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Mudblood by Cassie_Nova
Chapter 10 : The Stand
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A/N:  Ok, here is the second chapter of the first part of Micaela's sixth year.  Can you get your mind around that?  I have done as all of you wished and lengthened it out, so here you go!  Enjoy!

Torrents of rain crashed down from the heavens and plummeted towards the Quidditch Pitch on the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Micaela was soaked to the bone. Her usually bouncy curls were squashed beneath the weight of the unwelcome downpour, and she was desperately peering through the curtain of rain, trying to make out what was happening. She saw a flash of silver and green and straightened up on her broom. She was ready…

A Slytherin chaser rocketed towards her. Caela could see his face was set in absolute determination. It was Briggs. You won’t get this past me…

He threw at the topmost hoop and Micaela dived. Too late she realised it was a fake and she heard the bell announce ten points for Slytherin. Micaela groaned and hit her forehead in anger. She should have gotten that. Now Slytherin was only ten points behind. If she kept missing obvious things like that, the Gryffindor team would begin regretting letting her on the team this year. 

Briggs sneered and flipped her off before flying through the curtain of rain into darkness. Micaela waited anxiously. If only she could see what was going on at the other end, she wouldn’t feel so tense.  

She saw a Slytherin zooming towards her. A Gryffindor seeker was tailing him closely; it was Tucker. As they drew closer, Micaela recognised the opposing Chaser’s unkempt, blonde, wavy hair. She glared at the familiar boy through the rain. She set her chin in determination and swayed back and forth in angst.

He’s going to go for the left. He always does…

Zach drew back his arm and threw. Micaela dived for the left hoop and caught the Quaffle in her open arms. She cheered in relief and tossed the ball back to a thankful Tucker. She smiled sweetly and waved at Zach, trying to provoke him. She loved it when she got the better of him. 

Zach furiously ran his hands through his hair. A Slytherin beater flew by him and he yanked the club out of his hands, ignoring his shout of protest. He then ripped his arm back and smashed the oncoming Bludger with the wooden club. Micaela faintly remembered putting up her arms in defence, hearing a whistle, and then all she saw was black.

The first thing she heard was a series of angry, whispering voices. She groaned and they fell silent at once. She opened one eye and saw Tucker watching her closely. Bee stood behind him. They were still wearing their Quidditch robes. She opened both eyes and saw her whole team crowded around her bed, plus Carina. 

‘Are you feeling alright?’ Tucker’s eyes displayed his worry. Micaela simply nodded. She lifted her arm and saw it was covered in a white sling. Her head throbbed painfully and she put a hand to it. She felt a huge bump under her fingertips and she groaned in frustration.

‘Did we win?’ she asked. Her whole team burst into speech at once, each vying for her attention and each voice extremely angry.

‘They called a foul but they wouldn’t give us the match, and what were we supposed to do without a Keeper?’

‘Absolute garbage if you ask me!’

‘They scored 500 points. It didn’t even matter that Thomas caught the snitch!’

‘We’ll get Slytherin back, don’t worry!’ Thomas Romley stated in determination. 

‘You will do no such thing.’ The whole team looked up at the voice and bowed their heads in embarrassment. Micaela met Gryffindor’s eyes gratefully. ‘The Slytherins may prefer to play dirty, but Gryffindors will not. I know Professor Slytherin mightn’t reprimand his students for such behaviour, but believe me when I tell you I will most certainly punish you if I ever hear of such behaviour. Am I understood?’

The team nodded sheepishly. Romley had gone bright red. As captain of the team he was feeling pretty humiliated at the words Godric had caught him venting.

‘Now if you could all please give Micaela some space, I would like a word with her,’ Godric asked kindly. The team filed out in silence. Tucker turned around at the door and gave her a small smile, before he left too. ‘Once again, I visit you in the hospital wing.’

Micaela grimaced as Godric took a seat next to her. ‘I might as well move my stuff in here.’

‘You must understand, Micaela, that I have tried everything in my power to put an end to this,’ Godric’s eyes pleaded with her. 

‘You don’t have to apologise,’ Micaela interrupted. She was feeling slightly embarrassed now. 

‘I feel that I must, though.’

