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Promise Me by SiriuslyNot
Chapter 1 : James & Lily
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Promise Me
by Lily aka SiriuslyNot

He was in so much trouble.

James Potter would pay for that stunt he pulled.

As if it wasn't bad enough to have two Muggles see them riding a flying motorcycle.

As if it wasn't abd enough that they were two Muggle policemen.

And not to mention the Death Eaters that followed them!

Oh, James Harold Potter would have hell to pay when he came home.

Take it out on the dishes, dear, she thought angrily as she rinsed the dishes, her mother's voice loud and clear in her head.

Lily heard the engine of Sirius' motorcycle hum outside the house, and she straightened up to listen intently. She heard laughter, and deep voices, and soon enough, the motorcycle let out a loud noise, and headlights flashed into the dark kitchen. Lily dropped the plate she was holding, making water splash all over her t-shirt as she hurried to dry her hands. She pushed her red hair from her face, as she stalked into the hall, already taking a firm position, and placing her hands on her hips.

She would not let James Potter charm her.

The sound of numerous locks clicking open - Lily cursed silently the extra amount of security on their house - made every muscle in Lily's body tense. She prepared herself for facing James, and let all her rage free on him.

No mercy.

As the door opened, the street light from outside lit up the entrance momentarily, but disappeared as soon as James close the door behind himself. He turned and noticed Lily, a goofy grin spreading on his lips - until he saw her expression.

"Hey, love," he tried happily, leaning towards her to give her a kiss.

Lily turned her head to glare at him, and that alone made him stop, not to mention the words that followed the glare, that made James take a few steps back. "Where have you been?"

"Um," James started, shrugging off his coat as he walked into the living room. "Hanging with Remus, played chess against Peter - I won!"

"Lies," Lily said loudly, following him. "I know you were with Sirius."

"Is that a fact?" he asked, and ruffled his hair.

Lily hated it when he did that.

"You two were cruising around with that blasted bike!" Lily accused, and narrowed her eyes at him.

"Well, not directly 'cruising'," James mumbled.

"How indirectly irresponsible did you have to be to get two - TWO, JAMES! - Muggle policemen after you!?"

James cringed back, and folded his hands innocently behind his back. Lily recognized the gesture; James couldn't lie to her, and it was his weakness in situations like these.

"Not to mention the Death Eaters that followed you!" she went on, not even giving James a chance to interrupt her. "Do you have any idea what thoughts went through my head when I got a hysterical Hestia appear behind my door last night, telling me about two teenagers being followed by Death Eaters?"

Lily hadn't even realized that her eyes were filled with tears - tears of all the stress she had kept inside, tears of fury, tears of worry. She quickly wiped them away, but it was too late; James had already seen them.

"Hey," he said carefully, reaching out for her. He was half-expecting an explosion to happen, so it took him by surprise when Lily suddenly flung herself at him, her small, delicate arms wrapped around his waist. He carefully embraced the petite red head, feeling Lily's hands pulled in tight fists press against his back. "Oh, Lily..." James breathed in her hair, and kissed her curls.

"I-I thought y-you were hurt, o-or... or..." Lily sobbed, her face buried against his chest, unable to finish her sentence.

Dead. That was the worst thing that could happen to James - to Lily. If James died, she wouldn't know what to do. If James died, Lily wouldn't know what to expect in the future - in fact, without James, there was no future, not for Lily. As clichéd and melodramatic it sounded, Lily had no reason to live without him. She refused to.

Even the mere thought made her poor heart throb anxiously in pain.

"Aww, don't cry," James pleaded, brushing her hair gently. "I'm okay, I'm here, unharmed."

"But I had to live with the w-worst possibility for hours!" Lily cried out, shaking her head wildly before looking up at him. "R-Remus told me you two w-were okay... oh, James!" she said, her voice breaking at the end.

"Shh, Lils..." James cooed, and cupped her face gently. "I love you," he told her quietly, staring into her wide eyes. "Okay? I love you too much to die on you," he told her, and smiled carefully.

