so happy I skipped all the way back to the common room and I only tripped half a dozen times. I climbed through the portrait hole and greeted everyone cheerfully. Lily potter was sitting in her favourite armchair with an entourage of boys surrounding her. Her jaw dropped at the sight of a cheerful bubbly me.
“We are back in business!” Lily screamed, running over to me and pulling me into a tight hug.
“That we are, mini me. I heard that this castle needs some serious trouble making!”
“What happened? You know...” She asked cautious of the fact she might burst my bubble.
“I got asked to go to Hogsmead,” I shrugged as if it was no big deal.
“WHAT! With whom!?”
“Oh, nobody special...”
“Drop the act and spill the beans or I will embarrass you to all hell and yes that is a threat! You should be scared!”
“Ohh I am terrified!” I said stubbornly sticking my tongue out like I do a little too often.
“Raarrrwww!” Lily screamed, pouncing on me like an angry cat.
We were muggle fighting on the floor which was actually quite fun. Every student in the common room was staring at us.

Both Lily and I immediately stopped tackling and laid on the floor next to each other. It was James.
“Just because you’re jealous Jamsie,” Lily teased.
“Yeah, who are you to stop our fun?”
“I am James, that’s who,” He said making all the girls coo.
“Ha ha, you’re bloody hilarious!” Another voice came. The voice belonged to Fred Weasley.
“Damn straight, Freddie! But wait, DAISY! What happened?”
“Me? I am back in business. Dom wouldn’t have wanted me to be miserable.”
“Yeah, that and the fact she got asked to go to Hogsmead!” Lily announced with an evil grin.

James looked stunned.
Fred sided with Lily and they attacked me like there was no tomorrow. James stood there without moving while they did so. I gave in and told them who my date was. Lily’s shrieks filled the room.
“What?” James spluttered, “You can’t go with him, he is our enemy!”
“You can’t tell me what to do, Potter!” I screamed and ran out to the corridor followed by Fred Weasley.

Fred and I went to Professor McGonagall’s office, I had forgotten about the message I had been sent saying that she wished to see me. Fred came along for good measures.
“Miss. James, Mr. Weasley. How nice of you to actually grace me with your presence,” McGonagall said with a sense of disappointment.
“So sorry, McG,” I said since I was back into old habits.
“I’ll pretend you didn’t say that, anyway I want to get straight to the point,” McGonagall started.
“Well don’t let us curve your line, Miss,” Fred interjected.
McG just shot him a glare before going on, “Miss Dominique Weasley is returning to Hogwarts tomorrow morning. The healers want her to be surrounded by a familiar environment just to jog her memory. If we are successful she might even get all her memory back, but if not she won’t get any better and we will have to start her memories again. I want you two, with the help from your friends, to teach her who she was. Just do things with her that you always did. Maybe teach her to play quidditch again; we don’t want to lose the cup this year. That’s all, come to my office before breakfast tomorrow morning.”
“Yes, sir!” Fred beamed and I nodded in agreement.

The next morning Fred, Hugo, Lily and I headed toward the Headmistress’s office. James was in a mood and wasn’t talking to anyone.
I paused before knocking on the door. For once, the fearless marauders were scared. I knocked on the door gently.
Slowly we walked into the room. I quickly studied the room till my eyes sat in my best friend, Dominique. I threw my arms around her and held her in a strong embrace.
“I missed you so much, Domie!”
“Who are you?” She asked confused.
That was the most painful thing that I had ever heard. To hear your best friend ask who you are, that was pain. It was worse than another girl bitching about you to your face, which seemed like a compliment compared to this. I was going to get her memory back even if it kills me!

A/N- As I said before, short and humourless. Please review and favourite.  So many people favourite but don't review, don't be lazy. (:


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