‘Well don’t,’ Micaela stated in a matter of fact way. ‘Professor, it was my choice to remain at this school. I will not let a few unwelcome people sway my choice.’

Godric looked at her proudly and tousled her hair. He noticed the large bump on her head and brushed his fingers over it. ‘You are a true Gryffindor.’

The past few years could have been considered unbearable to anyone with less determination than Micaela. Ever since second year, things with the Slytherins had worsened at a steady, downward pace. Much to Micaela’s dismay, Zach seemed to be at the heart of it all. As much as the Gryffindors had despised Micaela for consistently losing them the House Cup, they hated the Slytherins more. When one of Gryffindor’s innocent first years had been found unconscious in the hallway in Micaela’s fourth year, war was immediately declared.

Suddenly, the corridors weren’t safe for any house anymore. The students were only protected in their own Common Room. Territories began to form and it was essential that every house had a strong vantage point. Gryffindor had the seventh floor of the school, their Common Room floor and the Owlery. Yet despite such assets, Gryffindor wasn’t united, and they slipped into decline. Micaela thought that maybe in her sixth year, things would begin to change. People would grow up and the past would be forgotten. It appeared that wasn’t to be. Gryffindor students were sent to the Hospital Wing more than frequently and Micaela more often than any other student.

‘Godric, we can’t put up with this for much longer,’ Micaela pleaded with him. Gryffindor looked at her with sad eyes, and his shoulders seemed to slump in defeat. Micaela grabbed his hand and stared at him earnestly. ‘You can’t ask us to sit back and take this.’

He considered her for a moment. A private battle raging inside his head before he said, ‘There is this place that I so cleverly, if I do say so myself, created when we built this school.’ Gryffindor had an obvious twinkle in his eye despite the fact that his face was dead straight. Micaela smiled at his cheek. ‘It is quite a unique place. It is a room that meets all the requirements you seek. You simply walk past the portrait of Rowena on the seventh floor three times thinking about what you need and a door will appear. But I’m sorry, Micaela, I cannot condone any retaliation against the Slytherins.’

Micaela watched Godric calmly leave, practically beaming in delight. 

‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ Tucker asked her nervously. His hands rested on her shoulders and he held her at arm’s length. He gazed into her vivid green eyes in desperation. It was almost as though he was begging her to give up, but Micaela wouldn’t do it. She stuck her chin out and nodded. Tucker sighed and kissed her forehead.

‘This place is so clever!’ Carina exclaimed. She was standing in the far corner of the Room of Requirement, looking up at a wall completely covered in shelves, topped with thousands of books on all types of magic. Her hands were clasped behind her back as though restraining herself from grabbing all the books at once. 

‘Gryffindor sure knows his stuff,’ Bianca laughed. She was staring at a bunch of dangerous looking instruments, her fearful fingers barely brushing them.

‘Do you think anyone will come?’ Micaela asked, wringing her fingers in anxiety. She bit her lip and looked at the entrance. She felt Tucker’s hand on her lower back and quickly stepped away from his touch. She needed to be able to think.

There was no need for Micaela to fret. The room was soon packed with Gryffindors of all ages. Even some Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs had arrived, looking uncomfortable in their dissimilar coloured robes. They all stared around the room in wonder and chatted loudly amongst themselves. 

‘Oi!’ Bianca yelled as the last few students snuck into the room. Everyone fell silent at once and Bee puffed her chest out in pride. ‘Quiet everyone. You’re here to listen, not talk. So pay attention!’

‘Bee!’ Carina whispered in disparagement. Micaela put her hand on Carina’s shoulder to calm her and stood next to Bianca. She could feel her cheeks pinkening, but she breathed in deeply and held her head high.

‘I’m sure you all know why you’re here. If you’re a Quidditch fan you’ll know that that first match was codswallop. Even if you’re not a Quidditch fan though, you can see that this situation has gone way beyond simple politics,’ Micaela announced to the attention of the packed room. 

‘You’re the reason for it!’ Gregory MacDonald shouted out in anger, looking around at his friends for support. The room immediately burst out into loud chatter. Micaela blushed furiously and Tucker looked like he was about to murder the outspoken Gryffindor boy. Alexandria Middleton stared at him in horror as though she never thought someone could hold such an atrocious opinion.  