Lily let out a shaky laugh, closing her eyes as she let the words fill her with the familiar sensation of happiness as she always got whenever James was around. "You better not die on me, James Potter."

"I promise not to," he vowed solemnly.

"Yeah, because I'll follow you and murder you myself," Lily muttered darkly, looking at him from under her dark lashes.

"That's exactly why I won't die in the first place!" he laughed, kissing the top of her head.

Lily sighed with a smile, as she felt James hands slip away from her face, and be replaced around her waist. She smiled a little, as his lips started to move down her face, brushing ever so gently across her cheekbone, before placing a soft kiss right at the corner of her mouth. She truly hated it when he made her ask for his kisses like this, but she couldn't help herself; so Lily turned her face to the side, looking into his eyes for a short second, before pressing her lips against his.

Lily's heart fluttered wildly, like the wings of a hummingbird. James' kisses alone made her heart react so weird, that any machines would go wild because of it. But it was the thoughts of what would soon happen that made Lily blush deeply, as James deepened the kiss, his tongue brushing gently against hers.

He pulled away enough to look at her, his long nose pressed against her cheek. "It's been a long time, Lils..." he whispered, and Lily shivered slightly.

"It has," she managed to get out.

"Upstairs?" James asked with a grin.

"I'm still mad at you," she growled, but somehow, it came out as a soft purr.

"That's the way I love you," James chuckled, pressing his warm lips against her collarbone, pushing the fabric of her dark blue blouse aside.

"Honestly, James," Lily moaned, her mouth automatically falling open as she felt James move up to her neck, sucking gently. "We... we, uh, we really, really... really... need to talk... a-about this..."

"You can talk," James challenged, and continued kissing her neck. Lily could feel him smile against her skin.

"N-no, I can't," she breathed, and squirmed slightly under his touch. "Not when your left hand is moving suspiciously to south!"

James sighed, and looked up, while removing his hand from her arse and placed it firmly at the small of her back. "I'm sorry, Captain," he apologized, a smile playing around his lips. "You were saying?"

"James," Lily started, her eyes wide with honesty. "I need you to promise me something."

"Anything," James said at once.

"I need you to promise to never put me through that again," she said, giving him a burning look.

James stared at her with surprised eyes, his mouth formed as a perfect 'o'. "Lily," he said, and kissed her lips carefully, his lips forming around her unmoving lips.

"What?" she demanded, her voice coming out muffled because of James lips still on her lips.

"You really love me," he marvelled, and laughed loudly - happily.

"Of course I do!" Lily exclaimed, slightly offended by his comment. "This is not funny, James!" she complained, as James threw his head back and let the loud laughter fill the air.

"I'm sorry, love," he laughed, as Lily shoved him away angrily. What she meant to be a hard shove felt like a small poke to James, which made him laugh again - she was really adorable when she tried to be furious. "I'm just coming to terms with this."

"For being the smartest boy in Hogwarts back in the day, you're really dense," Lily pointed out, and swiveled around with a huff.

"Hey, hey, hey," he called out, and wrapped his arms around her waist. Lily came to a sudden stop, the air escaping her lungs as she felt his arms tighten around her. "Won't I get some Lily sugar?" he asked innocently, and Lily could tell he wore that pathetic - but awfully adorable - puppy look on his face.

"You're diabetic," Lily said, twisting her face away from James' lips.

"Nuh-uh!" James said, his lips brushing against her cheek. "Lily sugar is healthy sugar, and you know what my mum used to tell me," he said promptly. "Whatever is healthy for me--"

"--you shouldn't live without for long," Lily finished with a sigh. "James, she meant vegetables, not sex!"

"As far as you're aware of - my mum can be pretty cheeky with these things, you know..."

"I rather not have your mother involved in this conversation," Lily said, appalled by the idea.

"You're right, it's a real turn-off - not that there's any chance for that when you're around, and--"

"Dare to finish that sentence, and you'll be sugar deprived for months!"

"Aww, Lils!" James whined, as Lily pushed herself free from his embrace. "I'll let you be on top?" he suggested, as Lily was about to enter the kitchen, where the dishes waited for her.

