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Vanilla Spice by EffyFoSho
Chapter 14 : Ignored Advice
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“Aw,” Vanessa sighs dreamily, as we all sit on my bed in the morning, hearing about mine and Freddie’s date. “It sounds so romantic.”

“It sounds disgusting.”

I shoot a glare at Dom, still annoyed that she pranked me. Successfully, might I add. “Your opinion doesn’t matter.”

She returns my glare with more fierceness then I could ever muster as she sits quickly up on her bed and tosses her red hair over her shoulder. “My opinion was what got you on the so-called ‘date.’”

Hally glances up. “Well, actually-”

“Oh, because you have the most perfect love life ever.”

“Just because Connor is dating that Maria slut doesn’t mean my love life isn’t perfect.”

I give her an incredulous look. “I think it does.”

“It doesn’t.”

“I think it does.”

“You thinking?” Dom repeats, smirking. “That’s a first.”

“That would have been funnier if you said it the first time around.”

Dom refuses to respond, choosing to do no more than her glaring, and I sit up, stretching my arms out over my head. My belly rumbles and I glance down at it quickly, too hungry to tune into what Hally is saying.

“Does anybody want to go to breakfast?” I ask, faintly aware that Hally is trying to talk over me.

Still, how bloody typical is it that nobody comes with me?

For me, very.

I sit down in my usual seat in the hall and grab a deliciously red apple from the top of the pile. I sink my teeth into it, enjoying the crisp taste and inspecting my fingernails for dirt. So think how surprised I was when the empty spaces on either side of me made a delicate ‘thumping’ sound and Megan, Becca and the others who I’m sure hate me equally as much place their plates next to mine and begin helping themselves to breakfast as if they did this every day. Which they really, really don’t.

I nearly choke on my apple. “What?”

“Mollie,” Megan chirps happily to me, like I’m her new best friend. “Your hair looks fabulous this morning? What did you do to it?”

I reach a hand up to my head. It was in a scruffy bun, strands escaping it and falling in my face. Either Megan’s being her usual scheming bitch self and plotting ways to embarrass me or I’ve suffered a few many beaters to the head. “Excuse me?”

Megan smiles innocently at me, blinking her eyelashes that have way too much mascara on them. “Your skin looks amazing, too. What’s your secret?”

Definitely too many beaters to the head.

But that’s when Megan’s friends follow her lead and begin complimenting everything about me while I try and keep up with what’s going on. It was unnerving, to say the least.

“Your eyes are awesome­!”

“Are your cheeks naturally rosy?”

“How did you get your eyebrows like that?”

“Have you had any plastic surger-”

“Stop!” I bark, glaring at each kiss-arsing girl in turn. I finally settle my eyes on Megan who seems to be rather enjoying herself as she peels an orange. “What is this all about?”

They all exchange looks, confirming my suspicion that they aren’t just being friendly. Finally, Megan sighs and places her uneaten orange down in front of her. “Well...” she begins in a chirpy voice. “Have you seen ‘The Daily Prophet’ this morning?”

“The Daily... Prophet?” I repeat slowly. I shake my head. “No, I don’t think so.”

So, of course, someone appears with the newspaper just seconds later, waving it in front of my face. The newspaper girl hisses a quick ‘page six’ before retreating back to her original seat at the back of the group. I unfold the newspaper and flick through countless articles from de-gnoming to winter cleans till I reach the desired number ‘six’ page – the gossip page.

My mouth drops open. There, at the top of the page, was a large picture of Freddie with his arms around me, as I leant backwards on him, occasionally smiling, while we stand in front of a statue. “Harry Potter’s future niece-in-law?!”

Megan nods in encouragement, a large Cheshire cat grin on her face. “Keep reading.”

I ignore her.

“God, are you retarded?!” Becca snaps, narrowing her heavily outlined eyes at me. “Let me read it.”

I’m in too a state of shock to register that Becca has rudely snatched the newspaper out of my hands. She clears her throat and the table falls silent.

Fred Weasley II – nephew of the famous Harry Potter and son of the founder of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes – was spotted yesterday in Hogsmeade with a blonde bombshell-

“Bombshell?” I snort, raising an eyebrow as I butter a piece of toast. “Yeah, right.”

“See, that’s what I said,” Becca replies and my eyebrows drop into a frown. “I mean, people are going to think it was me.”

