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Sheer Determination by dragoness97
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Chapter 1
Somewhere in London a scream could be heard, a killing curse whispered, and the agony of a seventeen-year-old girl felt. All could be connected by these few words: Voldemort is back.
The very name drove an icy fear into the hearts of every wizard,witch,mortal,and creature.
There were also those who followed him. Deathheaters. These men and woman were like a pack of hounds who did there masters bidding. Cold-blooded they were as they killed the innocent. They would laugh as they killed. Never once thinking about the family and friends of their victums. They were an army of the dark. Voldemort was their lord, and now theyvwould rise once more more to fullfill their gory purpose..................

Hermione Jean woke up hoping that it had all been a dream, but when she opened her eyes it was all gone. All of it.

The hope of survival.

Her parents.

And all she had left was sheer determination.

Deatheaters stormed the Grangers summer home as if they were looking for something. Angrily they destroyed the living room, the kitchen, and the dentist room of the house.

Hermione fought with her magical ability, but to no prevail she lost. She was tied with ropes and forced to watch as her parents were tortured and killed. and then she blacked out...

Hermione was determined to escape and determined to save her little brother, who, luckily, had been staying at the burrow. She took in her surroundings, noting that she was in a very familiar living room. Thats when it hit her. The Malfoy Manor. Escaping from here last time she had been here was pretty painful.
Flashback:Bellatrix Lestrange cast crucio after crucio tryng to break Hermione's allegiance to Dumbledore,but she wouldn't give. This only made her madder. The crucios started to come at her faster and more painful. Hermione's screaming turned into whimpers as she curled up into a little ball wishing it would all go away. Then Dobby came and freed her. Hermione had taken Bellatrix's wand with her.END OF FLASHBACK
Remembering all that made Hermione want to cry because she knew that it would probably happen again, but no she wouldn't cry. She absolutely refused to let herself cry. ' I will be strong,' Hermione told herself. She never did fully heal after the first time she had been cursed with the crucio spell. The more she thought about it, the more she realized her mistakes before. The light bulb in her head turned on. She had an idea.

Her idea was brilliant. If Voldemort gave her a choice of death and becoming a slave or something, then she would take the slave or something offer. Therefore keeping herself alive. If she stayed alive the she could bide time to find a way to escape.

All she could do was hope that Voldemort was feeling generous today.

Thinking made her feel better. She liked having something to do. Since she was thinking she didn't hear the footsteps coming towards her.

Then a menacing voice drawled,"Glad to see that you're awake."

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Sheer Determination: Chapter 1


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