She froze, as she quickly considered the offer. The only problem they had when it came to sex, was who would be on top. It could take over twenty minutes of foreplay, and some subtle but clear gestures of how badly they both wanted to be on top.

Once they had rolled off the bed.

"Tempting," she said, glancing at James over her shoulder with a small smile. "But no - you'll cheat, anyway."

She watched James' expression turn into a shocked one, as if he was shocked that she would even assume something like that. Lily grinned, and entered the kitchen, just as James' voice boomed after her. "I WOULD NEVER!"

Only seconds later, he stormed into the kitchen after her, his eyes wide and intense. "I know you would find a way around it," she laughed, feeling James' frustration roll from his body like waves.

"Is that so?" she heard him mutter.

"I--" Lily started, but let out a gasp, as the floor beneath her feet suddenly disappeared. She stared into James' mischievous eyes with her wide green ones for a short second, until she felt him lift her up on the counter, his hands firmly on her hips.

"James Potter," Lily whispered with a dangerous tone. "You put me back down, right now, or else...!"

"Or else what?" James demanded, lifting his eyebrows.

"My hands are wet," Lily said quickly, trying to find an excuse to use against James' seduction games.

"Mmhmm, I'm aware of that fact, Evans," he chuckled, leaning closer.

"The dishes," she whimpered, his face inches away.

"They can wait," he murmured, his lips nudging hers. "Besides, they're only a therapy for you - they weren't dirty to begin with, were they?"

Lily pouted, as she had to admit how right he was. She let him kiss her, her eyes fluttering shut as she gave up. Her body seemed to react on its own call, and she found her arms lock around his neck, pulling him closer. James took a step closer, standing between her legs as his hands explored down her body, his right hand pushing her black skirt up.

"James Potter," Lily breathed between the kisses, as she felt his thumb make circles on the inside of her thigh.

"Ready to change location, Evans?" he asked with a smirk.

"Yes, Captain," Lily breathed.

His arms were strong around her, and she crashed herself against him, as he easily picked her up, like a porcelain doll. In his eyes, she kind of was; her milky white skin, so flawless and smooth, her big, deep green eyes so innocent even when her mind clearly wasn't. It had always worried James a bit to see Lily from afar; she was so easily breakable, so small and pale - as if the sun didn't like her.

But how could anyone or anything refuse someone as beautiful as Lily Evans?

Lily giggled next to his ear, pulling him down from his personal heaven. "You're doing it again."


"Staring at me like an idiot, when you should be carrying me to the bedroom," she said, giving him an innocent look.

Bloody hell, James thought as he stared at her.

"Pardon my distraction, miss," he said politely, and walked swiftly across the house, and to the stairs. As he started up the stairs, he felt Lily's soft lips against his shoulder, and slowly kiss a trail up his neck, cheek, where they lingered. He groaned, as he felt his body react more visibly than Lily's, and staggered slightly. "I really wish you wouldn't do that when I'm carrying something precious and irreplacable like yourself, dear."

Lily giggled, and settled with a kiss on his cheek. "Sorry," she whispered, and smiled against his skin.

James cleared his throat, and hurried up the rest of the stairs. When Lily knew they were in no risk of falling down the stairs, she pulled back enough to kiss him fully on the lips. James groaned in her mouth, and started staggering forward. Lily let out a silent moan, as they crashed against the wall. Her legs were still tightly wrapped around his torso, clinging to him for dear life. Lily carefully untangled herself from him, and James let her down. Her arms were still around his neck, as he took support from the wall behind her. Lily slowly removed her hands, trying to unbutton his shirt as fast as possible. After a few attempts, she managed to get them all up without ripping the shirt, and pushed it slowly over his shoulders.

Lily giggled slightly as James eagerly pushed the hem of her shirt up, her mind screaming 'horny teenagers' as soon as her blouse joined James' shirt on the floor - James' burning gaze was enough to make Lily blush.

"You blush like a virgin," James teased, touching her cheek with a mesmerized look on his face.