“Becca,” Megan says in a warning voice and Becca averts her eyes quickly to the page.

-on his arm. The two were seen in the Three Broomsticks and then watching the Shrieking Shack while getting a little friendly, if you know what I mean.”

I slap my head. People giggle.

Could this be that start of a beautiful relationship? And, if so, will Fred’s blonde join the, what has to be said, army of the Weasley’s?” Becca looks up, smirking. “And then it has a detailed analysis of what you were wearing.”

“Oh, God,” I moan. “Oh, my God.”

“By the way,” Megan says, her eyes quickly skimming over the column. “Your outfit was totally gorgeous.”

That’s when I notice that Megan’s circle of friends had all tried to copy at least one piece of my outfit yesterday. And, seeing as I was dressed as a ladybird, most people had opted for a piece of red, some even with black polka dots like mine. One girl was even wearing antennae’s.

I thought it was interesting.

 “You do realise I was dressed as a ladybird, right?”

Megan looks confused as Becca roles her eyes, obviously catching on quicker than Megan. “You were what?”

“In that picture,” I gesture to the newspaper, “I was dressed as a ladybird.”

The people near me look from me to Megan with wide eyes. Megan blinks and then, a minute later, she flashes me a bright smile as she tosses her hair over her shoulder. “Oh, I knew that. But, without the wings and antennae’s,” Megan pauses to giggle. “It would be a fantastic outfit. It would be on all the runways.”

There are murmurs of ‘yeah’ and ‘totally.’ I try my best not to look surprised. Me, Mollie, actually popular? That’s interesting.

“So, do you want to sit with us by the lake?” Megan asks, her smile bright, as she leans forward on her elbows expectantly.

For a minute there I can almost imagine it – me looking effortlessly cool as I lounge by the lake being fawned over by Megan and Becca and, preferably, with my legs draped over Freddie’s. And, I admit, a strange sort of thrill did run through me for a minute, finally nestling in my stomach, at that thought. My eyes focus on the door as Katie comes in. She looks at me and the people gathered around me with a knotted brow, looking worried. I catch her eye for a moment while she walks to the Ravenclaw table, feeling a little uneasy when she gives a quick, yet forceful, shake of the head.

I turn back to Megan, who seems a little put out that it took me so long to answer. I smile at her. “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Megan blinks. “You’re saying... no?”

“No. I mean, yes,” I say and it seems like there’s a synchronised gasp at our table. “I don’t want to sit with you,” I add helpfully, just to clear things up. Nobody looks any less confused by the last bit. In fact, they probably are more baffled.

“What do you mean no?” Becca demands, the first to properly comprehend what I’m saying. “You can’t just say ‘no!’”


“Just because you were in the newspaper,” she continues, oblivious to the glare Megan was firing her way, “you think you’re better than us?”

“I didn’t-”

“God,” Becca huffs and throws her hands up in exasperation. “Just who the hell do you think you are?”

“Duh,” a voice behind us drawls and Becca almost obediently changes her frown into a beatific smile that even catches me a little off-guard. This girl must be bi-polar or something; how can she go from yelling at me to flirting with the person leaning over me? “She’s Mollie.”

“Hey, James,” I reply, grinning up at him in relief. As much as you may hear otherwise, I do not like being yelled at/interrogated by Becca.

“Jamesie!” Megan trills, looking completely star-struck as she gazes at him. “How did your interview go?”

James pauses, looking thoughtful. “The interviewer called me Jamesie, too.”


James looks down at me. “I need to talk to Mollie. So...”

“So...?” Megan prompts, twirling a strand of her around her finger and batting her lashes. She is unashamedly flirting with him. She has no pride.

“So, skedaddle, kittykats.”

It was amazing what happened next. They actually skedaddled. It was as if somebody had gone charging up to flock of birds, sending them flying for cover.

James sits down beside me, raising a lazy hand in farewell to the group of girls. “Impressive, huh?”

I frown at him, worried that my face had shown that I was impressed. “Don’t you think calling them ‘kittycats’ was a bit much? You only got their hopes up.”

“Not necessarily.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Do you know Alison?” He asks and at my shake of the head, he continues. “She’s in sixth year? Hufflepuff? Brunette? Hot?”

I frown at him. “No.”