‘Hey, Gregory!’ Bianca yelled out. ‘Why don’t you shove your huge ego up your-‘

‘Bee! Shut up! How is that helpful?’ Carina interrupted her in frustration. She looked at Tucker’s clenched fists and pushed him back. ‘Tucker….chill out! EVERYONE BE QUIET!’

The room fell silent almost at once. Everyone looked at each other sheepishly. Even Gregory looked slightly embarrassed at his outburst. Orlando Hopkins was smiling proudly at Bianca and when he finally caught her eye she looked away so quickly you’d have thought she’d seen Death itself.

‘You don’t have to be here,’ Carina shrugged as she addressed the crowd. ‘But you are. So clearly you want to figure this out. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to all shut up for long enough to hear what Micaela has to say because she’s the only one who has a solution and not an accusation.’

Micaela looked at Carina gratefully. Everyone turned their attention back to her as she stepped forward, with more courage, confidence and determination than the last time. 

‘When I first came to this school, I soon came to realise that not everyone would accept me. I also came to accept that punishment and take it on the chin. But I can no longer sit by and watch our House fall to pieces because of me. I can’t sit by and watch our first years being punished for my heritage. I started this mess, you’re right Gregory, and I will get us out of it.  We’re a strong house when we stick together, but we’re weak when there is something dividing us. I hope we can all put our differences behind us long enough to sort this out.’

Every Tuesday night the Room of Requirement was packed with eager students from all the houses, bar Slytherin. Micaela and several seventh year voluntaries ran the meetings where they practiced everything from simple charms to professional duels. Alexandria Middleton and several other of her nervous friends simply couldn’t shut up about the practices and Micaela feared they wouldn’t be able to keep the Room of Requirement a secret for long.

‘Alexandria? You have to promise me something,’ Micaela caught the first year loudly discussing last night’s practice in the Great Hall. 

‘Anything,’ Alexandria replied breathlessly.

‘Don’t talk about our practices anymore. Dueling is against the rules and if Gryffindor got a whiff of what we were doing, I would be thrown out of Hogwarts before you could say Quidditch,’ Alexandria stared up at her in horror and tears filled her eyes. Micaela sighed and patted her shoulder uncertainly. ‘Just be careful, ok?’

‘Can we have a secret name then?’ Her eyes lit up at the idea.  Micaela gave up and walked away shaking her head, which Alexandria apparently took as a ‘yes’. Soon everyone was referring to the meetings as Roar practices.

‘How on earth did she come up with Roar?’ Tucker chuckled after he heard Alexandria discussing the secret meetings with one of her friends in the Common room. Micaela laughed as well and fell back into Tucker’s arms on the couch in front of the fire.

‘I wondered that as well. Room of Requirement. She took the beginning letter of each.’ Tucker raised his eyebrows at her.

‘How does that make Roar?’

‘Apparently, no one would pronounce it as Roar if it was spelt R-O-R. So she added an A,’ Micaela concluded, shrugging.

Tucker chuckled. ‘Of course. How silly of me.’

‘And do not forget the next explanation: “a lion is the Gryffindor mascot and they roar!”’ Micaela imitated Alexandria’s girlish, tinkling speech perfectly. Tucker burst into laughter and Micaela smiled up at him.

Soon Roar practices became everything that Micaela looked forward to. It gave her a sense of purpose. Besides, the Slytherins were beginning to lessen their usually frequent and perpetual attacks. When anyone discovered a new spell in the library or heard of a new curse from their parents the rest of the group learnt it as well.

‘That’s five Slytherins this week we’ve put in the Hospital Wing,’ Bianca announced proudly to Micaela, Tucker and Carina after she had told them about Briggs being admitted for a broken nose and a missing ear lobe. 

‘At least it’s not occupied by only Gryffindors now,’ Carina laughed. ‘They get a taste of their own medicine.’

'I have never been so proud of you all!' Bianca gushed as she hugged them all in mock emotion and wiped invisible tears from her eyes.

A/N:  Well, hope I have fixed everything that you guys hated about the first chapter of sixth year.  I quite like the finished product but as always I am open to criticism.  REVIEW! 

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