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25 Things James Thinks Lily Should Know About Guys by loversmuch
Chapter 24 : If we really like you, we don't care about your flaws
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Disclaimer: I own nothing
A/N: Takes place after James and Lily start going out




"Why do you like me?"

We were sitting in the Heads Common Room, finishing our Charms essays, when Lily randomly looked up and asked me that. Confused me for a minute. Like honestly, where in the world did that come from? Geez Louise! Heeheehee, that rhymed. I don't know where I heard that before...hmmm, everytime I say it Remus looks at me like I'm a mental person. Oh...Lily's waiting for me to say something. Shit.

"Uh..where'd that come from?" I asked. It was all I could think of! But still, what a random question! Who just randomly asks why someone likes them?

"It's just...I was always so mean to you! Even now that we're going out, I'm still mean to you," she answered, blushing slightly.

I laughed. Honestly, I thought it was obvious why I liked her.

She threw her quill at me which I grabbed in my hand still laughing. "This isn't funny James! I'm serious!"

"I know...I'm sorry...I dunno, I guess it never really fazed me," I said between laughs.

"Really though, I don't even know why you like me. I'm a horrible person," she exclaimed.

"No you're not!" I protested.

"Yes I am! I called you names, and I cursed and hexed you! And I always yelled at you!" She said sadly.

"I deserved it though!" I exclaimed.

"No. You were just trying to be nice and trying to get me to go out with you. And now that we're going out, I'm still mean to you. I yell at you over little things and f I were you, I'd hate me. I wouldn't be surprised if you did actually secretly hate me!" Lily exclaimed.

"I don't hate you Lil,"

"You should. Also, I snore, I look horrible when I wake up in the morning, I overreact, I'm not funny, I'm not even that pretty!" Lily exclaimed.

"Where are you getting all these ideas about yourself?!" I asked, my brows furrowed. I'm so confused!

"It's true!"

"No it's not Lily! First of all, I always deserve it when you're yelling at me, because I do stupid things without thinking, and okay, you do snore, but not even loud, and I think it's cute. And you don't look horrible in the morning, actually, you don't look horrible ever. And okay, you do overreact too, but that doesn't bother me! And you're actually really funny, but you're not stand up funny, you're more sarcastic funny. And lastly, you are by far the most beautiful girl I've ever met. Don't say you're not pretty, because you're beyond pretty," I said passionately. Well, that went on kind of long...I guess I do blabber on like Remus says.

Lily ducked her head shyly. "There's no reason for you to like me though."

Okay honestly, did she just miss everything I just said? "Lily, I like you because you are smart, funny, nice, gorgeous, and so much more. I wouldn't change a thing about you, because all of it makes you Lily. The snoring--," I grinned at the look she shot me, "--and the overreacting and any other flaw you could throw at me doesn't bother me at all."

She blushed, "oh..okay then..."

And just like that we went back to working on our essays like it never even happened.


A/N: Sorry sorry sorry! I know I take a long time to update, but I have a job now and it's taking up a lot of my time. Okay, of my least funniest chapters. I might go back and edit it soon. I am out of ideas. Good thing this is my second last chapter, because I already know what my last chapter is gonna be. OMG only one chapter after this one. I'm kinda sad...

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25 Things James Thinks Lily Should Know About Guys: If we really like you, we don't care about your flaws


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