“She hangs out with Megan, Becca, Michelle, Rory etcetera.” James adds, his facial expression now one of complete and utter arrogance. “Well, a little birdy told me that she thinks, and I quote, that I am ‘so hot it makes me cry.’”

Oh, he is so full of it.

“Your ‘little birdy’ is full of shit.”

James laughs, his dimples on full display to the table. I’m pretty sure a couple of third years just fainted. Is it wrong to have an overwhelming urge to touch his dimple? Damn you, James Potter, stop smiling. “Oh, Mollie, you’re such a confidence booster.” James leans closer to me, so I can see all the colours in his eyes. I forgot how pretty they were. “So... do you think I should ask Alison out then?”

For some reason this makes me feel a bit funny. “No.”

James looks surprised. “No?”

“Well, she’s a year older than you-”

“I like a mature woman.”

“-And she obviously only likes you because your okay to look at,” I finish, emphasizing with my fork.

“Only okay?” He repeats, sounding a bit put out. I admit, I may have been under-exaggerating a bit. Okay, a lot. If any of those third year girls had heard me they’d be out for my head.

“Don’t get so damn-” I begin, and then stop when I notice the tiny girl standing behind James. She’s looking pretty nervous for the average girl and her skin has taken on a sickly green tinge. I scoot a little up on the bench – just in case she’s going to throw up. “Can we help you?”

She looks at me, startled, and I am proud to say she’s the same height as me sitting down when she’s standing up. “Uh... I, um, just wanted to, er, ask James something.”

“Take your time, love,” James says, grinning up at her and winking.

Oh, he is such a horrid flirt. He never flirts like that with me and, here he is, practically making the poor girl drool as she stutters out a question.

“Oh, cool... well... I think you’re, er, pretty cool and everything-”

Wait. Did I really just think that? Did I, Mollie Pert with the amazing boyfriend in the shape of Freddie, just point out that James never flirts with me? In what could only be described as a slightly jealous tone?

“I mean, your Quidditch game went really cool and you played really cool-”

No. That’s preposterous. It was merely just a statement that happened to wander into my brain for no explainable reason. I mean, I am completely and 100 percent-ly with Freddie.

“And you’re, like, the coolest and you’re really funny in a really cool way-”

Good God, would this girl stop saying cool?

James is looking amused.

“So, what I’m trying to say is, and it would be so cool if you said yes, so James, will you go out with me?” She rushes out the last bit, waiting for James to answer her.


Wait, what?! My mouth drops open.

“Really?” The girl chirps, clapping her hands together.


I can’t help but snigger as the girl walks away, her shoulders slumped and her eyes attempting to overflow. I rearrange my face into a scowl, though, as I face James. “James,” I scold, using my best stern voice. “That was mean.”

“It was funny, too,” he replies and reaches out for the nearest croissant which he then stuffs in his mouth.

“It was mean,” I insist, feeling a little disgusted by the food rolling around in James’ mouth, and, when he’s done eating, he sticks his tongue out at me and stands.

“Well, I’m off,” James says, stretching his arms behind his head. His shirt rides up a little, exposing his stomach and I can’t help but take a peek. “I’m going to see if I can find Alison. If you know what I mean.”

I scowl at him. “You can’t just ask for my advice and then ignore it!”

“I can, too,” he grins and swings his legs around to the other side of the bench. James ruffles my hair. “Everybody does.”

He runs off after that. He knew I was going to hurt him.



There is nothing to do at Hogwarts on a Sunday. Have you ever had free reign in a castle full of students all sheltering from the rain? It’s really not the party you’d expect it to be. I think I may just have to push someone off the astronomy tower just for the amount of entertainment that would bring.

 “Hally,” I groan as I cling to her arm. We’ve actually opted to walk around the halls of Hogwarts till our feet hurt or, what is more likely to happen, I get bored and want to sit down. “I am so bored. Please let’s do something fun.”

“No,” Hally replies, looking intently at each piece of furniture or portrait we pass. It’s funny – Hally’s hair is almost as curly as mine now, since her straightening spell backfired when she went out in the rain.


“Because your idea of fun always ends up with me looking like an idiot and you running off.”

“That was one time!” I exclaim and Hally gives me a look. “Well, it may have been more than once but I swear this time I’ll be good.”

She sighs, a sign I take as giving in. “Fine. I guess we could get Fred a present.”

