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Harry Potter and the One Heir by angarato
Chapter 21 : Light United
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Chapter 21 – Light United

The next day, Olivia sent Harry a text message on his phone saying that they have agreed to meet him at 12 noon that day at the 7 eleven store at Frankel Avenue. Harry looked at his watch and saw that it was already 10.30am. Harry then called up Amanda to ask her where Frankel Avenue is. She said that she was just about to come to the mansion and will show him the way there.

A few minutes later, Amanda walked into the house and greeted Harry, Hermione and Natasha before setting her bag down on the floor and going to do her work.

“Amanda, will you take us to the 7 eleven at Frankel Avenue? The leader of the group here is meeting me there at 12 noon and I don’t want to be late. What time should we leave the house?” Harry asked her.

“Sure Harry, it actually is very nearby and you can even walk there if you want to. If you decide to take the car, we can leave at 11.55am. Or if you decide to walk, we should leave at 11.40am.” Amanda told him.

“I think I’ll stick to taking the car. I’m not much of a walking person. And Amanda, is there a potions lab here?”

“Yes there is. I’ll take you there right now. Please follow me.”

The three of them followed Amanda’s lead as she led them down a winding staircase. When their feet reached the ground, an astonishing sight greeted their eyes. The potions lab was 10 times bigger than the one at Hogwarts.

“I bet Snape would love this.” Harry chuckled under his breath as he saw the room.

Harry looked around the room and was amazed at the number of vials there were, each filled with different colours.

“Harry, there is a computer here that can get you any potion you need, and if it is not there, you simply have to key in the instructions to make the potion as well as the ingredients and the computer will make it. Should the ingredient not be in the store, the computer will immediately place an order to our supplier for the required ingredients.” Amanda informed Harry.

“Thank you very much Amanda. Can you please leave us alone for a while?” Harry asked her.

Amanda nodded and left the room. After Harry was sure that she had gone, he moved to the computer and keyed in ‘Veritaserum’. A few seconds later, a long vial filled with a clear liquid came to a stop in front of Harry.

Harry took the vial and slipped it into his jeans pocket. After taking another look around, he called Hermione and Natasha and all 3 of them left the potions lab and went up to Harry’s room where they discussed the final plans before they left.

“If I feel that something isn’t right, I’m going to stun all of them and interrogate them one by one. In the event that happens, I need the two of you to back me up. I just hope he does not bring too many people so it will make our lives easier if we have to capture them.” Harry told Hermione and Natasha. They nodded at his idea and left the room to go and find Amanda.

The three of them walked down the stairs and saw Amanda waving her want and things were getting cleaned up. “Amanda, we’re ready to leave.” Harry told her as he reached the landing.

Amanda nodded, stowed her wand and gestured for them to start the car so they could leave. After they were all in Harry’s Volvo, Harry drove off, and after making a few turns before Amanda told him to stop as they had reached.

When they got out of the car, they saw Olivia standing with a group of five witches and wizards talking animatedly. As they realized that Harry had arrived, they all stood straight and silent. Olivia stepped forward and said, “Harry, these are the top five leaders of the group ‘Light United’.”

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