Lily grabbed his hand, and firmly placed it over her breast, holding the eyecontact. "Would a virgin do that?"

James didn't answer - not with words, anyway, as he leaned down to kiss her. He pulled her away from the wall, and led her down the corridor while their lips were still locked. Lily smiled against his lips, as she realized they had arrived to the bedroom. With a surprised gasp, she felt the bed suddenly behind her, and she fell down on it, James right behind.

"Now, Miss Evans," he said with a formal voice, making Lily giggle. "This skirt you're wearing..."

"Yes, Mr Potter?" she giggled, playing along. She squirmed under his touch, as his fingers played with the hem of her skirt.

"It's awfully long," he said with a deep frown. "You should be punished for it."

"Have mercy, oh dear sir!" Lily laughed, letting James push down the skirt.

"I can make an exception," he growled, leaning down to her face and kissed her slowly.

Lily heard her skirt being tossed somewhere across the room, and James carefully rolled over, so that she was on top. She didn't complain, as she straddled him, pinning his hands over his head. She gave him a curious look, wondering over his action.

"It was part of the deal, wasn't it?" James said, and sighed happily.

"You won't regret this," Lily whispered, kissing his chest softly.

She moved down with her lips, and felt James hands at the small of her back, and a moan escape his mouth.

Lily knew she wouldn't regret it, either - she would never regret anything with James.

~ * ~

Lily smiled contently, her arms wrapped around James' waist, and her head resting on his bare chest. James kissed the top of her head, his hand drawing lazy circles on her exposed back, while the other was behind his head, giving the impression of a completely relaxed person.

Even with their entirely naked bodies pressed each other, they felt completely at ease. The corner of James' mouth turned up, whenever Lily ran her slender leg against his.

"I've been thinking," James began.

"Oh, no," Lily said in mock horror.

"Be serious," he said, and waited for Lily to look up at him with curiousity in her green eyes.

And she did. She rolled over, so that she was on top of him, placing herself between his legs. James let out a weird sound, something between a grunt and a sigh, as his hands locked around her. He couldn't let his hormones get the best of him, not when he needed to be serious.

And Lily wasn't making it easy for him, what with her beautiful form laying between his legs, and her lips trailing up his chest and towards his face. When her lips finally reached his lips, he sighed, and Lily froze just inches away. They stared at each other, and Lily nudged his nose with hers. "What is it?"

"I can't think... when you're being like... this," James confessed.

"Oh," LIly said, blinking rapidly. She made a gesture to move away, but he held her there. "James?" she whispered with raised eyebrows, her voice filled with humor.

"I didn't say I didn't like it," he said stubbornly.

"Silly," she breathed, and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "So, you were thinking...?"

"Well," he sighed. "I think we should seal the deal, baby."

Lily blinked. "What?"

"You know," he said, shifting slightly under her. Lily rolled on her side, her hand resting on his bare chest as she tried to comprehend what he was saying. "Get married."

"Are you..." she started, gaping at him. "James Potter, you better not propose to me like that, or else...!"

"I am," James said and grinned down at her.

There was a short silence, as they just stared at each other. Sure, James had always declared that someday he would make her Mrs Potter, and she would give him atleast five children, all of them named after him. Lily had laughed at James' great plans, but never taken him seriously. Not until now - she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, she knew she wanted to be Mrs Potter, she knew she wanted to be the mother of his five children.

There was no doubt about it.

"Are you sure, James?" Lily asked quietly, her green eyes firm.

James looked as if she had slapped him. "Of course! I've been planning this since our first year!"

Lily giggled, snuggling her face against his chest, as her red hair fell across her face. "Oh, I'm aware of that!"

"Well?" James asked curiously, waiting for Lily to calm herself and look at him.

Lily took a deep breath, and smiled at him.

This was it - the last words she would say as Lily Evans.

"Let's do it."

~ * ~

A/N: Major fluff-attack! I just really, really wanted to write a completely overly fluffy story of my favourite couple; Lily/James :) Hope you liked!
- Lily xxx

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