“Why would we want to do that?”

Hally laughs. “For his birthday.”

“His what?”

“You know, his birthday,” she repeats and then notices my blank face. “You really didn’t know?”

“Does it look like I do?” I snap, feeling a lot more peeved now. Freddie didn’t tell me it was his birthday soon? What kind of crappy girlfriend must that make me?

“Well, Freddie always did like to keep it quiet,” Hally says, giving me a reassuring smile. “In fact, he would succeed quite spectacularly if it wasn’t for James.”

“James? What does he do?”

“Every year, he insists on throwing the biggest party known to man-kind in the Gryffindor common room,” Hally says. She grimaces as she tells me the last part. “Last year, it took me an hour to get in. It’s rather annoying actually.”

“That’s because you just had to be too smart for your own goo-”

A voice interrupts me with a cry of ‘Mollie!’ and I turn around annoyed. And then I nearly fall over my feet. “Katie?” I practically gasp, mouth agape and all, as I stare at the small figure running up to Hally and I.

 Hally glares at her. “Have you come to call me a twat again?”

Katie’s looks down at the floor, shifting uncomfortably. “Well, no-”

“Call Mollie a klutz?”


“Or just piss us all off in general?” Hally finishes, crossing her arms over her chest. “Well?”

Katie takes a deep breath and then her eyes flicker up to Hally’s face. “I’ve actually come to tell you that you were right.”

My mouth is still open. “I was?” I gasp.

“Oh, Mollie, I was actually talking to Hally.”


“No offense,” she adds quickly, flashing me a smile.

Oh, I really want to hit her again.

“What was I right about?” Hally says, cocking an eyebrow. “That you are a back stabbing, little bitch with an annoying fringe?”

“You think my fringe is annoying?” Katie looks worried as she fiddles with her hair. She probably notices my eye twitch then – a sure sign I am annoyed. “Anyway, you were right about Becca and Megan. About them just being mindless trolls with an uncanny need to wear too much make-up.”

“And?” Hally demands, giving Katie an unfriendly look. I mimic her actions, and also glare at her. “You expect everything to be all woop-de-doo after you admit you were wrong?”

Katie’s eyes flash. “No, but I did expect some sort of sympathy.”

Now it’s my turn to step in. I mean, Hally obviously seems too lost for words to say anything. “Sympathy? You expect sympathy?!”

“I miss you guys,” Katie murmurs sadly, and when she looks at me, I see tears welling up in her eyes.

Well, now I feel like a horrible person.

So I do the only thing someone in my situation could do. Apart from running away screaming, that is. I hug her.

It’s a pretty well known fact that hugging encourages some sort of emotion. Whether that be a rush of love, a feeling of uneasiness or sending both the people balling like babies, hugs do something to everyone. And, to me, I ended up balling like a bloody baby. I’m serious; if somebody had walked by now it would have looked like somebody died.

“I… I miss you, too!” I wail, my arms clutching her. Katie pats me helpfully on the shoulder. “Fr-fred didn’t tell me it was his birthday!” Okay, so maybe I was a little upset about something else as well.

“Oh, um… okay,” Katie says nervously as she pulls away from me. I sniffle, turning my head to Hally who looks utterly gobsmacked. If I wasn’t to upset than I would have laughed. “Are you alright there, Mollie?”

I give a small nod and, wiping my nose with the back of my hand, I step away from Katie. She blinks uncertainly at me as I re-link my arm with Hally who, by the way, still hasn’t said anything since I started crying. “We’re going to get Freddie a present.”

Hally nods dumbly and I wait for her to speak. I know she will because, as much as she pretends otherwise, she really missed Katie. She was her best friends after all. Hally clears her throat and attempts a smile. “You can come with us, if you want.”

The transformation in Katie was unbelievable. Her mouth changed from sad to positively beaming, she seemed more confident again and when she moved closer to us, she had a little skip in her step. “That’d be nice,” she replies and hooks her arm through mine.



Okay, first it took us bloody ages to find Geoff who, according to Katie, knows all the secret passageways to Hogsmeade and, when we found him, he insisted we had to do something for him in exchange. And, don’t worry, it was nothing sexual as both Hally and I thought it would be, it was in fact some light relief for Geoff who said he’s stressed from the amount of homework he has. After a couple of minutes witnessing all our disbelieving stares, he admitted it was from the amount of girls he’s trying to keep happy. Bloody pig.

But, anyway, this so-called ‘light relief’ was us making total and utter prats of ourselves while we did a variation of the can-can to keep him entertained. This went on for quite a while until Katie grabbed him by the hair and Geoff finally told us where to go.

Once in Hogsmeade, though, we had to continuously dodge these professors who liked to ‘get away’ on the weekends when there were no students there. It really was unfair that they get to go there anytime they want while we have to resort to things like secret passageways. Finally, finally, I found the present I wanted to give Freddie – quite a lot of sweets and chocolate along with a ‘grown your own beard’ cream seeing as his chin had been looking a little lonely the past few weeks.

Fred’s party was actually on the day of his birthday. Unfortunately for most of the students attending, his birthday was on a Monday. Which was bloody tomorrow.

Right now, I’m sitting in my dormitory with Katie and Hally at my side, trying to wrap Freddie’s present. Hally and Katie now have both learnt that every time I mumble they are to pass me some selotape.

“I’m done,” I announce and lean back to inspect my work. Hally and Katie also come closer and I grin at them proudly. “It’s brilliant, isn’t it?”

Katie pokes it. “It looks like you threw it off a mountain.”

I stare at her, hurt evident on my features. So what if it looked a bit lumpy and the paper had a few tears in it because I got selotape stuck to my hair? “It does not.”

“Sorry, Mollie,” Hally says, giving me a pat on the shoulder. “But it kind of does. You are crap at wrapping.”

“Maybe we should have helped her,” Katie says to Hally and they both nod sadly. “Instead of laughing our arses off.”

“I hate you both-”

The door bursts open and we all crane our heads to see Dom almost dancing into the room, her hair flying behind her as she twirls. “Bonjour, my gorgeouses!” She giggles and stumbles to a stop, her eyes finally focusing on our confused faces. Since when is Dom this ecstatically happy? But then her eyes narrow and her good mood seems to disappear like a cloud of smoke on a windy day. “What is she doing here?”

Katie gulps, seeming to cower a little behind Hally, and I get up and move closer to Dom. “Well… she, um…” I stammer. Dom’s fury is sending shivers up my spine and, this time, I’m not even on the receiving end of it. Oh, I’d hate to be Katie now. “She said, well… she said sorry.”

“She said sorry?!” Dom snarls and pushes me out of the way so she can glare at Katie better. I stumble a little, putting my hands out for balance, as Dom takes a step closer to the others. “You think fucking sorry is going to make it all go away?!”

Katie’s eyes widen in terror and she looks up at Dom helplessly. “I, um… no, but…”

Hally frowns at her. “Dom,” she says in a strict voice. “Stop it.”

Dom doesn’t listen, instead moves her shaking (in anger, I suspect) hand to her pocket, and produces her wand. “Get out,” Dom snarls, sparks emitting dangerously from the tip of her wand. She seems to be crackling with anger as she glowers at Katie. “Get out of my fucking room.”

“Dom,” I say, getting increasingly more worried the longer this goes on. I place a hand on her forearm. “Stop overreacting.”

That probably wasn’t the smartest thing to say.

Dom looks down at my hand on her arm in disgust so I remove it quickly. Her eyes then flick up to me and I attempt a reassuring smile which she returns, although hers is considerably darker than mine. “It’s either me or her, Mollie,” she says, raising her eyebrows in a challenge.

I look from Dom’s angrily flushed face to Katie who looks likes she’s about to start crying again but who is rising shakily to her feet, nevertheless. “Don’t be such a bitch,” I growl and Dom’s pretty face turns to one of shock as her mouth drops open and she looks like she’s been slapped. I immediately feel terrible then and open my mouth to apologise.

Dom gets in there first. “Fine! Fine!” She screeches. “Choose that little slut over your real friend! I don’t care! You can all go fuck yourselves!” And with that she throws her wand on the floor, causing an explosion that shakes our room and deafens our ears. A thick, black smoke cloud rises up from the place her wand had been moments ago and where there is now a rather deep whole. Dom really must have put loads of force into that throw – enough force to create a hole between the floor of our room to the ceiling of a first years.

I glance up, ready to scream myself hoarse at Dom, but find her gone; she probably escaped during the little explosion. Instead, I turn to Katie who’s looking both shaken up and a little guilty all at once. “She’s just overreacting,” I explain and Hally nods in agreement. “She’ll come around, don’t worry. It’s not your fault.”

Katie nods sadly and I focus my attention on the hole in our floor. Through the hole, about five first year girls, all dressed in little nighties, are staring gobsmacked up at me. I wave at them and most of them look even more scared. “Er… sorry about that.”

A blonde girl with pigtails stands up and points at me. “Ooooh, you’re in trouble!” She cackles and I stick my tongue out at her.

“Am not.”

“Are too!” She insists, looking towards her friends for confirmation. They all nod back at her.


“Oh, for heaven’s sake,” Hally snaps, walking over to me with her wand in her hand. “I can fix this in seconds.”

All the little firsties murmur amongst each other, before finally nodding in agreement. The smallest girl bends down to pick something up which she then throws through the hole. God, she has really good aim. I might recommend her for a chaser if Fred, James or I can’t do it.

The hole seals closed – the wood growing to replace the ones that go broken – and I look at the little twig thing that the girl threw up. It is actually Dom’s wand, not broken or damaged in the slightest. In fact, it looks as good as new.

“I think I should go back to my dormitory now,” Katie says quietly. She’s looking pretty embarrassed by the whole thing and I feel quite sorry for her.

“I’ll come with you,” Hally replies as she flicks her wand and all her clothes are sent folding into her bag. Katie smiles happily at her but I can’t stop myself pouting. “Don’t worry, Mollie. You can totally handle Dom.”

I watch them go, hoping that Hally is right. I don’t want to wake up with a fork in my head in the morning.



I was asleep when Dom came in, so it must have been pretty late, and I didn’t get a chance to confront her, something I was a little grateful for. I had no chance against Dom. But, as I wake up, I decide to take a positive approach to today, seeing as it is Freddie’s birthday and I have got him the greatest present ever; it’s his day and it shouldn’t be ruined by our petty squabble.

After I’ve gotten washed, dressed and completely made up in mascara, eyeliner, a hint of foundation and some lip gloss and I even carefully primped my hair (I thought I would look extra nice for Freddie today) I leave Dom’s wand on her bedside table. I make my way downstairs, hoping to reach the hall before Fred does. It’s just my luck that, as I turn the corner, I bump straight into him and send his things tumbling to the floor.

I hardly notice them, though, and fling myself at Freddie who, thank God, catches me easily. “Happy birthday!” I squeal and I hear him laugh.

“Cheers, Pert,” he says, carefully putting me back on the ground. I grin up at him and he waggles his eyebrows, something I’m sure he learnt from me. “Now when am I going to get those birthday kisses?”

I giggle in a very girlish way – I couldn’t help it – as I bend down to pick up his things. These so-called things turn out to be handfuls of delicately wrapped presents, each one looking more impressive than the next. I blanche, thinking of the lump of a present in my bag which looks, as Katie so kindly put it, ‘like I threw it off a mountain.’ Freddie crouches down beside me, helping to pick up his presents. “Bloody James,” he grumbles as I pass him the few left. “Broadcasting my birthday.”

“James likes birthdays,” I explain with a smile as we both straighten up, him putting the presents into his bag. “And at least you got loads of presents.”

He tilts his head to the left to smile at me dopily. “Did you get me a present?”

I roll my eyes and start walking, Freddie coming up behind me and wraps an arm around my waist, pulling me close. “You didn’t tell me it was your birthday,” I say.

“Because everybody makes a big deal out of it,” he replies as we walk down the corridor. “I prefer the quiet types. And with James as a cousin that’s kind of impossible.”

“James likes birthdays,” I offer again and I hear him chuckle. “I did get you a present, though.”

“Really?” He asks, sounding excited by this fact. “I thought you’d just give me a good ol’ snog or something. Can I have it now?”

“Um… no,” I reply, rubbing my arm in embarrassment. “You can have it later at the party. When you’re slightly tipsy.”

“I can deal with that,” he says as he removes his arm from my waist and reaches for my hand instead which he pulls back on, halting me in my place. I search his eyes, confused, until he grins cheekily at me and runs his hand gently through my hair. “Now, about that birthday kiss…”

And the next thing I knew I had melted into a Mollie shaped pool as he kissed me. I didn’t even realise that we were in the middle of a what could be busy corridor; all I could really focus on was his lips gently brushing against my neck and his hand becoming tangled in my hair. My breathing became a little ragged as he increases his kisses, his lips moving from my earlobe which, by the way, sent millions of shivers down my spine, to my mouth.

I can just about make out the sound of footsteps over our heavy breathing and I force myself to place a hand on Freddie’s chest and push him away. “Later,” I insist in a whisper, trying to step away but finding my back collides with the wall. “We need to get to class.”

He nods slowly, his eyes till focusing on my mouth, and he brushes a strand of hair out of my face. “It’s a date.”

Freddie steps away from me then, and, taking my hand, he pulls me away from the wall so we look like we haven’t stopped walking and we haven’t just had a snog against the wall. It would have looked much better if my hair wasn’t all mussed up and if my lip gloss hadn’t transferred to Freddie’s mouth. I sigh; so much for trying to look good. The footsteps become louder and, at the other end of the corridor, I see the owner freeze, his arms wrapping tighter around a bag. James.

“Hey, James!” Freddie calls, waving wildly at him.

James blinks and puts a big smile on his face as we near him. “Happy birthday, old Freddie old boy!”

Er… what?

“Yeah, mate!” Freddie exclaims, dropping my hand and running towards James. They look so excited – it’s hard to keep a fond smile off of my face. “I’m old! I’m sixteen! Woo!”

I roll my eyes. Boys.

“Yeah!” James exclaims, just as I reach them. “Woo!” He then places his bag that he was carrying in his arms on the floor and begins rummaging in it, removing his head from sight.

Freddie and I exchange a look. I reach my foot out to nudge him in the side but he just flaps his hand at me, practically telling me to go away. I frown at him. “So… did you do it, then?”

James’s head re-emerges and he looks at me confused. “Do what?”

“Ask out Alison.”

Freddie’s eyes flick to me but I ignore him, instead focusing on James who’s looking from me to Fred and back again. “Yeah…” he replies after a pause, his hand still in the bag. “Yeah, I did.”

“I bet you don’t even know her last name,” I snort as James straightens up, his hands behind his back to hide something from Freddie.

“I do too,” he shoots me a dirty look, his hands slowly coming in front of his body as he rather spectacularly reveals his present to Freddie.

“What is it, then?” I counter, folding my arms, as Fred jumps up and down, squealing about his ‘amazing’ present. Do you know what the present was? A tee-shirt. Not just a tee-shirt, though. It had I’m with stupid written on it in big, red letters and with an arrow pointing to the left. At me.

James waves his hand, looking vacant. “Oh, you know. It’s… uh… Amilson.”

“Amilson?” I repeat and James nods enthusiastically. “Her name’s Alison Amilson?”

“Mollie,” Freddie sighs, apparently over the excitement of his tee-shirt (which he is now wearing.) “Why are you so bothered by this?”

I gape at him. “I am not bothered! I just think that James should at least know a girl’s last name before asking her out.”

“Oh, yeah?” James replies childishly. “I bet you didn’t know Fred’s last name when you asked him out!”

I frown at him. Seeing as Fred is pretty well known in the school, he told me his name the first day of lessons and I have been hanging out with him for almost three months before I asked him to Hogsmeade, James’s argument falls flat. “James, you’re an idiot.”

“Says the person who has ‘I’m with stupid’ pointing at her,” James says and sticks his pink tongue out.

I try not to smirk and I can almost hear Freddie rolling his eyes. “We’re going to be late for lessons,” Freddie says, his hand taking mine once again. “We better go.”

James’s eyes drop to our intertwined hands and I start to feel a little uncomfortable. “Yeah. Lessons. Right.”

A/N: Okay, first of all; I am so sorry that I haven't updated this in so long! (It actually feels like forever.) But I got a beta and was going to wait until all chapters were looked over by her before submitting any new ones which will almost definately have mistakes in them. And I'm going to Italy for a week with my friend (which I am SO excited about!) and so there probably won't be anymore updates for a couple of weeks... maybe months. :[
But, anyway, Katie's back on the good side! Aren't you just so proud of her? Apart from Dom being a bit crazy there, it's all good again! I was just wondering... which of the girls do you like best? Between Dom, Mollie, Hally or Katie?   
  Effy xx

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